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Month: December, 2012

Time Of The 7 Year Tribulation And 3 1/2 Years Of The Two Witnesses Has Begun

It is now perfectly clear to the elect Saints of our Father in Christ, this is the prophetic last generation and the last years of this generation, which define the time of the 7 years of tribulation and the 3 1/2 years of the two witnesses. All the conditions now at hand declare it, this is the prophetic time of the last generation, without a doubt. Even the technology is defining the time of singularity which, as in the days of Noah, define the willful corruption of humanity at the time of the end. Humanity is overcome by the prophetic image ”caused to speak, and as many who would not worship the image would suffer, be imprisoned and put to death.  The physical procession cycle defines the physical fact of the time of the new age of Aquarius and the knowledge increase. Even the last day of this last age, defined by the physical solar galactic procession cycle, fell on the Last Seventh Day, the Last Sabbath Day of the Last Age, Friday, at the setting of the Sun, December 21, 2012, ’til Saturday, upon the setting of the Sun, December 22, 2012, during the Zero Point, Last Day of the Last Age and the beginning of the First Day of the new age of Aquarius.

Israel is a nation and Jerusalem is restored to Israel. The nations around Israel are now being disrupted by the counterintelligence efforts defining the map makers and market makers hell bent on their New World Order global United Nations (Chinese Socialist Urban Sustainable Development Model) Agenda; which has Israel targeted as the key point of order for the entire effort to establish the prophetic false peace agreement that shall define the border-less universal identification security system completion bound to the global market, defining the image of prophetic Babylon (which is now set in place) and the mark of the beast fulfilled.

The global ”private” Federal Reserve banking system, (and minions) and their ”private” Federal Reserve Debt Note Zero Interest Rate Policy Quantitative Easing etc… money printing, perfectly define the prophetic image of a man, and the name and number 666…

[Global Pyramid Criminal Ponzi Scheme timed with the Sirius Obelisk (g)od(s) work (Lloyd Blankfeind’s comment said as much) global mapping of the satanic occult]

…declaring the symbol(s) (like the worlds largest Obelisk ”666” in the District of the Columbia goddess) of the ancient Masonic Antichrist Occult Order defining the image of George Washington’s Masonic ”apotheosis”  image as the the Sirius ”man become a masonic ”(G)” (g)od”  inside the United States Capitol (the only U.S. Government building known as ”The Temple”) which is defining Lucifer risen in the human host,

(just as the ancient invocation or ”inauguration” ritual for the ”(g)od ”Lucifer” to enter in to the new Pharaoh as the human host, almost like the Star Gate SG-1 Tv show that the active duty United States Chief of the Air Force played himself on, while in uniform and on active duty as the actual real life Four Star General of the United States Air Force)

…and is defining the satanic fallen (g)od of Sirius, the Dog Star (g)od image of the prophetic beast, which is the revelation of the 666 number bound to the name Washington built in the image of the Washington Monument and the design of Washington’s face on the Dollar Bill with the Masonic 2012 pyramid prophecy on it that defines the power of the government and office of the United States President as the prophetic new occult age of Aquarius host (g)od as a man, perfectly defining the prophetic description of the power(s) of (and) in support of the Antichrist New World Order United Nations agenda for the prophetic false peace with Israel and all the nation plan to (are now about to)  seal in this new age of Aquarius that just started on 2112, on the last Sabbath Day of the last age, defining the time of Adam and the offer of Lucifer, down through the age to the virgin birth of our Father in Christ unto the death and resurrection which established the full revelation proving  the sustaining law, which is the image of the risen mercy of our Father in Christ, defining the risen image of the risen Word of our Father in Christ defining the Cause and Foundation of and for life to be risen, even as the image of man defined by the risen Word of our Father risen in Christ. The Bride of Christ, all the children of our Father risen in Christ, all nations and tongues, is defining the power of the  image of  the sustaining mercy at hand, if not the eternal Holy agreement now risen in the mirror.

What shall now transpire, fulfilling the prophetic scriptures, is this:

A weapon of mass destruction; war and death, defining a ”global crisis event”, has been the call all along the way.

