The 30 million whose labor funds the parasitic status quo don’t have to rebel; they simply have to stop going to work, stop starting enterprises, stop being productive. 


The numbers of Americans drawing benefits from the state are astounding: almost 11 million people drawing lifetime disability from Social Security (The Number Of US Citizens On Disability Is Now Larger Than The Population Of Greece); Social Security (SSA) has 61 million beneficiaries as of March 2012; Medicare had 49.4 million beneficiaries in 2012, and Medicaid has over 50 million beneficiaries (another source puts the current number at 58 million, but the Kaiser Family Foundation says roughly 7 million “dual-eligibles” receive both Medicaid and Medicare, so let’s use the data point of 50 million Medicaid-only recipients.)

This means roughly 110 million people are drawing significant direct benefits from the Federal government (central state) while the number of full-time workers is 116 million–about a 1-to-1 worker-beneficiary ratio.



The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment—Jonathan Cahn Part 2




Just Plain Silly


California Congressman  Devin Nunes (R-CA) says that the Department Of Justice tapped phones in the rooms where Congress members speak informally and off the record, eat, sleep and socialize when they’re not on the floor of the House of Representatives or in their individual offices.

Obama IRS Presser Redux – The “Preapproved” Press Conference

A Warning of Coming Civil War!

Simply put, Connolly concludes on social unrest, “I don’t see any way of avoiding it.”



In his words Lyons says that the attack on Benghazi was a bungled kidnapping attempt to be perpetrated upon Ambassador Stevens. This was to appear to be a hostage exchange for a terrorist prisoner who was to be released in trade for a supposedly captured US ambassador. The trade would have been for Omar Abdel Rahman an international prisoner, known as the Blind Sheikh. 


With what should have been only a staged kidnapping of Ambassador J. Christian Stevens, instead, Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty refused a stand down order and began doing their job of protecting the ambassador using force. Immediately the well-trained Seals began inflicting heavy casualties upon the terrorists who thought they were merely in a cake walk to abduct Ambassador Stevens without mishap. As a result of the plan going awry, a massive attack arose from the anger of the terrorists who felt they had been betrayed by President Obama.



Jordan accuses Israel of striving to replace Al-Aqsa Mosque with Jewish temple  

The timing of the Qatari-Saudi resolution at the UN table is significant. It’s specifically meant to head off any US-Russian “dithering” over the situation that might lead to a dialogue that would actually include Assad.

Mystery Sponsor Of Weapons And Money To Syrian Mercenary “Rebels” Revealed

What Saudi Arabia wants is not to leave the Syrian people alone, but to install its own puppet regime so it has full liberty to dictate LNG terms to Qatar, and subsequently to Europe.

Finally, one wonders just what President Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan were really talking about behind the scenes. 


Netanyahu to Putin: ‘Your missile sales to Assad could trigger war’  

Russian Pacific Fleet Warships Enter Mediterranean For First Time In Decades, To Park In Cyprus 


From Petrodollar To Petrogold: The US Is Now Trying To Cut Off Iran’s Access To Gold

Israel Hints at New Strikes, Warning Syria Not to Hit Back





“America, The Dependent”

Possible Coronal Mass Ejection Impact On May 17 

55: Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano rumbles- unleashes 20,000 ft cloud of ash

Tropical Storm Mahasen strikes southern Bangladesh: 12 dead, 1 million displaced







IRS criminality proves big government is lawless, unrestrained and utterly out of control


Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.