7113 Gleaning AbOMBa Down Low Pharaoh POTUS Hussein Whore Of Babylon 666 Is The Antichrist Beast

by amongthenumberedsaints

ISON makes its closest approach to Earth at 39.6 million miles on December 26, 2013.


 Live TV Nuke Attack Planned For 4th of July 

Amano, holding up a small lead container said to have been was used try to traffic highly enriched uranium in the former Soviet Republic of Moldova two years ago, said it showed a “worrying level of knowledge on the part of the smugglers”.

 U.N. nuclear chief warns of ‘dirty bomb’ threat

End of Independence Day:The globalists that control the political apparatus are dedicated anti-liberty fascists The corporatists of today are English Crown Tory descendants, no matter their origin. The death lyric of independence is the choir in the requiem hymn of the Republic. Ben Franklin’s jubilate assessment, has witnessed the methodical destruction of the spirit of Independence Day with each succeeding year.

Vatican Bank Scandal Widens Following Resignations Of Director, Deputy

We are confident that the rabbit hole on this one will stretch very deep by the time all is revealed, and the resignations will reach all the way to the very top.

The Market Has Never Been More Reliant On The Fed, Or About That “Catch-22” Taper

the Fed is now responsible for monetizing a record 70% of all net supply measured in 10 year equivalents. This represents a reliance on the Fed that is greater than ever before in history!

100% of Tea Party groups were flagged by IRS

Yet if the Cedar Revolution was partly inspired by the toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the Green Revolution was partly inspired both by Iraq and the end of the Taliban regime in neighboring Afghanistan, the new protests in Cairo and Istanbul seem endogenous, fueled by popular discontent at Islamist rule. 


Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Protests in Egypt: Largest Political Event in World History 

The demonstrations pose a puzzle for President Barack Obama, who was touring South Africa at the other end of the continent when the demonstrations began. In 2011, Obama initially supported Mubarak, then threw his weight behind the protests and reached out to the Muslim Brotherhood on its way to power.

The Obama administration, through Ambassador Anne Patterson, actively discouraged Sunday’s protests, as Breitbart News’ Kerry Picket reported last week. “Egypt needs stability to get its economic house in order, and more violence on the streets will do little more than add new names to the lists of martyrs,” she said.


The slush fund was used by the CIA, Saudi ambassador to the United States Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz — currently the head of the Saudi General Intelligence Service, and the 9/11 hijackers, including Egyptian Air Force Lt. Col. Mohammed Atta, as well as “special project” mission sub-managers Saudi Air Force officer Omar Bayoumi and Saudi deputy defense minister Khaled bin Sultan, to carry out their Saudi-financed intelligence mission in the United States.


(Wayne Madsen)  Retired United Airlines Captain Philip Marshall became an irritant to the Central Intelligence Agency and its favorite “kingdom,” the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with his constant unraveling of the Saudi government’s connections to the 9/11 attack and his subsequent promise to expose even more “shocking” information about the 9/11 attack.

Townsend today appears regularly on Fox News, part of which is owned by Bin Talal, who has stated that it is his goal to purchase as much media as possible in the United States to change the direction of American foreign policy. – See more at: http://govtslaves.info/cia-director-john-brennan-chief-suspect-in-murder-of-captain-philip-marshall/#sthash.ng2FNP3M.dpuf

Saudi Arabia calls on EU to arm Syrian rebels

Why would Barack Obama want to help al-Qaeda take over Syria?  Why in the world would he want to spend hard-earned U.S. tax dollars to arm jihadist rebels that eat human hearts and massacre entire Christian villages?

 Why Is The U.S. Arming Rebels That Eat Human Hearts And Massacre Entire Christian Villages?

Obama to Save Presidency by Bombing Iran? Round Two 

^The author of this article is juvenile. The required ritual slaughter is defining the ”new world order” rebellion of the power and principalities. The global economic and surveillance systems reality has been established in order to complete the end goal after the required slaughter. The required slaughter is prophetic, and this is the end time fulfillment of the last generation. The next phase is the great tribulation, after the prophetic false peace is sealed. That kind of false peace is obviously sealed by slaughter. The coming slaughter defines the biggest gun in the hand of the Antichrist, the American POTUS Hussein of Babylon and the New World Order image of the Second of Sirius Beast.

Netanyahu ‘willing to sit in tent for peace’ Assad’s forces battle to tighten control of central Syria

“I am ready to go into the tent, the peace tent, and stay in the tent until white smoke comes out,” he told Letta, praising US Secretary of State John Kerry for working to bring about negotiations.

“We want peace. I want peace. We want to restart peace negotiations as soon as possible, without any obstacles,” Netanyahu said in opening statements at a press conference with his Italian guest. “We have to get into the tent and stay in the tent and seek to end this conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. That’s our goal. That is Secretary Kerry’s efforts, which I think deserve consistent and constant European support, and I’m sure that Italy will give that support.”

