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“Actually, it’s impossible for anyone to see the truth, the true face of Hamas and then leave. As you saw in my case, you have to lose everything just to say no to Hamas. Today, when I see the children in Gaza and know what they are fed, I know they have no choice,”

Former Idiot Of The Bastards ”(g)od has no Son” of Hamas Become Christian Convert Sealed Saint: Their Goal is Not Only To Annihilate Israel

When I say demons can’t stand water, I am talking about the Holy Spirit! Every demon in hell knows that water in the Bible represents God’s Spirit. And they know that since Jesus is now bodily with the Father, their arch enemy is His Spirit – and wherever He abides, they must flee! They can’t stand the water of the Holy Ghost – in you, in the church or in the world. And the sea that the swine were driven into was a type of the Holy Spirit! This was to serve as an object lesson to all succeeding generations. Yet dryness represents one who is void of the Spirit of God. Dry places are a type of spiritless people – God’s Spirit does not dwell in them. David said, “The rebellious dwell in a dry land” (Psalm 68:6). This is true of the believer who has neglected the Lord: he has become “dry,” empty of all things of God. And dead, dry churches and Christians become the dwelling places of unclean spirits. Demons roam about them, looking for rest – because dryness opens one up to demonic harassment.

Scripture Clearly Warns That in These Last Days The Earth Will Be Invaded By a Mad Devil! Right now, Satan and his armies of unclean spirits are pouring out their demonic fury on mankind: “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time” (Revelation 12:12). Already we’re seeing the evidence of this:

Held in the desert Burning Man has at its centerpiece a symbolic human sacrifice. Much like the cremation of care ceremony at the Bohemian grove. Unlike Bohemian grove its witchcraft for the masses.

I thought of Eco’s book last week when I read the WSJ’s breathless article about the San Diego County pension fund (SDCERA), Salient Partners, and the use of … gasp! … “leverage” and “derivatives” as part of Salient’s recommended allocation strategy. In terms of public Narrative, the words “leverage” and “derivative” have become so mushy and ill-used that they have lost almost all meaning except as a weapon, as a tool to cast doubt on someone’s motives, competency, and ethics. It’s the modern equivalent of accusing someone of witchcraft or heresy, and it’s what status quo institutions and their apologists have done for centuries with insurgent ideas. They use language – or rather, they intentionally misuse language – to paint the insurgent idea as heretical. It’s like Dana Carvey’s Church Lady interviewing someone on Saturday Night Live, only with the tagline shifted from “Could it be … Satan?” to “Could it be … Leverage?”.

Leverage, Derivatives, And The Heresy Of Opposing The ‘Status Quo Institutions’

The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.

Revelation 13

The ultimate goal: to create a machine that thinks the same way we do — one that learns, dreams, adapts to its environment and develops a memory and a personality as it grows up — just like a human baby.

“That means almost giving it some sort of digital life force, so you’re trying to put a soul into the machine,” Sagar said.

“The really long-term goal of where we’re going is to make an electronic consciousness,” Sagar said.

Baby-Faced Artificial Intelligence Program Tries to Channel an Infant’s Brain 

Researchers then conducted a similar experiment in which thoughts were successfully transmitted from two participants, one in Spain and one in France.

Scientist transmits message using brain waves

Big data is not a new concept but technologists are increasingly interested in finding new ways that these mountains of data can be read and interpreted.

Artificial intelligence is about to outpace human ability, according to Dave Coplin, a senior Microsoft executive. Computers will not only be able to undertake complex mathematical equations but draw logical, nuanced conclusions, reducing the need for human interference, he said.

666 Robots will soon make Antichrist bankers — and many more jobs now done by Antichrist humans — totally redundant, expert says

“Everyone thinks of Terminator and Skynet when I start talking about this, but technology affords us a tremendous opportunity to play to our strengths as humans, and stand on the shoulders of robotic giants,” said Mr. Coplin.

Microsoft is an active participant in this field of research. It recently trialled a new feature for Skype, its voice over IP service, which allows users to select a language and translates their speech in real-time.

Now we know why these flash crashes happen. Now we know how it is that super-massive orders and trades have wrought havoc on the markets – running stops and clearing everyone and everything on the other side out in quantities that surpassed the sizes of any possible private market participant. Central banks. You people are trying to trade against someone with an infinite supply of money.

There is no acid-trip rabbit hole deep enough to match the depths of insanity that have now been plumbed.

A key indicator of risk the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, or VIX often known as the investor fear gauge, closed last week at 12.05 points, only three points from a record low..

The level of margin debt that traders are using to buy shares in the stock market reached the highest levels on record, according the latest data from the New York stock exchange. US traders borrowed $460bn from banks and financial institutions to back shares, and once cash and credit balances held in margin accounts of $278bn is subtracted this left net margin debt of $182bn in July Traders are now more exposed to a fall in share prices than at the height of the dot-com bubble at the turn of the century, and just before the financial crisis during the 2007 peak.

In the UK the FTSE 100 hasn’t climbed as high as the US stock markets. The Footsie closed last week at 6,820, still some way short of the record 6,951 reached on December 30, 1999. As we approach those levels it is worth keeping in mind how far we could fall..

In fact the anatomy of the 1929 crash is worth reviewing. It started with the Dow Jones Industrial average hitting its peak on September 3. The stock market then started to fall two days later, there was no panic and no crash throughout the whole of September and early October just stock prices failing to make a move higher. It was on October 24, or Black Thursday, that the market finally fell apart dropping sharply before recovering strongly into the end of the day. The seeds of doubt had been sown and over the weekend investors decided they wanted to get out. When the markets opened on October 28, or Black Monday, there was more sustained selling and no recovery. The collapse culminated in the worst day in stock market history recorded on Black Tuesday October 29, when fear gripped the markets and the lack of any buyers resulted in share prices dropping through the floor.

The Dow Jones hit a record high of 17,154 last week and the S&P 500 has also gone above 2,000 for the first time ever. If investors do start to sell it will be into a thin market. US stock-market volume averaged 5.3bn a day in August, compared with a mean of 6.3bn in the first seven months, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Spectre of 1929 crash looms over FTSE 100 as traders take on record debts

Second quarter growth data released in August showed the Japanese economy shrank an annualized 6.8 percent, the largest contraction since the first quarter of 2011 when the economy was hit by the impact of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Why Japan’s economy is stuck in ‘no man’s land’

as bids and offers crossed…

Today, as Americans celebrate Labor Day, the liquidity-less market for spot gold just dropped $6, ripped back and settled lower in the space of a few minutes (with bids and offers fully crossed for a few minutes) as someone clearly forgot to tell the machines that the market is closed…

Makes perfect sense…

Unrigged markets for all… because nothing says “Sell Gold into an illiquid market” like NATO preparing to launch an offensive against Russia who ‘everyone’ now cliams is fully invading Ukraine…

Deja Vu – Someone Tell The Gold-Manipulating-Machines The Market’s Shut 

The United States will never employ first strike options so long as NWO 666 Team 911 Obozo The POTUS Clown is the Commander-In-Chief. The United States is being set up for defeat.

The next article will explore Obozo’s past and present communist affiliations and how every action he has taken, since becoming the President, has served to undermine the American people and American military might. The Obozo 911 treason quotient is precisely why, one cannot accurately predict the course of World War III.

NWO 666 Team 911 Obozo The POTUS Clown “Loyalties” Makes the Course of WW III Impossible to Accurately Predict Beyond Scripture

Now, the State Department interim rule just raised the fee for renunciation of U.S. citizenship to $2,350 from $450. Critics note that it’s more than twenty times the average level in other high-income countries. The State Department says it’s about demand on their services and all the extra workload they have to process people who are on their way out.

U.S. Hikes Fee To Renounce Citizenship By 422% Proving The Increasing Cost Of Escaping From ”Freedom”

With global tax reporting and FATCA, the list of the individuals who renounced is up. For 2013, there was a 221% increase, with record numbers of Americans renouncing. The Treasury Department is required to publish a quarterly list, but these numbers are under-stated, some say considerably.

