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by amongthenumberedsaints

   Graphic version of the entire Bible to be published  

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With the outlining of these (so far) 9 “double disasters” that have come upon the presidency of Barack Obama, remembrance is evoked of an ancient Pharaoh in the land of Egypt who also had a series of plagues come upon him.  


As Egypt nears boil, leading religious institution calls for calm

Dangerous Heat Wave Imminent  

 China’s west erupts in violence 2nd time in 3 days   

Stocks Plunge In Last Minute On Rebal Day, June Is Worst Month Since October 2012

Campaign to End NSA Warrantless Surveillance Surges Past 500,000 Signers

That second document actually suggests that the assassination plot, which never was activated, might still be operative should Occupy decisively re-emerge in the area. It states:

     FBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots to Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”    

…now it goes without saying, when you see an FBI agent you are free to kill them by their own standard, which is whatever their dear leader wants. These evil morons are proving to be everything they were never supposed to be, an enemy to themselves.  Lawless fools.

CIA Agents Were Embedded With NYPD and Had “No Limits”



Intelligence Community Says It Forgot $4 Billion In Its Budget

Over $30M Spent Last Year On Lobbying To Keep GMOs Hidden In Foods

The problem is Agenda 21 is so far from being great, it is a plan to control every aspect of our lives, to take away private property, to deny us our liberty, and to make us slaves. That is why they don’t promote it; you wouldn’t buy it. So the powers-that-be are sneaking it in through planning commissions, sustainability councils, even our schools — while they are saying that they never heard of Agenda 21.

How Your Local Officials Are Using Stealth to Implement Agenda 21 & ICLEI

Did Rogero forget everything she knew about Agenda 21 sometime between October 2011 and January 2012? By now some readers are now regurgitating Hillary, “What difference at this point does it make?” Do you mean, what difference that she lied, or is it what she lied about? The fact that she lied just lets us know how far she will go to keep her agenda hidden; the bigger issue is that agenda. That email has a number of damning things in it.

Immigration Bill Clears Senate, Faces Uncertain Future in House

Cruz found a loophole that actually penalizes an employer $5000 for hiring a citizen over a legalized alien. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up. Senator Cruz was quoted as saying: This bill says if an employer hires a citizen or a legal immigrant, the IRS can impose a $5,000 penalty on that employer. But if the employer instead hires someone with RPI status, that penalty will go away. That is utterly and completely indefensible.”

Ted Cruz Exposes Amnesty Bill: $5000 Penalty For Hiring Citizens

Before I relate how I answered the question about bringing back the draft, please allow me to review to tenets of Executive Order 13603 in which Obama actually calls for two drafts, a military draft and a civilian draft. Both programs would be placed under the auspices of the Secretary of Labor. The military draft is easily understood. However, the Obama’s notion of a civilian draft is frighteningly Orwellian. Do you remember the Obama’s campaign promise when he said “we cannot just rely on our military to meet our national security needs, we need a civilian security force, that is just as strong and just as well funded..”  We now know what Obama was referring to.

What Do We Tell Our Children?:Under EO 13603, the government can split up families. There are no age restrictions on the civilian labor draft and where you can be sent to perform the “government’s” work.   

A full one in five government workers “see the tea party as the nation’s bigger terror threat. Twelve percent of private sector workers hold that view.”

TEA PARTY CALLED ‘TOP TERROR THREAT’ IN U.S. Poll: Obama supporters fear political movement more than radical Islam 

Looks like if you don’t agree with the so called Tea Party you agree with the Corrupt  Bankrupt Antichrist Drag Queen Suicide Vampire Squid of The Great Wal Mart of China and The Supreme Court Citizen’s United to HAL 9000 drawing the prophetic Syrian ”Red”-line straight to Hell, you have accepted the mark of the beast and are U.N.becoming and sealed in the black hole unto eternity for sure.

Miller: New Taxes Penalize Gun Owners, Threaten Second Amendment


But, as Alexander Hamilton accurately observes in Federalist 78, under the U.S. Constitution the Supreme Court does not command the coercive force of government. That is the prerogative of the president of the United States, who is vested with its executive power. At the moment, the opinion of Windsor majority’s justices coincides with the stance of the lawless clique presently in control of the Executive Branch. Is this what gives the justices confidence that the law of tyrannical force will suffice to impose their opinion, even if their irrational and self-contradictory jurisprudence leaves no reasonable support for the claim that they speak with the force of law? If so, the Constitution provides the means to correct their tyrannical arrogance, provided faithful Americans have the intelligence and courage to see and make use of them.

