62013 Gleaning The Great Wal Mart Of China And The Suicide Vampire Squid Lehman Ladder 2 Jacob’s Trouble

by amongthenumberedsaints

GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: Dow Jones Dives Deep As Stocks Tumble With Bonds As Gold Slides In Global Rout – Stocks Nosedive 2%; Dow Down 350 On Fed Taper Talk; Vix Tops 20 For First Time In 2013!

In brief (pun intended): a complete, unpredictable clusterfuck accompanied by wholesale liquidations of “liquid assets”, deleveraging and potentially a waterfall effect that finally bursts China’s bubble, all due to a simple black swan. Although, in reality, nobody knows. Just like nobody knew what would happen when they decided to let Lehman fail.  

Here Is What’s Going On In China: The Bronze Swan Redux

  we bring you this friendly note released by Goldman’s Roger Yuan overnight, in which Goldman not only quietly cut their long Copper trading recommendation established on March 1 (at a substantial loss), but implicitly went short the metal with a 12 month horizon: a huge shift for a bank that has been, on the surface, calling for a global renaissance in the global economy, and in which Dr. Copper is a very leading indicator of overall economic health and end demand. 

Do Weird Stories Prove That Extraterrestrials Love Russia?

Bonus: Prime Minister Medvedev said that aliens are among us, December 7 2012. The same day another quake happened by Fukushima. Oh yeah, um, and 33 degree mason, you know ”that guy” that established ”that now bankrupt political slush fund called social security”, FDR and the 911 Pearl Harbor Event ”response team” that ”mapped” out dropping the ”Manhattan” Project Nuclear Bomb after an engineered financial collapse during the manufactured rise of Hitler and Russian etc.. communist revolution(s) funded by the same old  usual suspects. Yeah, that guy who put the pyramid on the private banker’s ”debt note” that is not backed by gold just a black hole of broken trust represented by the apotheosis of George Washington on the other side of the 1776 novus ordo seclorum (second of Sirius/July 4th) image of the Sirius ”In (g)od We Trust” bust defining the global reserve currency standard of the nations having been forced to drink the maddening wine of wrath from the cup of fornication. ”Ironic”…those fallen angels could not possibly know what time it is to; build, drop bombs, offer temptation etc… Naah. That would be like; building a nuclear plant on a weak spot on Earth, just before solar galactic effects cause global disruptions, during a controlled global economic prison called Babylon, as nations attack Israel, surrounded by the same prophetic armies described in the Bible, which are now in place, then thinking ”the Devil made me do it” while standing naked behind a fig leaf looking for a lamb skin jacket, and saying something intelligent like; Christ is risen and all this evil is real obvious satanic deception.

Find from era of King David may confirm Old Testament text — if politics don’t interfere

Tropper may have stumbled across further proof of the real-life world behind the Biblical stories related in the Old Testament. The 2,800-year-old stone pillar could help locate those legends on a map, archaeologists say, and connect the modern country of Israel with the historical roots of Judaism.

Rebels hang on near Damascus, hope for deal on arms from Jordan

The following report comes to us from intelligence sources that have been able to confirm some of the “legend” behind the story.  If this is true, and we have confirmed that the S 300 missile defense system has been, for some weeks now, in the hands of the Syrian military despite denials by the “pop culture press,” Putin has made an interesting and very necessary move.

“Doomsday Weapons To Syria”

JP Morgans man in the White House: Barack Obamas legacy of ashes

According to the official transcription of Putin’s speech at the museum, he went on to say that the politicians on the predominantly Jewish Soviet government “were guided by false ideological considerations and supported the arrest and repression of Jews, Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims and members of other faiths. They grouped everyone into the same category.


Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.

 Did Bernanke Just Do It Again, Asks Bill Gross 

Oh, and Bill, the answer is no: Fed assets with and without taper. If this is “doing it again” we can’t wait to see what selling $5 trillion in securities, or about 50% of all 10 year equivalents, will look like.

 Bernanke Kills Fed Credibility and the Confidence Fairy in One Shot

Update 8:30 AM. Krugman (hat tip Scott) is also seeing shades of 1937 in this move, and for similar reasons, that the Fed is choosing to look at the headline unemployment numbers and not at the state of the labor markets:

Surveying The Global Damage


Recently unearthed documents from the private collection of former diplomat and Bilderberg regular George C. McGhee have revealed (among other things) that the Club of Rome in 1970 wanted to create a “global matrix approach”, or G-Matrix approach, as a means of bringing people into an enviro-eugenicist mindset globally.