 Gulf Arabs call for U.N. Security Council meeting to prevent Homs massacre

Egypt crisis: Mass protests over Morsi grip cities

Millions of protesters across the country accuse the country’s first Islamist president of failing to tackle economic and security problems since taking power a year ago.

Egypt protesters storm Muslim Brotherhood headquarters

The Antichrist POTUS prophetic  ”want”  defines the slaughter of these Egyptians and Christians, and as with Damascus, the fallen are defined in prophecy. So, when you see the people burning down the headquarters that represents The Antichrist POTUS Hussein of Babylon and the Muslim Brotherhoods of Chop Chop Square, let it sink in. Yes, that’s right, The Antichrist POTUS married to the drag queen bride in the mirror is the evil bastard arm of the the muslim brotherhoods that want the 12th Imam Mahdi to be revealed, which requires slaughter in Egypt Saudi Arabia Syria etc… all the prophetic places now ready for it.


With over a million people crowded into the streets of Cairo (and 16 reported dead and 781 injured according to The Jerusalem Post), the situation in Egypt is becoming more unstable. Amid cheers of “the people demand the fall of the regime,” protesters set fire to and ransacked the Muslim Brotherhood’s main offices all over Egypt. Many saw this as another victory towards their goal of Egypt not being ruled under Islamic law noting, that they “feel victorious, but we’ll only have truly won once Morsi leaves.” It seems the pressure is building as five Egyptian ministers have just resigned amid the growing chaos.

 America – Government By Terror, Torture and Tyranny

Lady Gaga amends national anthem: ‘Land of the free, and the home for the gay’

Germans Loved Obama. Now We Don’t Trust Him.    

Who thought this week’s first humor-oozing news would strike so early.

French President Hollande Gives Obama An Ultimatum

Back in April 2012 we first suggested – to loud jeers by the “pundits” who were convinced there is no chance in hell of it happening – that Goldman’s take over of the world’s central bank triumvirate: the NY Fed (Bill Dudley), the ECB (Mario Draghi) and the Bank of England, would soon be completed with Mark Carney taking over the world’s oldest central bank located on Threadneedle street. Today, this process has concluded and we have photographic evidence.

Behold Goldman’s Mark Carney attending his first BOE Monetary Policy briefing (don’t miss Michael Cross, Head of Foreign Exchange, and Executive Director for Markets, of Fleecebook fame sitting on the lower left).

The Goldman Takeover Is Complete: A Glimpse Inside The Bank Of England Where Mark Carney Is Now Presiding

Temperatures in some areas are expected to be near 54C (130F) – close to the world’s all-time record.

Dozens succumb to heat in western US

The extreme high temperatures affecting many Western states are expected to continue Monday and Tuesday, after 128 degrees was recorded on Sunday in Death Valley National Park.

 Record heat wave to continue; Death Valley ties record 

June’s Winners And Losers

France is not a country that can accept tutelage from Brussels.”
“We have succumbed to a spirit of slavery in France. We have forgotten how to lead, and our voice is not heard any more,” she said. It will be heard now.


The eurozone jobless rate rose to 12.1% in May, up from 12.0% in April, according to EU statistics office Eurostat. The youth unemployment rate was almost double that, at 23.8%, as 3.5 million under-25s were unemployed in May. In Spain and Greece the youth unemployment rate was as high as one in two

Eurozone unemployment hits fresh high

The rise in unemployment was driven by increased joblessness in countries at the heart of the crisis, including Spain, Italy and Ireland. As the eurozone languishes in its longest-ever recession, the number of people out of work across the currency bloc rose by 67,000 in May to 19.2 million.




Gov Bill Haslams Deliberate Attempt To Make Tennessee Sharia Compliant- The Timeline

Just a few hours earlier a few hundred miles away in Pittsburgh, a mob of black people “savagely beat” a white teenager, then stole his shoes. All on video. All the while screaming “World Star. World Star, ” apparently a reference to popular hip hop website that often features videos of black-mob violence.
Family Picnic Turns To Horror Thanks To Black Mob – Woman Pistol Whipped While Trying To Defend Son

19 Firefighters Die in Arizona – ‘I Just Knew We Had To Get Out Of There’

Colorado Wildfire Scorches 97,000 Acres, Only 4% Contained

On the Edge of Armageddon: Staggering Pictures Show Firefighters’ Battle To Contain Cataclysmic Blaze in West Midlands, UK

Hold The Ethics: Surveillance, Data Mining And Transhumanist Destruction Of Personal Privacy

Your DNA Is Vulnerable To NSA Snooping, Too 

Unabomber Theory As Discussed In Groundbreaking Book ‘Forbidden Gates’

Tom Horn’s September, 2010 Open Letter To Christian Leaders On Biotechnology And The Future Of Man (As Was Published By Wired Magazine)