31813 Gleaning Waking Up To Cyprus Bank Robbery And The Global NWO Leaders Of The Nations Of Babylon

by amongthenumberedsaints



Countdown to Catastrophe: Experts Say Armageddon, Triggered By a Korean Conflict Sucking China and America into War, Could Be Only 4 Days Away

“All The Conditions For A Total Disaster Are In Place”

The End Of Systemic Trust: The Canary Just Died






To pay off the debts that were incurred to finance the biggest wealth grab in history, we see in Cyprus, as well as central and global banking institutions around the world, a trend to just reach in and grab people’s money from their ‘insured’ bank accounts. We should have figured out this was coming when JP Morgan (read: Jamie Dimon) reached in and illegally stepped ahead of customers at MF Global and grabbed over $1 billion, with the help of his crony pal Jon Corzine.



Former US Treasury Official – US Financial System To Collapse




Cyprus: banks shut till Thursday as government scrambles to amend savings levy

At this point nobody paying attention needs to ask why the government(s) want to take the weapons away from the people they are robbing, or why they would use slaughtered children to defend their actions. The people are so lukewarm and given to perversion they have no regard for their own Constitution much less their own security. The Government body is as corrupt as the bankers have made them and as borderless as their crime wave, the people are just a reflection of the same want, save the few that watch with broken hearts and just anger in their eyes.

     DHS insider update: “It has begun”



Looking at the nations through the eyes of Cyrus, the anointed, who does not now see Babylon?

The ”Cyrus Cylinder”(not to be confused with Cyprus, even though the ”tax” of the same kind of ”king and banker’s robbery” is in play, lol)  is now in Washington D.C.. This is not ironic. It is the revelation of what is to come. Tribulation.



Considering the Shia 12th Imam Mahdi prophecy calls for the same 2015-ish Black Swan Event Blood Red Moon Timing, and the New World Order Boys have set the market up for such a crisis to bring in the mark of the beast and seal up the false peace at the same time, this year either defines the beginning of tribulation already began or is to start now, or months from now Iran will have full nuclear bomb ability and then that ”loud noise” (Shia prophecy) will be heard in a place like Saudi Arabia, as defined in Shia prophecy, around then, or a bit later from that point and into 2014-15-ish. How much easier for a suicide WMD event, to fit with Shia prophecy, going off inside Al Q Saudi Arabia, to generate the desired affect to achieve a global crisis that also fits (Old Testament) Israeli (prophetic) defense action(s) and movement(s) among the nations? This is all looking perfectly pregnant.


Cyrus, the Persian King, spent seven years outside the walls, as Babylon drank the wine of wrath. Now Jerusalem is risen, defining the key of the last generation., and the President is headed for the Holy Land of Israel, as the last Pope, of the evil Jesuit Order, is risen. Damascus and Egypt, all the nations around Israel are primed for the prophetic time, and the global market of the beast is at hand. Only the blind cannot now see the reality of the Antichrist and False profit now at hand, ready to mark the hour and seal the time of Tribulation. We shall witness the revelation and know the false prophetic offer. If it does not happen this year, then those Blood Red Moons certainly do define that time. All that is needed is a Black Swan event. Iran, the Persian Nation, being the scapegoat for any WMD type event, is not ironic either. The two images, the Persian Cyrus Cylinder in D.C. and the Persian Nation of Iran, combine perfectly with the prophetic timing of events that require delivery of The Anointed by the Anointed at the appointed time. The combined destructive forces of corruption and war  will engulf all the nations and Israel, sparked by the two forces of  nations and Israel.


Report: Israel to Seek US Attack on Syria, or Freedom to Do So 


It is amazing to know that so many people do not know what is now happening, but what is more amazing, people that know what is happing have no clue about prophecy or do not accept the prophetic reality of it. These fools, and ignorant people, actually fall for the future image of man become some altered AI DNA New World Order of humanity. That is the image of the Kurzweil Google Bot Borg, or KGB2, the beast. This ”image of man” is that of the fallen angels, or the ”knowledge” defining the offer of temptation.

Ray Kurzweil Says We’re Going to Live Forever – NYTimes.com