The Club of Rome was an influential think tank, advocating among other things worldwide population reduction and global environmental governance.

Obama to Go Around Congress to Satisfy Global Warming Supporters

“This is the global threat of our time,” Obama said in a speech Wednesday in Berlin.


Prophecy In The News Special On Apollyon Rising 2012

it was the president’s turn. he appear in the white house blue room and the residents over his shoulder through the window, the washington monument , one of the facilities, one of the icons would have been closed today, right now, had a deal not been struck.

100% Debt to GDP at zero interest^ from the EU Constitution back to Pharaoh’s  Sirius Graveyard tax in Egypt.

The Roman Obelisk of Domitian or “Argonalis Obelisk” was created in Rome by  by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1651 in honor of Pope Innocent X. The obelisk is


Images for Rome Signing of European Constitution Pope Innocent X

Vatican to announce John Paul II ‘miracle’ despite his manifest heresy at Assisi which is an outrage to the millions of catholic Martyrs.

In the picture above John Paul 2 is seen kissing the Koran. In the Koran Mohamed expressly denies Jesus divinity ,denies that Jesus Christ was crucified Mohamed also blasphemes the holy spirit in the most foul language . St Francis of Assisi called Mohamed a perfidious liar .




Deception is now institutionalized in the Obama administration. It infects almost every corner of the executive branch, eroding the trust necessary for the IRS, the Department of Justice, our security agencies, and the president’s official spokesman — sabotaging the public trust required for democracy itself.

Tea Party Rally May Have Drawn Bigger Crowd than Obama in Berlin

When Barack Obama gave a speech in Berlin in 2008, he drew a crowd of 200,000. Wednesday’s speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate was a little less popular. White House pool reporter Elmar Jakobs estimated the crowd at only 4,500.

Protesters Demand an Audit of the IRS 

Congressional leaders, tea party activists, and Glenn Beck gathered in front of the U.S. Capitol to reiterate their concern over the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups, call for more investigations, and advocate for the abolishment of the agency on Wednesday.

THE APOCALYPTIC GREAT DELUGE: Flood Death Toll In India Hilly States Climbs – Over 1,000 People Killed; 62,000 Stranded; Hundreds Missing; Over 400 Roads Destroyed; Worst Flooding In 90 YEARS!



MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Surprising Trove Of Gas Seeps Found Off United States East Coast – Largest Methane Release In The World!

MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: NOAA Predicts Possible Record-Setting DEAD ZONE In The Gulf Of Mexico & Smaller Hypoxia Levels Than Past In Chesapeake Bay – Zone Extends Up To 8,561 SQUARE MILES!

PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: Mass Shrimp Die-Off – Massive Amounts Of Shrimp Are Dying From A Mysterious Disease In Sinaloa, Mexico?!

Heavy floods in southwest France have left two dead and forced the closure of the Catholic pilgrimage site in Lourdes and the evacuation of pilgrims from nearby hotels.


Brazil demonstrators promise biggest protests yet 


It was only a matter of time before at least one Chinese bank (and then many more) needing to rollover overnight/short-term funding and unable to do so in an interbank market that is now completely frozen, had to be bailed out. Sure enough, according to Hao Hong, the chief China strategist at Bank of Communications Co., who cited unidentified industry sources, the People’s Bank of China used “targeted liquidity operations” to supply 50b yuan to a bank in China.

Chinese Bank Bailed Out Through PBOC “Targeted Liquidity Operation” Amidst Liquidity Crunch

Gold ‘bloodbath’ post-Fed, hits 2 1/2-year lows

Initial Claims Worse Than Expected, Rise By 18,000 To 354,000

Liquidation Wave Sweeps Globe In Bernanke Aftermath

a market in which over 50% of the gains since 2009 are on the back of the $12 trillion in global central bank liquidity.

Either way, the plunge protection team will have its hands full this morning to put a halt to the equity sell off. We wish them luck.

Transhumanists Say They Have Begun Their Journey To BECOMING THEM In The Form Of Gods, Angels, Ghosts, And ???