^^^When getting rid of the evil bastards destroying the nation is impossible, and a lawless government has robbed you and paid bonuses to themselves for having done so etc.. people will seek salvation outside of the nation state prison. Lol, now the escape cost proves the reality of the trend increase and the smart people that are able, and can pay as a result, are leaving a condemned nation that still has the gaul to claim it represented freedom liberty and justice for all. LMAO. Not hardly. Bring US your tired fools to replace the lovers of freedom and independence able to flee America, Babylon.

Of course you know this means war, lol, and now you see the wardens point of order. Only a ”New World Order” 666 borderless mark of the beast will do. Now even a willful blind fool can see what the ”NWO” is truly about, lol, the U.N.Becoming U.N.American. Certainly the New Secular Order Crypto Fascist Vote 2 Party 666 Fed Beast Government ISIS Antichrist.

NY Christian Farm Owners Will No Longer Host Any Wedding Ceremonies After Fined $13K for Refusing Lesbian Ceremony

Last month, Judge Migdalia Pares ordered that the Giffords must abide by the state anti-discrimination regulations and pay a $10,000 fine along with $1,500 each to McCarthy and Erwin.

^^^Case closed. Not only is the American Federal Government Antichrist, New York proves that fact again. In a country where the penalty for being independent defines paying a fine to prove not being free but alive because you would rather remain in the prison called America instead of being murdered by government employees that must sustain the NWO 666 at the expense of individual freedom liberty and life. There is no cause for ay Saint to remain under the tyranny of the American NWO 666. That is the sad prophetic reality of the last generation. The prophetic revelation description, Sodom and Egypt, well define Jerusalem ”and” Washington D.C. are confirmed Antichrist  and lost cities of Babylon now. There isn’t a shadow of doubt.

Petra said it is almost impossible for any family to fight “the powerful German state” because “it is too much, too expensive.”

HSLDA’s Director for Global Outreach, Michael Donnelly, had a mixed reaction to the judgment.

“We welcome this ruling that overturns what was an outrageous abuse of judicial power,” he said. “The lower court decision to take away legal custody of the children essentially imprisoned the Wunderlich family in Germany. But this decision does not go far enough. The court has only grudgingly given back custody and has further signaled to local authorities that they should still go after the Wunderlichs with criminal charges or fines.”

German Homeschoolers Win Custody of Their Kids, But Neo (Nazi) Secular Fascist Court Order Still Calls it Abuse of Parental Authority

“While we no longer fear that our children will be taken away as long as we are living in Hessen, it can still happen to other people in Germany,” Dirk went on to say. “Now we fear crushing fines up to $75,000 and jail. This should not be tolerated in a civilized country.”

UK Social Worker Given Diversity Training After Exposing Pakistani Sex Ring

In her investigation, Jay found numerous social workers who said that they were told to avoid mentioning the race and ethnicity of the predators. The whistle-blower said that after she sent her report to the Home Office and the Rotherham Council, her office was broken into and her records were stolen.“They’d gained access to the office and taken my data, so out of the number of filing cabinets there was one drawer emptied and it was emptied of my data,” she told the BBC.

“It had to be an employee of the council.”

The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, came forward a week after a disturbing report released by Prof. Alexis Jay who found that at least 1,400 girls were groomed for sex between 1997 and 2013.

In her investigation, Jay found numerous social workers who said that they were told to avoid mentioning the race and ethnicity of the predators.

Former CIA agent and Obama critic Jim Garrow arrested in Canada

I showed it to my son in law and low and behold he turned it and me in to the local police. I now know how the Nazis got collaborator jews like George Soros to turn in his own people. 4 different charges have been filed against me and I spent the last 5 hours locked in a jail cell..

Asian Property Prices Are Falling “As If There’s A Global Financial Crisis” 

And The Best Performing Asset In August Was…

Why? Because Brazil just entered a recession. Perhaps the reason why the joke that global thermonuclear war will send futures limit up is funny, is because it’s true…

According to reports, the Palestinian Authority will delay their applications to the UN Security Council and international organizations if an agreement is reached within four months.

According to Palestinian sources, Kerry cancelled his visit to the region due to lack of progress in talks

The Washington War Party’s politicians and talking heads, including President Obama, need to shut up about the ISIS “threat to the West” because they created this Terrorist Army from Hell.

Everything that is happening, from the created ISIS threat to the threat of nuclear war with Russia to the unfettered illegal alien invasion across the southern border of the U.S., makes perfect sense if the goals are the elimination of national borders, massive population reduction, and control of the world’s assets.

The most important takeaway for anyone concerned about these concurrent crises is that, despite all the Kubuki theater outrage, none of today’s crises would be possible except for bi-partisan support from the political and banking establishment. The planning horizon employed is long term and the pursuit of objectives remains consistent over decades.


The question is – is this an explicit call for US to protect them more… or else… or just more posturing to stir the populist vote for more war…?

Of course, this is quote ironic given the Saudi’s funding of various terror groups throughout the region.

Saudi King Warns ISIS “Will Reach Europe In One Month, US In Two”

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has warned that the West will be the next target of the jihadists sweeping through Syria and Iraq, unless there is “rapid” action.

“If we ignore them, I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month,” he said in remarks quoted on Saturday by Asharq al-Awsat daily and Saudi-backed Al-Arabiya television station.

Saudi king warns West will be jihadists’ next target 

^^^LMAO. Oh really …eh hum. Siriusly? …as if everyone doesn’t know exactly what is going on at this point. The so called kings and leaders of the nations would do well to remain silent right about …now. Their place in Hell is certain. Every time they open their mouth that prophetic fact is confirmed.

For centuries Antichrist Muslim pilgrims have made their way to Mecca in order to visit and kiss the Kaaba Stone idol – attached  to a black granite cubed (Borge Like) building the Antichrist muslims claim was built by Abraham, around which al-Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque, is built, and towards which every Muslim faces when they pray.

This pilgrimage, or hajj, is a Antichrist religious duty that has to be carried out at least once in a Antichrist lifetime.

Many go on to make their way to the nearby city of Medina to pay their respects at the Antichrist false rophet’s tomb.

Saudis risk new Muslim Antichrist division with proposal to move Antichrist Mohamed’s tomb

^^^Will this spark the Antichrist muslim Shia Sunni prophetic war defined in their scriptures which says they are about to do battle in Medina and Mecca just prior to their Antichrist Mahdi is suppose to show up? No doubt, as we now see, everything has been set in place for just that.

Days ago, the partially full Kamari tanker carrying Kurdish crude disappeared from satellite tracking north of Egypt’s Sinai. It reappeared empty two days later near Israel.

However, dozens of vessels were visible on Thursday in the Galveston Offshore Lightering Area, where the Kurdish tanker was last seen.

Disputed Kurdish oil tanker mysteriously goes dark off Texas coast 

Last week, Russia announced an game changing shift for energy in which they are now allowing the sale of oil and natural gas to be done in both Roubles and Yuan, bypassing the dollar and cracking the 40 year old petro-dollar system. And on Aug. 31, Dr. Jim Willie reported during an interview with TFMetals Report that this break away from U.S. hegemony over the purchasing of oil is not being limited to just Russia, but that the foundational country of petro-dollar origin, Saudi Arabia, is in talks with the Eurasian energy giant to join them in a partnership that will also disconnect the Arab Kingdom from the dollar, and open energy sales within the OPEC nations to be done in Roubles, Yuan, and perhaps even the Euro.


Jim WIllie: Saudi’s are on the verge of joining Russia in non-dollar oil sales & Putin Sitting On Snowden Files Proof 911 Was An Inside Job<<<—–OH BOY THAT IS INTERESTING TIMING CONSIDERING today’s date, 9.1.14

So watch the Saudi’s… watch OPEC… watch the deals that Russia starts to integrate with the Persian Gulf nations.

And kiss goodbye this petro-dollar.

In validation to Jim Willie’s assertion of a growing partnership being formed between Russia and Saudi Arabia over currencies and oil sales, an interesting event took place a little less than two weeks ago that according to the Guerrilla Economist, had to do with the theft of confidential documents a Saudi Royal was carrying that were tied to negotiations between Russia and the Arab Kingdom over oil sales and the future of the petro-dollar.

