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Month: October, 2012

101212 Gleaning

Corporate Scientists Say It’s Good That GMO Crops Kill People

Flu Shots Put Kids In Hospital

Buffet Bust

Biggest Company In Greece Abandons Country For Switzerland

Tough WW3 Talk From Turkey

Hawaii Declares It Is No Longer A Member of the Union and is Now The Independent Hawaiian Kingdom

The Satanic Masonic Prince Hall POTUS

Rosemary’s Baby Backer

The Volt Vote Gets Canned

Skull and Bones

Dimon’s CFR Bond Vigilantes

6.8 Indonesian Quake

Unemployment Claim Left Out An Entire State

101112 Gleaning

The False Hope Of Immigration Defined

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Claims Mr. Magic Mormon Underwear Will Be The Masonic Host of Lucifer

American Tax Dollars Go To Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Call For Jihad Against Jews

POTUS The Monkey (g)od Prince Hall Mason Muslim Claiming To Be A Christian Drag Queen Bride of Christ

Rosemary’s Baby Antichrist Ring

Rosemary’s Baby List of Lies

U.S. Concentration Camp Song

Rosemary’s Baby FEMA Camp

Rosemary’s Baby Extends 911 Emergency Power To Remain Above Constitution

Military Looking For FEMA Camp Pigs


U.N. New World Order Global Government

75% Food Shortage In African Nations

GMO Transmutation Toxins Found In Nearly All Pregnant Women

Deadly Brain Eating Disease Found In Pakistan

NWO SkyNet Mark of the 666 Beast Tag For Kids In Public School

NWO SkyNet Fascist Brain Chip

NWO Power Elite

Jack Welch On Corrupt BLS Unemployment Numbers

Corrupt SEC Targets Ratings Company

Bob Rubin The Scumbag That Ripped Off $120 Million

The Gold and Silver Chastity Belt Under The ”Other Asset” Fed $205 Billion Skirt

Terrifying Collapse Of Spain Happening

Call For Market Failure

Market Crash Call

$4.5 Trillion Euro Squeeze Put

Fed Beast Squeeze

Earthquake Watch

Israeli Earthquake Drill

First Ever View From New Telescope

Fallen Angel DNA

50 Most Dagerous Cities In The World

Black Mob Violence Against Whites Continues

Greek Unemployment Now Above 25%  Youth Above 50%–finance.html

Prophetic Image of Larger War

Syria And Turkey On The Brink of Full On War

Turkey Intercepts Syrian Passenger Plane

Syrian Plane Had Russian Weapons Equipment Aboard

Russia Mad About Plane

Sick Twisted Antichrist Muslim Scumbags In Mali

German Hyper Inflation Day Remembered

101012 Gleaning

The Final Prophecies

The Federal Reserve’s Soulless Purpose Is To Keep The Criminal Banks In The Business Of Robbing Labor

Zero Interest Rate Fed Beast Eats Savers

Prophetic Food Inflation Conditions

Monster Of Monsanto Turns Off Your Genes

Plan To Kill Humans

Nobel Prize Given To People That Have Opened Pandora’s Box

American SkyNet Prison Is Reality

Mr. Mormon Magic Underwear Prophecy

American Civil War

Rosemary’s Baby and The Muslim Kenyan Relatives

Clueless And Insider Evil Legislators Rail Against The NWO 911 Inside Job 2012

State Department Liars

Massive 2012  October Surprise U.S. Israeli Joint War Drill

Cold War Just Went Hot

Putin Swoops Into Iraq

U.S. Sends Troops to Jordan

Turkey Makes Prophetic Call To Destroy Damascus

American Crypto Fascism Rules Above United States Constitution STILL

American Mark of The Beast Fascism Taught In Tax Payer Public Schools Prison System

American Tax Fascism

Greeks Freak On Merkel

Moody’s Downgrades Spain To BBB-

No Currency Will Survive,_But_Thats_OK.html

Dimon 666 Dog at the CFR

Is It The End

Three Parent Man

Antichrist Ring Of Rosemary’s Baby

Vote 2 Party 666 POTUS 2012 And You Are Fired

Ready For The Fall

Detroit Death Town


The Supreme Court Citizens United Company Algo Voice Of Contempt

The Fed Beast and The Whore That Rides It

Gas Works Park Earth

Call To Restore Order

The Pope Rope and Government Dope

Call For Destruction of Rome

Pope Uses Arab Tongue For The First Time Ever On Eve Before 50 Year Vatican 2 Anniversary

Laser Fueled Drones

Laser Truck

Laser Brain News

Brain Chip

Quiet Riot Rising


Israeli Air Unsecure

Shallow 5.2 Quake Hits Iran

Iceland Quake Swarm Volcano Alert

2012 To Be Warmest  U.S. Year  Ever

Biometric Banking