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by amongthenumberedsaints


Obama Threatens Veto of Religious Protection for Military  

CIA deputy director Morell resigns

US Bonds In “Panic” Mode

 Iran: Nuke policy ‘unchangeable’ no matter who wins

Sea Of Red

Full White House Statement On Syria’s “Red Line” Crossing

It’s On: US “Finds” Chemical Weapon Use Against Syrian Rebels; Military Proposes Arming Rebels, No-Fly Zone

U.S. says Assad forces used chemical weapons against Syria rebels

Solar Activity Cycle Peaks In 2013: More Solar Flares Expected Later This Year

EXTREME WEATHER: Most Stifling Record-Challenging Heat Gripping Denver, Dallas Spills Eastward – Temperatures Will Climb As High As 110 Degrees!

FIRE IN THE SKY: Major Solar System Disturbance – New Comet Discovered, C/2013 L2 (Catalina)!

RATTLE & HUM: Loud Booms Heard Across United States – Mystery Boom Shakes Residents Of Sharon, Pennsylvania, And Early-Morning Mystery Boom Heard In Some West Seattle Neighborhoods!

Istanbul Square in Chaos as Riots Blow Up 

Putin defends Iran nuke program but pans anti-Israel  rhetoric 

 Daily UpdateJune 12, 2013 The Golan Brigade | Prophecy In The News 

Boycott of Israeli settlement goods gains momentum   

German Floods Could Cost Insurers $4 Billion

Thousands of Germans evacuate as dam on Elbe river breaks

Middle East peace talks must succeed to avoid despair, says UK minister

Beirut: The Next Benghazi?:Not only does Beirut have a high presence of the terrorist group Hezbollah, but the civil war in Syria has seen hundreds of thousands of refugees spilling over the border into Lebanon

Israel losing America 


Netanyahu getting ‘several’ calls weekly from Kerry on Palestinian state  

Kerry’s plan: Core issues, then gestures, and finally  Jerusalem   

Today’s Greek General Strike Will Not Be Televized

Putting It All Together: What Wall Street’s CrossAsset Trading Desks 

Drone Nation

A whistle Blower released this footage … Mirror it , SAVE IT !! They WILL eventually remove this …. It shows the enemy Burried an IED , WHILE the drone fimed it …. NO ONE SAID A WORD TO THE US TROOPS IN THE TRUCK THAT GOT HIT !!

AlertMilitary Does Not Want You To See This VideoDrone Footage  

Troops ‘targeted by NSA for anti-Obama views’ 

DHS-Funded Exercise Portrays “Free America Citizens” as Terrorist Cell

IRS Makes Mysterious Urgent Purchase Order For Spying Equipment

Scandal Number 5: Insider-Trading Probe of Medicare Announcement Reveals Hundreds of HHS (Health and Human Services) Employees Had Secret Info


Summarizing The Known Rigged Markets

Banks Rig $4.7 Trillion A Day Currency Markets To Profit Off Clients


Bank Of England’s Haldane: “We’ve Intentionally Blown The Biggest Bond Bubble In History”

Monkeyhammered Nikkei Plummets 6% On Risk Exodus


Bonds, Stocks, Dollar Pounded In First Dow Jones Three-Day Losing Streak Since 2012

Researchers Also Find Underwater Monument In Sea Of Galilee

What Is This Cave Hiding? Despite Secrecy, Interest Builds Around Mysterious First Temple Find Outside Bethlehem