4713 Gleaning Tribulation Trigger Time On Deck

by amongthenumberedsaints


Time has run out. If you walk away from this now, evil will be on your doorstep when you get home tonight.


The uniformed legions of police and military have trained for, equipped with billions of dollars for domestic war, and have begun the final effort to demonize millions into a terrorist mold conceived by politicians, labeled by fusion center and homeland security bastards, set up for persecution by raging homosexuals, vengeful Muslims and politically correct ministers who would not recognize Scripture or a prophetic word from God if it were sent to their pulpit in a 510C(3) official IRS sealed envelope.

On the minus side, the people who result from the procedure would be “orphaned at conception”.

His starting point is research into the creation of sperm and eggs from stem cells. Mice have already been produced with “artificial” gametes and the production of humans may not be too far away. Up to now, reports of this research have highlighted its potential for creating gametes for infertile men and women or for allowing homosexual males to produce eggs or homosexual women to produce sperm.


Generations of people could be created in Petri dishes, eliminating unsatisfactory genes in the quest for better human beings. “In effect,” he writes enthusiastically, “scientists will be able to breed human beings with the same (or greater) degree of sophistication with which we currently breed plants and animals.”

Your Kids Don’t Belong To You

This clip is very important because it really demonstrates the mentality of a statist. They want to run your lives in every way you can possibly imagine, including the upbringing of your children.  Outrageous.

In case you have not figured it out, all things being equal with Obama, Obama is Antichrist and so is every fool that voted for the Sodomite Islamic Son claiming to be a Too Big To Jail Criminal Banker Jewish Christian. His fascist mirror image offer means his private schooled children, or public school children must be home schooled by the German socialists, aka New World Order Nazis of the Euro Debt beast.

If this family gets deported by this evil scum I will not be praying for POTUS or his defenders, I will be hoping they all perish. At this point the bastards don’t even need to deport Christians escaping tyranny for me to proclaim, I have no other prayer for these evil bastards. May their own judgment come upon them now and they all perish. These evil bastards are a clear and present danger, without a shadow of doubt, and all should be in jail or worse. May the Earth open up and swallow the Sodomite President of the United States and Congress at this point.


Just like in Rome, corruption in all of these governments is endemic and expecting reform is rather like expecting a judge to order his own execution for obstruction of justice.


The similarities between the declining ancient Roman empire and current Western empire are quite striking. Not only are the same mistakes being made by our rulers, but the symbolism and structure of our governments differs remarkably little from that of Rome. Just take a look at the White House, the US Senate building, the Bank of England etc – it’s no coincidence that they are all built in the Roman style.


“The insidious nature of a runaway inflation is that it bankrupts the middle class… the poor stay poor, the middle class (with savings in the banks) get wiped out, the wealthy (with productive assets) do the best”

… which leads to social unrest globally – and that is a problem…




Stuff” will be valued in terms of “other stuff” as fiats implode like dominoes during an earthquake.  Be ready for this as it will happen very quickly once begun…and it may have begun in Japan last night!






The Mirror Image Of Idiot Islamic Bastards Sons Demand Their Own Death By Everyone That Knows Allah Is A Pathetic Joke That Lacks Cause For Foundation. Their pathetic Allah does not prove mercy by dying upon the cross, oh no, idiot Allah has no Son(s) and places everyone upon the cross equally in the image of Allah. The bastard sons of the Allah Death Cult would call for Blasphemy Drones to kill bloggers, if they had half a brain, and of course AI Allah will self destruct upon mission. The Fascist Islamic Kaaba kissing death cult of a billion plus Islamic meat heads are on par with the Catholic killers of Protestants and their billion Sunday Idol Kissing Worship. The only thing more pathetic is the Jewish death cult that can’t find Messiah, but they have found nukes to protect the Dome of The Rock. Can anyone imagine a Jewish Temple on top of the Kaaba Stone protected by Islamic nukes? Yeah, riiight. This is gonna last a generation, oh yeah, uh huh, sure.


All things being equal, these fools would have everyone that is not an idiot Islamic shit for brains hang every Muslim to prove the ”mercy of Allah”. Pathetic. Sounds like a bunch fearful punks that know truth always destroys moronic Islamic Allah idiot bastard sons with their own image. These ”convert or die” shit for brains Allah assholes prove once again the weakness of their Allah and the overwhelming strength of the sustaining mercy upon the cross. Allah’s fatherless Islamic  bastards are all  Kaaba kissing suicides. There is no way this generation is going to pass without billions of people being slaughtered because of all these foolish death cults like Islam and Messiahless Jews. That combo alone demands self destruction on a global scale. Kinda like an Irish ”Bail In” for the ”Black Hole”.


Ireland, I Make No Apologies For What I’m About To Show You. You have had a banking crisis that nearly wiped you out. In an attempt to save the banking system (potential mistake #1), you brought the bad debt of private, for profit, risk taking institutions onto the taxpayer’s balance sheet – twice! You then conducted sham stress tests to placate the public into thinking the worst has passed. Promptly after nearly all of your banks passed these shams, they started collapsing again. Leprechauns don’t really exist, and you can’t end insolvency with magic and lucky charms. It was at this point you were coerced/forced to accept the outside aid of the Troika and further in debt your citizens as well as endure extreme austerity. Guess what, it’s apparently not over – not by a long shot!



‘Sirius’ introduces a DNA sequenced humanoid of unknown classification to the world and sheds definitive light on the scientific reality of UFO’s, ET’s, and Advanced Alternative Energy Technology