by amongthenumberedsaints


…it’s time to be risen in agreement with our Father in Christ, or you shall go through great tribulation. HAVE NO DOUBT.

If you do not, there will be a massive destruction. D.C. and New York. I saw it in two dreams, and now I see the Earthquake pattern related to the black hole timed with the Sabbath Day and 2112.

Some people that I know, and have told these dreams to people, know this to be perfectly true.

The first dream: I am sitting in a local establishment, surrounded by the people. They are just sitting, unmoved. A storm began to rise up. Still they are not moved. I noticed, as I sat in a booth, there in another booth is a person who’s face I cannot see. I know the person is a friend, even though I cannot see their face. We sat among the people in this place and watched as the storm became stronger, more destructive. Then the storm began to become massive and super strong. Still the people were not moved. Then a pillar of fire rose up and started to destroy D.C. in the distance and began moving toward this place. Right as it became obvious that the pillar of fire was going to come this way, the people were still not moved. Then at the last, the stranger, who’s face I could not see, we both stood up at the same time and shouted ”make straight the way of the Lord.

The second dream: I was asleep in my own bed and home at the time. In the dream I was moved to be in my living room, watching the TV. I felt people at the door. The door was open, so I informed them to come in. They sat down on my couch. One had a note pad, and the other was the person I saw in the other dream, who’s face I could not see. They sat through the dream as if they already knew what was to happen. The one with the pad was writing as the event happened in the dream. I would hear the news on the TV and then comment on what I thought would happen next, as a result of the news. It came to a point where I noticed that after each report what I said began to happen a bit after each time. Then I noticed that started to sound more like an echo each time, and the echo started to get closer after each report. Then I mentioned that I though NYC would get nuked, after a report and the sound of the report and what I said was almost at the same time. Suddenly, after that. The room flashed bright. I fell to the floor, and as I fell I shouted ”get down”, thinking it was a nuke blast. The two witnesses on the couch were just sitting through this as if they knew what was happening. I realized I was not dead, and looked up into the brightness of this light. It was the brightest light I ever saw. Then from up in the air, I saw this crystal mountain looking thing coming, with greater brightness. The brightest Light I have ever seen started to rise up behind this. It became brighter and more powerful until I realized I would not be able to stand the power. Right as I knew I was going to be over come I woke up, and new I just saw the Light of the glory of God and the City of Heaven.

These dreams happened in 2003/4. Nobody I told them to can deny this to be the case.

…Saffron is the Beast, there is no doubt who he is now. There is a black hole, painting (look at the Fight Club and recall the movie end) and line of prophetic events linked to the market  bottomless pit and the fulfillment of revelation TODAY, RIGHT NOW. NOW, ONCE AGAIN, THE 666 Sirius of Lucifer Stands as the Chairman U.N. Security Council.  <<< United States President<<<Whom want’s to disarm Americans and expose them to the same slaughter all over again, in the name of the dead children no less, the one’s just shot  and killed. (”THEY SAY”  by a teacher’s ”retarded son” BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT IS A LIE. The ”father” (suspected CIA Agent) of the retarded ”son” in this ”school shooting” is set to testify in the LIBOR scandal hearings and so is the ”father” of the ”son” who ”shot and killed all those people” at the ”Dark Night Batman movie”.   The same evil Sunday worshiping scumbag, Antichrist President, AKA ”I am become Death”, whom does not keep the Sabbath Day Holy in agreement with our Father in Christ, and whom offers the claim that ”marriage”, defining the Bride of Christ and our Father in Christ, the risen Groom in marriage, has now been ”changed”  in his own Antichrist image, that of a man claiming  to be ”The Groom” and God, rather than stand as the Bride risen in agreement with our Father in Christ. The same scumbag that gets slush fund money and would have tax payer’s labor stolen, not only through printing money, but, in order to seal their labor in the black hole in the name college ”kids” higher education; as if public school teachers union and Department of education etc… was not enough theft as it is, causing the price to skyrocket, defining over One Trillion dollars of outstanding student loans and rising; at Federal Reserve ”zero” market ”interest” rate policy and 65 Billion a Month Quantitative easing sucks up the dark pool of mortgage back securities,  student loan debt, that ”by law cannot be written off ” and ”marks” people as ”bound” to the market maker’s  market for life as a sealed 666 fallen angel in contempt of life liberty freedom independence and justice for all. This Antichrist President means to kiss the child before throwing the child upon the President(‘s) burning alter, where ”care” is >> <<< burned unto death.