Middle-East ‘Frenemies’

Imagine if you will a scenario taking place in the mid-1930′s in which the U.S. considers Nazi Germany an ally. The Nazis are investing in the U.S. and elected politicians in the U.S. are facilitating the activity with the help of lobbyists. As the Nazis are slaughtering Jews, U.S. politicians are looking the other way and consider the Nazis an ally despite the latter’s genocide and crimes against humanity. In some cases, politicians themselves are engaged in the business deals. Imagine if Germany was an oil-rich state that the U.S. relied upon as domestic oil production was being regulated away.

U.S. Alliance With Qatar Is INSANE And Of ANTICHRIST

In one example, a former U.S. presidential candidate sold his media company to the Nazis for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Any objections to what the Nazis were doing are met with calls for pragmatism; breaking such an alliance would be political suicide and bad for the U.S. Besides, the Nazis and the Russians are increasingly becoming enemies. That reality can assuredly provide the U.S. with leverage against the Russians, right?

If that scenario were posed to all of the 535 members of the U.S. Congress today and each was asked to endorse or condemn the behavior of such a hypothetical pre-World War II United States, how would each respond? Even with the vacancy of conscience among the majority of politicians, the condemnation would likely be close to unanimous.

It wouldn’t matter the consequences; the U.S. should have broken ties with the Nazis.

Fast forward to 2014; the same scenario is unfolding relative to the U.S. alliance with Qatar. The government of Qatar is the chief financier of Hamas, a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO); Qatar also supports ISIS, which is beheading any Christian, Jew, or non-ISIS Muslim it can get its hands on.

Fidel Castro says Mossad behind Islamic State

Castro Calls The Kettle Black

Ex-Cuban leader compares NATO to the Nazi SS, lashes out at US and Europe

YRIA: So-called (by Obozo & McCain) “moderate” Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels chop off fingers of alleged spy

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

^^^Lol, how weak an pathetic. The idiot ”(g)od has no Son” bastards (a)llah is so weak it slaughters a christian child and requires the flesh. Fools.

This reads like the story of a Roman martyr from the second century: “Boko Haram beheaded six-year-old Christian boy, group reports,” Christian Today, August 28, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists behead six-year-old boy because he was Christian

Idiot Kaaba kissing dipshits are being set up for slaughter, and because the moronic quran is such a compelling violent piece of shit for islamic brains the whole of moronic muslim-dumb  dipshit march as lemmings into the abyss. Pathetic.

U.S. Aids Turkey In Creating An Islamic Caliphate And An Antichrist 

According to the “Inside the Beltway” public-interest group Judicial Watch, federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed that a bulletin regarding imminent terrorist attack(s) on the border was sent out to local government officials such as police chiefs and sheriffs. Federal agents from the Homeland Security, Justice and Defense Departments’ and their agencies are all on high alert and they received directives to aggressively to follow up on all leads and sources including their CI’s (confidential informants).

Border security: Islamist terror attack on U.S. from Mexico imminent 

This troubling report follows a number of news reports that claim U.S. intelligence operatives have “picked up increased chatter among Islamist terror networks approaching the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.”

But these clowns are dragging us into war. And yes, maybe it would be a good idea for you to tell them that you don’t want them to. Before your kids, or their friends, their neighbors, start dying in some far away ugly theater they should never have been part of.

These Clowns Are Dragging Us Into War

Is peace impossible in Ukraine today? No. Not at all.

^^^Jim exposes the reality of the Usual Suspects and suggests Putin will expose Snowden 911 Inside Job evidence (goto 55:00) Side note: …Redline humming behind the wall, Yellow Pages open, automatic handwriting soon to be noticed right at the same time, and the exact same number was dialed a second time, as an attempt to determine why the strange words were being spoken that did not have anything to do with an art supply store. First attempt to call the art supply store resulted in the same voice declaring an IRS number  had been dialed; this was definitely not the case but how ”ironic” the voice on the phone was declaring this government agency and not the art store number considering it was discovered the government was overdue it’s take for the first time ever just months ago, the same exact voice upon the second attempt to dial the exact number listed for the art supply store resulted in the same female voice uttering what seemed to be nonsense. Upon listening closely to this ”same exact voice”, which at this point was obviously not a recording and now was not mentioning anything about the IRS just sounding like some incoherent person speaking and not making sense, the pen in hand that was doodling as all this was going on had …made (what?!) something shocking and never done before. It was a swastika. Upon discovering this and wondering what in the world caused such a mark to appear on the Yellow Pages, considering the thought of scribbling anything to do with such a symbol was never something even considered muchness being thought about at the time while trying to regain composure and listen to some strange voice that first answers and declares the IRS was dialed instead of the art supply store and then upon redialing the exact same art supply store number on the pages the same voice answers and starts uttering words that at first sound like gibberish, but after making an effort to listen closely it is determined that the voice is actually saying real words but nothing being said makes sense. Then the truly stunning revelation hits. Looking down at the swastika  on the Yellow Pages, shocked by it’s discover while listening to the idiot voice and then regaining some composure to listen careful resulting in the discovery that the voice is actually saying real words but they don’t make sense, suddenly after the voice uttered a word the same word was seen on the Yellow Pages that had captured the attention of the eyes do to the shocking mark that was drawn, like automatic writing had just occurred, but it didn’t stop there. The voice said a few more words and all the sudden WOE!!! The voice was reading the page. Nobody could possibly imagine what happened from there, much less fathom what was happening at the time and where this was taking place. Lol, it’s just worth mentioning for the few that know what spiritual warfare is and then some. Bumper stickers, Bugs, single car crash like a friends father was the character father in the Lone Gunman Pilot Episode before the plane scene only he died for real on the road beforehand ”ironically” enough, considering the sequence of ironic events, like (the) that ”program” airing after this phone call  before 911 etc… Yeaah, helLO to real beyond government spooks and the darkness they do council with. Advantage Saint of Christ. Lol, your witness.

Ukraine Defense Minister Warns Of “Worst Conflict Since WWII”, Shifts Forces To “Combat Full-Scale Russian Invasion”

“I think that nobody thinks of [winter] anymore, except Russia,” Putin said on Sunday, according to The New York Times. “There are ways of helping resolve the issue. First, to immediately stop hostilities and start restoring the necessary infrastructure. To start replenishing reserves, conducting the necessary repair operations and preparing for the cold season.”

Putin’s Trump Card In Ukraine: Winter Is Coming

On June 16, Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine over unpaid bills. Earlier this month, Gazprom said that Ukraine’s outstanding debt for gas supplies stood at $5.3 billion as of Aug. 1.

What It’s All About: Russia, China Begin Construction Of World’s Largest Gas Pipeline 

The 3,968 km pipeline linking gas fields in eastern Siberia to China will be the world’s largest fuel network in the world.

Most importantly, and confirming the significance of Russia’s pivot away from Europe, which ultimately can have Qatar’s gas it so very desires, irrelevant how many thousands of innocent people have to die, the construction ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli.

But, Antichrist NWO 666 Obozo 911 keeps repeating  Antichrist Russia is isolated by the entire world… Is he once again simply, gasp, lying?

To summarize all of the above: while Europe will continue to depend on Russia for its gas imports indefinitely, Russia will no longer depend on Europe for its exports.

Kongpop U-yen, PhD: Evidence of space weather induced natural disasters – EU2014

Strong solar activities have long been known to cause damages to electrical grids and global communication systems. However, there exist evidence that solar activities have strong correlation with abrupt weather conditions and tectonic activities, including storm formations, flash floods, volcanic activities and earthquakes. In this presentation, case studies of such connections are examined and discussed that are linked to electrical properties of the Earth. Simple electrical theories based on laboratory experiments are presented to explain such phenomena.

