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Don't Abort the Constitution

Month: March, 2012

32812 Gleaning

Earl Scruggs Died

Bibi Gunning For Tehran and Istanbul

Passover Canceled For IDF,7340,L-4209387,00.html

2 Million o March On Jerusalem

Marchers Decent On Lebanon

Abbas U.N. Bid for Jerusalem

Criminal Global Bankers Hiding $18 Trillion Off Shore

Janet Tavakoli On MF Global

MF Global Hearing

MF Global Witness Takes 5Th

Traders On Chairsatan’s Bond and $100 Billion a Month Government Gap

Issa Says POTUS is a Clear and Present Danger

Pastor Claims Rosemary’s Baby Is The Host of Lucifer and This is the END

Rosemary’s Baby Abortion

U.S. September 2012 Debt Ceiling Sealing of the Beast

911 Insiders Can’t Hide Hiding

Saudi Fool That Want’s To See Muslim and Christian Churches Destroyed

Coming Death of D.C.

Petrus Romanus Rising

Russia Reports On Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s Baby Exposed As Fraud By Sheriff

George Soros Busted By European Court of Human Rights

Jim Kim World Bank U.S. Nominee Connected to Soros

EU Prophetic Strong Delusion The Fix Is In More Debt

Chairsatan’s Prophetic Strong Delusion

Fed Buys 61% of U.S. Labor

Coming Economic Storm

Pending Homes Sales Fall

Home Price Going Bad

2012 Year of the Short Sale

World Run

Burning Man In Italy

Gas Leak From Ocean  Bottom

Portable Nuclear Power

China Syndrome In Japan

Japan Revolts Over Fukushima

Fukushima Fallout Now Higher Than 9 Months Ago

Leaping French Frog Revelation Helping Jordan With Nukes

March 26 2012 Far Side CME Video

911 Elevators

Rand Paul Invokes Constitution On Iran


True Value Of Gold In Ancient Rome And Today


32712 Gleaning

Algo Nova BATS Shit Market SkyNet Take Down

Prophetic Black Horse of Babylon

American Cold Civil War

Celente Goes Off On The Corruption

Max On Muppets

The Great Wal Mart of China Detention Standard

Claiming Human DNA

2012 Signs In The Sun Moon and Stars in Just First Three Months

5 Earths Wide Solar Tornado

Massive Solar CME

Solar Storm Charge

Kaaba Stone Close Shave

Chairsatan Fed Beast Eats U.S. Constitution Sells Out Americans And Labor

American Freedom To Be In Prison

Don’t Trust The Brass

Purpose of Chemtrails

Silence of The Pigs

Gone Postal Again

Rosemary’s Baby The Arrogant Bastard Keeps Digging His Black Hole

Stuxnet Worm Has Turned

The New Nano World Order

Establishing A New World Order

Bleeding Robots–heal-itself.html?ITO=1490

32612 Gleaning

Peter Schiff Outs Chairsatan

Lindsey Williams On Keystone Iran War & Derivative Beast

Only Idiots Buy The Big Fraud News Company Trash Rags

Ron Paul Busts Chairsatan’s Covert Trillion Bailout of ECB

Chairsatan’s Zero Interest Forked Golden Tongue

Iran’s Prophetic Declaration of the Start of Tribulation

Brits To Shut Down Iran’s Press TV

British Labor Strike Against Negative Return On Labor Via Chairsatan’s ZIRP

Nuke Blind

Virginia Nuke Plant Quake Threat ”Unusual Event”

When #4 Fukushima Reactor Melts Japan Dies

Mexico Volcano Venting Threat After 7.4 Quake

The Sinking of Venice Speeds Up 5 Times Faster

Rosemary’s Baby Open Mike Moronic Claim

Congressman Calls Out Rosemary’s Russian Connection

Sold Out Suicide Vampire Squid and Corrupt Moron Mormon Mitt Lying Bastard

First Day of U.S. Supreme Morons Case For Civil War 2012

People’s Case Against U.S. Government Rosemary’s Baby Care

Evidence That American Courts Are Never To be Trusted They Are Just There For The Private Prison Political System of The Beast

Completely Corrupt and Bankrupt U.S. House of Ill Repute

Syrian Intelligence Chief Killed

Tsar Crazy French Frog Exploits The Children He Has Sacrificed

World Religion Graphic

Bill Black On Chairsatan’s Criminal Cabal

Goldman Sucks Suicide Vampire Squid Muppet Master Morons

Chairsatan Throws More of Rosemary’s Baby Human Sacrifice Evil Upon Alter

The Institutional Beast Eats The Human Sacrifice It Was Fed

$221 TRILLION Outstanding Derivative Global Criminal Enterprise Of The Beast

EU Over $10 U.S. Gas Price

Mt Rainier Sign Of Doom

Sea Sign Tsunami Ghost Ship

Werewolf of London Billion Dollar Bark At The Moon

HAL 2012 Prophecy of the Popes and Fulfillment Of The Mark of The Beast

Rosemary’s Baby Land of Kenya Strikes Oil

Lindsey Williams On Rosemary’s Baby Oil Of The Beast

All But One Japanese Nuke Reactors Are Shut Down

Natural Med ”Licorice” Prevents SARS

The U.N. NWO Global Power Play On Global Warming Busted

Election Fraud Against Ron Paul

Proof of Voting Fraud By Witness (flashback)