State Department RFID MicroWave Star Spook’r

by amongthenumberedsaints

You NEED to listen, this is >>> <<<great revelation by an obvious Saint of our Father in Christ in my eyes. The testimony will help you to quickly understand what is really happening. This all is a revelation of the time of the last generation and confirmation that our generation is the last. Have no doubt, the time is short, the advance in science etc… and all the prophetic signs confirming the end time and last generation are here and now.

Note: Appearing as himself is Gen. Michael E. Ryan, who retired Oct. 1, 2001, as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force. The general, a science-fiction fan, said he agreed to guest-star on Stargate SG-1 because, “The ideas that come out of science fiction are often more science than fiction.”  

”the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic or catalyzing event-like a new Pearl Harbor.”

These links (take the time to consider) are for anyone that had or has no idea about (life and death questions of concern) what is going on and…

To put a fine point (of order) on all this for those still in doubt or ignorant, just know this, if you are not compelled by our Father in Christ, to at least humble yourself and forego any (and all) other claim(s) below the sustaining mercy of our Father risen in Christ, should you not ask (yourself) this (prophetic confirmation) question about now, the question being;

How does our Father prove  (to) his own (you me and all of us) prophetic eternal (sustained) sustaining risen Word and image (flesh and blood of His Holy agreement) without having already suffered the (contempt fallen upon Earth) pain of (life on Earth as it is now subject to) death offered unto all of us subject to His risen will in agreement with  Messiah having been risen (born) and among us unto death (as we are) and yet to return (as we are risen in eternal agreement) with mercy on Earth as it is in Heaven?

Is it not our own judgment that defines our own (accepted) contempt (we constructed in our own image) that shall fall upon us (in our own death), having now all heard (the call to be sustained in agreement) with the (Word of His Sustaining Mercy risen in Christ) offer of  the whole law which is the sustaining mercy defining (agreement with life) being the proven fact that we are (alive) born (not by choice) in the first place?

How can we abort (reject the offer of Mercy) our own (Father risen in agreement) life in (the  image and offer of our Father risen in Christ) from the womb, even as the Earth is our womb (as any person alive now stands), if we are not risen in the image of our Father sustaining( our own lives risen in the image of our Father in Christ in agreement with the Mercy and will of our Father) defining  his own (begotten children) image?

How can ”we” ( the people still in doubt) escape (need of perfection) our own (death and judgment) contempt (ignorance), and claim (by our own will or ”choice”) the Mercy of our Father has not already risen upon Earth, if we  can now reject (having heard) the sustaining law of mercy which is in agreement with our Father already risen and defining the case in agreement with life and love for all as we (the people rise in judgment) look in the mirror to be sustained by the power and authority of the Cause and Mercy defining The Cause in agreement with Eternal Truth?

Shall we (anyone rejecting) crucify the Messiah defining the prophetic claim for life and eternity to prove our own image at this point, having heard the risen Word and Testimony of our Father in Christ?

…the point of (life or death) order being(in question):

All of these revelations bring us all into question and to the revelation of our time, which is too short not to consider, what is to be done now that  we know the deception? if we do  not now find the time, that has always been at hand, and bow to the sustaining revelation offer of Mercy; as with the sign of the Holy Sabbath Day of rest confirmed in agreement, defining love and life risen at rest and the return of ( the sustaining) eternal life in peace; foundation and Cause for us all to be risen in agreement with the sustaining Mercy of our Father risen in Christ, is torment  and death not our reward? Shall we not escape the tomb mapped out and constructed by the builders among us, if not their image in the mirror? Are we so weak as to war against ourselves as our own brother and sisters among all nations still at this point of revelation? …knowing the Truth and risen image of our Father in Christ?

Understand, the contempt (evil spirit) that people have against those of us that know our Father risen in Christ by his prophetic revelation fulfilled, it’s deadly and in possession of their flesh at any moment. Consider being given eyes to see this (evil spirit) in action, then you may understand why Saints are so compelled to labor the harvest for life among all nations and tongues.

Read the Bible on your own, and do it quickly, now. Reading Revelation first and then starting from the beginning is recommended. What you do not know or understand in Revelation is written therein the Book by the Holy Spirit risen in our Father in Christ and among all Saints. The Truth is not a choice, it is the meaning of life risen in agreement with the love.