4913 Gleaning Getting Closer …Closer …Closer

by amongthenumberedsaints

No Flesh Be Saved 


great shakings also in every place, and famines, and pestilences, there shall be; fearful things also, and great signs from heaven there shall be;

Iran marks nuclear technology day, reiterates right to uranium  


A earthquake struck on Tuesday near Bushehr, home to Iran’s only nuclear power plant, killing at least three people, state television and officials said.





Deadly Extremely Shallow 6.3 Iran Quake has lead to a swarm of quakes there.





“Moving in warheads…I was working in an area where cruise missles are brought in, put together, armed, and shipped out.”

His exact words were, “They are shipping some serious s*** over there.”

(Here I tried to ascertain whether these were going on ships or planes.)

He replied that “they are going everywhere.”

Report: “Intelligence Says There Will Be An Attack on American Soil”



This Is Official: Instructions from the PM of Japan on North Korea – To Shoot Down Missile’Even If It Is Just A Test’.

North Korea Pledges Nuclear Missile Test This Week

Yonhap reports that North Korea completes preparation for missile launch, citing unnamed South Korean government officials


China foreign ministry says opposes any side taking steps to worsen situation on Korean Peninsula, calls for calm and restraint

Deadly H7N9 virus claims eighth victim in China

North Korea: Foreigners should evacuate South Korea

Navy Unveils Drone-Killing Laser 


Kissinger: ‘Illegal we do immediately; unconstitutional takes a little longer’ 







In simple terms the fellows managing France’s economy have organized a system such that the public sector can continually pillage the private sector.   


Until quite recently, my working assumption was that a full-blown French debt crisis would occur between 2014 and 2017. In light of the extraordinary malfeasance of the current government I have changed my mind and believe that France is now extremely near to that abyss. Fasten your seat belt in Europe—the world’s last truly Communist country is about to implode.

Bitcoin Passes $200

And of course…

12. Bitcoin in all its glory…

Just Twelve WTF Charts








US President Barack Obama appeared to fight back tears as he urged lawmakers to vote on gun control legislation that appears to be stalling in Congress.


A self-proclaimed ‘crypto-anarchist’ (like Chupacabras?) Cody Wilson and his nonprofit organization, Defense Distributedreleased a video this week showing a 3D-printed gun firing off over 600 rounds, without the breakages that were problematic with earlier attempts. And I could be wrong, but he doesn’t seem like an extremist to me. Wilson and his group merely want to ‘disintermediate’ the state (and presumably, big gun manufacturers and the NRA) from the process. It’s sort of a consumer’s rights stance in the same way that Bitcoin is circumventing the financial sector.


^^^What a piece of shit lawless scum bag sodomite, this so called President is. Now the dumb bastard fits the profile of an emotionally disturbed person with a mental issue and this asshole kills children with drones and tortures people under NDAA fascist rules that define the mirror image of somebody drilling his teeth and deporting his family to Germany so his private schooled daughters and their ”single mother” can go to public school, because nobody, like the Attorney General and the Supreme Court Justice  has the right to escape (England by means of revolution) public schooling and government mandated Obama Care tax or defend themselves against democratic rule within the United States Republic or anywhere on Earth. Yeah, riiight!


The Drone Diaries: An Interactive Tracker Of America’s “Remote Control” Casualties


This asshole helped the bankers rob Americans and the world, has put forth trillions more on the table while at ZERO INTEREST and over 104% debt to GDP as the Fed prints over a trillion against labor with the help of Japans trillion plus robbery, while the nutball is going to push the Iran button as Syrian and Egypt get hammered like a U.S. Ambassador running drugs and guns in Lybia …and the bastard want’s to take away assault weapons the Constitution demands the people are to maintain as (self evident right to, because their not idiots) their God given right to possesses as a defense against corrupt government asshole in complete contempt of the Constitution like this evil shit head globalist moron and the criminal two party delusional corporate fascist pukes , while the crazy ass North Korean Kim Gone Wild has Tokyo melting down with Fukushima and  Yen insider ”carry” on over and kaput yer pension is gone, as Tokyo ”puts” up missile defense against a nuclear missile threat etc… or are they a new Hank Greenburg Re-insurance  Madoff SEC Great Chinese Wal Mart  of North Korean Prop Trade Porno  for  Pyros Ponzi Putzes Year of the Ill-liquidity Snake Head in the river of debt and denial eating all the Fukushima fish? Everybrody rucky trading against retirement account hedge fund clients placed short on RTN and James Bond long on toxic moral hazard dark pools of POTUS BONUS MAXIM U.S. Bust.