Chicago PMI Plummets By Most In Over 4 Years; Weather Blamed

 Evidence found of 2,000-year-old siege of Jerusalem  


Georgia: Bill to Replace Electric Chair With Guillotine

From time to time it is necessary to quietly sit down and assess where we are going. This is a significantly different undertaking than listening to those who try to tell us where we are going. Government and the Pastors of Propaganda are always whispering into our ears either offering Heaven or the retribution of Divine Providence so the removal of either from a deliberate consideration is a necessary part of the examination of reality.


What has been put off will arrive. It was always just a matter of time.

French Mayor Facing 5 Years In Prison For Saying He Would Rather ‘Go To The Gallows’ Than Marry Two Gay Men

EUROPEAN ECONOMIC NEWS UPDATE!!! French Debt Agency Cancels Bond Auction Scheduled for Aug. 1

Ireland Officially Back In Recession

Weak Close Leaves European Stocks Red Year-To-Date

Priest, Spook And Banker Arrested In Vatican Bank Probe

Ironically, since it is fiath that is in short supply within the encumbered global fractional reserve banking system, one would think the one place where the money religion would be safe is at the Vatican Bank. And yet…

Now back to reality copycatting the latest James Bond movie.

Europe strikes deal to push cost of bank failure on investors

 IMF shows need for Chapter 11 for nations  

Gold Finding a Bottom? – Crashes through Production Levels. What the Pros are Trading

Gold Plunges!

Silver At Less Than 19 Dollars An Ounce? Are You Kidding Me??? 

Russia evacuates Tartus, also military, diplomatic personnel from Syria. High war alert in Israel 

In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell refused conjecture about the Russian move, but pointed at the “deteriorating security situation.”

Russia subs military with civilians at Syrian base

“I just can’t speculate if that’s their reasoning,” he added.

 Israel Moves Iron-Dome to Haifa. Russia Refutes Tartus Evac.

“One can smell from the crisis in Syria the coming … of the end of times and the coming of the last Islamic messiah,” said Ruhollah Hosseinian, a member of the Islamic regime’s parliament. Previously he was deputy of the Intelligence Ministry and a member of board of trustees of Islamic Revolution Document Center.
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Iran: Syrian crisis prelude to coming of Mahdi  

Though statistics prove time and again that disarming a free people leads to more violent crime and the potential for mass government democide, it hasn’t stopped President Barrack Obama and his Congressional entourage from doing everything in their power to make it more difficult for Americans to legally own firearms.

White House Study Finds Guns Save Lives: “Consistently Lower Injury Rates Among Gun Using Crime Victims”

But a new report commissioned by the White House titled Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-related Violence suggests what many self defense gun proponents have been saying for years. The report, ordered under one of President Obama’s 23 Executive Orders signed in the wake of the Sandy Hook incident, asked the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Research Council and other federal agencies to identify the “most pressing problems in firearms violence.”

To the surprise of the authors and those who would no doubt have used the report to further restrict access to personal defense firearms, the study found that gun ownership actually saves lives and those who have a firearm at their disposal improve their chances of survival and reduce their chance of injury in the event they are confronted by a violent criminal:

Obama administration paid contractors millions to snoop through Americans’ financial data    

BREAKING: Al-Nusra Front Leader in Syria is a CIA Operative: Ex-Terrorist

VIDEO: Spy Drone Can See What You are Wearing From 17,500 Feet

LICENSE PLATE LOCATIONS TRACKED, DETAILS STORED Police feed info on millions to intelligence ‘fusion centers’: LOOK AT SCREEN EVEN TAKES PHOTOS OF YOUR CAR!

The report comes from the Center for Investigative Reporting, which explained in an online posting that police officers can gain insight into who are your friends, where you shop, where you work, where you go to church and whether you go to political meetings based on the tracking of your car

Obama Now Watching Your Credit Cards

Mouse cloned from just a drop of blood  

Energy crisis: London could face rolling blackouts by 2015

It means the world’s first “three-parent baby” could be born in Britain by 2015, if detailed proposals for regulating the procedure pass a public consultation and are approved by Parliament next year.

Britain could create first ‘three-parent baby’ through IVF 

Britain will become the first country in the world to create babies with the DNA of three people under government plans which could see the procedure offered on the NHS by next year.

EX-Mccain Strategist Hired To Move GOP On ‘Gay’ Marriage 




Alaska Volcano Eruptions Get Worse: `We Can’t Explain’ Says Geologist