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An Iranian filmmaker told Trunews radio host Rick Wiles today that the current Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East are the work of a secret society that used Western intelligence agencies to plan and instigate the 1979 Iranian Revolution to overthrow the Shah of Iran.

Iranian Filmmaker Alleges Secret Society is Behind Arab Spring Revolutions…Sinister Plan May Lead to World War III

He said the Eagles’ master plan is to set the entire Middle East on fire through revolutions, social unrest, and wars. Mr. Nassiri told Trunews that Syria will be the last war “before the big war” which will target Iran. Mr. Nassiri said he fears the attack on Iran may erupt into World War III.



The Benghazi Deception




Class of 2013: The Most Indebted Ever

With $986 billion of outstanding student loan debt (up 50% from Q1 2009) and unemployment rates running at or near all-time highs for the 16-24 year old cohort in this nation, it is little surprise thatdelinquencies are surging.


Now the Obama administration is pushing to allow 11 million illegal aliens to remain in the US and eventually be granted citizenship. It seems that our government is bending over backwards to allow Muslims and illegals access to America.


in a clear demonstration of President Obama’s war on Christians, his administration has targeted a Christian family and is hell bent on deporting them back to Germany

^^^__^^^When they actually do deport a Christian family, like this family, from the United States, that is the hour that confirms the need for that President, and every last supporter of the United States government, to realize the image of their own judgment. As it now stands, the spiritual reality of contempt is already confirmed. The reality is prophetic, there is no foundation built by the contempt of the people defining the power of this government, even among the nations, ”their” cause is out of order and evil. This President is not risen in agreement with the foundation and cause of liberty freedom and independence, this bastard is a socialist bastard bound for Hell. This President is antichrist and a liar. The people that support this government are too stupid to be considered deceivers at this point, at least to those watching.



The organization I am referring to is the Barack H. Obama Foundation established and run by the president’s half-brother Abon’go ‘Roy’ Malik Obama.  For 28 months, Obama’s brother operated an illegal non-profit because he had never applied for the status with the IRS until the end of May 2011.  But nothing is being done concerning his illegal operation or the expedited time for his approval.

Paul Ryan: IRS Withheld Information From Congress


The IRS continues to mislead the public, as Fox News reported that at least 471 tax-exempt organizations, not the 300 admitted to by the IRS, were examined with “extra scrutiny.” Then Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner must have received a copy of the 2011 Miller memo, because it was written on Department of Treasury stationary and Shulman and Miller reported to him. Therefore, to find out if the IRS has been running a massive enemies list for the White House, Congress must demand that Timothy Geithner testify under oath.


We are in the midst of the worst Washington scandal since Watergate. The reputation of the Obama White House has, among conservatives, gone from sketchy to sinister, and, among liberals, from unsatisfying to dangerous. No one likes what they’re seeing. The Justice Department assault on the Associated Press and the ugly politicization of the Internal Revenue Service have left the administration’s credibility deeply, probably irretrievably damaged. They don’t look jerky now, they look dirty. The patina of high-mindedness the president enjoyed is gone.


The use of the Internal Revenue Service’s coercive power to suppress dissent against Obama is the political equivalent of steroids. The history books should record Obama’s re-election with an asterisk to indicate that it was achieved with the help of illicit means.


An amendment inserted into the 2013 Farm Bill passed by the House of Representatives’ Agriculture Committee Wednesday would revoke the ability of individual states’ lawmakers to pass GMO-labeling laws, food advocates warn.


The consumer advocacy organization, Food & Water Watch, reviewed 926 U.S. diplomatic cables produced from 2005 to 2009 and published by WikiLeaks, and found that American diplomats spent a considerable amount of time promoting genetically engineered (GE) food seeds and crops.



The trial of Vernon Hershberger, another raw milk farmer facing prison time for producing real food.


Of course to get “investments”, one needs funding, and the problem is that virtually all sovereign bond issuance – for now driven by the BOJ’s monetization-facilitated carry trade impulse – is going to indirectly prop up the local insolvent banking system, not to fund public spending. That too will become clear in due course, but for now there is hope.

However, even the hope is running out, leading to the people’s, accurate, conclusion:


France, a predominantly Catholic country, follows 13 others including Canada, Denmark, Sweden and most recently Uruguay and New Zealand in allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed. In the United States, Washington D.C. and 12 states have legalized same-sex marriage..


French President Francois Hollande has signed into law a bill allowing same-sex marriage, making France the 14th country to legalize gay weddings.




Clashes between Muslims and Christians leave one dead and dozens injured in Egyptian city of Alexandria

Nigerian warplanes struck militant camps in the northeast on Friday in a major push against an Islamist insurgency, drawing a sharp warning from the United States to respect human rights and not harm civilians.


Nigeria bombs Islamists, U.S. sounds alarm 




According to the Times, the senior intelligence officer in the north of Israel said a weakened but stable Syria under Assad is not only better for Israel but for the region as a whole.



It was announced Friday afternoon, when no one was supposed to pay attention: after years of controversy, heated rhetoric, intense lobbying, and stiff opposition from some unlikely bedfellows, with multinational industrial and chemical companies weighing down one side of the bed, and environmentalists tossing and turning on the other, the Obama Administration decided in favor of the US oil and gas industry. With geopolitical ramifications.


Industrial and chemical companies that use natural gas for energy or as feedstock are deeply worried. Would they end up having to pay European prices? Or catastrophically, Japanese prices? The gas industry and its pundits have feverishly assured them that LNG exports would have “only minimal impacts” on gas prices in the US. Yet, the moment DOE announced its decision Friday afternoon, natural gas spiked about 3%, before retracing some of it.




MONUMENTAL EARTH CHANGES: The Natural Resources Defense Council – Michigan And Ohio Had A Stunning 235 RECORD-BREAKING Extreme Weather Events In 2012!

MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: Plagues & Pestilences – Over 55,000 Birds Killed Due To Avian Flu In Mexico And Tibet!


MASS BEES DIE-OFF: Global Food Crisis – Thousands Of Bees Suddenly Die In Winthrop, Minnesota?!

Why are crop yields lost to insects greater than ever before, when pesticide use is at an all time high?


Worse yet, the tests found imidacloprid levels of up to 550 parts per billion in eucalyptus nectar and pollen – three times the amount needed to kill honeybees.

WAR ON MOTHER NATURE: Great Lakes Are Loaded With Chemicals, Even Cocaine – 47 Out Of 50 Minnesota Lakes Contained At Least One Chemical!


Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters





Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, an outspoken lieutenant general, tweeted a picture of the $1.4 million car, which boasts a beastly 1,001-horsepower engine. The Veyron is the most expensive in a fleet that already includes two Ferrari FFs, a Bentley Continental GT, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Mercedes SLS and an Aston Martin One. Total combined value: around $4 million.