51713 Gleaning Tent Of Meeting Calls The Limit



A Lebanese Christian man was sentenced to six years in prison and 300 lashes and a Saudi man was sentenced to two years and 200 lashes by a court in Khobar, a city in eastern Saudi Arabia, for their involvement in a Saudi woman’s conversion to Christianity and her escape abroad, Reuters reported.


$223.3 trillion is the total indebtedness of the world. It includes all parts of the public and private sectors, amounting to 313% of global gross domestic product. The world GDP was some $70 trillion at the end of 2012.


In his latest commentary, Michael Pento writes ”there is a reason why the Fed and other central banks have been unable to achieve a healthy and viable economy even after five years of trying to manufacture one from a printing press. The truth is an economy that is soaked in debt just doesn’t grow because it is always marked by at least one, if not all three, of the following growth-killing conditions; high interest rates, rampant inflation and onerous tax rates.”

S&P 1666


However, Gen-Xers, Americans born between the early 1960s and the early 1980s, lost 45 percent of their wealth – about $33,000 on average – during that same period.


The Pew study found that the average Gen-Xer has already accumulated $80,000 in debt, which is a significantly higher level of debt than those in the other groups had at the same age.

More Americans Committing Suicide than During the Great Depression

The number of deaths by suicide has also surpassed car crashes, and many connect the increase in suicides to the downturn in the economy. Around 35,000 Americans kill themselves each year (and more American soldiers die by suicide than combat; the number of veterans committing suicide is astronomical and under-reported). So you’re2,059 times more likely to kill yourself than die at the hand of a terrorist.

US Dollar Surges To Near 3-Year High 

What happens to everyone in the ruling Elites and those desperately trying to join the ruling Elites when the debt-serfs stop paying and the tax donkeys drift away to lower-cost, lower-income lifestyles? The ruling kleptocratic financiers and the vast political class of toadies, lackeys, apparatchiks and grifters that do their bidding will be like a bloated general staff who finds their malnourished army of conscripts has slipped away into the night; their parasitic empire will implode because nobody is left to do their bidding.


tune in means to become aware the status quo is unsustainable and deranging; turn on means to become engaged in self-reliance and taking control of one’s life and livelihood, and opting out means opting out of supporting our financialized cartel-state Neofeudal Debtocracy by being a compliant debt-serf and tax donkey.

I think prudent people would be asking why the G-7 nations have called a highly unusual emergency meetingthis weekend outside of London. This was unscheduled and can only be considered as an emergency meeting.


Our newfound awareness comes with a price tag. You, I and anyone who reads these types of articles are a threat to the establishment and must be dealt with. Assassination is no longer a widespread option for the globalists, as there are too many of us. To deal with what could evolve into an awakening monster, the globalists are meeting in secret this weekend in order to decide how to deal with us.

 Europe Is ‘Just Plain Silly’ Too 

“The SNP is selling an entirely false prospectus to the people of Scotland. They talked about independence within the European Union – don’t make me laugh,” he said.


“If the SNP position was they wanted to be out of the United Kingdom and out of the European Union, at least intellectually, you could respect that position.”

Nigel Farage condemns ‘fascist scum’ who forced him to take refuge in Edinburgh pub



IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office 



Smoking Gun, Obama Behind IRS War on His Enemies: Obama Campaign Co-chair Attacked Romney with Documents Illegally Given to Him By IRS


Pope Francis has attacked the “dictatorship” of the global financial system and warned that the “cult of money” was making life a misery for millions.     


FIRE IN THE SKY: Major Solar System Disturbance – Dark And Massive Asteroid To Fly By Earth On May 31st; Asteroid 1998 QE2 Is Covered In A Mysterious Sooty Substance; Will Come Within 3.6 Million Miles Of Earth; Has The Potential For Mass Destruction; Similar In Size To The Asteroid That Killed Off …


Newly uncovered documents show how factions of the US government have planed and prepared for mass fatality and pandemic scenarios, while private corporations bank on your demise. 


A request issued to all cemeteries within the state by the State of New York Department of State Division of Cemeteries director ,Richard Fishman, on April 4, 2007, reads, “Much of this data will be very important when planning for a mass fatality or pandemic situation. You will be hearing of special meetings in your region that will address planning for such events.” Causing concern, as some will likely see this as foreshadowing to a future and or a potentially planned (staged) event.


The code, ““Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies,” was slightly altered during a May 13th update which now allows the military to unilaterally declare martial law without presidential approval.

5.1 Shallow Canada Quake



Canada PM slams world leaders for not supporting Israel



n 1967, when Israel in a brilliant fashion destroyed armies of Arab states during the Six Day War, the Navy of the Jewish state lost its flagship Erlan destroyer. It was sunk by a salvo from a small missile boat of the naval forces of Egypt. That local victory of Egyptians once again reminded how dangerous small and fast missile boats could be.



So with Israel suddenly facing the prospect of actual casualties should it engage in more air raids over Syrian airspace, just what avenues are left for telegraphing superiority and supremacy in the latest middle eastern hotbed of future escalation? Or does this mean the days of foreplay are over.

In Diplomatic Escalation, Russia Publicly Exposes The CIA Station Chief In Moscow

Will the US continue taking it, or will it, as the Telegraph suggests, “provoke an angry response in Washington, and damage important bilateral links…” And how long until Israel conducts another overnight raid in Syria, only this time a Syria which as the NYT reported has now received advanced Russian Yahkonts missiles whose main difference from all prior Syrian armaments is that they are outfitted with “offensive radar” and can be used for more than just self-defense.