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Don't Abort the Constitution

Month: March, 2012

33112 Gleaning


2012 Eclipses

Strange X

Pope Innocent X Mark of The Beast

…and the EU Signing Of The Constitution In Rome$2Cgegenw$2Czuk38..jpg

…leading to

Petrus Romanus April 2012

Watching The 2012 Watchers Sky

Sirius Is  The First True Star To Appear Southern Part of Earth Sky In April 2012  At Dusk Sirius Occult Timing Of Lucifer  2012 Masonic Friday 13th End of Unleavened Bread and Passover Turkey Shoot For Iran Ezekiel Prophecy

Star Gate Opening Of Prophetic Black Hole of Iran Event Horizon

Burdensome Stone Ezekiel Afoot As World March To Jerusalem 2012 Rages

911 2112   Coming Down 33.33 Degrees Longitude and Latitude From The Golan  Heights 2012 Nautical Miles From Equator Gathering of U.N. Peace Among Nations and Israel

2012 Rothschild Timing of Greek Gold Mine of the Goldman (g)ods ….Riot Work(s) …and Revelation

Israel and Chairsatan’s Dragon of The Great Wal Mart of China 2012 Iran Prophecy

The Great Wal Mart of China Live Abortion!

The Great Wal Mart of China Aborts Speech Kills Truth On Net

Enter The Dragon In South China Sea

The Pain In Spain Riding The EU Trillion Dollar Crazy Train

$700 Billion Spanish Euro Bomb Blowing Up

Last 6 Months Stocks Up $4 Trillion At ZIRP QE Twist Labor Only $200 Billion

EU Gozillion Black Hole

UK Not OK Chairsatan and the 911 Jets Induced Gas Run 2012 Time Bomb–usa-next

U.S. SkyNet Calls For Private Citizen Drone War Against Government Goons

Rosemary’s Baby Eagle of Lagash Double Agent Zero Interest Beast

Government Insiders Pull A Jobs Bill

Chemical Induced Brakedown Reveals Inner Demon and Cruel Bystander’s Lack of Mercy

Knowledge Of Temptation Revelation of Chairsatan’s Bottomless Pit

2012 Beginning of Tribulation

Enoch Watchers Fallen Angels

French Palace

33012 Gleaning

New World Order

Crashing Like It’s 1929

Rosemary’s Baby Global Tax Prophetic Call

True Hero

French Mass Murderer Was French Asset

Grant Exposes Chairsatan

Scum Of he Earth

450 Criminal Bankers Resign And Try To Hide

Bankers Sacrifice a Million Children A Month To Moloch

Banker Swaps Bankrupt Local Tax Payers

Bank Of America Bank Manager Robs $2 Million From Customers

Failure Rewarded By Sacrificing Elderly and the Young

Medicare and Food Stamps Targeted To Be Cut To Pay For Corruption

$23,580,500 Corrupting Cash For Oil

Greece’n The Skids

Turkey Confiscation of Gold

Rosemary’s Baby Care SCOTUS Update

Falling Mall Bankrupt and Foreclosed!

Fukushima Fallout California Seaweed 500 Times Higher Radio Active

Fukushima Fish of the Sea

Lindsey Williams On Illuminati NWO Plans

Syrian War On Deck

March On Jerusalem Becomes Deadly!

Petrus Romanus

Petrus Romanus Rising

Petrus Romanus Prophecy Fulfillment of False Peace Upon Temple Mount

…and Rosemary’s Baby Antichrist State Inside The Dome Of The Rock

Rosemary’s Baby Iran Back Door

Israel Saying Rosemary’s Baby Has Betrayed Them On Iran,7340,L-4209836,00.html

Bolton On Mr. Lightning

Rosemary’s Baby Sabotages Israel Iran Attack

Surprise You Are Being Spied On By Russians

New Cold War With U.S. and Russia

POTUS The Moron

$17 Trillion Short Fall In Rosemary’s Baby Care

$73 Billion Yearly Cost of British Fraud

British Mayhem Over Gas

More On British Fuel Tanker Strike

Spain Riots–thousands-clash-police-24-hour-general-strike.html#ixzz1qZ1U0u69

Robot Sand Flea Jumps Two Stories

Big Brother Robot AI Eye Patent Behavioral Recognition

Big Brother Breathilizer In All Cars

Rosemary’s Baby NDAA To Squelch Reporters

Government Goons Gunning For Americans

Government Goons Get Bigger

Government Goons Set To Steal Americans Property

Government FDA Goons Allow Poison BPA


Plumes False Fires

Induction Zone Line of Quakes

1.7 Quake Near Lake Anne Nuke Plant Virginia 9hrs ago

1.9 Arkansas 11hrs ago

2.8 Colorado 12hrs ago

3.3 San Diego and Boom

3.4 Utah 11hrs ago

2.6 Wahington 8hrs ago

Booming Sounds|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

H1N1 Going Round

Softball Size Hail Destroys Cars

Peter Schiff On BRIC’s

Throwing BRIC’s At Money Changers

Bulling BRICS From IMF Foundation

BRIC’s New World Order

BRIC’s Summit Shadowed By ”Free Tibet” Protesters

Most Religious States

Life In Space

31912 Gleaning

Hyper Report

Punk Economics

Max On Corruption Backstage Wall Street

Jim Grant On Chairsatan

Chapman Schtick

State Department Says Jerusalem Is Not The Capitol Of Israel

Nuke Target D.C.

Fukushima Reactor 2 To Hot To Access

Fukushima Ten Times Above Lethal Radiation

Blinded By The Light

Suicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China

Spring Counterintelligence

U.S. Government Debt Growing 4 Times Faster Than GDP

ECB Has Lost Control of it’s Prophetic Strong Delusion

UK Falls Into Recession

Brits Strike Panic At Pump

North Sea Fire Ball

BRIC’s Dump Dollar

Mike On Oil China and Fiat Bubble

Lindsey Williams $7 and $8 Oil Dollar Dead by End of 2012

Idiot Rosemary’s Baby Raising The Price of Oil

Rosemary’s Baby Unconstitutional IRS Government Employee Goons

Rosemary;s Baby NDAA Law Suit

Clash of the Spanish Bombs

Spain On Fire

Max On Corruption

FBI Lawless Scum

Tortilla Chip Ahoy

Nukes In The Wind

Strange Fruit

Anchors Away

1 Billion Stars

Global AI Billion Marking Beast

Eye of the Black Hole Black Berry–and-identity-20120328-1vxe1.html

U.S. Special Forces In Land of the Sirius Dogon

Killer Frog

Frogs Ban Monsanto Franken Corn

Legislating Suicide Vampire Squid Great Wal Mart of China Theft

The Great Wal Mart of China Sweatshop For Non Aborted Workers

Suicide Vampire Squids Marked For Death

Prophetic Civil War Chatter

Pesticides Killing The Bees

Bank of America Crime Company

CDC 1 in 88 Kids Have Autism 78% Increase

Baby’s Got A Mercury

Flu Vaccine Born Sleep

DCA Cures Cancer