This queen of the suicide vampire squids needs his teeth kicked in badly for even kissing this antidepressant laced and raked dead baby. What fool would ever comply or even entertain any weapons registration or any bullshit new law to try to take away American’s individual liberty and duty to ensure they are well armed at this point, when this Washington Monumental Moron; like this White Black Muslim son claiming to be a…


…pro-abort Christ in the womb ”Christian homosexual marriage” drag queen Bride of Christ gives ”open for business” zero hour speeches inside the White House while claiming the 666 world largest masonic phalic is the symbol of America over his shoulder just before an ”act of God” earthquake shuts it down and the usual suspect Carlyle Group can right off write off skim scam scum away the broken image Obama slam bam 15 million dollar fix for the evil obelisk, is put in power turned on by derivative dealers of death? The Sirius satanic dickhead symbol (of a President Apotheosis Debt Note To Dummies) now looks like an antichrist rabbi is trying to re-circumcise D.C. for round two of the debt ceiling pre-Lake Ann Nuke Plant Quake speech. Second of Sirius July 4th Independence Day hoodwinking bastards.

This asshole has zero credibility and should have been run out of town on his ass by now, or on a stretcher in a straight (<punn intended) jacket, along with Corzine Dimon Bernanke etc… and all of Congress etc… The list is almost endless at this point. This country is one pathetic ate up bunch of idiots gone down the black hole to Hell.

To hell with this idiot Barack Barry Hussien Obamaantichrist monster meat head and every dipshit that still is dumb enough to fall for this shit for tears idiot. What a joke that people would even entertain this asshole or give another moment of time to any of the media whore networks selling this globalist socialist commie bastard enemy of the Constitution bullshit. This, eh hum, ”guy” and all his sodomite gang need to be put away big time, and at this point everyone with half a brain knows it.


It’s likely that there are people within government figuring if they will end up taking action against all these criminals before or after people start paying for this absolute  shit with not just their kids lost future, ho no, but with their own dumb dusty late to wake up asses. Oh wait, that’s right, the scriptures well define this whole scene. Tribulation comes and all hell breaks loose, as a result of the strong delusion of the leaders of nations and the idiot people among all nations and tongues that reject the mercy of God in Christ for the mark of the beast of Babylon become all nations and Israel. How ironic, um, this time is not different? Yeeeah riiight. What morons don’t get the whole ”offer of mercy shall sustain life” image measured to ”defense for a nation and individuals”, like the kids that got slaughtered by some kid on prescription psycho drugs, and the ”lack of mercy” from some asshole like this President that signs into law a protection for Monsanto to feed 6 months worth of death to the kids, oh and hey, now that we are pulling Corzine gone Cypriot account and he;s still free on your too small to not rob dusty asses, my HS Domestic Drone ”their on the cell phone sexting a friend, target acquired”  Goon Squads now have cause to secure their pay by taking your life or your weapon away? No way is this idiot gonna make it to Heaven, that is a fact. The moron and his likeness would have been lucky to make it halfway through tribulation without getting at lest winged by a repentant ”can’t even pay the whores” U.S. SS Turd.


Ouch, my eyes are burning, been awake too long.







..as far as intelligence analysis goes, looking at the clock, ”five minutes” is an insult to intelligence. At this point, defining detonation of a weapon of mass destruction as the standard for movement on the clock, I would put it within a minute at this point. I do not see any reason not to at this point. The Israeli call of 30 days sets the clock at ”any time now” to 30 seconds.

Steinitz wants this next round of threats to be really specific, insisting the US must set a red line of Iran totally abandoning its civilian nuclear program in “a few weeks, a month” at the most, and that it would face immediate attack if it did not do so.

Iran opens new uranium mines and yellow cake facility on National Nuclear day, according to state TV

Netanyahu continued, “I think everyone understands that Iran has been running out the clock, has been using the talks to continue to advance its nuclear program.”


“Iran cannot have and will not have a nuclear weapon,” Kerry stated flatly.

Because what better way to go out at the all time S&P top than in a mushroom cloud blaze of glory.


“Deep in her heart

Babylon said,
‘I am the queen!
Never will I be a widow
or know what it means
to be sad.’
And so, in a single day
she will suffer the pain
of sorrow, hunger, and death.
Fire will destroy
her dead body,
because her judge
is the powerful Lord God.”

Every king on earth who slept with her and shared in her luxury will mourn. They will weep, when they see the smoke from that fire. 10 Her sufferings will frighten them, and they will stand at a distance and say,

“Pity that great
and powerful city!
Pity Babylon!
In a single hour
her judgment has come.”