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…so long.

WordPress (.) Minimalist Dot World O’Fun



……………………The Dot…………………………

………….so defining and ummm there……………

……….genius abounds within cloud fare…………….

.like trash become art on display at the county fare.

look, it’s a Dot!, it must be modern art dwelling here

…call the Smithsonian, they must be made aware…



…and the ”Bug” says shhhhhhh

_________________________________  .  ___

Definitely Being Censored By A ”Bug” Which Is Just Normal ”Do To Updating On WordPress” Function Loss Remains Unresolved From 7/22/14 Up To Current 7/30/14 ”Normal” On WordPress At This Point Is ”Broken” To Hell With WordPress

Unable to post links normally from 7/22/2014 – up to current date 7/30/14


WordPress persons declare issue requires longer fix…

7/28/14 Update: WordPress persons report, it’s not a bouncing baby boy, it’s not Superman, it’s a ”BUG”!

7/29/14 Update: ”Bug” is reportedly just the normal result of ”changes” and will be resolved in a few more days.

7/30/14 As usual, some chat window comes up and some WordPress person responds when you type a question. They always claim at first that they do not know about the fact that there has been a ”sudden loss of ability to copy paste and post links and text as usual”. At this point that response is beyond unprofessional and wholly unacceptable, AKA just typical modern service from fast food flunky town in the prefab world of WordPress. Lol. Oh well. Today the response had a link to help with the sudden loss of normal paste and post ability. Lol, of course you can’t paste and post the link to show it, lol, so if you click on this dot—>.,<–you can open up that page. Lol.

Testing the Dot:

In other words, the failure of the Fed’s policies has generated unwelcome political blowback. A few brave politicos have interrupted their campaign fund-raising long enough to grasp that the Fed has not just failed in some random fashion: the Fed is the problem, not the solution.

As a refresher, here is the Fed’s Balance Sheet, bloated with over $3 trillion of freshly created money that was mainlined into the financial system:

So the WordPress ”dot” copy paste post ”test page window” has resolved the ”sudden loss of ability to copy paste and post as usual” …but now there is a new thing to click on in order to get the link or text to appear on the page. Could this be the cause of the sudden loss of normal copy paste and post  function all along? Who the hell knows?

At this point frustration and disappointment has overcome the desire to post anything ever again on WordPress. The excuses offered? …not buying that bullshit. When you pay and lose it isn’t the customer that lost alone, everyone lost because WordPress lost it, and that fact is something that shall always remain as a record at this point. You don’t get away with bad service do to not fixing something that broke you. Lol, unless you are a delusional antichrist moron that votes for the two party 666 at zero interest and robbing, murdering etc… people/yourself is the new world order of your day. To be certain, that is the prophetic ”time is short”. Lol. In any case, it looks like 2014 is turning rotten and posting links on this site will not happen because WordPress is what it is. That is all… How’s that for ”sudden loss”?

It has been observed, as of the past few weeks, there has been and are continuing strange disruptions on the net in general. Things like ”live streaming” disruption have been observed etc… and there has been an instance of  network disruption(s) which do support WP persons descriptions of ”issues”. These ”issues” may imply cause for ”sudden disruption” do to WP claims of ”changes” that have resulted in the penalty of sudden loss of regular order as a result of ”good effort(s)” to maintain order. Without clear explanation(s) however, speculation abounds within purgatory. Lol…

…the desire to delete this post is overwhelming. Lol. It will be a pleasure to do just that, hopefully sooner than later.

Do to ”sudden” loss of ability to post links as before, for some ”strange and unknown reason”, it is not known when or if the ability to post will be restored. WordPress stopped allowing this site to paste the links to sites. What WordPress ”suddenly” only allows to function is typing a letter first and linking into that. So now posting the gleaning portion that would inspire people to open up and read the entire site link, or being able to see a video link on this page and as a result be inspired to watch it etc…. that has been terminated without warning and the excuse for it was not offered until their new intrusive chat window opened up and contact happened in order to find out why censorship has taken place. The word ”censorship” being the best word to describe the sudden loss of ability that was once present and is no longer  provided. It may be true, that the WordPress explanation for this is do to changes WordPress has initiated without prior notice, or the sudden loss without prior notice is focused in a manner that allows other WordPress pages to function normally and not this page because of a reason or cause that has not been explained properly, which implies censorship due to technical cause and reason beyond the understanding offered. This ”speculation” is a consequence of the prolonged and continuing loss of regular order.

Conclusion: Things may be heating up to a new degree?

Update: WP persons claim site modification(s) and net issues behind sudden loss of usual ability to post links. It is unknown if or when issue shall be resolved and normal functions restored to usual working order. As a result of the WP ”new order” there really isn’t much reason to try to provide inspiring thought provoking links to sites etc…, so, until ”order is restored” making it easy for people isn’t going to happen. Lol, Oh well, seeing no issues on other WP sites currently ”still able to post links normally” the ”issue ”of being able to post links ”as usual” is obviously a bit beyond strange.