…1913 Federal Reserve Act, Federal Income Tax, unto ”911 was an inside job”, (have no doubt) which defined; trillions of JP Morgan 90’s shorts (etc…), held in World Trade Center One Cantor Fitzgerald, trillions not accounted for in the Pentagon (defined by the U.S. Secretary of Defense on 9/10/2001) …and evidence lost in World Trade Center 7, concerning ENRON. The implosions, ”controlled demolition(s) and controlled media etc.. cover up, after (and continuing) the planes were used as a distraction, were designed as a cover for these trillions behind the New World Order Global Agenda. This 2001 911 effort combined with the 1990’s favorite nation status given to China and the ensuing Glass Steagal corruption, GATT, NAFTA, WTO etc… Freddy Mac, Fannie Mae (corruption of government(s)) MBS, CDS, SDO, FDIC AIG, Multi Trillion Hedge Fund Derivative  Market etc… housing and global market crisis coupled with the Lehman Brother collapse and the Black Rock Federal Reserve Bailout Bonus sealed by the two corrupt American political party whores of prophetic Babylon …(and  other globalist government insider efforts among all nations)  that get most of their money from the (private corporate) criminals at (the likes of ) Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi Bank Group, Bank of America etc…, ”’the too big to fail and jail” crowd that set up this entire global market counterintelligence effort, despite the obviously compromised ”law enforcement and security agencies of the so called new ”Homeland Security” efforts of the SEC, FBI, CIA and even the Department of Defense etc…, which are all just protecting the evil efforts of the globalist criminals, through the contrived structure of  compartmentalization. This compromised and corrupt(ed) reality also defines the  foreign counterintelligence (from British, Israel, Muslim Countries, EU, Eastern Block etc…)  and domestic…

(from the past unto Iran Contra etc… Oklahoma City etc… 911 etc… to Bengahzi counterintelligence drug and weapons running for rebels in the Middle East)

…enemy efforts, defining the deep insiders, behind the global New World Order offer(s) of temptation, as with the City of London and all the foreign stake holders in Asia, the Middle East etc… and America.

The NWO 911 etc… agenda was (and is) designed to seal up evidence of the global effort to place military forces (strategic placement) in the Middle East etc…  to go along with the economic (controlled) chaos that was (and is) set in place, and which (has and is) followed(ing), now combine(ing) with the European, Asian and American etc… debt (global economic) crisis, defining the same global (evil) counterintelligence agenda efforts of the ”private”  bankers that established the Council on Foreign Relations and United Nations Agenda, which has players of all nations on board, in agreement with the entire efforts. This is defining the prophetic strong delusion of the leaders of nations, given to them by our Father in Christ because, they do not love The Truth, they love their own image. That image they love is the same selfish desire and image of Lucifer declaring the willful and knowing lie of the elder of man unto Adam and Eve. The time of Adam or man risen from the dust of the Earth, defining the beginning and the end of the last age, which just happened, according to the physical procession cycle and the historic record, defines the time of the offer of the elder of man unto Man, which unsealed the whole Earth to the penalty of the law of corruption, which came from the offer of temptation, given by the false word(s) of the fallen elder of man and eternal angel, Lucifer, saying, you shall not die but become as a (g)od knowing both good and evil. This defines the lie and the Masonic (g)od of Sirius, defining the eternal fallen angel(s) symbols and global agenda, which is not the life preserving agenda for humanity risen from the dust of the Earth. All anyone needs to do, to prove that, is, look back at the last age, everyone is dead. That is not the work of our Father in Christ. The risen Word of our Father in Christ defined the penalty and the warning, do not eat of that fruit for you shall surely die. The  evil global agenda effort(s) and offer(s) is (and are) defining; the (knowledge) false offer (death) and temptation…

(not the eternal foundation of life and the full law of th the sustaining mercy, which is the ”will of our Father in Christ proven upon the cross and confirmed risen as the Cause and foundation for the law declaring eternal life)

…of the Sirius Dog Star (g)od of the Antichrist Masonic Order, and the willful (and deceived) among all unsealed human hosts in contempt of our Father risen in Christ, among nations and tongues, Lucifer.

The Antichrist agenda is clear, it defines; Antichrist religions from the Vatican, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc… down to the secular new world order Masonic Occult and atheists. The Antichrist agenda defines all unsealed persons standing in contempt of the law of mercy, all hosts in contempt by defining; the willful rejection or the deception of the ”change” of the time, which declares the author of confusion (Lucifer) that devised many ways, methods and means, to corrupt the direct order and command of our Father in Christ defining the Truth of the sustaining law of the mercy of our Father risen in Christ. The sustaining law of mercy and command defining the risen mercy of our Father in Christ,  is not a choice, it is the Truth, which is to remember to keep the Sabbath Day Holy and to not go along for the ride upon the beast, which defies the New Secular World Order offer and political corruption backed by the international bankers and deceived population that still votes for, and provides labor in support of the corrupt self devouring global market system of the Antichrist beast that uses the mark (personal name and bank account number) of the (debt) beast (Dog Star (g)od) to buy sell and trade legally based on the wages of sin that define the false offer of Lucifer, but ultimately  defining the triumph over this false offer of Lucifer and his likeness in contempt of mercy standing in agreement with corruption and deception, which is death, provided by the full revelation of the eternal sustaining law and mercy of our Father risen in Christ declaring life and eternal love in agreement with the Holy Spirit of our Father risen in Christ among all the Saints.

