4813 Gleaning Strange Workings

by amongthenumberedsaints



Portuguese PM speaks of ‘national emergency’ after court ruling

Analysis: Obama’s Budget Includes $800 Billion in Tax Hikes, $7.3 Trillion in New Debt

The FBI classifies such people, who refuse to recognize government authority in virtually any form, as part of a domestic terrorist movement. 





The FBI serves political bastards, liars, and thieves.


At some point soon regular people will be visiting the homes of Special Agents and doing the same thing to them and their family. It’s only a matter of time. Of course this sort of violent reaction is exactly the goal. I can see it now, regular people in possession of sonic cannons aimed at riot police and regular people gathered in their own SWAT Teams. Private MAV Drones heading for the White House and the Capitol. The New Civil War DHS is set up for. What a pathetic joke. All for the sake of criminal tax to keep people under the thumb of morons with guns. This is all leading to civil war and the people have cause for it and a legal demand for it at this point.

Japan Bond Market Halted For Second Day In A Row

US, Japan Now Global Allies in Money Printing 



The FBI and Eric ”scum bag” Holder are a pathetic joke, they have proven it over and over and declared it with the criminal bankers they serve and protect at the expense of the Constitution and all individuals. If anyone has an ounce of respect for the United States Government criminal employees at this point, not to mention the Branches of Government, they are delusional. They do not represent Americans and individual liberty and justice, no, they represent evil bastards. That is a fact!. They represent the theft of labor and the globalists agenda that does not have the interest of individuals or America.


At this point these fools are nothing but armed morons that mean to do harm to anyone that stands for God and Country. They are dangerous lunatics that are delusional enough to think they can possibly secure their own interest at the expense of even their own labor. They do not deserve a dime of anyone’s labor at this point, they need a swift kick in the butt out the door for posing as employees of the people when they are nothing but prison guards for crime bosses and fools that think their vote in this corrupt two party system has not already robbed them and broken their trust. There can be no respect for these morons at this point. These shit for brains are over due for their own judgment to come upon them.

More Than 101 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have A Job

Too bad Americans are as stupid as these Lawless Enforcement Scum Bags and are not smart enough to divest, strike and boycott business and shut down this criminal government. They are either going to accept the mark of the beast, start killing these government thugs, or just continue to watch the country become a bankrupt sodomite city of Babylon about to self implode like a Cypriot account in MF Global.


At this point, anyone that does recognize this criminal government they are definitely on par with the terrorist government. The U.S. Government is a terrorist government at this point. It has proven that point with the banks alone. If you are a government employee, at this point your mirror image defines a terrorist. Here the government freaks are, Drone killing people on behalf of a global criminal debt gang. Go straight to Hell you pathetic dumb bastards,







And I saw three foul spirits like frogs coming from the mouth of the dragon, from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet.