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Month: August, 2012

82512 Gleaning

Tom Horn Interview

The Elect And Deceived Chosen Jews

L.A. Marzulli On Start of the Prophetic Great Tribulation

First Minutes of WW3 2012-2013

Bibi Pre U.S. Election Attack and Cyber Attack on Iran

Syria Threatens It Will Destroy Israeli Nuclear Sites With 20 Missiles if Attack,2506,L-4272386,00.html

Syria Spills Into Lebanon

200,000 and Growing Refugees From Syria

Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood Taking Total Control of Egypt

Egyptians Demonstrate Against Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood Ruler

Trapley Talks Turkey!

Muslim Brotherhood Spy ”Huma Abedin”  Works For U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Mark Faber Defines Global Recession Is 100% Going To Happen

Antichrist Outbreak  In United States

America Has No Free Speech

U.S. Government Planned Indefinite Detention Centers Long Before They Blew Up The WTC The Second Time

Homeland Security Director Declared A Domestic Enemy By Homeland Security Personnel

U.S. President and All His Supporters Described as Domestic Enemies By Film Maker

Evil Of Executive Criminals

$7.4 Billion To Go To Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants Rob Legal Americans of College Scholarships

Government Tyranny Defined

2,527 Homeland Security Employees Convicted of Crimes

U.S. Justice Department Hates First Amendment

Projected Romney Win

Romney and Rosemary’s Baby Battle

Rosemary’s Baby Aborts Americans Proves He’s an Evil Bastard Scumbag

2.200 Hospitals To Be Penalized For Saving Humans Under Rosemary’s Baby Care

U.S. Sub Shows In Suez Canal With Other Warships

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Sent Back Early Because of Iran

U.S. Political Whore Uses Greeks As Election Tool

U.S. Bank Bonus and Political 2 Party Slush Mark of the Beast Bonuses Shown To Reduce Americans Income

U.S. 16,000,000,000,000 Debt

U.S. Executive Office Budget To Add $4.4 Trillion In The Next 4 Years

Market Volume Hit’s Lowest of the Year

Big Trouble For Chinese Market

China Injects Money Printing

Big Trouble In South China Sea

Idiot NYPD Fires Off Rounds That Hit Bystanders After Man Kills His Boss

Mexican Police Shoot and Wound American Diplomats Traveling With Mexican Navy Member Being Chased and Fired Upon

Greek Reality It Must Exit The Euro

Spanish Communists Start To Fight Criminal Banks by Robbing Stores For Food

Isaac Hits Haiti and Heads For Cuba and Florida

Real Time Isaac Tracker|utmccn=%28referral%29|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/_nv/publish/blog&__utmv=14933801.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc|us%20news|usnewsfranchise=1^12=Landing%20Content=Original=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Internal%20to%20Original=1&__utmk=149074230#.UDlYdNaPUy6

Pakistan Flood

Burma Floods

Typhoon Pounds Taiwan

Two Typhoons Hit China

Japan Quake Swarm

Indonesia Quake Swarm

Nepal Quake Swarm

105 FH Bosnia On Fire

West Nile Virus Most Serious Out Brake In U.S.

Elevated Radioactive Elements In Louisiana Sinkhole

Arctic Sea Ice Set To Reach Lowest Recorded Ever

South Korean Reactor Shut Down

Current Volcano Outbreak

Killer Aliens

New World Order Brain

It’s Just Emotion

82312 Gleaning

The Real Revelation Robot Image Caused To Both Speak And As Many Who Would Not Worship It Killed

Paying For The New World Order For The New Age Soulless Transhumanity

The Robot That Destroyed All Human Defense For Being an Asshole By Killing Humans

Prophetic Satanic Occult Masonic Map and  Historic Domino Game Is Fallen …Is Fallen

Antichrist Israel Unlikely To Warn Antichrist U.S. Government When They Attack Antichrist Iran

Antichrist Iran Warns It Will Attack U.S. Targets When Antichrist Israel Attacks Them

The Mercy Of Antichrist Islam Calls For Terrorist Attacks To Show The Mercy of Their Allah

Video Of Antichrist U.S. Support For Antichrist Syrian Muslims Slaughtering Themselves In The Name of Their Allah

Egyptian Christians Show How Evil The U.S. Government Is And How Weak and Pathetic The Muslim Brotherhood’s Allah (g)od Is

Ex Pakistan Ambassador Describes The Evil of  Antichrist  Government Support for Antichrist Pakistan Government

11 Year Old Christian Girl With Down Syndrome Still Being Held For Death By Antichrist Muslim Shitheads In Pakistan

Muslim Scumbags In Pakistan Taunt Christians After They Jail 11 Year Old Christian Girl With Down Syndrome

Pakistan Christian Boy Tortured and Murdered

Muslim Scumbags Fear Their Own Allah’s Call To Crucify Christians And Try To Hide The Weakness Of Islam

The Mirror Image Of The Idiot Muslim Brotherhood Calls For All Muslims To Kill Themselves In The Name of Their Allah

Muslim Scumbags Throw Acid On Little Girls To Prove The Weakness Of Their Allah

Muslim Scumbags Kill A Young Girl To Honor Their Allah

Thousands Of Christians Flee From Iraqi Muslim Scumbags That Want To Prove Their Allah Is Weak And Has No Mercy And Now Everyone Knows What The So Called American Mission Accomplished …Hurah.

