71913 Gleaning

by amongthenumberedsaints

July 18th, both the Dow and S&P 500 closed at all-time highs.

Largest weekly inflow to U.S. equity funds since June ‘08 (note market value of S&P500 index, adjusted for float, exceeded $15 trillion for the first time ever today) Huge $20bn global equity inflows versus $1bn out of bonds.

To help in your decision-making, Bank of America just reported that money is now entering the U.S. stock market at the fastest rate since June 2008 (right before the last big market crash):



Straight married spouses with roughly equal incomes typically pay a marriage penalty under the tax code, because more of their income is subject to higher marginal tax rates. Gay couples would get hit with the same penalty.

Lightning Strikes Injure at Least 15 in 3 States



Photo Album From The “Main Streets” Of A Dead City



How in the world can the mainstream media get away with telling the American people that everything is just fine? 

Everything Is Fine, But…

Certain Persecution Awaits Coptic Christians In Post Morsi Egypt

 General Dempsey says U.S. considering use of force in Syria

Chemicals found in Syria were from Saudi Arabia


 US heat wave isn’t just hot, it’s backward, too


Woe! That is massive. Can’t recall seeing a hole that massive ever. Looks like trouble.


Will You Welcome and Love Your Robot Overlords

Your Future Brain-Machine Implant: Ultrasonic Neural Dust

Even under the worst oppressions recorded in history, commerce continued. This was true in the USSR and it was true in Nazi Germany, and it remains true now, even as the Western world runs headlong into a surveillance-state abyss.

Commerce: The Permanent Rebellion

…if people would use their brain and turn off their devices, not only would they drive like they were sober again, they would recognize the fact that the Fed and IRS income tax system combined with government goons with guns are lethal to their Constitution and are not apportioned to their labor. The people that founded the country knew this and that is why a commerce tax system was what they fought for. It assured their independence as individuals and represents their true endorsement, their first vote. As it stands now the lying bastard Fed Chairman can lie to the government criminals that live by the criminal IRS standard that allows for the leverage against labor to continue even beyond the market reality of money printing. The so called ”delay” touted by the lying bastards in regard to employment and market correlation is eliminated in the case of a commerce tax only system, where everyone pays equally, be it a the Supreme Court Citizen’s United Company Robot standard that exists now or not. Dr Ben Carson hit the nail on the head when he outed the evil  idiot President on Obomba Care, when he proclaimed the wisdom of our Father in Christ and the ”10% is enough” to sustain order reality. 70 Trillion global GDP at 10% commerce tax should be more than enough to sustain order when factoring in local, State and National competition. The lower the local, State and National tax, the healthier and more prosperous societies will be confirmed by an overall lower tax and thereby a higher population do to competition. The greater the corruption the higher the tax will be and people will either flee from it or resolve it naturally by restoring order politically. As it stands now the income tax system gives all the power to the criminals in government, business, and favors evil fools. The government goons with guns have no interest in this obviously, nor do the people on the dole. It is amazing to hear idiots defend the current system and make the claim that a commerce tax only system is not possible. It would be possible, and it would be Constitutional, but the slaves love their chains so much at this point they have no spirit of independence much less freedom liberty and justice for all. Oh well, correction is here and it’s not going to end well for anyone who accepted the mark of the beast. That is a fact.


As it stands now, only people actively resisting the government goons with guns by; not buying selling  trading and providing labor, can be counted worthy of mercy. Everyone else is sealed in agreement with contempt. The Sabbath Day confirms this, so long as the Host is sealed in agreement with our Father in Christ. The fact is, everyone else is lost and given in to temptation. How pathetic, to think to prolong another moment in contempt with the temporal comfort of a home people never own even after they pay for it in full. The government goons with guns still require dominion over that home etc… Pathetic. Land of the free? Yeah riiight. Land of the condemned is truly what it is. Even after the IRS gets caught red handed, targeting of all things the ”Tea Party”. What a joke, and nobody is in jail. Who would ever willingly give another silver-less dime of their labor so that a government goon with a gun can sustain their ”higher than private wage” another New York minute but a complete fearful idiot that can’t quantify the return required to sustain them in the first place? The case against the fools is now being proven and the dumb bastards still vote for what ever scum bag the two party Supreme Court Citizen’s United Soulless Company Robot put’s in a red white and blue dress.

Watch: Autonomous Robots Self-Assemble and Take Flight as One

There is no waking their dumb dusty asses up. Anyone that has tried, for years, knows this. If you have ever paid for a house in full and your income was low enough to feel the ”pinch” and you never took any so called ”government subsidy” you certainly know just how corrupt the income tax etc… system is and that means you were paying attention to detail and you know exactly why the system is unsustainable and evil. Redistribution of labor is theft, plain and simple and anyone that accepts the income tax system and the Federal Reserve system, and willfully provides labor for those that do accept the criminals, go straight to Hell. Don’t call yourself an American and don’t call yourself a Christian, that would be a lie. Call yourself a New World Order Fascist Antichrist Whore of Babylon.


Today, oil briefly rose above $109 a barrel. It has risen over $15/barrel since early May.

Slumping GDP & Revenues

For example, U.S. GDP growth is awful – it’s slow and getting slower. It grew 1.8% in Q1 (lower than initially thought) and now analysts are tripping over themselves in a rush to lower their target estimates for Q2; some to as low as 0.3% (Morgan Stanley).


In the classic fantasy rom-com The Princess Bride, the beautiful maid Buttercup orders the farm boy Westley to perform numerous tasks to test his servitude. No matter the magnitude of the request, Westley simply answers “As you wish” and makes it so. Buttercup eventually comes to view Wesley with similar devotion, and true love is born.

If you voted for George Bush you voted for a New World Order Fascist Whore of Babylon. If you voted for Obomba you voted for a New World Order Fascist Homosexual Whore of Babylon. Not really a big difference there. The evil bastards of the two parties do not offer anything different than what we see in Egypt. Economic strife leads to a national uprising. In the modern context we see the prophetic speed that this now happens, seemingly overnight. This reality makes the prophetic picture of war in the Middle East easy to anticipate, as does the economic collapse to follow. Gas prices alone confirm this right now, along with the earnings picture and  projected lack of demand measured to unemployment.  Anyone with half a brain knows this, and the call for the Fed to stop printing fake money assures capital demand destruction. What exactly are the to big to jail bastards gonna do with all that leverage, employ people? Yeah, riiight, at the Cayman Island Club Fed, where they play European Dominos with Humans dressed with Bermuda ”naked shorts”.