7513 Gleaning Hile Heel Black And White Human Drone Devils In The Red White And Blue Lodge Dress

by amongthenumberedsaints

Egypt Troops Open Fire on Pro-Morsi Protesters

As the escalation in violence between members of the pro-Mursi Muslim Brotherhood and the military-backed victors of this week’s coup gets worse with at least 6 dead now according to Al Arabiya,  And Cairo Violence Escalates, The US Secretary Of State Is busy…

a) Getting debriefed and preparing for a diplomatic statement

b) In the air between point A and point B promoting US domestic and foreign interests abroad

c) Informing Warren Buffett about the aphrodisiac benefits of ketchup

d) Spending a (second consecutive) exhausting afternoon on his sailboat.

And the correct answer is… 


The report also failed to mention that virtually all of the major domestic terror plots in the United States over the last decade have been “hatched by the FBI,” as the New York Times reported.


L.A. County’s Homeland Security Division chief Ted Sexton admitted that the DHS drill was not based on “any credible threat information.”

^What the DHS dipshit meant to say is, this is a political slush fund operation as usual.

…and so all those so called ”insiders” from the likes of; Steven Quayle, Hagman and Alex Jones, prove to be absolute disinformation. Surely they are relieved and will be buying selling and trading as usual, 7 days a week unto eternity, on the Sabbath, and waiting just a bit longer for their zero interest stock profits to rise with their stacks of gold, waiting to rust, as the tribulation reaches the peak Jerusalem revelation in the coming years. The golden calf that Chairsatan built will just get physically larger in the mean time and their bellies bigger. Genius! The aborted labor will surely be glad to receive their gains/charity in the time of need. Such spiritual discernment is a fine example of their own wisdom. At least the boys provide some good chatter, even though a kick in the teeth is in order.

  “A new command I give you : Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

There is no greater love than to  lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

If they had full vision they would realize the nature of the market beast forces Christians to do the right thing like; never working for a government designed to abort labor for short term gain. Can you imagine a DHS dipshit is any different than a gold bug at this point, much less from anyone accepting the gains of this market derived from the leverage of debt that has aborted the very principle return required to sustain labor? End the Fed and the two party political corruption, that was the first step, but the ”only way” is to divest and ”kill the power”. If people do not do this they will find themselves compromised …sealed in Hell, having accepted the mark of the beast.


Whether or not you believe PMs will serve as the ultimate store of wealth as the global fiat monetary system collapses should have absolutely no bearing on making the intelligent decision to remove your financial assets from under the domain and inevitable confiscation of global bankers and their State-run tyrannies.

Let Freedom Reign This July 4th By Withdrawing All Assets From the Global Banking Slavery System

Note in the audio file in this link, how these top two banking executives express not the slightest shred of guilt about undermining every citizen in their nation through their failures and instead, joke and laugh about how they will never pay back a 7 billion euro loan from the Irish Financial Services Regulator Authority (IFSRA) that was provided to them to recapitalize their failing bank.
And if you still naively believe that the War on Terror is really a war to instill freedom, then watch Jeremy Scahill’s heavily investigated and fact-finding documentary, Dirty Wars.


^LMAO, this guy looks and sounds like a complete dipshit government plant. What does the moron think he’s gonna do with that weapon besides shoot his dumb dusty ass in the foot? It’s brainless morons like this that are deployed by government goons with guns in order to establish cause. If the idiot had half a brain he would be standing fast, divested, as a Christian, not some idiot American claiming to be a patriot at war with HAL 9000. The Antichrist Government Drone Beast wins, asshole. Get a clue, look up.

41 IMF Bailouts And Counting – How Long Before The Entire System Collapses? 


Marc Faber, the noted Swiss economist and investor, has voiced his concerns for the U.S. economy numerous times during recent media appearances, stating, “I think somewhere down the line we will have a massive wealth destruction. I would say that well-to-do people may lose up to 50 percent of their total wealth.”



^Kid was way too nice to these criminals. They should be fired and charged with civil penalties and deported to China where they belong. The bastards that set up the checkpoint need to go with them.



Poll: 71% Say Founding Fathers Would Be ‘Disappointed’ in Today’s America


Iceland Denies Snowden’s Bid For Citizenship

We do not need US Embassy: Morales

Former Israeli Official Says Construction Of Prophetic Third (And Final) Jewish Temple Is Going To Happen, And Soon

After Sinai Attack, Egypt Declares State Of Emergency, Shuts Gaza Crossing

Israel Nervously Watching Egyptian Turmoil

Assad has always dismissed the notion that the Syrian people have revolted, and instead claims that the unrest in Syria is due to an ongoing international conspiracy.


Asked if he thought the Muslim Brotherhood duped the Egyptian people into believing that Egypt would be better off as an Islamist state than during the relatively secular Mubarak era, Assad quoted an American president, Abraham Lincoln: “You can fool some people some times, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” And, added the Syrian president, “certainly not the people of Egypt, which carries thousands of years of civilization.”


Let’s check in on the effectiveness of the Keynesian Cargo Cult’s project of borrowing and blowing trillions: Oops, diminishing returns.

The Federal Reserve’s number 1 project of bailing out the parasitic financial cartel with trillions of dollars in free credit has also failed spectacularly, as the banks can’t find any positive risk/return in loans except those that are guaranteed by the Federal government (FHA, Fannie Mae, etc.)


