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WAR & Imminent Demonstrative Detonation

911 The Inside Job

It is written, this is the last generation, all the signs are now upon us which declare this defining fact. There are three majors confirmations of this. (1) (2) { Jerusalem (defines Israel restored as a nation) is the ”key” point of order”} (3) >>>THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED YET>>> …but when you hear that the prophetic false peace with Israel and the nations is sealed two witnesses shall confirm the time at hand.

General Albert Pike’s Three World Wars

Occult Antichrist Masonic U.N.Sealed Hosts, served by their compartMENTAL- security force, letting you know they are about to demonstrate the power of  their (WMD) claim of dominion and contempt for our Father in Christ >>>standing fast and doing no harm. Nuclear Tipping Point >>>

911 10 years to the day and the same day Comet Elenin will be at it’s closest point to the Sun, { funny video> ) (even the Mayan, Aztec etc… describe the time of entering the ”dark rift” at this point/October 2011 on the way to 12/21/12 solar galactic center point ) as the global financial debt crisis has set up the prophetic ”want” of Babylon (which is all nations and Israel) with the military forces posted as a result of 911 etc…, all will combine for the proper ”terror” event(s) (AKA Ritual Timed Slaughter, defined by Lucifer knowing his time is short) that will lead to the prophetic false peace agreement with Israel and the nations, which ends up broken after 3 1/2 years, before all hell breaks loose and the mark of the beast system (which is now perfectly in position as a result of the mark of debt forced upon labor due to corruption within the global New World Order  ”borderless” market system ) that has sealed all whom accept the mark of the beast currency of debt established by the leaders of the nations given the prophetic strong delusion, because they do not love the Truth .

666 and Mark of the Beast is simple to understand once you know the actual historic reality of the time of the prophet Daniel and the global reality in Revelation. The Book of Daniel defines 666 ( counterweight >> >> ) based on the ”want” of Babylon which defined the corrupt market reality of the City of Babylon the night of the writing on the wall.

The night of the writing on the wall, when Babylon was captured, a 150 year prophecy was fulfilled. Cyrus (the anointed) spent years outside the walls of the city with his army. They dug and diverted the Euphrates River water that ran under the walls and then they were able to enter the city. Cyrus is another image of the will of our Father in Christ because, all the nations are describe as having become (corrupt) drunk like the King of Babylon and the people of the City of Babylon the night they were partying because they felt so secure behind the walls of the city, even though they ”knew”  there was an army outside. Everyone now ”knows” (because the news of Christ has been preached throughout the whole world now) when Christ comes to get rid of the same corrupt reality, that is now global, it shall be a macro fulfillment of the micro reality of  what happened in the past, when the corrupt Kingdom ruled from the City of Babylon in the Middle East, after Babylon captured Israel and destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. By the way, the people and King of Babylon were drinking from the stolen Temple Cups. It is worth to note, the ”Cup of Fornication” holds the ”wine of wrath” and the laborers of the harvest represent the people suffering. The wine is the symbol of that brutal reality of global corruption as it did with Babylon.  The scale cup, which holds the (tax/Kings inflated and corrupt tribute) counterweight aslo defines that sad mark of contempt and corrupt market reality now upon us, the last generation.

Note: For some ”very strange” reason ??? this page is now missing a very interesting portion ( great historic relevance and significance) of a paragraph that was once there. The part that is now gone, for some unknown reason (that begs to question how and why), would have continued on to explain that 666-686 kedels was the counterweight amount for the years worth of tax people had to pay. If you go to the right hand bar to move down  the page, move the bar about an inch from the top to find that small part where you see 666-686 kedels Pretty wild, I found this paper because It seemed so obvious to me that the 666 and Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin (Numbered Numbered Weighed and Divided) meant the same thing. I was inspired to do a search on ancient counter weights from Babylon (Mesopotamia/Middle East region), back when I found this on the net in 2004, because of what I saw in the market at the time. I was so poor, even though I was working, it was easy to see how (my own) wages were getting devalued, by the corrupt government that hired me, to the point where I could not afford to own one of the cheapest one bedrooms you could find. When I bought it it was cheaper to own than the $510 a month studio I rented before I bought it. When I sold it the mortgage was more expensive than that $510 place and the profit gain when I was forced out of my home by the market, amounted to a net yearly gain twice the amount of my yearly net pay. Revelation comes to the poor, like a stranger entering the Eye Of The (Space) Needle and finding gold (a testimony) at the end of a Rainbow. lol < <inside joke

Spiritually, at this very hour, the sealing of the Saints is ending (because time is short, meaning, the physical time for developing the foundation for the people that are not ”unbecoming” is now at the end, just before the 7 year tribulation starts) and also for the people that do not accept the mercy of our Father in Christ during  3 1/2 years after the prophetic false peace with Israel and the nations is fulfilled.

If 91111 does go ”off”,  40 days from now, the way it looks like it has been set up:

with the timing of the last generation defined by the prophetic fulfillment of Jerusalem restored in 1967 to Israel on Yom Kippur (right at end of 120 50 year Jubilee’s …on the Day of Atonement and Jerusalem’s 50 year anniversary etc…)   …and with the image of the New World Order global market and security system ….as the starting point of the New Age occult prophetic time of 2012 is fulfilled…

(which fits the Bible image of timing and description of Lucifer rising within the human host that would obviously be sitting in the U.N. Security Council Chair while being the U.S. President in charge of the most powerful military, in position around Israel, able to seal the false peace with all nations and Israel etc…)

…expect the WMD event that fits the timing (>>2011<<-12 or 13ish) to lead to a person  like someone given a ”Pre-Emptive” Nuclear Non-ProLIFEration Nobel Peace Prize, somebody that already UN-Constitutionally sat in the U.N.Security Council Chair as President of the United States, whom is a White Black Muslim Christian Pro-Abortion Homosexual Marriage defender that still accepts torturing people like the Skull & Bones freak before him etc…

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