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Month: March, 2012

32512 Gleaning

Still No Reaction By U.S. To Saudi Antichrist Call To Destroy All Christian Churches

7.2 Chile Quake

Pole Shift Data Cover Up

6000 Weather Records Broken In March 2012

2001 to 2012 Warmest Decade On Record

Japanese Nuke Plant Rubber Stamp Rage

Lindsey Williams On Alaska Oil and Rosemary’s Baby Treason

Korean Rocket Path

Rosemary’s Baby Korean Nuke Press Conference

Death Nail Of Freedom

Total Information Awareness Fascism

AI Human Trap

Forced Vaccinations

50% Rise of Autism In Last 5 Years

Rosemary’s Baby World Bank Health Care Mark of The Beast Play

Supreme Morons Decide To End Freedom and Independence

Stupid and Corrupt Municipal Morons

New World Order Singularity

40 Weird Facts About U.S.

America College of Delinquents

The Oracle’s Wells Fargo Farce

Martian Mystery Cloud

Isaiah 9:10 Judgement

32412 Gleaning

Omens Of The Apocalypse

Selective Amnesia For Brokers and Murderers and 911 Insider Trading

Falling Down Fed Beast Eats Labor

Shadow Bank Run 2012

Rosemary’s Baby Antichrist Executive Un-Constitutional New World Order

America Now A Complete Fascist Un-Constitutional State

Disagreement With Fascist U.S. Government

Government Buying Up All The Ammo

Americans Are All Terrorists Now

Rosemary’s Baby Fascist Antichrist Rule

T-Moble Censoring Web Killing Freedom

Japanese Camera Scans 36 Million Faces A Second  ://

$1.2 Billion Theft By John Corzine MF Global to JP Morgan

Solar Storms

Deadly Tornadoes,0,6553615.story

Wisconsin Quake Swarm

Quakes Hit Dead Sea

Quakes Hit Saudi Arabia

Quakes Hit Malta

Armenian Quake Swarm

6.1 Biggest Aussie Quake in 15 Years

5.3 Chile Quake

Record Heat

No Spring Prophetic Summer Season

100 Year Flood

Flu Manufactured Beast

North Korean Rocket Launch

Japan Responds To North Korean Rocket

Israel Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Saudi Troubles Rise In Streets

Dutch On HAARP


32312 Gleaning

Greek On Crisis

Roach Killer Funny, too bad it ain’t retail …yet. Lol

Rosemary’s Baby John Corzine Busted

Treasury Secretary Busted

Sold Out Of Guns

Assassination Banker


$8 Gas On Deck

Saudi Great Wal Mart of China Refined

World Bank Rosemary’s Baby Pick Kim

Muslims Destroying War Graves

Idiot Patch


$20 Trillion Dollars Says Iran Event Leads To Mark of The Beast Sealing

Homeless Market

Bat Shit Market Eats The Apple Of Chairsatan’s Eye

Apple Fat BAT

Lehman Mystery Note

Benny and the 911 Jets  Prophetic 2012 Iran War

Iran War Gate

Russians Land In Syria

SWIFT Kick In The Iran Fannie Mae Day War

Iran War Oil

Iran WARning Promise

Ayatollah Wants To Rock and Rollah,7340,L-4205554,00.html

Pattern Violence…

…and the return to Mecca

Israel Loves Iran

U.N. Constitutional Agenda

Lucifer’s Sirius Dogon Star