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Month: August, 2012

82812 Gleaning

$16,000,000,000,000 U.S. Government Debt 2012


Pyramids In Egypt Mercury Venus Saturn 2012 Timing Solar Galactic Cycle

Osirion Temple Abydos Flower of Life

AND Metratron/Lucifer’s 2012 Autumn Equinox Sign

The Sun/Occult Mapping

Israeli Government Claims It Does Not Care About the Temple Mount

AND 2012-2015 Timing

Coming Middle East Apocalypse

Occult Olympic Signs

Mark of The Beast FDA Approved

The New War Game Reality Of Bio Drone DNA Warfare

Voices of Armageddon

The Risen Holy Word of God in Christ and The Risen New World Order Voice of Contempt

October 2012 Market Shock Warning

U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Went Rogue And Was Going To Use Three Carriers Without Permission

Outflows From Spain Spike Continues To Grow

Judgment Call Time For Spain

Deadly Pig Virus Killing Pigs Across Russia

Leaping Frog Slaughter

82712 Gleaning

Lucifer’s Metatron Cube Just Showed Up

Metatron’s/Lucifer’s Cube

Lucifer’s Gene Jeanie

New Mystery AIDS Like Disease

Cheap Brain Hack Achieved

Idiot Antichrist Muslim Bastard Claims The Jews Never Built The Temple Mount

NAM Dam Holds Up Israeli Attack On Iran

Losing $1 Billion Fed Fiat Zeros and Ones In 100 Milliseconds In A Bidless Market

Syrian Muslims Backed By U.S. and British

Continuing Weakness Of Allah and Islam Afghan Freaks Slaughter More Muslims and Soldiers

Rosemary’s Baby Base Feels The Pain of Being Aborted

7.4 Quake El Salvador,-89.25&z=8&t=h&view=map&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8

Earthquake Swarm Off El Salvador Coast

Tsunami Warning

Southern California Continues To Get Rocked By Quakes

5.2 Gulf of Mexico

4.0 Nevada

Isaac Strengthening

82612 Gleaning

Israeli Rabbi Calls For Prayer To Destroy Iran

120 Countries Meet In Iran For Developing Nations Summit,2506,L-4273070,00.html

Lucifer’s Home Town

Evil Walking On The Moon

Neil Armstrong Died

Francis Bacon’s Marks On The Bible

Metatron’s Cube Lucifer’s Occult Geometry?

Massive Earthquake Outbreak In California  Live LA Quake Cam >>

Mystery Booms In California

6.6 Quake

Massive Typhoon Hits Japan

Twin Typhoons

Tropical Storm Isaac

Space Elevator

NANEX Shows Why A Flash Crash Can Happen At Any Moment