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Month: June, 2012

63012 Gleaning

Deadly Prophetic Storm Cuts Off Power To D.C.

Fukushima Full On Great Wal Mart of China SINdrum Beating

62912 Gleaning

Jane Burgermeister’s 2012 False Flag Flu Vaccine Pandemic Warning

SkyNet Mark of the Beast Human Termination Notice

Mark of the WHO U.N. Mark of the Beast of Rosemary’s Baby and the NWO 911 Jets

Celente Declares Iran War Is Imminent

Nigel On New EU Debt Union and the Prophetic Strong Delusion of the Leaders of the Nations

Japanese Commit To Hari Kari and the Suicide Vampire Squid

The Contempt of Silence Upon the 2012 Lambs

Bankers Rob The World–skills-same.html

EU Evil Bastards Agree to Expose The World To Their Contempt

The Bears On Rosemary’s Baby Care Mark of the Beast Fascism

Supreme Court Citizens United Image Company Robot Voice Declared Equal With Humans

Madoff and the 911 Insider Crowd of Usual Suspects

Germans Know The Rothschild Crowd of 911 Insiders and Corrupt Market Players  Need To Be Destroyed

Evil Revelation of Insane Market

The American Government Destroys The Constitution and is a Deadly Threat To All People

Patriots of the Constitution Now Held in Contempt Cry For Revolution

The New Penalty for Being American

U.S. Favors China Over Security

Oil Soars For The Gay Pride Army Committed to Suicide As a Defensive Act For Satan

On Deck The Rise of Petrus Romanus

The Evil Supreme Morons Commit High Treason and Rule All Military Service Is Now Worthless

Executive Office and Department of Justice Hold Constitution In Contempt

Syrian Slaughter

346 Homes Burned

World Earthquakes Since 1989

62812 Gleaning

The American Government Is Now The Great Satan MAY IT BURN

Criminal POTUS of Babylon

America Burns With Record Breaking Heat

Colorado Burns

Hole In The Sun About To Blow Solar Wind Timed With 2012 666 Second of Sirius

Russian Spy Declares British Olympic To Be Hit By Nuke

Bibi Putin On The Risk

Israel and U.S. Talk About Missiles and Syrian WMD’s

Russia 2013 S-500 Missiles On Deck

Egyptian Muslim Freak Cries Jihad

Phantom Turkey Wrath Warning

Phantom Fears

Spread of the Derivative Whore Dividend and the Aborted Personal Interest of Fed Best Zero

Suicide Vampire Squid Gets Busted …And Corzine Remains Free

Revelation of the Illuminated Green Religious U.N.Agenda Claim of Dominion Over Earth

30 New World Order Babies Born and Alive With More Than Two Persons DNA

The Great Wal Mart of China 666 Mad Cow Human Breast Milk On Sale Now

U.S. DOD Gay Pride Supporter Arrested For Felony Possession Of 1&2 Year Old Children Orally Forced To Suck On Old Men’s Penis.

DOD First Ever Gay Pride Event Has Now Been Held In 2012

Mapped Out Masonic Grand Master Flash War Light Francis  Bacon Beacon Russian A Nuclear Bomber Testing 1 2 3

Turkey Tanks Sent to Syrian Border

Syria Admits War Heading To Damascus

2012 Target Syrian WMD’s Acquired

The Light of the Glory of Our Father In Christ

Light of HR-459 Coming Upon The Darkness of the Fed Beast

911 Hue of the Hewn Harbinger

Roubini Declares Euro Zone Will Collapse in 2012

The 666 Golden Dawn of  the Suicide Vampire Squid of India

Greek Suicide of the Suicide Vampire Squid

666 New York Park Avenue

Cyprus Bailout On Deck

Baltic Mystery Turns Off The Lights

Bird Flu Outbrake In Mexico

Deadly Flood In Bangladesh

Deadly Flood In England