Ebola becoming harder to treat —US experts: rapid mutation could “render treatment and vaccines ineffective”

Experts claim that the virus is “rapidly and continually mutating, making it harder to diagnose and treat.” This is just as former President Olusegun Obasanjo declared, on Saturday, that the index case, Patrick Sawyer, in a “devilish” connivance with some Liberian authorities, intentionally brought the disease to Nigeria

Sudan bans reporting on Ebola – healthcare workers go on strike at Ebola center in Sierra Leone 

It was already the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Now it’s moving into Africa’s cities

Ebola is now spreading from the remote provinces and into the teeming cities such as Freetown, where 1.2 million people jostle for space. Previous outbreaks had been limited to remote vil­lages, where containment was aided by geography. The thought of Ebola taking hold in a major city such as Freetown or Monrovia, Liberia’s capital, is a virological nightmare. Last week, the World Health Organization warned that the number of cases could hit 20,000 in West Africa.

“We have never had this kind of experience with Ebola before,” David Nabarro, coordinator of the new U.N. Ebola effort, said as he toured Freetown last week. “When it gets into the cities, then it takes on another dimension.”


And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. 5 For her sins have reached[b] to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.


The Hebrew names of the month were adopted from the Babylonian calendar during the Babylonian exile in 586 B.C.E.

Tishrei 07 30 days September-October

^^^Lol, it is safe to say, the person that made this video missed the ”Lunar” primmer. That certainly makes 9114-91114 look a bit more, eh hum, eventful. When ”they;; have an evil IMF slime read this kind of occult numerology script and declare the ”Lunar 7” in light of ”911” and all the new ”chatter” for a WMD 911 event, …well. Could it beeeee… time …to make some sudden prudent adjustments right about …now? Oh yeah.

Why is September the ninth month when it means 7

The only question is whether the buyers of this syndication are the Elliotts of the world, who are happy to wait the 1-3 years until this too bond joins Argentina in the “trading flat” category, before they exercise their legal powers as yet another debt-for-equity conversion transfers billions in public assets into private hands.

Spain Sells First-Ever 50 Year Bonds At 4% Coupon

Monday September 1, 2014: Paul Wilbur


Stocks are at record highs because of The Antichrist global borderless lawless NWO 666 Team Obozo 911 Fed Beast!

FACT: There is a record divergence between the ‘market’ and plunging growth expectations

FACT: There is a record divergence between the ‘market’ and the employed population in America.

FACT: There is a record divergence between the exuberant ‘rich’ and crushed ‘middle class’

Recovery? 3 “Uncomfortable Truth” Charts 

In 2012, the PA unilaterally turned to the United Nations and received recognition as a non-member observer state by the General Assembly

“We are willing to wait a day, a week or a month,” Abbas said, “but not 20 more years.”

PA Chairman says in interview that Israeli PM had agreed to establish a Palestinian state along the pre-1967 borders. PMO: Never happened.

Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch and a columnist for WND, alleges the president and others laundered U.S. taxpayer money that was spent on Hamas rockets fired against Israel.

Accused of laundering funds to terrorist organization Hamas

Seeking $1.5 billion in compensatory damages as well as punitive damages, it accuses the global figures of “laundering U.S. dollars” to Hamas, which is officially designated by the U.S. government as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

“This money has been foreseeably used to buy rockets and construct tunnels to attack Israel and terrorize and kill American and dual American-Israeli citizens who reside or are located in Israel,” Klayman said in a statement.

“The nation and the world have increasingly come to see that Obama views himself primarily as a Muslim and acts accordingly in favoring Islamic interests over Judeo-Christian ones, and the complaint lays out Obama’s history in documented detail,” he said.
Klayman said Obama’s actions “were calculated to harm the nation of Israel.”

^^^BULLSHIT!!! This evil bastard ”must be either working for the NWO 666 Counterintelligence Propaganda Team Obozo 911 or he’s a complete dipshit. Nobody with half a brain able to quantify foundation buys the Obozo Cairo Pharaoh motive, only Antichrist ”(g)od has no Son” idiot muslim bastards are dumb enough to fire rockets at Israel after witnessing Egypt ruled by the  crucifying muslim brother-hoods post Cairo Clown show, giving Israel the offensive high ground in defense the political foundation and cause to destroy the morons that have taken up the sword given to the fools of Allah. Every watchful Saint sealed in Christ knows this. Muslims are inherently pathetic and easily overcome because the Quran compels them by it’s violent lack of intelligence which appeals to Hell bound fools, OBVIOUSLY!

The 666 ”money” mark of the Antichrist beast is the same old offer of temptation, and the idiot Muslim bastards accepted it because the satanic verses of the Quran claim dominion over their brains. NWO 666 Team 911 Obozo The POTUS Clown has a willful idiot called Allah to use and to destroy many. Muslims are sealed captured Antichrist fools and tools being used for slaughter. If the morons ever woke up to Christ,  the NWO 666 Team 911 Obozo The POTUS Clown would not tempt them to pass their children through the same ”fire(s) of Moloch that all leaders of the nations require to maintain their false claim of dominion which confirms the power and authority given unto the Antichrist beast.

This is a cheap ”Lawsuit” posturing the NWO 666 Team POTUS Obozo 911 as the Antichrist Muslim without the Antichrist Israeli TIe and oily Sheik’s hairdo with iron and clay toes. The bad attempt at deception doesn’t  cover the stench of what is in the suit, Antichrist destruction and death. Obozo is the gift that just keeps on giving and making way for the idiot Mahdi meatball, aka Israeli lunch.


The prime minister told Channel 10 that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas would “have to choose between peace with Israel and peace with Hamas.” 

And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666.

What king declares the same 666 measure of Solomon’s Molech mind and confirms the prophetic image of  The Antichrist ”covenant with many” which confirms the Whore Of Babylon riding the beast? Who is able to destroy many by peace with Israel and the nations?

It is certain, Solomon’s 666 Molech measure also confirmed the help received from King of Tyre. Later, the exiled of Babylon rebuilt the Temple leading to the fall, as with with Rome, after Christ was risen. Now the false prophet Mohammad stands as the Antichrist image in contempt of Christ upon the Temple Mount, as Israel has confirmed prophecy and now stands in contempt of Christ  as an Antichrist nation with the image of Allah adorning Jerusalem, Jerusalem which was restored to Israel in 1967 also confirming the prophetic Word of our Father in Christ, and, as with all the nations, Israel now seeks the prophetic ”covenant” with The Antichrist NWO 666 image, as the(a) Whore of Babylon image riding The Beast.

We know the Antichrist Rothschild London Bankers built the Israeli Masonic Occult Supreme Court now don’t we. Lol, and we know the builders have rejected the White Stone revelation of our Father in Christ. Last check, the Israeli Prime is not only an antichrist but a masonic antichrist. How ”crafty” of him to be seen entertaining peace with the antichrist muslim bastards and all the sudden Skull and Bones Kerry comes on the scene and suddenly Hamas and Abbas join up and rockets start flying so Israel becomes able to destroy the morons.

Of course Christians just get slaughtered during all this Antichrist posturing, no matter what, in this prophetic last generation now at hand. The Saints get to stand fast and do no harm during the slaughter, while trying to proclaim the return of Christ (as usual) in these last years to a global population that is beyond  ripe for their own antichrist judgment to come upon them, as soon as all nations and Israel hear the last Word preached the time shall be clear enough to see the two witnesses. The muslim’s have no hope in anything beyond the wage of their Antichrist Allah war and to perish. This fact alone allows for the Antichrist ”(g)od has no Son” fools to be used as tools for the slaughter, and the Sirius 666 is all about destroying the dominion of the Son Of Man and Earth.

In the name of our Father in Christ,let this be the hour.

CIA Analyst: We Are All Gonna Die! What Does He Know That We Don’t Know?

Saturday August 30, 2014: Judges (Shoftim)

The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law

1 Corinthians 15

Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin[b] is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God[c] in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

The Great Apostasy 

And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. 9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Stand Fast

13 But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth, 14 to which He called you by our gospel, for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle.

The New World Order 666 Antichrist Economics Of Perpetual War 

The central problem is that government is based on the use of the “political means” rather than the “economic means” of social organization. States are not producers of goods and services in the market; rather, they operate by forcible redistribution. They are therefore founded on a conflict of interest between the rulers and the ruled, especially between the winners and losers of the redistribution process.

