111212 Gleaning

by amongthenumberedsaints

Best Medal Of Honor

General BetrayU.S.  other link

Every Body Wears Great Wal Mart of China 666 Sucker Suicide Vampire Squid Suite 

Mayan 2012 Revelations

Solar Eclipse Happening During Planet Alignment  On 14th

6.8 Myanmar Quake and 6.6  with swarm of 6 Pointers Off Guatemala 

6.5 Alaskan Coast Quake 

Solar Flare Expected For 12th 

Sudden Solar Flare Activity Happening Right Now On 12/13th

Venice Has Flooded 70%  Waist High Water

Haiti Floods

World War 3 Phantom Solstice

Israel Fires Into Syria For First Time  And Here <+other link

Spanish Suicides of the Satanic NWO Vampire Squid

Spanish Woman Suicide 

15 American States Want To Secede From Failed Union