61413 Gleaning Golden Nail Of Syrian Prophetic Time Point

by amongthenumberedsaints




The now-famous March 2009 intraday low of 666 occurred well after corporate earnings had turned higher  

For Stocks, “Headwinds Are Clear And Seem To Be Strengthening”

If stock markets really do their best to discount earnings six months ahead of time, then it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  ConvergEx’s Nick Colas’ monthly review of analysts’ revenue expectation for the Dow 30 companies finds that hopes for growth in the second half of 2013 continues to diminish.  The upcoming Q2 2013 results won’t be much to write home about either, with average top line growth versus last year of just 1.1% and (0.7% ex-financials), the lowest comps analysts have put in their models since they started posting expectations last year.


For the Federal Reserve these charts do make it clear that despite continued monetary interventions are not healing the economy but simply keeping it afloat by dragging forward future consumption.  The problem is that it leaves a void in the future that must be filled.

In my opinion the economy is far to weak to stand on its own two feet.  Therefore, while the Fed may  ease off on the current rate of bond purchases, likely not before September, it is highly unlikely that they will remove their “highly accommodative stance” anytime soon.

And so the next casualty of the inevitable municipal collapse appears, which is, as expected, that one-time symbol of all that was right with a (once upon a time) manufacturing America, having since been replaced with the anti-symbol of all that is broken:Detroit.

Detroit To Default Today, “Shared-Sacrifice” To Follow



 The days of reasonable economic forecasting are over. Today, an economic forecast is more like the analysis of a criminal mind than the evaluation of economic data. 


Governments around the world are doing whatever is necessary to survive. Lying, stealing and outright confiscation will begin in order to support their bankruptcies. Cyprus was a minor precursor of what is coming. Like desperate, cornered and wounded animals they have promised their citizens. There is no solution to this problem other than to default on promises. Debt defaults will also occur in many sovereigns.

Chartapalooza: The Likelihood Of Unlikely Events

Any reversal in this historic experiment in government policy leads us into the unknown.  

Somewhere deep down inside the European Union’s leaders must know how foolish they are with their constant proclamations that the worst of the crisis is over and that growth will return any moment now. For now, the realists in the market have to be content with hard data, and as AP reportsSpain’s central bank reports the troubled nation’s debt jumped to a record 88.2% of GDP in Q1 2013. The year-over-year rise is also the fastest on record – so no green shoot there as the bank notes it expects the debt burden to rise to 90.5% of GDP by the end of 2013 (but may revise that forecast – up).


The raw numbers are awesome. Spain’s debt was EUR 922.8 billion at the end of March – up 19.1% from a year earlier and with unemployment at 27.2% and a fourth year of recession, themore-than-doubling of debt-to-GDP in the last five yearssuggests the ‘OMT call’ may be getting closer. The stagflationary slump in Europe (inflation rising faster than expected as growth lags) continues with nearly 20 million people out of work across the region. 

European Stocks Drop Fourth Week-In-A-Row; Worst In 12 Months

Alas, the 8+% annual growth rate of the boom era is now structurally unrealistic.The New Normal is bond yields of 2% or 3% at best, and equities markets that are increasingly at risk of significant sell-offs.


The endgame of promises made in an era of illusory, financialized abundance will be hurried along by a collapse in the equities and bond markets.

Norway becomes first NATO country to draft women into military Reuters – 6 hours ago

European Stocks Drop Fourth Week-In-A-Row; Worst In 12 Months

Nine year-old twins Zea and Luna introduce President Barack Obama at the White House’s LGBT Pride Month celebration Thursday, June 13.


^^^This sick evil bastard, and every last stinking Hell bound piece of shit that dared to vote for this evil scum, needs to perish yesterday. May another earthquake event, post debt ceiling speech, open up the ground and swallow D.C., this next time around, and it’s worlds largest phallic, then purge the hole with eternal fire.

California Votes to Allow Boys to Shower with Girls in Public Schools

NGOs Target Financial Investments In Farmland 

Thousands Of Firms Trade Confidential Data With The US Government In Exchange For Classified Intelligence 

And like a hole that just gets deeper the more you dug and exposes ever more dirt, tonight’s installment revealing one more facet of the conversion of a once great republic into a great fascist, “big brother” state, comes from Bloomberg which reports that “thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return receiving benefits that include access to classified intelligence, four people familiar with the process said.”  

The companies extend far wider than the legacy telcos, such as Verizon, that launched the entire NSA-spying scandal a week ago: “Makers of hardware and software, banks, Internet security providers, satellite telecommunications companies and many other companies also participate in the government programs. In some cases, the information gathered may be used not just to defend the nation but to help infiltrate computers of its adversaries.”

