52913 Gleaning MARK TIME MARK

FIRE IN THE SKY: Major Solar System Disturbance – Fireballs Seen Over Different Regions Of Canada; Fireballs Seen Over Arkansas Turns Night Into Day From Gulf Of Mexico To The Great Lakes; Fireball Lights Up Eastern Seaboard; Loud Noise Over New York State Remains A Mystery; Comet Fragments Wows Sta…

The Casino At The End Of The Universe


They have been quick to turn away from what I commanded them and have made themselves an idol cast in the shape of a calf.


PLAGUES & PESTILENCES: Coronavirus Spreads – Death Toll From Sars-Like Virus Rises To 27; Sparking Fears That The Disease Could Spark A Global Health Crisis! UPDATE: World Health Organization – The New SARS-Like Virus Is A “Threat To The Entire World”!

Three British Christians who argued that their beliefs saw them wrongly disciplined by their employers for actions such as refusing to counsel same-sex couples have lost their legal battle at the European court ofhuman rights.

Christians’ discrimination cases rejected by human rights court


Netanyahu: We Anticipate a Deterioration 


“Wilful Blindness” And The 3 Bullish Arguments

Meanwhile, Big Investors Quietly Slip Out The Back Door On Housing As “Stupid Money” Jumps In

^^^what is Black Hole Divestment but Jeopardy recognized by Penalty or The Reward of the return?

Coronal Hole  

Disneyland explosion leads to evacuation 

‘Iran nuclear, Syria chemical, Hezbollah rockets: Axis has crossed all red lines’



The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order

New York Governor to Relax Abortion Restrictions  

Leading Anglican bishop: British Churches have ‘capitulated to secularism’ and politically correct lessons that whitewash Islam

Christian Pastor Murdered as Nigeria Declares State of Emergency