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Black Holes Are Gateways To… What?


And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.

Physicists Admit They Cannot Figure Out What God Is Doing With The Universe

Is Nature Unnatural?

Decades of confounding experiments have physicists considering a startling possibility: The universe might not make sense.


In order to achieve this, the IMF manipulated data, always coming up with “rosy” forecasts, even though all “reforms” in Greece failed and have continued to fail to this day.

IMF Admits It Is An Idiot And A Liar

In other words, as we claimed from the very beginning, Greece was nothing but a scapegoat to preserve the viability of the otherwise doomed Eurozone, with over three years of harsh terms imposed merely to keep the crisis contained and from spilling over to Europe proper, and instead of restructuring debt early on or allowing Greece exit from the EUR so the country could undergo an external Drachma-based rebalancing, the clueless organization just “made things up” as it went along all with one simple goal: shield Brussels from reality.


It’s not just the IRS.

A second federal agency is facing a probe and accusations of political bias over its alleged targeting of conservative groups.

EPA accused of singling out conservative groups, amid IRS scandal 

Well, they apologized. Almost. And anyway, it is two days later now.So what difference does it make!

Reuters Admits To “Inadvertently” Leaking ISM Data 15 Milliseconds Early To HFT Clients

Greater powers are at work to makemandatory vaccination policies which will allow officials to conduct childhood vaccinations without any parental consent at all. The inventor of the rotavirus vaccine wants all exemptions based on religious or philosophical grounds to end along with informed consent and the freedom to choose.




This was the biggest labor cost drop in the past four years and the biggest collapse in hourly compensation in, well, ever, and confirms our observations from the last NFP report that quantity gains in jobs continue to be offset by quality declines in actual worker pay

Labor Costs Crash Most In Four Years, Manufacturing Compensation Plummets By 7%


Wondering how this is possible? We explained in detail here but this collapse in mortgage demand fits perfectly with Mark Hanson’s insights that a number of “large private mortgage bankers had mass layoffs last Friday to the tune of 25% to 50% of their operations staff.”

Worst Month For Mortgage Applications Since 2009 Driving Mass Layoffs




^^^BLA HA HA HA HAAAhhh …ugly^^

June Gay Pride POTUS 911 love story, it’s a Drone Snuff video called ”Brennan’s Benghazi Heros”, starring Susan Rice as Hussein’s Clown in a dress and Al Qeada as Al Lie.



“The FBI is rewriting history in order to help al-Qaida,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “This shows that the law enforcement agency is in need of serious top-to-bottom reform.”


Key themes among the complaints include working under “poor leadership” and being stuck in “dead-end careers” in nuclear weapons, one email said.



Al Qaeda weapons expert: U.S. ambassador to Libya killed by lethal injection



The sad and disturbing reality is that most wars fought by our country over the course of the past century have not been fought on principle. Instead, they have been fought for profit and for the consolidation of power and oligarchy.


If a judge orders you to decrypt the only existing copies of incriminating files, are your constitutional rights against compelled self-incrimination being violated?

That’s the provocative question being raised as a Wisconsin man faces a deadline today either to give up his encryption keys or risk indefinite imprisonment without a trial. The defendant’s attorney, Robin Shellow of Milwaukee, said it’s “one of the most important constitutional issues of the wired era.”


NetTraveler virus found in computers in diplomatic missions of over 40 countries, including Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, and Iran



Don’t miss this opportunity,” he added, lamenting that during the last four years, he and Abbas had only spoken for a total of “a few hours.”

Netanyahu reiterated that a successful outcome to peace talks would be possible if Israel’s security was guaranteed and if the Palestinians recognized Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled readiness on Wednesday to consider a 2002 Arab peace plan whose terms were recently softened to include possible land swaps betweenIsrael and the Palestinians

Netanyahu signals readiness to consider 2002 Arab peace plan

It was a fascinating speech, directly echoing Obama’s speech in Jerusalem in March but with a dark warning.


As Obama did in Jerusalem, Kerry dipped ever so briefly but sincerely into the Palestinian narrative, to remind his Jewish listeners, the only ones who seem to matter, of the oppression the world sees:

Now here is the big mainstream news of the speech, Kerry saying that the two state solution is almost done, and here comes one state:

what happens in the coming days will actually dictate what happens in the coming decades. We’re running out of time. We’re running out of possibilities. And let’s be clear: If we do not succeed now – and I know I’m raising those stakes – but if we do not succeed now, we may not get another chance…

US, Israeli, EU lawmakers to call for united Jerusalem

The legislators will be connected via a video conference from Jerusalem, Washington and Brussels. The politicians will speak about Jerusalem in honor of Friday’s 46th anniversary of the city’s reunification in 1967.


