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Month: May, 2012

53112 Gleaning

The Wisdom Of Charles Biderman’s Lament Is Perfect

New World(s) Order 2.5 Million Light Years Away From Milky Way Andromeda Chaos

2012 Doom’s Day Prophecy Happening Now

Heavy Mass Object System Spotted From Plane,_Australia_May_28.2012_Exclusive.html

Rosemary’s Baby Can Not Recall Being Born Again Because HE IS A HELL BOUND LIAR!

S&P 666 Mark of the Beast Calling 10yr .666

Student Loans Increasing From 2003 to Approach 2012 Near $666 Billion Delinquency At 8.7% 90 Days

Celente Says Prepare For World War Three

Gross Global Monetary System Is Reaching Breaking Point

Bilderberg Machine Gun Security Perimeter In Chantilly Virginia

Merge of the Lions of  Babylon

Passion Risen On The Floor

Willful Blindness

10 Year T-Bill Record Low 1.6% Fallen …is Fallen

The Beat Down of the Beast

Market Hell Freezing Over

Inverted Repo Beast of the Black Hole

PMI Collapse

$46 Trillion Black Hole

The Whore of  Babylon Spanish Spread

Spain Declares National Emergency Call For Union of the Snake

Spain Pain

6.66% Satanic Bond Bomb

Pimp’s Sell Sell Cell Hell

Swiss Not Neutral On Declaring Market Beast Is Now At War Against The World

Chairsatan’s High Zero Interest Ponzi Bank of Moral Hazard

Rosemary’s Baby Pandering To Muslim Voters  With U.S. Tax Payer’s Labor

Biggs Says Saudi War On Iran and Syria Next Two Years Brings Oil to $66.6

Viva Lost Vegas House Busted Cops–North-Vegas-Budget/

Brazilian Human Meat Pie

Canadian Zombie Mail

Canadian Protest

NDAA Prophetic Lawlessness

U.S. Government Zombies Arm Domestic Killer Drones With Missiles

Rosemary’s Baby Accepts Death of Children By Drone Strike

Expect $100 Trillion To Be Printed$100_Trillion+_to_be_Printed,_Expect_Capital_Controls.html

Lesson 101 Wild Turkey

Iran Turkey

Faster Melt Down

Elevated Seismic Risk

Hook Line and It’s A Stinker

Petrus Romanus Pope Dope

Italian Pimp

Face Eating Zombie

New AIDS of the Americas Exploding Heart Disease Carried by Insect

F1 Car!

53012 Gleaning

WB’s Night of the Bilderberg Dead

Dimon In The Rough CDS Mark To Market LiesMan Greatful Dead Fan Club

Heavy Mass Object Located X Cause of the Moon Shift

Asteriods Whiz By Earth

Biderman On The Prophetic Strong Delusion

Rabbit is On The Run

Fukushima Tuna

1987 All Over Again

Japanese 3yr Bond Inverted Below 1yr

Satanic Call For New World Order One World Government

New World Order Zombie

PIIGS In Possession Of Gold

Evil Risen In Syria Slaughters Children

Cross Border Bank Contamination

The Flame Virus Is Risen

Over 200 Heat Records Set Fires Burn Across U.S.

Burning Down The House

Prophetic Harbinger Message Given To Legislature

U.S Defense Secretary Declares Iran Is The Target

Escape From New York

The Great Wal Mart of China Speech Prison

Spain Mark of the Beast Tax of Babylon

52912 Gleaning

Another Shallow Quake 6.0 Strikes Italy

Israel Hates Ron Paul

Ron Paul Is Loved The Most By U.S. Military Active Duty and Veterans



Record 45% of Iraq and Afghanistan Vets File Disability

Massive Protest In Canada

Greek Debt 421.7 % Debt to GDP

$22 Billion Greece Cup of  Fornication

Greece Tells Euro Satan To Get Thee Behind

EU Scramble

$7 Billion Dollar LIE

Spain Pain Just Got More Intense

Rise of the 2012 EU Zombie

The New World Order of Lucifer’s Arab Spring

Nuclear Fools

Fukushima Fuel Rod Crisis 100% Guarantee

Fukushima Fish