12112 Gleaning

by amongthenumberedsaints

 People are not considering the fact that the U.S. President has been the one to broker and seal Middle East Peace Before and without a doubt will be the one who will broker and seal the coming Middle East Peace Plan. The United Nations was established, and after the slaughter of World War Two, the State of Israel was born. The same powers behind the political reality which lead to that define the bankers that mapped out and built their plan through slaughter. You only need to look at the name Rockerfeller and the masonic pyramid at the Israeli Supreme Court Building and the people like the man that is giving millions, after an earthquake closed the obelisk down for business, to restore the 666 obelisk symbol (Washington Monument) of the first U.S. President who’s image is on the bankers Federal Reserve debt note and who’s image is inside the U.S. Capitol Dome depicted as a fallen and dead President among the pagan gods, which are the image of fallen angels, on the inside of the Capitol Building which they call (and is) their Temple by which their corruption established the new world order of their law. The name and the number 666 defines the image of the Office of the President as the Antichrist  mark of the bankers debt note, which is the currency that defines the current global economic reality and tax when buying selling and trading legally. All currency is tied to the same global banking system and trade. The fact that they painted the 2012 Aztec calender inside the Capitol also, depicting a prophecy that came to pass, which is depicting the god of Sirius tied to the Sun and Sirius on the 4th of July, all is telling, because, the end of the prophecy  also tells of the same (g)od or Lucifer showing up on 2112. The spirit of Lucifer requires an unsealed human host. The prophetic description of the Antichrist in the Bible matches this to the Office of the President perfectly and this image is in agreement with the masonic occult plan, down to their paintings and graven images. All the conditions they have set and used to build their new world order, they described and  are now defining the fact that this is not only the last generation, but, the last years of this generation are now beginning on this 2112 date,  which marks the risen power of the new age of Aquarius and their ”man” as a (g)od that has been given the power through their efforts. This is the image of rising after the flood as the Phoenix, which is posing as the American Eagle that represents the Great Seal of the Masonic Order depicted on the Dollar. It’s all about timing and mapping out the prophetic false peace by building the condition for slaughter through the offer of temptation, and then getting people to accept the offer of the map makers and market makers. This is the effort behind the prophetic false peace plan and global system defining the mark of the beast.  The current debt tax power, now sealing labor to this effort, defines the global political reality now. The mark of the beast is here, and the time for the Antichrist starts on 2112. That is 20 days away from this posting. The events that shall come after this date will confirm the prophetic fulfillment defined in Revelation.

Everything is clear and in front of your face, you just have to look.

Israel and Jerusalem, the image of a man that fits the political power and spiritual profile with the prophetic time and conditions, that does not agree with the mercy of God in Christ, that is the definite image of the Antichrist power now risen. The deceiver and the deception is clearly in agreement with scripture, defining the fact that the whole world is deceived. There are a few Elect that are not deceived. Remember, Judas is the image of the betrayer. All nations now stand in the blindness of betrayal, including Israel. The Saints are among the Nations. Judas ultimately is the image of a man, and and all the nations, that betrayed their own life, defining their own will and claim of dominion, which is the second death.

Anyone that now commits an act of war against any nation, or a willful deadly act against a person for the sake of their religious claim of dominion, including killing themselves, has accepted the mark of the beast in spirit and are equal with all persons that have accepted the mark of the beast that everyone now is forced to use legally. The time to stand fast and do no harm is now, and the only escape is to be risen in agreement with the mercy of God in Christ. The time of sealing is at end. Tribulation shall confirm the sealed Saints.

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