Hacked Again

Currently unable to post links.

This one opens right and is very good> http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/4/248/show_4248551.mp3


After being contacted by morons from Homeland Security (not FBI like the last time) , and asked ”where are your weapons?”, lol,  this new (the third) computer, in a year and a half, was working fine until today. Less than 24 hrs after posting links and opening them, somehow that ”changed” and now the links refuse to reopen to the proper posted links. Obviously posting links to news and linking people to revelation(s) is something the U.S, Government idiots do not like, among others. Love of our Father in Christ and free speech are two loves that the Communist Chinese and American Government etc… hate. May their judgment come upon them according to their own will and image, and may it come swiftly.

Silence, is it not the root weapon of mass destruction, defining the evil intent of the enemy of freedom and liberty?  Is it not the new image of the globalist scumbags that hate independence and the borderless voice(s) that would secure life, even unto eternity?

P.S. All links on other posts open correctly, defining the reality of the new computer problem issue.

P.S.S. To all persons employed by the Government, who and what are you defending at this point? I asked this question (walking from the National Christmas Tree at the Ellipse ) of the persons in uniform at the White House, their response was ”death”. They did not realize, at the time, what they gave as a final answer to such a direct question. They became so mentally distracted, by their agreement with the law of mercy defining our Father risen in Christ, in the discussion following the question, they did not declare their answer  until they claimed ”death” in final response, and did not even realize that ”death” (their final answer in response)  is what they are securing. Lol, their(the) mission (order) is ”death”, aaaaamazing! Lol. The ”fact” is and was, however, their first response to the  question [of direct order(s)] was ”what do you mean?”, not a typical or more ”normal”  response like,  ”the Constitution”,  or even the ”idiot(s) behind the gate(s)”. Lol, I kid you not. I’m sure that makes me(<<crazy accepted The Sabbath Day and Mercy of our Father risen in Christ) the nutball though. Lol. What can you do? lol, …but laugh at this point, they confirmed their intelligence and honesty. Lol. No wonder our Father in Christ said ”forgive them, for they know not what they do” and declared The Sustaining Word from upon the cross, confirming life [the mirror image (now) of (a)man] risen from the womb and the tomb

POTUS Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood 911 Al Q Defining <The Antichrist, the ”Ambassador” of ”death”. Just ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the self deposed Director of Sodomite Central Intelligence if they can confirm why the Commander Of The Most Powerful New World Order Military Gay Pride force of human history; POTUS Hussein of 104% Debt to GDP Sodom ”it’s a New World Order Borderless Babylon” and ”now I POTUS Hussein will use murdered children to take away the weapons required to defend children against murderers of children and fools like I POTUS claiming to be above The Constitution designed to secure children from scumbags like the evil bastard(s) in Egypt now” , …why is the U.S. Ambassador dead after calling 911 on 911? Lol, Siriusly, lol, everyone that voted for these two fools should(shall) perish with them according to their own will and image, which is , lol, the perfect image of The Antichrist, ”death”.

The pathetic weakness of The Antichrist, defining POTUS and Egypt, declares the fear of the power of our Father risen in Christ and fear of the call of the Constitution of the United States individual ”right” above all branches of the U.S. Government and all those now employed for the sake of the Government interest because, Government interest now stand in contempt of ”life” freedom liberty and justice, if not alone by the ”New World Order” borderless market reality; and New Federal Health Tax, that is not apportioned to labor but to the will of private ”criminal bankers” and their ”corrupted government Representatives” they bought with ”printed fiat trillions” and billions made daily from leveraged citizens, so exposed as to now stand marked by debt, their labor can’t justify, to the point where children born to ”would be” parents of sound fiscal mind forego (if not marriage) the birth of their  Middle Class children(that would be born marked by trillions of debt before they left the womb) raised by a mother and a father.  Now the duel income population of working poor and single parent increases among those on the government dole or take. In short, labor has been aborted from the womb of the U.S. Capitol and placed upon the Altar of Moloch by POTUS AmongU.S…..

”Death” is the Antichrist ”key” of power.

The individual standing in defense of The United States Constitution, unlike; POTUS and all Government Branches that are now serving in agreement with POTUS, take the  ”Death Key” of power away from POTUS and all person like POTUS; standing in contempt of ”life” freedom liberty independence and justice.

The Spirit of the Constitution is defining the fact that the law is sustaining the host of the law in agreement with ”life”, and this requires ”mercy” from those that disagree and have accepted ”death” above the mercy of our Father risen in Christ, defining the ”seal” of life ”above” the Antichrist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood POTUS ”Death Key”. The President of the United States and Egypt are standing in contempt and in agreement with the weak fear and pathetic violent offer to imprison and kill people that reject their offer, which is prison and death. The Christians behind the Muslim bars in Egypt proved the weak fear of Islam and the pandering weakness defining the contempt POTUS has for the sprit of the Constitution and the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ.