4613 Gleaning The Restrainer Is Taken Away

by amongthenumberedsaints


In the world of economics and finance, they call this ‘sentiment’. Consumer confidence, business confidence, investor confidence… these are basically emotional readings. Screw the numbers. To hell with the truth. It’s all about how people feel.

It seems crazy, but it’s true.


11th hour diplomatic mission underway to avoid war: US to deploy fleet of drones to region



As it turns out, according to the Obama administration it is only fair to spend a total of $205,000 in nominal dollars per year on retirement, but not more.



7.2 Quake


Let me inform you of something I saw, a revelation given to me. Consider the elder of man, the fallen angels. Understand, I saw and read their measure on Earth, it lacks the measure of mercy risen in our Father in Christ. What I read defined their perfect measure of the physical law(s). What I saw is their ability to ”map out” their own will on Earth as a result. This defines not only their power and offer(s) among men, but, it also is a revelation of their knowledge of time. Now consider the fact that these fallen elders of man derive their power on Earth as a result of the short life span of a man. Through death and the offer of ”knowledge” among their accepted hosts among men, as it were the builders of a literal city of Babylon to where the world is now 6000 years from Adam. The pyramids all over the world prove the fact, and this is also part of the Vatican’s ”discloser” drive as of late that Tom Horn has brought to light as of late also. The point I’m getting at here is legion but why I am mentioning this here among these earthquake reports is this. Think! What would elders of man be able to do with the knowledge of physics and their ability to tell time? I’ll tell you. They have made time bombs called Fukushima all over the planet and have tempted men with knowledge and power to achieve the same old control pattern on Earth through the offering up of human slaughter or ritualistic sacrifice. Now it is not just Egyptians, Aztec etc.. building pyramids timed with solar galactic physical procession and ritual human slaughter unto their Sirius (g)od(s) that live beyond the life time of men on Earth and thereby offer information that is not really ”secret” at all, it’s just what any eternal being created and sustained by our Father in Christ is to know in ”mercy”. So when you consider the physical timing of things like earthquakes and the building of a global monetary crisis, consider the history behind us and the offer of temptation that built nuclear plants and war, and look at the prophetic zero hour of Jerusalem risen in this generation. What has happened and is happening is mapped out and perfectly timed, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent tribulation, it is going to take place and everyone alive will see it come to pass from now until it ends a few years from now, just as the prophetic scriptures define. If you do not get our proverbial shit together now your shit is in the wind. Understand that. Your literal butt is about to be kicked by your own foot if you don’t.








I’d hate to say it but this time really is different. Never before has there been coordinated global money printing of the scale of today. Ever


Suffice to say, if Japan succeeds with its 2% inflation target, interest rates will rise at some point and they just need to reach 2.8% for the interest on government debt to equal government revenues (currently, interest of government debt takes up 25% of government revenue). The bond market will revolt well before it reaches that point though.



As the chart below shows, the US economy, whose GDP we are led to believe has never been higher, now has the same total consumption of all petroleum products (red line) as it did… back in 1997!


… but the biggest question we have is just how did the biggest boost in energy and engine efficiency occurred at two key junctions: Just after the Lehman Failure, and just after the US downgrade and the first debt ceiling crisis, when the total sales of gasoline by US retailers literally went off the charts, and which data series is now languishing at levels not seen since the 1970s