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Month: January, 2013

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Monolithic Image of Evil Corruption and Death

THE REAL RAPTURE DEFINED–rapture-or-rupture

______^ These Saints have it right, a must listen.

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Shallow earthquake cluster pattern in the past 24hr happening from Med Europe to Iran and Kazakhastan 6.1




What is being burned upon the alter is the image of ”their” claim of dominion, which is ”death”.

(And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.)

(And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,)

That is the source for their so called ”secret” ”blood oath(s)”, defining the seal and the mark of the beast, that of a man, his image, defining the name and number of a man in the image of the 666 beast upon which the Whore(s) of Babylon is riding, with the cup of fornication in her hand, filled with the wine of wrath, defining the prophetic strong delusion given unto the leaders of nations, because they love not the Truth but their own image,  (the Monolith is their mirror image, the star gate black hole and voice echo of their own feedback, as with the input defining Hal 9000 which was constructed and lead to the gate of death, the fallen image of a man’s constructed image of man and the Earth)

The second beast was ·given power [or allowed] to give ·life [breath; a spirit] to the idol of the first one so that the idol could speak. And the second beast was ·given power[allowed] to ·command [cause; make] all who will not worship the ·image [idol] of the beast to be killed.

….which is now defining their own will (Lucifer’s Lie and the fallen angel’s rebellion and deception defining their secret blood oaths) going forward, as to war against all flesh and the hosts of the Holy Spirit of mercy risen in our Father in Christ sustaining his image which is life, not death.

However, their claim is overcome by everyone risen in agreement with our Father in Christ.

The fallen angel Lucifer, and the other fallen angels; that spawned the demonic reality of spiritual possession of unsealed human hosts, and define the (DECEPTION) offer(s) of temptation and claiming dominion above man and over the Word of God in Christ through the death of man by the denying the mercy of our Father risen in Christ. Their false offer, new world order is ”you shall not surely die”, whereas our Father in Christ is defining The Truth of the first order by first offering The Word and sustaining Mercy of our Father risen in Christs, which is love, saying…

and of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou dost not eat of it, for in the day of thine eating of it — dying thou dost die.’

The simple fact that man is risen and born defines the fact that there is a source and cause defining life and the source cause and image in agreement, not with death, that is not possible, but with ”life”, and life eternal defining both beginning and end …and the revelation of all life and reality, The Truth, The Light, The Word and The Life RISEN IN AGREEMENT WITH LOVE. Not even those person that are forced to contend with their own homosexuality (as an example for not overcoming what can be overcome in agreement, with the power of our Father in Christ, by turning away from sin. David Bowie is a living example of a person having done this in his life, and people would have judged him and to this day people like him are put to death based on things like their Antichrist Islamic image of mercy now risen in Egypt Iran, even among all nations that have the same lack of mercy etc… That is not to say that to surrender to things like gay marriage and celebrating a physical act that does not justify life to be risen is a good thing. It’s not, it’s pathetic and stupid.) can never deny the fact of the image of their mother and father in their own face in the mirror, for without the two they would not be risen, thus the image defining being ( a risen human created by our Father risen in Christ and alive) the Son of Man born of a the virgin is defining the two realities of the Bride of Christ being all of us risen in agreement with the Groom and not aborting God in the womb, thereby defining those not in agreement with the love of our Father in Christ but with their own image which is defining their own law and judgment to come upon them, which is death in the end. The marriage supper of the Lamb they have forsaken, even as it were the Sabbath Day, which they did not keep Holy, but did buy sell and trade the mark of the beast and provided labor unto their own destruction.

The whole of the law is not ”do what thou will”, there is no mercy in that offer and it is the image of a man, the Antichrist, not the will of our Father in Christ defining the whole of the law which is the defining mercy sustaining order in agreement with life, the image of the Cause which is not fallen but risen in agreement with the meaning of life, love. It’s not a choice, love in agreement is sustaining the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. These evil bastards in power among all nations and tongues, are using the fact that they have corrupted the governments and established Antichrist orders of religion, among all nations and tongues, bywhich they have overcome the entire planet, as in the Days of Noah. Not even the jury is a defense against their power among the people, the independent confirmation and sustaining virtue of one juror in agreement with the defense is a moot point of order, bywhich is the defense of the Constitution at rest in peace and in agreement among the human hosts of the sustaining law, because the laws have been establish to protect the system of corruption against the individual right to life, freedom, liberty and justice. The Truth and Life is upon their altar and they burn their image (pattern ritual sacrifice human slaughter) of their own flesh which would be the host for the Truth (The Truth risen in agreement with our Father in Christ in whom they reject) in agreement with life etc…

The leaders of the nations are now a clear and present danger. There is no doubt, the biggest threat are those in the United States, because the people have proven to be so deceived and the fact is these evil bastards have corrupt laws and court to go with the corrupt voters that are so deceived, and the military is now that of Sodom, in defense of it’s own image, equal to that upon the alter of Moloch. So, it does not matter which nation has the biggest force to kill humans, or what kind of justice system any nation has at this point, the fact is, if possible all flesh would be destroyed. This reality is quantifiable now on a micro, local level, to the point of fact that the ”New World Order” occult claim of dominion is defining the corrupt borderless global mark of the beast system of prophetic Babylon established by bankers through the corruption of the government and laws, which defines the tax upon labor that can never be overcome and is a mark upon all that accept their seal of agreement, which is death. This is defining the image of the Antichrist, the crafty bastards that would claim to have a Father in Heaven and even claim to agree with our Father in Christ in order to deceive the weak minded morons that claim to be Christian but shall perish because of their lack of knowing even the revelation upon this generation.

Our job, those risen in agreement by our Father in Christ, we are compelled to inform and plant the last seed of life among all nations and tongues, for the last harvest, which is now. This is the last harvest, and there shall be no weapon of war in the making, but the Holy Spirit of our Father risen in agreement with the Son of Man, standing fast and doing no harm, even unto eternity, that is the only sword that shall be so moved forward unto life and love eternal in agreement. All other claims are in contempt and are fallen upon the altar of the Earth, which is truly the altar of Moloch, their own image and contempt come upon them the final judgment day, which is the second ”death”.

________________^THE ANTICHRIST^________________


Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.–rapture-or-rupture