Furthermore, because state decisions are not guided by entrepreneurial calculation, they result in the waste and destruction of resources, resources that must be replenished if the ruling class hopes to continue to consume. States therefore search constantly for new sources of revenue to support themselves, and to that end they use traditional methods of public finance: taxation, borrowing, and inflation. But these policies ultimately compound their difficulties, generating poverty and inequality, and intensifying social conflict.

Every way they turn, states face recurring economic problems and the need to distract or suppress the victims of exploitation; war making serves the dual purpose of (a) disguising fundamental social conflicts by refocusing attention and/or blame, and (b) providing economic gains to the state and its allies. This then is one economic explanation of how organized violence on a small scale leads to organized violence on a massive scale.

If we want to understand why war persists, we have to take account of the economic foundation of the state. We can’t reason in an institutional vacuum, like the many people throughout history who believed it was enough to simply point out the obvious calamity of war, while leaving the power to make it in the hands of a ruling class.

Kissinger – Terrorists = Those That Reject Globalism

Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order


Based on the unprecedented collapse in trading volumes of cash products over the past 6 years, one thing has become clear: retail, and increasingly, institutional investors and traders are gone, probably for ever and certainly until the Fed’s market-distorting central planning ends. However, one entity appears to have taken the place of conventional equity traders:

NWO 666 central banks..

Because imagine the shock and awe if and when it is uncovered that the biggest active manipulators of gold are not some junior-level traders out of Britain’s criminal bank cartel, but the central banks themselves.

Finally, while the list above deals with international central banks “providing” ES liquidity, those wondering why the NY Fed is not on the list and just how the Fed’s active trading team participates in the market without breaking the law, we have just one word: Citadel.

It’s Settled: Central Banks Trade S&P500 Futures (666 bottom to 2003.37 ATH Tells The Prophetic Tape)

So the next time you sell some E-minis, ask yourself: is the ECB on the other side? Or the BOE? Or, perhaps, you are selling S&P 500 futures to Kuroda. Who knows: there is no paper trail anywhere, although a FOIA request and/or the discovery from a lawsuit, class action or otherwise, of the CME’s central bank incentive program would likely yield some stunning results.

But the only place where “discovery” would be by far the most interesting, is for the CME to disclose just which central banks provide, or take such as at 8am every morning when one market sell order takes out the entire bid staack, the most liquidity when it comes to central bank trades in “Metals Futures Contracts (Physicals).”

Goldman Sachs now reckons more than half of the oil companies listed on the stock market — are spending five times more than what they did in 2000 chasing extreme hydrocarbons. As a consequence they need an oil price of $120 a barrel to remain cash neutral in the future.

The math is simple. The 127 firms generated $568 billion in cash from their operations during 2013-2014 while their expenses totalled $677 billion. To cover the difference of $110 billion, the energy giants increased their debt load or sold off assets.

A Big Summer Story You Missed: Soaring Oil Debt 

Now, finally, Europe has realized that its “strategy” (if it ever had one, red: Obama’s ‘strategy’ on dealing with ISIS) was flawed. It is with this mindset that European Union leaders met in Brussels earlier today and while, as usual, the the threat of new and improved sanctions to Russia was present, suddenly Europe’s leaders seem far more “fearful of a new Cold War and self-inflicted harm to their own economies” and instead decided to give Moscow another chance to make peace according to Reuters..

with Russia providing a third of European gas and with winter approaching, Russia had all the trumps cards from day one. Furthermore, as a result of escalating trade wars it is not Russia’s economy that is hurting but Europe, which is on the verge of a historic triple-dip recession, only unlike 2010 and 2012, this time it is Europe’s growth dynamo, Germany, itself which is leading the lemmings into the abyss.

French President (AKA) Prophetic Frog Says “There Is Risk Of War” As Europe Plans Additional (Tribulation) Russia Sanctions

The department is currently under orders to cut nearly $1 trillion in projected spending over a decade.

He did not offer an estimate of the Pentagon’s total costs so far, but an average cost of $7.5 million per day for 71 days would mean the department has spent roughly $532 million.

By comparison, the Pentagon has been spending roughly $1.3 billion per week on Afghanistan, analysts said.

The operation is being paid for from the Pentagon’s war-spending budget, which included some $80 billion in 2014, mainly for the conflict in Afghanistan.

Pentagon says Iraq operations costing on average $7.5 million per day 

Aaron Vaughn was a man who possessed the courage to acknowledge evil. And evil, once truly acknowledged, demands response. Perhaps this is why so few are willing to look it in the eye. It is much simpler — much safer — to look the other way.

That is, unless you are the leader of the Free World.

Letter from the parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn of SEAL Team VI: Please resign, Mr. President 

As Commander-in-Chief, your actions — or lack thereof — Mr. President, cost lives. As you bumble about in your golf cart, slapping on a happy face and fist-pounding your buddies, your cowardly lack of leadership has left a gaping hole — not only in America’s security — but the security of the entire globe. Your message has come across loud and clear, sir: You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it.

On the Council On Foreign Relations website, the globalist think-tank argued that the inclusion of extremist Al-Qaeda elements in the Syrian insurgency “improved the moral” of the movement, stating that the “Free Syrian Army needs Al-Qaeda now”. The CFR acknowledges that the goal of Al-Qaeda operatives in Syria is not necessarily to overthrow Assad, but to establish an Islamic state. Despite this, the CFR still continues its support of the strategy to overthrow Assad.

In an absurd display of forced schizophrenia, globalist organizations along with the puppet White House now argue that the existence of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the same ISIS insurgency THEY CREATED, requires the U.S. to execute air strikes and military intervention in the region. Of course, to remain “fair and balanced”, the White House proposes to strike Syrian Government targets as well in order to avoid “strengthening Assad”. Yeah, read that twice, folks…

The cartoonish nature of ISIS is not accidental, but I can see why they frighten a subset of the American population; if I didn’t know that they were funded by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, with military aid from Israel, then I might find them a terrifying enigma as well.

The U.S. has been secretly arming and training ISIS extremists in Syria for years, but only at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 did it begin a more open campaign to provide support.

The Israeli government also aided insurgent groups in Syria using airstrikes to cripple Syrian Government regional command centers. It is also currently providing medical aid to Syrian rebels.

It was insurgent Sunni majority groups, trained in Jordan and funded by Saudi Arabia that have linked with Saudi funded groups in Iraq to form what we now know as ISIS. These are NOT separate groups acting autonomously. These are U.S. backed organizations acting in concert, and coalescing into a single movement – ISIS.

The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil

Why do I believe a new false-flag event is imminent? America has not suffered a large scale terrorist attack for over 13 years, after all. I can only say that current trends and international developments seem to be spiraling towards a breaking point; a kind of singularity, and if you understand that the majority of these events are deliberately engineered, then you also understand that the inevitable singularity (or primary disaster) is engineered as well.

It is therefore vital that the public question the legitimacy of EVERY so-called “terrorist attack” or geopolitical incident, otherwise, we may find ourselves duped into supporting wars and unconstitutional actions that only end up poisoning our society and elevating tyrants.

With all this hype circling ISIS, I have to suggest that maybe, just maybe, we are being given the ultimate scapegoat for the ultimate false flag attack

Americans remember that this is not the violent invasion of a foreign army, that there is no Islamic enemy except that which our government created, that this is not some unexpected form of “blowback” from terrorists who used to be our allies, that this is an engineered attack by contracted employees of our own defense and intelligence apparatus leading a horde of useful psychopaths, and just like during Operation Gladio, the goal will be to terrify you and those around you into seeking out a more powerful, more centralized government authority to protect your security, to provide cover for the continued planned collapse of American society into third world status, and out of these ashes, the centralization of the political and financial foundations of our world into the hands of an elite few, NWO 666 Team 911 …and The Antichrist.

