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Don't Abort the Constitution

Month: August, 2011

82611 Gleaning

Once In A 1oo Million Year Event Super Massive Black Hole Eats Star

Closest Super Nova In 25 Years

10,000 Earth Tremors On German Czech Border

New Moon Affects Hurricane Irene

Crazy Ahmadinejad Wants To Destroy Israel

Fukushima Now Equal With 168 Hiroshima Bombs

BP Oil Well Leaking Still

Bomb Blast At U.N. Building

Tibetan Monk Set Himself On Fire Protesting China’s Evil Rule

End Of Qaddafi,9

Nanex HFT NWO Bust

Chuck Busts Banks

Sino Forest Busted

Max Myotonic Markets


Hospital Chip Tatoo

Poor Young And Dumb Killers Sent By Morons

GlaxoSmithKline Killer Flu Vaccine

Vaccine Kills

Dutch Irene Scene

Food Inflation and Riot Maps

Trapped In A World Based On The Offer of Temptation

Lee Harvey Oswald Was CIA



82511 Gleaning

German Sellout Leaked

Military now conducting largest ever WMD Drill

Warning of Dirty Bomb

Dutchsinse on Hurricane Irene

Conspiracy Fact and the Enemy of Truth

Thermosphere Collapse

EU Keeps Ban on Truth

Buffet Buys Moral Hazard Throws Labor on Flaming Alter of Moloch

Massive Housing Rippoff To Begin Government Gives Hedge Fund Political Slush Gold–but-not-for-you.html

Robo Battle


Bank of NY Busted For Robbing Pension Funds

CBO Fails To Put Forth Real Number Again Deficit At 1.3 Trillion They Say, more like 1.5

German President Calls Globalists Criminal,1518,782171,00.html

DAX Flash Crash

Greek 2 year bond at Crazy

Payless Short Term Play Labor’s Black Hole

Bionic Human Circa 2011


Faber Says Hide Gold Outside of U.S.

Ravens Swarm and Kill Lamb–going-on.html

Dutchsinse on 7.0 6.2 several 5’s

82411 Gleaning

Tom Horn On Occult Cryptography

Criminal CME Leaks Margin Hike and Crashes Gold by -$100 in a day

Steve Jobs Resigns

Volume of Contempt

The Great Wal Mart of China Graven Image of King on the Mall

Executive Branch Aborts Life For The Great Wal Mart Of China

Max on Krugman’s Alien Invasion

Gold Margin Hike BTFD Cup of Fornication

Twisting Dark Pool of Corruption

Libya’s WMD Threat Call,7340,L-4113076,00.html

6.8 quake in Peru

6.1 Vanuatu

5.1 quake Sandwich Island

Hurricane Irene Cat 3

Cracks In The World’s Largest Occult Phalic In D.C.

Virginia Quake

USGS Warns Quake Is A Forshock

Quake Update

WAMU FDIC $10 Billion Charge

Bear Sterns Sold Illegal RMBS

Home Prices Fall 5.9%

67,000 job cuts by Banks


Transhuman Wave

World Record Pulse Magnet Achieved

Pentagon Quake Nightmare

Twin Birth Rate Rise

Invisibility Cloaking