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Month: September, 2012

93012 Gleaning

Prophetic Fulfilment Of Massive Mark of The Beast Global Model Set Up In India For Universal ID To Buy Sell and Trade After Iran Event and Prophetic Jerusalem False Peace Is Sealed

Traders Brace For Mark of the Beast Fiscal Cliff of Rosemary’s Baby

Israeli Finance Minister Says Iran’s Economy Is Collapsing–business.html

Iran’s Economic Condition Is Grave

Israel Ready For Ground Warfare After Iran Event

2012 October Surprise Chatter

Saudi News Agency Claims Russia Order Syria To Shoot Down Turkish Jets

Turkey and Egypt Set Up Israeli Path To Prophetic U.N. Jerusalem False Peace Path Through Syria and Iran Event

NWO Occult Israeli and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Palestine Set Up For Prophetic U.N. Jerusalem False Peace

2011 October Surprise NWO Antichrist Counterintelligence October Inside Job CIA Interview

Z BIG New World Order 007 Iran Scapegoat Set Up To Jerusalem Prophetic U.N. False Flag Peace Sealing

Antichrist Israeli NWO Counterintelligence False Flag Call

NWO Occult Economic Babylon Mark of the Beast Iran Antichrist Spring Play

2012 American Secession Has Begun

Bibi Declares The Time On Iran’s Fuse Is Anytime Now

Jerusalem’s Prophetic U.N. Peace Plan Is On The 2012 Deck

Muslims Target Christians In Egypt

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Government Gets Cut Off From Fed Fiat Marked American Tax Payer They Mean To Kill

Nigerian Muslims Attack Muslim School With Childern For Teaching Western Style

Kenyan Muslims Attack Christian Church With Children

Antichrist Muslims Attack A Fair In Thailand

Antichrist Muslims Torch Buddhist Temple and Homes In Bangladesh

Antichrist Egyptian Muslim Scumbag Wants Pedophile Marriage of 9 Year Old Girls To Be Legal

Deadly Pakistan Floods

2012 Spain Economic Pain Combines With Deadly Flood and Tornado

Typhoon Hits Tokyo

Phoned In Slush Fund Temptation Offer Expands The Black Hole Vote

Antichrist Jews Vote For Rosemary’s Baby

Hashemite Lamentation

Two CME’s Hit Earth

7.4 Colombia Quake

7.2 Colombia Quake

7.3 Colombia Quake

3.4 and 3.1 Texas Quake

British Legislator Threatens To Break Up The Banks

Clueless Idiots Make A Video Not Knowing The Antichrist Occult U.N. Israeli Jerusalem False Peace And Global Economic Mark of The Beast Mapped Out Plan That Shall Seal The Time of The Great Tribulation About To Begin and End In The Next Few Years

92912 Gleaning

Blankfein Fed Fee Foe Thumb

1.3 Trillion Higher Mark of the Beast Education

Buying Selling and Trading The Lie Eating Labor

HIGH ALERT!!! Millions Of Bankers Hacked Out

Prophetic Mark of the Beast U.N. Global Tax

Bibi’s Great Tribulation Call

Ahmadinejad’s Great Tribulation Call

Ready For The great Tribulation

Strange Fireball In The Sky

Black Hole

92812 Gleaning

Jacob’s Trouble

Mark of the Beast

Rosemary’s Baby Idiot Black Voter