Why Antichrist Can Come Now—We’ve Gone From New Testament Gospel Preaching To $26-Million Dollar Megachurch Entertainment Centers With Bowling Alleys & Night Clubs Where ‘Christians’ Can Get Their Groove On

Pastors today who say that Jesus never challenged civil government don’t know what they are talking about. The Pharisees were as much a part of the civil government of Rome as they were a spiritual authority of Judaism. In fact, they were the direct authority of Rome over Judea. By challenging the authority of the Pharisees, Jesus was challenging the authority of Rome. The Pharisees–and everyone else–understood it. That’s what the question of the Roman penny was all about. And that’s why the Pharisees accused Jesus of being a traitor to Caesar (civil government) before Pilate. And that’s why the Pharisees hated Jesus: he dared to challenge their authority–civil and spiritual..

The Pharisees knew they were subjects of Rome, and they assisted their Roman overlords in keeping the people in subjection. As a result, the Pharisees had a very profitable and cozy relationship with Caesar’s Roman Empire. They enjoyed great financial benefits from cooperating with the Roman government and were given great latitude by Rome to govern the Jewish people. They had the power of disbarment, persecution, arrest, and incarceration. They had virtually unlimited power over the people. About the only power they did not have without Rome’s consent was the power of crucifixion..

the Pharisees were the bane of Jesus’ earthy life and ministry. They were the constant thorn in his side: they rejected his authority; they harassed and harangued him; they constantly tried to incite crowds against him; they ridiculed him; they denigrated his parents; they scorned the place where he lived; they laughed at him; they led conspiracies against him; they repeatedly tried to kill him; and, finally, they crucified him. The Pharisees saw Jesus as a threat to their doctrines, their synagogues, their schools of higher learning, their politics, and, mostly, their position and authority. And he was!

Pastors And Churches Violating First Commandment

Christ Jesus is the one true Sovereign–the ONLY one true Sovereign. And, again, this has been the foundation of Christianity for over 2,000 years.

I could recite quotations such as these just about forever. How did this come about? How did our pastors and churches become such slaves to the state? A big reason is the church’s acceptance of the 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt status.

And since pastors and churches now believe they must surrender to the lordship of the state, they are content to ignore the great Biblical principles that relate to our political lives. Here is what the 501c3 tax code says (taken from the official IRS website):

“Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.” <<—This is quantifiable 666 mark of the beast also.

Antichrist Deception ‘Do Good for Your Own Self’: Osteen Says Obedience, Worship ‘Not for God’ [Video] 

When asked about the dangers of “me-centered” church, Camp outlined numerous concerns. He explained that besides such congregations not being a real church to begin with, “me-centered” churches are based on pragmatism over Scripture, the pleasure of men over the glory of God, and are more concerned with being liked than being truthful. In doing so, such assemblies thrust the Lord of the Church outside of the Church as in Laodicea, as Christ declared, “[T]hou sayest, ‘I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing,’ and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”

“The Osteens have just inverted that. They think it’s not the denial of self, but the exaltation of self,” Camp lamented. “They’re not trying to pursue a cross; they’re trying to pursue prosperity. And they’re certainly not following the biblical Jesus; they’re following whatever brings happiness and contentment.”

The fifth and sixth trumpet plagues

9 Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key to the shaft of the abyss.


11 Their king is an angel from the abyss, whose Hebrew name is Abaddon,[a] and whose Greek name is Apollyon.[b]

The Scarlet Woman and the Scarlet Beast

Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me,[a] “Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters, 2 with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”


Then he said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. 16 And the ten horns which you saw on[d] the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. 18 And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”

Israel closes Golan area as Syria rebels seize crossing

Markets could soon face a fall of up to 60 percent, two experts told CNBC on Wednesday.

A jolt to international confidence in central banks will lead to a 30 to 60 percent market decline, David Tice, president of Tice Capital and founder of the Prudent Bear Fund, told CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” When this happens, he said, markets will face a “period of extreme turmoil.”

This crash will be precipitated, he said, by a disillusionment with the Federal Reserve’s “confidence game,” which will then see inflation rise, and the Fed scramble to raise rates. At that point, Tice added, “the Fed starts to lose control.”

Two experts warn correction could total 60%

Today, we find ourselves with the same anti-free market interventionists who set up the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury and the US government. These same incompetent professors and academics also run foreign policy in America and then go and intervene in the affairs of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq or Afghanistan. And as can be expected, they mess up just about everything.

Marc Faber Slams US Intervention In Middle East, Warns “Whole Region Will Blow Up”

Lehman moment. We believe that with the significant deterioration in the Ukrainian situation, markets may treat this as a Lehman-style shock.

JPMorgan Warns Military Escalation In Ukraine “May Lead To A Lehman-Style Shock”

On the economic front, Russia’s energy minister said Friday that negotiations on Ukraine’s gas debt can’t start until Kiev pays $1.45 billion of debt to Russian gas giant OAO Gazprom.

IMF Approves Bailout Payment to Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund on Friday approved the latest payment to Ukraine in its $17 billion bailout program, providing a critical boost to Kiev as it faces military, economic and political threats.

The IMF said its board approved a $1.39 billion payment, which will bring total disbursements under the program to $4.51 billion.

NATO planning ‘rapid-deployment force’ of 10,000 troops to counter Russia

Although no formal announcement has been made, British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to declare its formation at the upcoming NATO summit in Wales on September 4th.

But he stopped short of agreeing with Lithuanian UN Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaite, who tweeted, ‘An invasion is an invasion is an invasion.’

he’s living in ‘Putin’s Orwellian universe’

And perhaps of most note… just as Obama pronounced yesterday that US would not engage militarily:


Putin Says Everything U.S. Touches Turns Out Like Libya Or Iraq 

4 And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:

Ezekiel 38

Statistics Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå – SSB) has counted the population of Oslo and found that Antichrist Muslim ”(g)od has no Son” bastard Mohammed is the most common male name in Oslo for the first time ever.

The laptop also includes a 26-page fatwa, or Islamic ruling, on the usage of weapons of mass destruction. “If Muslims cannot defeat the kafir [unbelievers] in a different way, it is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction,” states the fatwa by Saudi jihadi cleric Nasir al-Fahd, who is currently imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. “Even if it kills all of them and wipes them and their descendants off the face of the Earth.”.

But after hours upon hours of scrolling through the documents, it became clear that the ISIS laptop contains more than the typical propaganda and instruction manuals used by jihadists. The documents also suggest that the laptop’s owner was teaching himself about the use of biological weaponry, in preparation for a potential attack that would have shocked the world..

Found: The Islamic State’s Terror Laptop of Doom Buried in a Dell computer captured in Syria are lessons for making bubonic plague bombs and missives on using weapons of mass destruction.

The ISIS laptop wasn’t empty at all: Buried in the “hidden files” section of the computer were 146 gigabytes of material, containing a total of 35,347 files in 2,367 folders. Abu Ali allowed us to copy all these files — which included documents in French, English, and Arabic — onto an external hard drive.

The ISIS laptop contains a 19-page document in Arabic on how to develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the bubonic plague from infected animals.”The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,” the document states. The document includes instructions for how to test the weaponized disease safely, before it is used in a terrorist attack.

In short, the longer the caliphate exists, the more likely it is that members with a science background will come up with something horrible. The documents found on the laptop of the Tunisian jihadist, meanwhile, leave no room for doubt about the group’s deadly ambitions. “Use small grenades with the virus, and throw them in closed areas like metros, soccer stadiums, or entertainment centers,” the 19-page document on biological weapons advises. “Best to do it next to the air-conditioning. It also can be used during suicide operations.”

UK’s Cameron Goes Full Scaremonger: “We Will Be Fighting ISIS For Decades”

So yes, the Vice Chairsatan of the Fed is talking about “systemically important”, read BIG, banks as “gone concerns”, because that is exactly what they are, and further calling on these banks to establish a plan RIGHT NOW for seizing their customer deposits to “recapitalize”, or “bail themselves in” while cravenly maintaining the political line of “not taking government money”.