There’s no telling even whether our self-directed evolution to “Godliness” will be completely secular. It’s very possible that our fellow religious Transhumanists will be the ultimate “movers and shakers”, per se, to finally achieving said “Godliness”, i.e. the Mormon Transhumanist Association. (See 2013 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association)

Will violence ensue between Transhumanists and neo-Luddites, or will peace ultimately prevail? I cannot answer that question, nor do I believe anyone else can either, at this particular point in time. All I know is that, short from calling it inevitable, the acts of becoming Godly, angelic, and/or ghostly are within our grasp. Together, we will achieve the unimaginable!

Forget The DOGS Of War . . . Is It Time To Unleash A Secret HELL?




We’ll be uploading our entire MINDS to computers by 2045 and our bodies will be replaced by machines within 90 years, Google expert claims.


Will a robot reply to ET’s return message?

That first message will arrive in the year 2031, just two years after an AI will have rivaled human intelligence by passing the Turing test, according to Kurzweil’s estimate.

Seeking Contact With THEM: We Just Sent A Message To Planet Gliese 526 In The Habitable Goldilocks Zone 

So It Begins: Darpa Sets Out to Make Computers That Can Teach Themselves

Skynet rising: Google acquires 512-qubit quantum computer; NSA surveillance to be turned over to AI machines

If you know anything about encryption, you probably also realize that quantum computers are the secret KEY to unlocking all encrypted files. As I wrote about last year here on Natural News, once quantum computers go into widespread use by the NSA, the CIA, Google, etc., there will be no more secrets kept from the government. All your files — even encrypted files — will be easily opened and read.

How PRISM Sends Your Private Data Overseas 

PRISM data was shared with Britain’s communications intelligence service, GCHQ, and possibly with a Dutch intelligence service. In fact, the United States and several other countries all regularly see each others’ communications intelligence.

Global Financial Markets Are Selling Off

China Interbank Market Freezes As Overnight Repo Explodes To 25%

The Mechanism That Holds Chinese Banks Together Is Falling Apart

Asian Stocks Drop Most in Two Years on Fed, China Credit



Indian Rupee Plunges Most in 21 Months to Record Low; Bonds Drop

In a statement, the association urged the Swiss Cabinet to take action to implement the legislation as best it could via executive orders, without regard to the Parliament’s decision.


Turkey Delivered Chem Weapons to Syrian Rebels 

“We know that Opposition Fighters were detained on Turkish territory with chemical weapons,” Mr. Putin told a press conference in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland after meeting the leaders of the industrialized nations in a G8 Summit.

Israel’s Netanyahu signals annoyance with EU over Hezbollah

Netanyahu: I will seek a demilitarized Palestinian state 

Palestinians fire rocket at South, shattering calm 

New Palestinian prime minister offers resignation

Lebanese president urges Hezbollah to pull out of Syria 

Chaos, Islamist threat plague Libya’s lawless desert south 

In northern Iraqi city, al-Qaida gathers strength

Saudi to expel Hezbollah supporters over Syria war

A new virus responsible for an outbreak of respiratory illness in the Middle East may be more deadly than SARS, according to a team of infectious-disease specialists who recently investigated cases in Saudi Arabia.

New MERS virus spreads easily, deadlier than SARS 


While the virus has not tended to kill older pigs, mortality among very young pigs infected in U.S. farms is commonly 50 percent, and can be as high at 100 percent, say veterinarians and scientists who are studying the outbreak.

Outbreak of deadly piglet virus spreads to 13 states

Imagine a new “E Class” Mercedes exploding in flames, burning to a cinder.  220 km/hr crashes on the Autobahn are often survived, certainly without a fire.

There is a reason to own a Mercedes, in normal circumstances the chances of dying in one are quite remote unless you are Lady Di or heir to the presidency of Syria or, just perhaps, wrote a scathing expose that dismembered part of one of the greatest drug empires of all time.


The State Department investigator who accused colleagues last week of using drugs, soliciting prostitutes, and having sex with minors says that Foggy Bottom is now engaged in an “intimidation” campaign to stop her.


Study: 70 Percent Of Americans On Prescription Drugs 


Russian Cyberspace Head Calls For Internet Kill Switch 

TV: Groundwater shows massive spike in radioactive material at Fukushima plant — Strontium-90 up over 10,000% in past few months — Tepco apologizes (VIDEO)