Last December, Walter Pincus reported in the Washington Post that the U.S. government was building a new base for the IDF.  A highly-placed Israeli sourceinformed me that the location of the secret base was Sdot Micha (also known as Tal Shahar), which already houses Israel’s Jericho 3 nuclear missiles.  It is located near Beit Shemesh, 15 miles from Jerusalem.  The source also informed me that the new facility was to be hardened and underground to withstand a nuclear attack.  This means that Israel expects the site to be attacked by Iranian missiles once that country has nuclear capability.

60,000 in Tokyo protest government plans to restart nuclear power

…looking at today’s quake pattern, pointing to Japan region open window.



PLANETARY TREMORS: Strong 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Solomon Islands – No Immediate Tsunami Warning Issued!



Global Risk Off: Nikkei Plunges 700 Points From Intraday Highs, Whisper Away From 20% Bear Market Correction

The market laughed outright in the face of this IMF-type silly vagueness (as well as the amusing assumption that Abe will be still around in 7 years), which left untouched the most critical aspect of Abenomics: energy, and nuclear energy to be specific, and sent the USDJPY plummeting well below the 100 support line, printing 99.55 at last check. But more importantly, after surging briefly at the opening of the second half of trading to mask a feeble attempt at telegraphing the “all is well”, it rolled over with a savage ferocity plunging 700 points from an intraday high of 13,711 to just above 13,000 at the lows: yet another 5% intraday swing in a market which is now flatly laughing at the BOJ’s “price stability” mandate. Tonight’s drop has extended the plunge from May 23 to 18.4% meaning just 1.6% lower and Japan officially enters a bear market.


Why do we care so much about FX? Because it’s all about the JPY carry trade – as it seems a few mainstream media types are finally catching on to…


It’s a central bank world, and we are all just suckerfish attached to the Great Central Planning Whites, hoping for little scraps to trickle down as trillions (Yen-denominated) in bonds are monetized every day.


MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: Mother Nature Strikes Back With The Great Deluge – Germany Sees Worst Flooding In 500 Years; Prague Under Water; Disaster Warnings Issued Across Central Europe; State Of Emergency In 6 Regions Of The Czech Republic; Thousands Evacuated; ELEVEN Dead!

EXTREME WEATHER: The Cape Of Storms – Western Cape, South Africa Hit By Storms, Hail, Snow; 4 Dead; Over 30,000 Affected; About 550 Houses Damaged!

DELUGE: Flooding Causes Another Missouri Levee Breach On The Mississippi River – Threatening Many Towns, Forcing More Evacuations!

DISASTER IMPACT: Extreme Weather – As Severe Storm System Finally Passes America’s East Coast, 21 Dead Left In Wake!


Housing inventory as of May was 133.2 million units, of which owner occupied is 78.9 million, renter occupied was 41.7 million, but most troubling: 12.6 million was Vacant.Some shortage.


PIMCO Leader Takes Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke To Task Over Low Interest Rates, Saying They Aren’t Working And May Be Part Of The Problem

So rampant is global corruption and bribery, it can be stated safely the system does not have corruption within it… The system IS corruption


I am of a mind the second observation is probably accurate, we are witnessing the grand finale of a perverse version of musical chairs. When the music stops and there is only one chair left, competition for that chair is fast and furious and all constraint is abandoned.


The investigation, which the FBI did not disclose to Congress or the 9/11 Commission, was first reported in a September 2011 story published simultaneously by BrowardBulldog.org and The Miami Herald.


They do not, however, explain why an investigation the FBI has said found no connection between those Saudis and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people involves information so secret its disclosure “could be expected to cause serious damage to national security.”



Prices are expected to rise yet again in July as the country will prepare for Ramadan (around July 9th) and that’s when food prices traditionally take a hike upwards yet again in the country.

Egypt Still in Dire Straits

Egyptian politicians caught in on-air Ethiopia dam gaffe




Drones Are Flying Under Thought-Control


Trade Wars: The Chinese Empire Strikes Back

It took China less than one day to retaliate. What’s worse the retaliation is aimed at Europe’s already weakest – the PIIGS – by targeting not hard German machinery exports but something far more prosaic: French, Spanish and Italian wine.

$179,000 Each – In Debt

Laws Of Physics For A “Holographic Universe” Offers Physicists Intriguing New Theories Of “Space-Time”