1713 Gleaning


H.J. Res. 15: Proposing amendment to the Constitution so POTUS Sodom Hussein Can Remain In Power Beyond 2012 – 2016 Election

 …Of Blind Mice, And Men, That Now See  

Hashemite Kingdom Call of Israel’s Prophetic Third Temple

911 Star Witness  

Lucifer’s Sunday Antichrist  

The Fallen Angel (from the) Men In Black(hole) 

Apollyon The New World Order Antichrist Muslim POTUS Host Of Lucifer

Antichrist Muslim Brotherhoods In Apollyon’s White House 

State Of 911 2012 Billary Clinton’s Deadly Lies (She say’s She’s”will” Testify. Lol)

Saudi Jets Fly American (NWO) Yemen Mission 

The New Would Chuck Chuck America Too You Bet Your Life 

”Mainstream” News Now Discovers Old Quake Forcasting

2012 Quake Review  

2013 First Major Quake (7.7 downgraded to 7.5)  Sound

The Coming Prophetic Great Quake(s)

Earth In Crisis Heat 

Russia Sends Fleet Of Warships To Secure Syria

Evil Intent Of Government Leaders Designed Corruption and Controled Chaos 

2013 Year Of Banker Fraud Death Penalty  And Citizen Applied Patriot Act (?) <–That one is for the Homeland Security and FBI Morons that come aaah knocking. Lol. Idiots! Get a clue.

America Turning Japanese 217% Debt To GDP Future Defines The Dead Country At Hand

The Great Bank Of America Robbery Completed

The Antichrist Masonic Lehman ( Nimrod) Trigger Men Moment Wearwolves of London Revelation

Fed Beast Eats Home Security And Constitution With Help Of Evil Legislators  

POTUS Prophetic Europa Whore Ride To Hell On Earth 

D.C.  Nuclear Security Helicopters Radiation Testing

Europa Drunk On The Wine of Wrath 

China Hell Is Frozen Over  

Venezuela Turns To Violence As Chavez Health Fails

The NWO Flu In The Air Again 

Revelation Propheic Confirmation of the Lost Tribes Return To Israel