Germans Figuring Out That Muslims Are Just Like Nazis Still

Muslim Brotherhood Captured Egypt And Are The New Nazis

Antichrist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Begs IMF For Money In The Name of Their Allah

U.N. Moon Eclipses Israeli Attack On Iran

Jerusalem Is For The Antichrist Jews But The Antichrist Muslims Are As Jealous As Lucifer

Antichrist U.S. State Department Loves Antichrist Egyptian Muslim Scumbags And Shows It’s Fear Of  Antichrist Israel

Antichrist U.S. Government Armed Antichrist Egypt and Antichrist Israel Demands Removal Of Weapons Threat

Texas Judge Says POTUS Is A Clear and Present Danger

U.S. Special Ops Seals Declare POTUS Is A Clear And Present Danger

Military Insider Warns of False Flag To Keep Antichrist Gay Pride U.S. President In Power

TV Networks Banned Jesse Ventura’s Documentary Show About the American Fascist Police State

U.S. Has The Largest Prison Population On Earth

Homeland Security Is Fallen …is fallen

The Most Important Chart In The World Defines The Golden Cup Of Fornication In The Hand of the  Whore of Babylon Riding The Market Beast

Bank Bailouts Starve Americans

Greece Going Down The Black Hole

Matt On JP Morgan WAMU Fraud

Federal Court Says Banks Can Steal Your Segregated Account When Banks Are In Trouble Your Account Is Officially Unsecure Now and Zero Interests Means You Have Absolutely No Reason To Have Money In Any Bank or Financial Institution

Antichrist U.S. Secular Government Census Bureau Targets Anyone They Choose For FEMA Camps

Mark Faber  On The Mark of the Beast

Gold and Silver Spike

Dollar Drops

Oil Spikes Nears 100 Now at 98

Warning Of The Spikes Before The Post Iran Events Spike Down Before The Mark of The Beast Is Sealed

U.S. Silver Output Drops 14%

Scattering Cockroaches

Extremely Close Asteroid Will Just Miss Earth

Satanic Plumed Serpent

Celente On The Fate of The World, Money And Gold,_Money_%26_Gold.html

Cheap Dentists

Aussie Physicists Sounding Off Like Verses From Genesis

UFO Seen By Mars Rover—just-dead-pixels-camera-Images-beamed-Curiosity-lead-talk-UFOs-Mars.html?ITO=1490

82212 Gleaning

72 Hour Earthquake Watch for Last Years 5.8 Virginia Quake Begins

Parable of the Fig Tree

New Secular Order Presidential Fraud Fund

Max Tracks The Suicide Vampire Squid Skullduggery Mark of the Beast

The Negative Neo World Order Golden Calf Bond Bomb

Pope’s Pedophile Ambassador Rejected By Israel

118 State NAM Dam Holds Up Iran Israel Conflict For Another Week

The Gate of Hell

Israeli EMP Attack Watch and Prophetic Start of The Great Trubulation

The Crazy Algo Iran RTN Spike of the NWO …soon to be paid for with human life.

Highest Gas Price For August In History

Egypt Has Turned Into An Antichrist Pit Of Muslim Insanity

Iran Calls For Destruction Of Israel

Antichrist Jewish Rabbis Vote For the Drag Queen Bride Image of Their (g)od

Iran’s Allah New World Order

Egypt’s Allah New World Order

Russian Morons Complain About American Moron’s Threats Against Syrian Morons

Dipshit Dempsey Opens His Mouth and Proves He’s A Moron

America Is Now A Total Fascist State

Trapwire Total Information Awareness

Lucifer’s Claim of Dominion Singularity

FaceBook Pulls A Chinese Yahoo In America Gives Up Marine To Fascist Pigs

Homo Erotic New World Order

Hacking The Human Brain

Cult of the Cyborg Grinders

Death of Labor and Rise of the Soul-less NEO Secular World Order Robot

Robots Replace Human Noodle

Chuck On Economic Of Babylon

Occult Olympics

Evil Government Scumbag Fool

Antichrist Muslim Freaks Go For DNC

Fukushima Fish Now Have The Highest Radiation Detected In Them

Massive Typhoon About To Hit Taiwan

Huge Storm Headed for Florida

26 Dead In Texas Due To West Nile Virus

U.S. Corn and Soy Hit Record Price

American’s Sustain Liberty and Reject The Criminal  Government Court Drug and Prison Political Slush Fund