61713 Gleaning Image Of The Beast Treasonous Bloodthirsty Liar And Antichrist Bastard POTUS Hussein Of Babylon

by amongthenumberedsaints


Louie Gohmert for President. “Louie Gohmert Accuses FBI Of Aiding Muslim Brotherhood:

 Egypt: ‘Do not sacrifice your children’- Muslims threaten Christians not to demonstrate against Muslim Brotherhood president 

US Supreme Court Says Naturally Occurring Human DNA Cannot Be Patented… But Genetically Modified And Novel Forms Of Transgenic Life Can


The European “Bail-Ins” Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) vociferously denied any attempts at regulating digital currency… specifically Bitcoin.  


Bitcoin takes things a step further in that it is completely decentralized. There is no Bitcoin issuer that regulates its supply like a central bank, and no tiny elite that has the power to conjure new Bitcoins out of thin air.

Human Genes Engineered Into Experimental GMO Rice Being Grown In Kansas   

Syria: Putin backs Assad and berates west over proposal to arm rebels Russian president says backing ‘those who kill their enemies and eat their organs’ flouts Europe’s humanitarian values

Obama Signals Start of US War in Syria

Obama Helps The Antichrist 

the Obama administration has been involved in providing weapons to rebels who have committed many atrocities throughout Syria. Why must Americans be disarmed and jihadists be given weapons to? Americans are simply observing a right, while the Islamists want guns to force Syria into becoming a Sharia governed state. …

For First Time Majority Finds President Untrustworthy: Obama Approval Plunges Among Young Americans

It is obvious that the American President is an evil bastard that is part of the prophetic slaughter taking place in the Middle East. The plan is clear, the evil and moronic muslim fools are being played by their own Antichrist eye for an eye blindness and as soon as they are armed enough, and become the proper threat that gives cause to be slaughtered themselves they shall be. Israel and the Rothschild globalists etc… are setting this entire effort to combine with the global economic chaos they have engineered and mapped out to a T. It is sickening to see this happening and to know the Bible perfectly describes all of this, and how delusional and pathetically unaware people are of the prophetic reality of all this, and the fact that even so called christians are dumb enough to vote for or give aid to the corrupt government(s). The fact is, the U.S. government is nothing more than a criminal enterprise in a borderless corrupt scheme to establish the new order antichrist power behind the military force of arms and global ”prism” of tyranny through deception and the slaughter of humanity in the name of the false peace the Word of our Father in Christ clearly has forewarned of in scripture. To pray for the leaders at this point is an insult to the God of Mercy, they are never going to repent, they are sealed by their strong delusion and that is a fact. The fact is, all nations are fallen and the biggest gun is in the hand of an evil antichrist lying fool, the foreign born father of the President of the United States well defines the lawless bastard posing as a christian. The evil scum is nothing more than a Hell bond lunatic given the power of the office by equally lawless fools. May the bastard and all the scum that dare defend this fraud perish today and forever. The fact that this is the end time of the last generation, as defined by Israel, means they shall soon. All true Christians can do at this point is stand fast and do no harm and try to aid people that find themselves in the sights of the evil that is flooding not only the Middle East but spiritually everywhere. Americans are lukewarm Laodicean morons that pray for the ”peace of Isreal” but do not even know what that means, and before the revelation of Messiah comes they continue to accept the mark of the beast and shall remain sealed with the idiot world of political deception and economic delusion like any antichrist bastard on earth and actually aid in the killing of Christians, like in the Middle East with their moronic notions, thinking like the bloodthirsty muslim scum that they are doing God’s will. The morons can read the same Bible, which clearly states all nations have been made to drink from the same cup filled with the maddening wine of wrath, and actually provide their labor unto the beast while offering up prayer. Fools. How long before their own judgment is as hot as the coals they have coming, if not hours, days, weeks, months and but a few years? It’s time for the Earth to open up, for the Sun to scorch the wicked and for the storm to reap the tares. Nothing less can wake this dead generation from it’s sleep than tribulation, it must be unleashed now or the time of the last generation described in the Bible is a lie and this is all just ”ironic”. Israel, Jerusalem, Damascus being destroyed etc… all just as any usual time or not, The time for that prophetic revelation shall be fulfilled now or it’s all a hoax and mankind is destined to become Kurzweil Borg.

Who has Crossed the ‘Red Line’? Barack Obama and John Kerry are Supporting a Terrorist Organization on the State Department List

News Massive blast devastates Damascus area

Amid Calls for ‘Holy War,’ Egypt Severs Diplomatic Relations with Syria 

Syria: Egypt’s Morsi has joined US, Israeli conspiracy  

Abdullah: Jordan ready to fight threats from Syria

Syrian warplanes hit Damascus suburbs  



The Taliban Open Political Office In Qatar

The Government’s Spying Is Not As Bad As The Whistleblower Said … It’s WORSE

At the center of the data center will be one of the world’s most powerful computers ever built (at least as far as we art told). The so-called, and named with a wink to triangle-worshipping cults, ‘Titan Supercomputer’ will come alive and for the first time operate at the speed necessary and with the memory required to become conscious.

Skynet to Launch October, 2013

The stated purpose of the facility is to “listen and decode all foreign communications of interest to the security of the United States.” But in light of the recent revelations of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the data center under construction in Utah is far more likely a tool of the United States Government (and its global masters) to collect unimaginable amounts of data on Americans and eventually every human on earth.

According to the article above, the memory available to Titan is on the order of at least 5 Zettabytes or 5 trillion gigabytes, which is enough memory to incorporate 41 MILLION HUMAN BRAINS.


With crime rates skyrocketing, home prices dropping to under $500 for a house, and the local government out of solutions, the city of Detroit is the latest to join the likes of Stockton, California, having just defaulted on its loans from creditors.


Synthetic Biology Quietly Under Development For ‘The Eighth Wonder’

Scientists Begin The Final Debate: Is It Okay To Introduce Non-Human DNA In Our Genome?