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Month: February, 2012

22912 Gleaning

Young Dumb That Voted For Rosemary’s Baby Naturally Not Working For The Beast

Shadow Stats ”This is END OF THE WORLD type stuff”

ABC To Air ”Good Christian Bitches”

Peter The Roman Muslim False Prophet and Rosemary’s Baby Are Here

Prophetic Pharmacia 1/2 Trillion EU QE Twisted Banker Dealer Pimp Payday Loan Shark

101 Roaches Lit Up And Running

Tiny Turbo Tim AIG BUSTED Yet He’s Still Treasury Secretary

Chairsatan Caught Red Handed

Ron Paul Outs Chairsatan On Silver As Money Insiders Dump Silver During Questioning

Gold Crashes $100 Down

Chairsatan Caught Being A Bold Face Liar

Team Chairsatan Credit Event Timed With Earthquakes and Iran War

Banker Prison For Americans Who Vote 2 Party

Idiot Americans Robbed By Team Chairsatan To Pay Rent For Their NWO Prison Cell

ALEC Political Slush To Prison Americans And Maintain Power With 501C3 Charity

Another $4 Billion Kick In The American Fannie Mae I Have Another Sir

28% of Americans Are Confirmed Fascists

Here Is The 1% of the 99% A 100% Pathetic Evil Scum That Got The Bailout Bonus

U.S. Government Fascists Slaughter Constitution Free Speech Now A Criminal Offense

$6.66 Gas

The Weakness of Islam Slaughters The Lamb of God

General and a Catholic Vested Interest

UK Politician Resigns After Uttering Prophetic Contempt Sown By Israel Defense Moves

Bibi To Order Rosemary’s Baby To Attack Iran

American Official Word Israel Attack On Iran Will Result In Deaths In The U.S. and Israel

Israel & NWO Team 911 Islamic Terrorist Inside Job Counterintelligence To Defend Israel

Iran’s Latter Rain To Fall On U.S.

Coming NBC Attack

Jews Count On Iran Attack To Spur Temple  Rebuild

Jerusalem Pope and PLO Rope

800 Criminal Banks Issue Their Own Debt On Their Own Failure

Criminal Political Slim Paid For By Jamie Dimon Needs $100K

Staying Alive

Over 12 Deadly Tornadoes Many Hurt Twisters Still On Ground and Running

Blizzard Smashing Into Tornadoes

Dutch Spots Super Ring Around Richmond D.C. Area

Tracking Tornadoes–WVX8&feature=channel_video_title

Forecast Looks Bad

U.S. AG Holder Of Contempt

E Passport Mark of the Beast

Breathless Stealth

Leap Year Day

Earthquake Report Shows Spike Up Japan Hits

22812 Gleaning

9.0 Quake About To Happen Again Pattern Same As Last Year

Quake Update

Tornado Outbreak

Virginia Rejects The Union of Rosemary’s Baby

Paying To Work

$450 Prisoners Fee Americans Exposed As Frauds By U.S. State Department

Debt Prisoners Fee

2012 Economic 911 Inside Job Street Riots On Deck

81 World Bank Resignations

Inside Job Pentagon Papers

Suicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China At War With China

UK Suicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China Busted

Supreme Court To Affirm It’s Fascism Robot And Murder In Their Name

Rosemary’s Baby The Antichrist Liar

”Australian Ethic” of Rosemary’s Baby Abortion

Rosemary’s Baby About To Be Outed 3 PM Thursday

Rosemary’s Baby’s Homosexual Antichrist Military Healthcare Cut

$850,000 A Year Soldier In Afghanistan

$100,000,000.00 More Beef Up For Iran War Budget

Jerusalem and Israel Surrounded Prophecy Coming To Pass

Israel Does Not Care About U.S. Troops Either

Israelis Hate Jews

Japan Murdering Fukushima Reporters

London Burning

African Swine Flu Kills In Russia

Three Who See Economic Doom

Harold FEMA Camping

Venus Jupiter and the Moon

5 Solar Eruptions In 2 Days


Golden Persian Calf of the Suicide Vampire Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China

$ 200 Oil

DOW 13000 Close Silver Spike

Christian Tomb In Israel

Prophetic Crop Report

Lucifer’s 2012 Host Occult Debt Ceiling April 7, 23:00 hour, April 8, under the Novus Ordo Seclorum Fed Fiat Debt Note Seal of Zero Interest Rate Policy, 2011 Zero Hour White House Speech And August 23, 2011 Post Earthquake That Permanently Shut Down The 666 Obelisk

Tom Blows The Prophetic  Horn

2012 On The Horn

Hi Ho Slv CDS Indices

Inside Job (economic crisis)

Public Banking

American Debt Crisis


2012 July 11