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Month: February, 2013

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Image Of The Beast

Antichrist Israel Is Without Orthodox Defense for It’s Self

Antichrist U.S. Government Is Without Executive Defense For It’s Self

This declaration, by this reporter, defines ”deadly criminal intent for self political gain at the expense of Persons, both foreign and domestic, and Nation(s) as a whole global body”. It defines the fact that the President and all ”his defenders” are an obvious and present danger. Without a doubt, this action is declaring domestic enemies willfully lying to the degree of National Defense, which places the action on par with a global threat.

“They are not happy at all — and some people have said, ‘Look, we don’t see eye to eye on this,’” Woodward added. “They haven’t really said that this is falsely wrong.”

It is no longer amazing to bare witness to the fact, and to know without a shadow of doubt, the United States Government is no defense for persons and fully disregards the Constitution. The United States Government as a whole, being the largest employer, is defining and confirming ”the want for judgment to come swiftly at will”, as with the prophetic great ”wrath” upon the world confirming the time of the ”Great Tribulation”. Americans are defining the contempt of the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, with the most powerful military, and the commander is a deadly threat. The mirror image of a deadly suicidal maniac, that is busy killing other people first, well confirms the judgment defining the cause  behind disarming America, as with the world. Look over the shoulder of history and notice the death of all humanity, laid upon the altar of the Earth, declaring the offer unto the beast risen from the bottomless pit, therein is the want for cause.

22713 Gleaning

22613 Gleaning

Large comet to ram into Mars in 2014:

dont forget, confidence soared as gas climbs 50 cents, PR taxes took out 2% of everyone’s gross and GDP was negative in Q4,7340,L-4343916,00.html

Tuesday on Hagmann & Hagmann: Dr. Judy Wood & Pete Santilli: A forensic study of the evidence found at “Ground Zero”