The time mark of the 7 year tribulation declares current prophetic physical time and the prophetic conditions now at hand inline with the physical mark in time of December 21, 2012, which just ended the last age and began the new age. This is also the mark in time defined by all the different spiritual occult(s) (evil new secular order Antichrist claim(s) of dominion) and that of the Masonic Order, which declare that their ”(g)od(s)” is (and are) ”now” here. That ”(g)od(s)” is the perfect image of Lucifer [fallen angels and demonic spirit(s)], having possession of a host, (a) man, a (human host) man that is the prophetic image of the power and authority in control of [(g)od(s) of forces] military and global economic influence defining the global market depicted in scripture as ”Mystery Babylon”, that of many nations (and tongues) which define the Whore of Babylon that rides the current borderless global market of the (debt) beast.

What we can expect now is a ”Black Swan Event”, a (controlled) ”crisis (911 type) event” that affects all nations and puts fear [terror(ism)] into the populations among all nations (just as it has already been done before), that of a theater nuclear detonation in a city, or any weapon of mass destruction of that order which shall give cause for the leaders of the nations to come together with common cause, defining the purpose of the United Nations Agenda and the New World Order call for a global [Patriot Act type law(s)] peace plan (in the name of global security) with the key point of order defining Israel and the prophetic false peace, which shall seal the revelation of the mark in time  confirming the Antichrist and false prophet (some of us already know about and have no doubt about it being the the power of the Office of the U.S. President Executive Branch and all foreign and domestic government(s) bodies in agreement, even those defining the Antichrist efforts of Judas in Israel), which are now here and risen in this new age of Aquarius. This is the Phoenix Project of the New Atlantis defining the Masonic Occult Antichrist New World Order image of a (human host) those standing in agreement with the image of  man as the (host) (g)od (Meitraya), that of Lucifer, risen to power after the last age, from the time before and after the flood of Noah, which wiped out the (corruption upon the Earth and the unsealed human hosts) contempt risen from the same evil fallen angel corruption that cause the whole world to become self destructive.