The “Gone Concern Buffer”, aka Seizing Your Bank Deposits

As I said in the spring or ARSH 2013 when it happened, Cyprus was a test run for the big show in the U.S. and western Europe, as was MFGlobal 18 months before. The people there rolled over and took it, and to be perfectly frank, I believe that right now there is no more flaccid, impotent, submissive culture on this planet than in the former United States of America. You might say, well, what about Ferguson? What does Ferguson have to do with it? Pookie, Tyrell and Shemeequa DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY IN CHASE, BANK OF AMERICA or CITI. They live on gubmint EBT cards. Jose and Hose B, coming out of Old Mexico, are FAR to savvy to ever deal in anything except cash money and Tide detergent, homes. No, those trillions in deposits, they belong to the most enfeebled and non-threatening creatures ever seen in all of human history: the post-Christian post-American caucasian.

Once upon a time, news and fundamentals mattered.

Who Is Short Treasurys? (Spoiler: Pretty Much Everyone)

In other words, as wave after wave of shorts enters the “it’s going to crash any minute now” Treasury short, what will continue happening is precisely the opposite, sending yields ever lower until finally the Fed will have to step in and warn that it may be about to sell TSYs in order to launch the long-overdue repricing, first in rates and then in risk.

Art Cashin summed this concern up well noting that this week is historically a very light trading week with a mild-upward bias. He also noted that the 1929 high was made the day after Labor Day.

Share buybacks have grown by $1.56 Trillion since 2011, but those repurchases peaked during the first quarter of this year at 159.28 billion before sliding back to $120.21 billion in Q2. The risk for the markets here is that with the Federal Reserve reducing the flow of cheap liquidity, and potentially raising borrowing costs in 2015, two of the major supports of the markets will be removed.

This will leave the markets depending on the underlying fundamental drivers of the markets which are by no means cheap.

3 Things Worth Thinking About

This Won’t Last

Both stocks and bonds can not be right. While stocks have risen to new all-time highs in recent days, bond yields have fallen toward the lows of the year. As shown in the chart below, there has historically been a correlation between interest rates and the financial market from a risk on/risk off indication.

“Markets In Turmoil” S&P 500 Loses ‘Crucial’ 2,000 Level As Bond Yields Slump 

Sure enough, this morning we find that even as bond yields around the world continue to probe 2014 lows, and with the Ruble sinking to fresh record lows as the Ukraine situation has deteriorated to unprecedented lows, so US equity futures have once, driven by the now generic USDJPY spike just after the European open, again soared overnight, well above 2000 and are now at all time highs, driven likely by the ongoing deflationary collapse in Europe where August inflation printed 0.3%, the lowest since 2009 while the unemployment remained close to record high, while the Japanese economic abemination is now fully featured for every Keynesian professor to see, with the latest Japanese data basically continuing the pattern of sheer horror as we reported yesterday.

As a result, with the Fed firmly in tapering mode for now, all hopes are once again firmly pinned on Draghi, and as Bloomberg says the European economic crash is “increasing pressure on the ECB to take action to kindle the bloc’s faltering recovery” even as Germany’s finance minister poured cold water overnight on more action out of the ECB, in line with the Reuters headline earlier this week. In short, complete confusion reigns in the Fed’s “Mutant, broken market” in which nothing really matters and where a green EOD print is now a matter of urgent national security and policy.

S&P Futures Surge Over 2000, At Record High, On Collapsing Japanese, European Economic Data, Ukraine Escalations

“Unrigged” Close Buying-Panic Saves S&P 2,000 For Long Weekend.

For the first time in history, based on FRED data, the 30Y constant maturity yield is below the real GDP growth level…

This Has Never Happened Before

EU-Harmonized CPI, but at an August print of -0.2%, this is the lowest print in history, worse even than the brief -0.1%, flirt with deflation recorded just in the aftermath of the Lehman crash.

European unemployment, which remained at 11.5%, just shy of its all time high.

youth unemployment across the Old Continent remains at stratospheric levels, and in fact is rising in several places such as Spain, where it just rose to 53.8% and Ireland, up to 25.1%.

Italy Back In Deflation With Lowest CPI Print In History; European Inflation Lowest Since 2009 

The following story is a warning as to why centralized power is so dangerous. It doesn’t matter whether the power is political or corporate, overly centralized power in all forms must be resisted whenever it appears. The worst of all worlds is when centralized political and corporate power unite in an unholy alliance, which is what has happened to America in recent decades. When this occurs, the combined forces of oligarchy simply begin to rapaciously feast on the citizenry with zero accountability. This is a fair description of the United States in 2014.

The primary problem with centralized power is that sociopaths (for obvious reasons) gravitate toward, and greatly covet, positions of power. Once entrenched in such positions, they are able to act upon their perversions with general immunity, and if they are caught, are often left in positions of power by others who at that point “own them” via blackmail. This of course is nothing new, it is how the game of power, politics and economics has been played since the beginning of time. It is also why decentralization of power is the natural evolution we as a species must embrace in order to build a better world.

A Man Of Many Perversions” – Federal Cybersecurity Head Convicted Of Child Porn Charges

Enter Timothy DeFoggi, the one-time cybersecurity director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who received several awards for his government “service” over the years. The self-proclaimed man of “many perversions,” frequented a child porn site called PedoBook where he “exchanged private messages with other members expressing interest in raping, beating and murdering infants and toddlers.”

“I want to make it clear that we have no intention to use this technology in order to alter normal healthy people’s mind or cognition. That we should not do. If there is any application in human it would be for pathological conditions.”

Scientists Discover How To Manipulate Memories and Erase Fear

To the anger of AIDS victims and others, former Health Minister Edmond Herve was convicted of two cases of negligence but received no sentence. The court ruled that Herve should have ordered untreated blood supplies destroyed as soon as it became known there was a risk they might be contaminated with the virus that causes AIDS. Herve faced a possible five-year sentence, but the court ruled that the protracted scandal had deprived him of the right to the presumption of innocence..

France put a former Prime Minister and two other former Cabinet members on trial today on charges of manslaughter and criminal negligence in a scandal over H.I.V.-tainted blood.

Ebola virus has mutated during course of outbreak 

Rapid sequencing and analysis of 99 genomes have enabled researchers to identify more than 300 genetic changes in the Ebola virus genome, according to results published in Science..

Genomic sequencing reveals more than 300 mutations in 2014 Ebola virus

They said: “The actual number of cases may be 2-4 fold higher than that currently reported.”

They added that their road map “acknowledges that the aggregate case load of Ebola Virus Disease could exceed 20,000 over the course of this emergency.”

WHO: Over 20,000 could be infected with Ebola
Last updated Thu 28 Aug 2014

Speaking at a news conference in the Liberian capital Monrovia, Dr Tom Frieden said: “There is need for urgent action. The world has never seen an outbreak of Ebola like this….. I wish I didn’t have to say this, but it is going to get worse, before it gets better.”

World ‘has never seen an outbreak of Ebola like this’

Dr. Stephen Korsman of the University of Cape Town’s medical virology division tells News 24 that dogs can be infected with the Ebola virus but that “infections appear to be asymptomatic.”
“This means that dogs won’t get sick, but they still could carry a potential risk through licking or biting,” Korsman explained to News 24.

Dogs Eating Dead Bodies Of Ebola Victims On Liberian Streets

Viruses that cause haemorrhagic fevers are transmitted by mosquitoes (dengue, yellow fever, RVF), ticks (CCHF), rodents (Hantavirus, Lassa) or bats (Ebola, Marburg).


GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical corporation currently embroiled in claims over the narcolepsy damage from their swine flu vaccine campaign 2009, says it could have an experimental Ebola vaccine ready in about month.

GSK is working together with a Pentagon bioweapons research laboratory to develop the vaccine.

WHO spokesam Gregory Härtl told this blog in April there were no Ebola vaccines and, therefore, there could be no conflict of interest. Just a few weeks later GSK is preparing to roll out a vaccine, apparently with adjuvants and a live Ebola virus, which could highly likely infect people with Ebola.

WHO documents reveal plans for 6.7 billion people to take this vaccine with provisions for force.

The NIH and London-based Glaxo are jointly developing the experimental vaccine, which doesn’t contain any infectious Ebola virus. <<<——–LMAO, (g)Thnx4bINGu&NotGivINGus(A)VaccineDeath

U.S. scientists will begin enrolling patients next week in safety trials of GlaxoSmithKline Plc’s experimental Ebola vaccine 

The first human trials of a potential Ebola vaccine could begin in the Oxford as early as mid-September.