Obama: If you can’t trust us, we’re going to have some problems  

State Dept Has Hired 2,000 Agents With Criminal Records, Memo Reveals

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has cancelled its purchase order for surveillance equipment, which had included coffee trays with hidden cameras and cameras that could be hidden in plants.

The IRS issued the cancellation on Wednesday at 11:49 a.m.


She is currently deputy assistant to the president and legal adviser to the National Security Council and she has also chaired a legal committee that reviews the CIA’s most sensitive activities.

But for an agency that was recently embarrassed by the resignation of its director, David Petraeus, over his affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, Haines’ bookstore readings start to appear more pertinent.

President Obama’s pick for the CIA’s second-in-command once held erotica nights at her Baltimore bookstore 



The FBI Director is a worthless piece of lying shit and needs his teeth kicked in for that testimony.

Harold Hodge Jr. was arrested on the Supreme Court plaza in January 2011 for wearing a protest sign and standing “quietly and peacefully” by the court. He sued in 2012 because he wanted to be allowed to protest on the plaza again.

 Supreme Court Bans Protests On Its Grounds

The rule approved Thursday comes two days after a broader anti-demonstration law was declared unconstitutional.

…well it seems the Supremes hold the Voice of the Constitution in contempt and thereby declare ownership rests not with the individual tax payer(s) of the Republic whom sustain order, and in this case paid to be silenced and fined/penalized/taxed beyond the limit(s) of their Constitution. This is more proof that the trust of the people has long been shattered and there is no point of order beyond the tyranny of the willful and corrupt government body defining the fruitless branches of this fallen government. To Hell with the Supreme Court. They do not represent Americans, they already ruled that the voice of the corporate HAL 9000 is equal to their own image, and killing HAL 9000 means it’s time to kill the the borderless NWO Suicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China. The only way to do that is to divest and no longer earn income until the power goes out, but at this point the self devouring nature of the corrupt beast is consuming it’s self as it destroys the law that sustains the host of the law which is mercy. America is now a socialist union under the rule of the tyranny of corruption. America is it’s enemies, in a too big to jail bailout bonus suite with pinhead striped BDU camouflage jacket, and bad Supreme Sucker genes.

Striking Evidence Of Severe Damage To Pigs Fed GMOs 


We are confident (or at least hope) the PBOC realizes that the trade-off to a slowing economy is a banking system which is unsustainable if the credit expansion to which the local banks are used, continues to “taper.”


in April, foreign investors, official and private, sold $54.5 billion. Why is this number of note? Because it is the biggest monthly sale of Treasurys by foreigners in the history of the data series.


Flashback: CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

You Are Being Led To Slaughter

Even a half-conscious person should know enough about Benghazi, the IRS-confessed crime of targeting conservatives, and Holder’s DOJ spying on journalists to conclude that Obama’s government is creating a police state.  Verified reports tell us that the DHS is stockpiling weapons, ammunition, and troop carriers for domestic operations.  Detention centers and body disposal systems are in place.  Obviously, this government is preparing for war against its own citizens.

.NSA revelations only ‘the tip of the iceberg,

 Under shadow of arms transfers, US and Israeli defense  chiefs holding critical talks


Because someone can’t be guilty of treason for making up their own fictional slides and handing them to the Guardian. That’s not treason… that’s just a prank. And according to the NSA, Snowden is engaged in nothing more than a giant prank. James Clapper and everyone else in the intelligence apparatus denies the government is spying on you at all. Therefore, Snowden can’t be engaged in “treason” because the information he leaked isn’t real

How can NSA whistleblower Snowden be guilty of treason if the NSA claims it isn’t spying on you after all?

Syrian death squads, although presented as “freedom fighters” and peaceful protesters by the Western media have a horrific track record of atrocities against both Syrian soldiers and Syrian civilians. For instance, one need only consult the available videos showing the death squadsmachine gunning captivesbeheading prisoners (see hereand here), and forcing young children to behead them. I, myself, have written an article dealing with reports regarding the death squad’s hanging of a young child after murdering his family in front of him. One can also view the videos of the death squad members beating and humiliatingthe famous elderly “Yellow Man” in Aleppo.