This message is not for persons that reject the Bible and the prophetic revelation of our Father risen in Christ, it is for those that labor the harvest in agreement with the Holy Spirit of our Father risen in Christ and agree with the revelation of the time of tribulation that has now begun, with out a doubt, in this new age of Aquarius, which defines this last generation having Israel as a nation and Jerusalem restored to Israel which is now a nation. The scriptures define this generation, that now is witness to and of this fulfilled prophetic revelation, shall not pass away until ”all the prophecies of this last generation are fulfilled. For those that do agree, and know this message to be offered in agreement with the Holy Spirit of our Father in Christ, we all know that the coming events shall confirm all the prophetic descriptions defining that the time of tribulation has now begun and is without a doubt in agreement with the end of the last age and the beginning of this new age and time. Who among the Saints of our Father in Christ can doubt the confirmation defined in the scripture that declare ”time” ”times” and ”a half”. Hallelujah. Concerning the rapture, there is no reason for the rapture of the Saints that are sealed with the name of our Father risen in Christ upon their foreheads; having entered the new age sealed in agreement with the command of our Father risen in Christ to keep the Sabbath Day, the 7th Day, even unto the last Day Holy, and counted worthy to escape the time of the Great Tribulation, to be called up ”now”, at ”anytime in this last generation after we go through tibulation”, from this physical confirmation of the new age time  point ”now at hand”, this point of physical order  just as the ”times” of  last age just ended defining the ”time” of the age now at hand that physically just began on December 21, 2012, as the  2013 new world order secular solar calender time ”change” starts the ”time and half” prophetic age of the last generation which shall bare witness of the time of the great tribulation 7 year time frame with the 3 1/2 year time period of the two witnesses when the time of the last generation when the Saints are now sealed in agreement with our Father risen in Christ and the revelation time confirming the evil power and principalities of the Antichrist is confirmed and the two witnesses defining the Holy Spirit among the numbered Saints risen after that, during the 7 year tribulation time period, and preach unto the last of the final harvest  ”a half time” of the the time of the 7 year tribulation age of this last generation!!! WOW! …and WOE!  Upon that event, confirming the revelation of the mark in time now at hand, there is no reason why the prophetic great shaking should not happen upon that hour, when  the ”salt of the Earth”  is counted worthy, the Saints,  to escape the death at the end time  generation of tribulation, and are called up. The sealed Saints will have to be risen and only the two witnesses will be left on Earth to confirm the risen Word of our Father in Christ among the numbered Saints that, shall become known unto themselves, having heard the last offer of mercy and are found confirmed and risen in agreement unto our Father in Christ defining the Word and sustaining law of the mercy risen in agreement with our Father in Christ among all the sealed Saints, if they accept the pretribulation rapture. That event certainly matches the prophetic description of the Earth moving like a drunkard and the stars appearing to fall as a result of a sudden loss of preserving virtue, but post tribulation means that the sealed Saints that survive going through the great tribulation shall see the two risen and that would be a better time for that event. Which is what happened when Christ died, there was an Earthquake. Such an event lines up with the physical affect of the solar galactic center point we are also in right now, which matches all the increase in  frequency and intensity of all the global natural disasters, the storms, floods, earthquakes, record heat, drought, rain, tsunamis etc… on Earth and even all the planets in our solar system. The rapture of the last Saints, after the time of the two witnesses declaring the final message of mercy for 3 1/2 years of the 7 years of tribulation are killed; and lay dead in Jerusalem for three and a half days, and then rise, and cause fear among all the nations and tongues, that time defines the day and hour which nobody but our Father in Christ knows after the rapture and the 1000 years. That time is when the dead in Christ rise first and those which are left alive hear the call to ”come up hither” and all the nations and tongues cry in fear. We know, when the Antichrist seals the false peace, that day defines the fulfillment of the revelation of the time of the Antichrist and the false prophet, and we know what follows after the false peace is sealed, when they cry peace and safety,  sudden destruction cometh.  That is the time just before the preaching of the two witnesses starts. Remember, the time is cut short for the sake of the elect, if not, if possible, all flesh would be destroyed. The 3 1/2 years defines mercy for the sake of the elect. Our Father in Christ is not coming to destroy or judge anyone, our Father in Christ is coming to declare the mercy among the Saints. The judgment of the Antichrist fools is of their own accord and image, which is death, having heard the Word of our Father in Christ preached throughout the time of this last age and generation and among all nations and tongues, having rejected the offer of mercy for the sake of their own will, defining the false claim of dominion offered by Lucifer, which is the second death.

The power of our Father in Christ is compelling, The Truth is not a choice, every knee shall bow. Fear not, be risen in agreement with the Love and sustaining Mercy of our Father risen in Christ.

2112 Last Sabbath Day End Time

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2112 Last Sabbath Day Of This Time


In agreement with our Father risen in Christ, keep this last Sabbath Day Holy, this last Sabbath, of this ”time” and ”age”, now at end, the  end of this age before the  ”new age”  ”times” of Aquarius; which  give rise to the ”New World Order” ,  the ”New Global Atlantis”  time  and age…

37 For the Son of Man’s coming will be just as it was in the days of Noach. 38 Back then, before the Flood, people went on eating and drinking, taking wives and becoming wives, right up till the day Noach entered the ark; 39 and they didn’t know what was happening until the Flood came and swept them all away. It will be just like that when the Son of Man comes.

…after the time before the flood of Noah and now this last generation risen after the flood. The beginning of the time of tribulation shall now start, and the revelation of the Antichrist and false prophet rising, in the  water sign of the new age, shall now become known.

Do not buy sell or trade , do not use the ”mark of the beast” which is the  currency (money) of debt, defining ‘the ”want” of the nations (prophetic Babylon) …and do not provide labor unto the beast, which the Whore of Babylon rides. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy in agreement with our Father risen in Christ. Our Father  risen in Christ is the ”Cause and Foundation defining” The Risen Revelation of  The  Whole  Sustaining Law , ”The  Mercy  defining  our Father risen in Christ” proving The ”Life”, ”Light”,  ”Love” and the ”Whole Holy Truth” risen  in agreement with the Holy Spirit and the Body defining the risen” Eternal Word ”of our ”Father in Christ”.

The power of our Father in Christ compels you, fear not. Stand fast in agreement with our Father risen in Christ …and do no harm.

watch ye, then, in every season, praying that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that are about to come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.’

 for as the lightning doth come forth from the east, and doth appear unto the west, so shall be also the presence of the Son of Man;

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