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Month: April, 2012

43012 Gleaning

The Two Witnesses

Prophecy of the Popes

Large Solar Filament Rupture Shockwave Across Sun Surface

Sun and Earth Prophetic Revelation

Tsunami Watch For Caribbean Island

May 20, 2012 Earthquake and then some

Two 5,8 Quakes Near Fukushima

Fukushima To Become Global When Next Large Quake Happens

Fukushima Doctor Reports Deaths and Bleeding

Fukushima 2012 Radioactive Wave

Fukushima Debris Hits West Coast Shore

35 Dead 165 Missing Boat Capsized By Wind

1 Dead 100 Injured By Wind

F 5 Tornado Confirmed In California

UFO Goes Through Black Hole Star Gate

****(Must Hear) Occult and Prophetic Global Monetary Beast

*****Today’s Gold Manipulation Corruption

Debt Wall

Washington Post Defines It’s A Worthless Rag Nobody Need Buy

British Ordered To Fly EU Flag Or Be Fined–fined-fail-comply.html?ITO=1490

Nigel Farage

Canadian Bailout A

$500 Houses In Detroit–city-revealed-cheapest-housing-U-S.html?ITO=1490

Breitbart’s Coroner Poisoned to Death

Vatican Accepted 1 Billion Dollars Allowed Mob Boss Burial Next To Popes In Vatican The Mob Kidnapped And Murdered Vatican Bank’s 15 Year Old Daughter

Taliban Beheads British Muslim Red Cross Doctor

Muslim Slaughter Christians In Nigeria

Rosemary’s Baby Muslim Brotherhood Antichrist Faith Adviser

Libyan Oil Minister Found Dead In Danube River

From Dead Dolphins To Now 500 Dead Pelicans On Peru’s Shore

Record April Heat In Moscow

Man Shoots At His Tax Dollars

Gold Price Suppression

SS Trillions Gap



42912 Gleaning

Tom Horn and Christ Putman On Last Pope Prophecy

Sun Sneezes Earth Gets Pneumonia

H5N1 Can Kill Hundreds of Millions of People

Market of  the Beast

Dead Bank Zombies In EU Graveyard

Bank Hit By The People of Syria

Max On ZARDOZ ”The Gun Is Good” Economy

Inverted Totalitarianism

Over 300% U.S. Debt and Over 900% UK Debt

UK Prime Minister Is An Offshore Tax Haven Crook

American Corporate Offshore Tax Haven Company Crooks

Black Market Call

Bad Stats

Government Fascism!

Nigel On EU

Splish Splash Spanish Iliquidity

Spain 24% Unemployment

SS Whore Gate Continues

Iran Threatens New York

U.S. Moves Raptors For Iran–abc-news-topstories.html

Prophetic Sign Two Different Insect Species Mating

Canadian Quake Swarm

Leaky Creepy Pope

42712 Gleaning

Spainish Company To Count American Vote From Overseas

U.S. Companies Create Jobs Overseas Not In America

Speech Given To Chairsatan’s Fed Heads Is A Knockout Punch

Mark of the Beast

No Privacy

Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Banks

Time To Kill

Killing Time

Spain Pain 25% Unemployment


Rosemary’s Baby And His Muslim Brotherhood

Rosemary’s Baby Domestic Drones Against Americans

Prophetic Global Military Against Humans

Prophetic Flu

Dutch Bastards Make Flu Public

Standard Vaccines Cause Autism

Vitamin C Cured Polio

Evil Prophetic Change

State Of Israel Not Liked By U.S. In 1948