Scores of People Massacred in Hatla Village by Western Funded Death Squads

Although the mainstream media and Western governments have attempted to blame these attacks (and every other atrocity) on the Assad government, each and every one has, in fact, turned out to be the work of the Syrian death squads, who are themselves funded by Western governments, intelligence agencies, and NATO command structures

Assad plans to open ‘resistance’ front in Golan, says report 

 ‘Assad hopes to unite war-torn Syria against Israel’  

BEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian government on Friday dismissed U.S. charges that it used chemical weapons as “full of lies,” accusing President Barack Obama of resorting to fabrications to justify his decision to arm Syrian rebels. The commander of the main rebel umbrella group welcomed the U.S. move, saying it would lift his fighters’ morale.

Syria: US chemical weapons charges ‘full of lies’

The U.S. decision to begin arming the rebels, though details have not been completed, marks a deepening of U.S. involvement inSyria’s two-year civil war. It comes as President Bashar Assad’s forces have been scoring victories, driving rebels out of a key town near the Lebanese border and launching offensives in the center and north, targeting Aleppo, the nation’s largest city.

 Bill Clinton: Obama risks looking like ‘total fool’ on Syria

President Obama has decided to supply military support to the rebels, the White House announced Thursday.


WAR: Lethal Aid For Syria – White House Declares That Syria Has Crossed “Red Line” By Using Chemical Weapons On Rebels, Promises To Provide Military Support To Syrian Insurgency And Establish A Limited No-Fly Zone Over The Country!

Russian MP Accuses U.S. Of Fabricating Syrian Chemical Weapons Report

Following yesterday’s “news” that the US is rerunning the Iraq invasion script has been busy collecting made up solid evidence proving the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, which it would use as a basis for yet another foreign intervention including a no-fly zone and arming the Syrian rebels (just to accelerate the passage of a Qatari natgas pipeline into Europe, bypassing Gazprom, and installing another puppet Muslim Brotherhood government in the Mid-East), the entire world waited with bated breath to learn what Russia’s response, and remember to Russia Syria is a key geopolitical outpost and critical national interest, to US allegations would be


Larry Sinclair on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Was it my sources providing me information kept from the public about the murderous attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012? Was it my investigation of the video blamed on that attack, a video that appears to have at least peripheral connections to the current CIA Director John Brennan and his privately owned company performing work for the CIA? Was it the apparent lies of Susan Rice to the American people, or the lies of Hillary Rodham Clinton about that very issue?  Could it be the extensive reporting on the CIA weapons running operation out of Benghazi to assist the anti-Assad terrorists in their planning of World War III?

Am I a traitor?

Was it my reporting on this administration’s plans to kill the U.S. dollar, and thus our national sovereignty, ceding our interests to globalist bankers while plundering and pillaging each and every one of us? Perhaps it was my identification of Timothy Geithner as the alleged high-level administration source as the person admitting that this is the Obama economic end-game plan. After all, killing the U.S. dollar is no small or inconsequential act, for it will change the life of every American and many people throughout the world. Could it be that my reporting on such seditious and treasonous activities, something the elected officials of all stripes don’t want the American people to know, has become treasonous itself?

Steve Quayle & “V,” The Guerrilla Economist 


While President Obama’s administration weighs overt military aid to Syrian rebels, the true character of the revolution underway in that country is becoming horrifically clear. Numerous press reports are providing details of a massacre perpetrated by the Free Syrian Army that annihilated the entire population of a Christian village


A female Al Jazeera correspondent, who is covering the terrorist activities from different cities in Syria for months, was quickly moved to Qatar, after one of the commanders of Al Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group, raped her in Aleppo. 

Leader of western backed terrorist group Al-Nusra rapes Al Jazeera reporter

Returning to Qatar, Ghada Oweis demanded justice and asked the senior leaders of Al-Nusra group to punish this commander. Reportedly Al Jazeera is trying to prevent the reporter from affirming the news by ways of pressure and payments of huge amount of money to maintain the good image of the terrorists fighting in Syria. 

Middle East and Surrounds

Turkish Police Shoot Down Protester’s Video Drone

6.7- magnitude quake strikes off Indonesia’s 


MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Massive Storms Spawn Season’s First Derecho In The United States – Storm Spanned 240 Miles; 23 Tornado Reports; 122 Hail Reports; 251 Wind Reports; One Child Dead, 170,000 Homes Without Power; Widespread Damage! [PHOTOS]

EXTREME WEATHER: Mother Nature Strikes Back – Flooding, Tornado Near DC, And Threat Of More Severe Weather On U.S. East Coast As Rare June Nor’easter Hits New York City To Boston!

EXTREME WEATHER: Colorado’s Black Forest Fire Now State’s Worst Ever – 360 Homes Lost; 15,000 Acres Burned; 38,000 People Evacuated!