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Month: January, 2013

Numbers Of 666 Babylon Ain’t No Mystery It’s Death

The President of the United States Aborted The Constitution

The 666 Citi Bank of British Babylon Is Burning Again

Video: ABC,NBC, and CBS All Now Admit There Was NO “Assault Rifle” Fired At Sandy Hoax

7 Days To Live Unto 2nd Coming

One whole week, six days and rest on the 7th Day, that defines the creation week. Now look at the time point from when the revelation of the end time point confirms the time, when the Antichrist and all the nations and Israel declare the false peace.

If you go back from that point, which looks as ripe as our 2012 New Age of Aquarius generation, which sees Israel restored as a nation and all the prophetic signs…

…to go with the last generation, the end of six thousand years since Adam is measurable and symbolic in relation to the image of a week defined by 1000 years as one day and the Last Day as 1000 years of rest. When you consider this, and the call to keep the Sabbath Day, the 7th Day Holy, you can see the time defined after the 6000 years in relation to being sealed in agreement with the Sabbath Last Day of the week. Now consider the time of the last generation and the 3 1/2 years of the tribulation period and how this half a week tribulation portion is related to the week time pattern and being sealed by the Sabbath and the blood of the Lamb during the week days and the half time  period of the last generation tribulation unto Judgment  Day. It’s very interesting to see there is a time of  distinct suffering endured by the Saints and those that are lost. Our Father in Christ is defining the whole time of the law of the sustaining Mercy in the Sabbath timing and the seal of the body and the blood of  Yahshua . The Saints are sealed through time and tribulation, all through days of the week, and those that have the mark of Lucifer are defined UNholy  during the week and confirmed by their own image on the  7th Day, death, the fallen image of Lucifer, not the risen image of our Father in Christ, the foundation of eternal life.

So here we labor through the time, even as a sign upon the Sabbath, sealed in agreement with our Father in Christ, trying to wake the last generation up unto eternal rest in peace.


goto 17:40 minute mark time

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Well Known American General Declares

The President Is Firing U.S. Military Officers


12413 Gleaning

_________SKULL & BONES DEPARTMENT OF STATE____________

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______^^^Kerry On With Secret ^Fraternal Occult Oath^^^_________