WordPress did not provide any prior notice of possible ”impending or certain” disruption. Prior to disruption a ”new window appeared ” that allowed conversation with WordPress persons. That was the first new an unusual WordPress ”sudden” feature change. Contact with WordPress persons was made on their new chat window that appeared within the page as a result of the loss of normal working order about a week after the WordPress chat window showed up and contact was made shortly after the censorship/ regular order was disrupted and the explanations were offered in response. There seems to be a lack of care and professional courtesy that does not reflect the excellence that was very much appreciated prior to the disruption. Pardon The Truth is Not a Choice, it seems the new WordPress censorship/sudden loss of regular order (Lol) …attention to this page is ”not good”. Lol. Lets hope the explanations provided by WordPress persons is not as lacking as the lack of prior warning/notice of possible disruption due to ”changes” and ”net issues” … and that order is restored. Lingering speculation is obviously warranted. Hopefully the penalty of loss will end, however, it’s not looking good as the days continue to pass by unresolved.

Regardless, it has been a pleasure and privilege to be able to make an effort to lighten the load for persons. Standing fast, waiting, and as always trying  to provide some direction to good sites and info etc… and trying to continue to lighten the load.

…until resolution, in the name of our Father in Christ fear not.

False Flag Warning?




_?_ October 8, 2014 Feast Of Trumpets (2nd of Tetrad) Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

__________?__________ October 19, 2014 Comets Siding Spring Mars ”Near” Impact.

? Iran Deadline set for November 24, 2014

Harbinger  September 28, 2015 Feast Of Trumpets (Last Blood Moon Of Tetrad, ending 6000 years from Adam, 120 50 year Jubilee Cycle ; as last 50 year Jubilee ends, which began during the last Tetrad which started when Jerusalem was restored to Israel in 1967 fulfilling the ”Last Generation” prophecy. (Conclusion: The start of Tribulation will be confirmed in 2014, or 2015 at the latest based on current analysis)

Considering: The market and geopolitical pieces (see Gog etc…) have been perfectly set up to play out in time with the prophetic revelation {scriptures in the Bible}, the new Iran deadline and current Israeli action combined with the Sunni Shia Muslim Mahdi conflagration timed with the Islamic end time prophecies which call for tribulation also, there is now 100% certainty that the Tribulation period shall be underway before 2016. It will not be surprising to see a Weapon Of Mass Destruction Event in a place like …New York City or D.C. occur as a means to establish the prophetic ”covenant with many” any time now within the next 4 months based on current intelligence analysis of the news events in light of the scriptural context reality measured to Israel and Jerusalem.

JimGiveYuhTheWillies ees s

AndNobodyLeavesTownNow <–State Department Slimeball  claims system went down after maintenance.

V   sPropheticPlaguesOutOfControl (prophetic tribulation plague(s) appearing right on time)

…as in the days of Noah, hmmm. Looks like live tissue in T Rex ”fossils”, lol, isn’t the only issue that must be suppressed and censored by the evil lying Hell bound NWO agenda morons >>>Hello<<<


Side Note: …effort(s) to direct persons to thought provoking and inspiring links, and sites, shall never ever be motivated for the sake of any kind of gain(s) or anything having to do with junk like that. The thought is repulsive (Lol …at zero interest come on) at this point. There is no case for providing any support that prolongs the current criminal governments of the nations and Israel that have established the foundation of the prophetic Antichrist image of the beast currently devouring the required principle rate of return needed to sustain labor and peaceful general order. The devouring reality of the borderless criminal market fueled by debt marked and sealed upon this generation is terminal. There is no case for anyone to defend or provide any support to a lethal environment established in contempt of the whole of the law confirmed by the sustaining mercy fulfilled by our Father in Christ. It is ”Antichrist” to preserve protect or attempt to defend the criminal standard that requires the slaughter of Saints and man as the means an attempt to sustain and maintain the false claim of dominion upon Earth. The current corrupt global standard requires daily satanic ritual human slaughter upon the alter of the Earth, as it has been established from the fall of Lucifer, and the reality of the prophetic rate by which power consumes flesh shall only increase as the time is shortened for the sake of the elect.

Considering the now ”presumed” freedom of speech and thought, separation from any such thing (the unbecoming beast) is considered required in light of the current criminal standard of the entire global reality. The idea that gains etc… may constitute some government goon the ability to survive as a result of generating gain(s) etc… is on par with the mark of the beast at this point. The pathetic beast does not eat here. Lol. The day that this page no longer exists will be a great and terrible day.

That day looks like it’s extremely close (just a few more years) at this point, considering all the insanity happening now, and if people consider the prophetic revelation(s) now being fulfilled, there is no doubt that this generations time is certainly beyond short. Be of good cheer, stand fast and do no harm. Remember to keep The Sabbath Day Holy sealed in Christ, and keep your heart filled with good intent and just cause. Keep looking up.

and the Finale …lol don’t forget to laugh.



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