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Month: August, 2011

82311 Gleaning

Just had earthquake in DC 5.9

Virginia Nuke Plant Shuts Down

Picture of plant shows center of quake next to plant

Report that the Evil Phalic may have titlted

Wraths Child :


Hurrican Irene Headed for Cat 4

29,000 North Korean Homes lost in floods

National Debt Growing $3 Million a minute

Bank of America has Zero Cash

JP Morgan Takeover of BAC

4 Week Action ZERO

2011 worst year for home sales

Pandemonium’s Engine   <<<Transhuman/Everyone MUST SEE THIS VIDEO

Illuminati Take Over U.N. Sustainable Development Agenda 21

5.3 Quake in Colorado

Broken Market

QE3 strikes and the Dollar is DEAD!

Sri Lanka Grease Devil ?


Sad and Ugly Reality of Chairsatan’s BTFD Cup of Fornication

Pole Position

U.S. Threatens Egypt over Israel Peace Agreement

Interesting White House Insider take, sounds bad.

Rosemary’s Baby’s Alias scrub from Web

World Trade Center 7

Trubulation Trigger

Texas caught hiding radiation

 91111 7 Reasons for it to happen

Creating Lone Wolf

1 in 4 hacks FBI?

82211 Gleaning

America looks sooo Pathetic and totally corrupt

Gold above $1900

Blankfreak Goldman Hires Gun GS goes Down

BoA Black Hole

FBI looking dumber every day

Pathetic Bin Laden Gubermint Bullshit

Where were they on 911?

Comet Elenin quake

74% Nuke Plant Shutdown in Japan

Japan Strong Quake

Powerful 7.0+ Quakes hit

7.5 quake

6.2 Sumatra

Christchurch aftershocks

Markopolos On Pension Rippoff

Busted Bank

1.2 Trillion Secret Criminal Private Fed Banks Loot Labor

Euro Dry

The Hell Bound Idiot Maxine Waters

Maxine Proving To Be A Corrupt Idiot

Fukushima Reality

China Sees Sea Syndrome

Libyan’s take Green Square

Mexican Mark of The Beast Fear

Ezekiel Prophecy

ZARDOZ Crystal

Laser Nuke

Mayan 2012

Celente on Coast to Coast expect the unexpected


81911 Gleaning

Strong Delusion of Private Fed Criminal Bankers

Get Ready For Armageddon

Global Selloff

Swan Dive

IBM First Brain Chips

Alligator Chicken

6.5 quake in Japan

Fukushima Kids exposed

 Korea Seoul-less 6.2% CRASH

GOLD RECORD now at $1877


Elenin This guy has scary stuff to say about it …and he’s a New Age Antichrist freak

Israeli Iron Dome Shoots Down Rockets,7340,L-4110902,00.html

Mexican Trucks Free To Bring Into U.S. Containers Full of Drugs, Nukes, Bio Weapons, whatever, it’s just business. Devalue Labor, another bonus.

Paul Krugman’s Chinese Mothership

Million Year Life Span of Transhuman