We as a nation had an unparalleled, historic opportunity to set things right in the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown. Alas, we blew it. Instead of tearing down what had failed spectacularly, we chose to do more of what failed spectacularly: cartel-crony capitalism, centralized wealth and power and an expansion of our financialized debtocracy.

US image in world slips as conflicts deflate Obama euphoria


Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood party chairman Saad Elkatatny was among those who werearrested. Elkatatny posted two messages on his Facebook page around the time of his arrest on Wednesday. (Both posts were translated from Arabic to English via Bing):

Almost 2 hours ago arrived about 12 people dressed as civilians our House to arrest the father and taken to an unknown location. Congratulations to him and our pride for our detention and don’t say only Savior Lord Allah of his bounty sio’tina I to the Lord willing. But oh how that freedom you claim they call for dialogue in the afternoon and evening they arrest him. Welcome to the era of the new freedoms!

(Lord make me a resident of atomic bomb explosions and our Lord and accept DOA [prayer] * Lord forgive me and my parents and the faithful on the account * PENSAR God unaware of what work the oppressor but puts them back on when diagnosed sight * mhetain masked heads does not fall back to them and their hearts)

Washington Islamist strategy in crisis as Morsi toppled


Egypt’s army declares state of emergency in Suez and South Sinai

Egypt spells financial catastrophe for Qatar

In June, the household survey reported that part-time jobs soared by 360,000 to 28,059,000 –an all time record high. Full time jobs? Down 240,000.  And looking back at the entire year, so far in 2013, just 130K Full-Time Jobs have been added, offset by a whopping 557K Part-Time jobs. And there is your jobs “quality” leading to today’s market euphoria (if only for now).

Obamacare Strikes: Part-Time Jobs Surge To All Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000

The Currency Wars Reignite

Aeschylus stated, “In war, truth is the first casualty.” The Third World War has clearly already begun, as it is a war being waged by the global shadow banking system against all of humanity

Let Freedom Reign This July 4th By Withdrawing All Assets From the Global Banking Slavery System

Egyptian Troops On ‘Maximum Alert” At Suez Sends Oil Over $102

Analysis: Egypt risks Islamist splits, violence after Mursi fall

America Blamed As Islamists’ “Day Of Resistance” Turns Deadly – Live Feed


 “comet of the century,” streaks through our solar system at a staggering 48,000 mph.

Syrian crop risks threaten to worsen food shortages -UN


Until today, Goldman expected the Fed’s tapering to start in December. Not any more: following today’s better for part-time jobs than expected data, the squid has pulled its tapering prediction up to the September FOMC meeting: just what Zero Hedge said 2 months ago. But what just slapped ES across the face is the following from FRBNY’s informal advisor Hatzius: “We now expect purchases to continue through Q2 2014 (vs. our prior forecast of Q3 2014), in line with the guidance given by Chairman Bernanke at the last FOMC press conference.” That’s ok Goldman, we are used to you being wrong. Speaking of, any more Stolper recos?


The U.S. government has been indulging in an unprecedented debt binge, the Fed has been wildly printing money, and the real rate of inflation has been hovering around 8 to 10 percent, and yet Bernanke has somehow convinced investors to lend gigantic piles of money to the U.S. government for next to nothing.  But this irrational state of affairs is not going to last indefinitely.  At some point, investors are going to wake up and start demanding higher returns.  And we are already starting to see this happen in Japan.  Wild money printing has actually caused bond yieldsto go up.  What a concept!  And that is what should happen – when central banks recklessly print money it should cause investors to demand a higher return.  But if bond investors all over the globe start acting rationally, that is going to cause the largest bond bubble in the history of the planet to burst, and that will create utter devastation in the financial markets.


We already knew almost every piece of financial data out of China has been spun as to not show any cracks in the ever expanding Chinese economy, but now they are deliberately hiding data so as to not cause the 1.344 Billion populace to rebel and riot.


Don’t ‘Provoke’ Border Disputes, Chinese General Warns India



We all know the rest of the story. One day you’re at the pinnacle of business and politics, poised to make a billion or two on a killer trade; the next day you’re testifying before Congress about misuse of client funds and considering taking the Fifth; tomorrow there may be a perp walk. The irony, of course, is that if Corzine had put this trade on 6 to 9 months later, we would today be talking about the brilliance of Jon Corzine, Lion of Wall Street, and how he had created a new Goldman Sachs.



It is pathetic. The Obama Administration has had since March 2010 to figure this one out (employer mandate implementation)…and well, the Administration failed.  They claim they are just now discovering that it is too complex to implement.  The rest of us knew that years ago (what do you expect when you pass – without reading – a 2,400 page bill that overhauls such a complex matter as the nation’s healthcare…and then pass it to HHS to create 20,000 rules?)

Greta: Obama Administration Needs To Explain This One – When Did They Know?

The Exponentially Accelerating Progress In Artificial Intelligence Raises Safety Questions

These data support our hypothesis that bacterial integrations occur in the human somatic genome and may play a role in carcinogenesis. We anticipate that the application of our approach to additional cancer genome projects will lead to the more frequent detection of bacterial DNA integrations in tumors that are in close proximity to the human microbiome. 



^If anyone had any doubt about the Mormon nutballs being a masonic cult this eliminates that delusion. Complete with nutball in a Jim Jones white suit and morons with masonic aprons.