Human trials of Ebola vaccine to take place in Oxford

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven

Jesus Is the Messiah

Unconfirmed main points of Gaza truce deal
Israel and Hamas accepted an Egyptian proposal for an open-ended truce in war-torn Gaza on Tuesday in a move to end 50 days of bloodshed.

Day 51 of the Israel-Hamas conflict
PREAMBLE: An open-ended Israel-Hamas truce took effect soon after 7 o’clock.

Netanyahu warned that if Hamas were to resume attacks against Israel in any form, the IDF would strike back “sevenfold.”

No guarantee of quiet, but we’ll hit Hamas hard if attacked, PM says

The Palestinian Authority said Thursday that it was preparing to submit a demand that the UN Security Council set a timetable for a total Israeli withdrawal from Judea, Samaria, and most of Jerusalem. According to PA spokesperson Nabil Sha’ath, the Arab League will meet on September 5 to endorse the new PA plan. The plan will be submitted to the Security Council on September 15.

Erdogan sworn in, secures control over Turkey for additional five years, with former FM Davutoglu taking over as PM: ‘I would like to stress this: Davutoglu is not a caretaker. Everyone should know that,’ Erdogan said.

Erdogan to be sworn in as Turkey’s new president 

The corporate state does not find its expression in a demagogue or charismatic leader. It is defined by the anonymity and facelessness of the corporation. Corporations, who hire attractive spokespeople like Barack Obama, control the uses of science, technology, education and mass communication. They control the messages in movies and television. And, as in “Brave New World,” they use these tools of communication to bolster tyranny. Our systems of mass communication, as Wolin writes, “block out, eliminate whatever might introduce qualification, ambiguity, or dialogue, anything that might weaken or complicate the holistic force of their creation, to its total impression.”

Chris Hedges: “Our Liberty Has Been Sacrificed On The Altar Of National Security”

It’s an explosive charge, one that practically accuses the president of treason.

CIA expert: Obama switched sides in war on terror

Because of the nature of the single-car crash, the state police accident reconstruction team was not called in, said Lt. William Jenkins, station commander at the Royalton barracks.

An unidentified FBI agent, believed to be off-duty, happened to be among the first people at the crash scene, police said.

Louis Freeh The USS Cole John O’Niel Squelcher and 911 Ex-FBI criminal inside job chief’s condition remains mystery after crash

The bureau put the armed protection in place because of Freeh’s past work on terrorism while serving as FBI director from 1993 to 2001, the authorities said.


In his memoirs, Freeh claimed that Clinton suspected the Saudis, while suggesting that he himself was convinced that Iranian operatives had executed the bombing. (It’s important here to note the Bush family’s long and close ties to the Saudi royal family and the political agenda at work in shifting blame to the hated Iranians.)

Freeh also curtailed FBI agent John P. O’Neill’s investigation into a possible Al Qaeda role in the Khobar bombing and the later attacks on the USS Cole in Yemen. Freeh even pulled O’Neill out of Yemen during the Cole investigation. By transferring O’Neill to New York City, Freeh sided with U.S. Ambassador Barbara Bodine, a Clinton holdover in the new Bush administration, and with Saudi officials who wanted O’Neill out of their way. The aim, it appears, was to shield certain suspects (and any possible sponsors) from over-zealous American investigators. Later, Freeh thwarted O’Neill’s efforts to become head of the FBI NYC field office.

In an extraordinary turn of events, John O’Neill died in the destruction of the Twin Towers—which were allegedly brought down by a group of hijackers dominated by Saudi nationals.

The FBI’s latest national threat assessment lists so-called sovereign citizens and the militia as threats to “U.S. internal security” while completely omitting Islamic terrorists

And, unfortunately, it should be no surprise the FBI considers freedom-loving Americans a larger threat than violent Islamic extremists when previous actions by the federal government to suppress political dissidents are taken into consideration.

Additionally, in 2009 the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) distributed a law enforcement bulletin entitled The Modern Militia Movement which instructed police to be on the lookout for Americans displaying “political paraphernalia” such as Gadsden flags and Ron Paul bumper stickers..

2008 presidential election Obama’s campaign team asked Missouri law enforcement to “target anyone who lies or runs a misleading television ad,” as Russell Kinsaul with News 4 reported:

How the US, its allies, and its enemies all made ISIS possible

Today, ISIS makes most of its money from oil and organized crime-style rackets. But back in 2011 and 2012, ISIS didn’t have this sophisticated fundraising apparatus. Instead, their funding came from friends in the Gulf monarchies — most notably Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait.

That’s not because these governments share ISIS’s extreme jihadist worldview. Rather, it’s that they hate the Assad regime and its ally Iran, and wanted to fund Assad’s opponents. Just as the Cold War led the US to support far-right militias and governments because they opposed the Soviet Union, these wealthy Gulf states now find themselves indirectly helping ISIS in a regional proxy war against Iran and Assad.

Most of the money that initially went to ISIS, as Josh Rogin details in the Daily Beast, came from private citizens in the Gulf States. Until recently, when the scope of the ISIS threat became clear, these countries had extraordinarily weak laws preventing money laundering. This allowed private donors, often with wink-wink-nudge-nudge sanction from the government, to ship huge amounts of money to Syrian rebel groups — including ISIS.

Today, none of these countries want to cop to supporting ISIS. “ISIS has been a Saudi project,” the Atlantic’s Steve Clemons quotes a senior Qatari official as saying. The Qataris only (only!) admit to funding Jabhat al-Nusra, which is al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria. But funding and arms shipments between these groups are fungible. The only thing that’s obvious now is that Saudi, Qatari, and Kuwaiti donors funneled a bunch of money towards Syrian rebel groups at the time ISIS most needed capital — and did it without much regard for who ended up getting the money.

ISIS TO ATTACK ON 9/11/2014!!!!

We all knew it was coming…we just didn’t know what or when. Here is a leak by Fox News saying that ISIS has planned to attack the USA on none other than… 9/11/2014. That day is historical to us all. That day led us to where we stand now. Where will it lead us if another attack happens on that day again? There are a lot of worries being voiced across the board from Chuck Hagel to Rick Perry saying that the next 9/11 is imminent! Did they actually mean the exact date of 9/11? Well according to this Fox News leak they did! This seems like perfect timing as Obama has finally authorized attacks on ISIS (ISIL)

20,000 Pakistan Riot Police Unleash Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets As Protesters Breach PM’s Residence, 230 Injured

The Fall of Babylon

After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority; and the earth was made bright with his splendor. 2 He called out with a mighty voice,

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!
It has become a dwelling place of demons,
a haunt of every foul spirit,
a haunt of every foul bird,
a haunt of every foul and hateful beast.[a]

3 For all the nations have drunk[b]
of the wine of the wrath of her fornication,
and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her,
and the merchants of the earth have grown rich from the power[c] of her luxury.”

4 Then I heard another voice from heaven saying,

“Come out of her, my people,
so that you do not take part in her sins,
and so that you do not share in her plagues;
5 for her sins are heaped high as heaven,
and God has remembered her iniquities.

10 Conspiracy Theories That Came True 

1) Operation AJAX and false flag terror

Bombs Away! Washington Has Gone Stark Raving Mad 

Exactly one year ago Obama proposed to take Bashir Assad to the woodshed because he had allegedly unleashed a vicious chemical attack on his own citizens. That was all pretext, of course, because even the CIA refused to sign-off on the flimsy case for Assad’s culpability at the time—-a reluctance corroborated since then by the considerable evidence that hundreds of Syrian civilians were murdered during a false flag operation staged by the rebels with help from Turkey. The aim of the rebels, of course, was to activate American tomahawk missiles and bombers in behalf of “regime change”, which was also the stated goal of the Obama Administration.

Now the White House is threatening to bomb Syria again, but this time its “regime change” objective has been expanded to include both sides! In 12 short months what had been the allegedly heroic Sunni opposition to the “brutal rule” of the Assad/Alawite minority has transmuted into the “greatest terrorist threat ever”, according to the Secretary of Defense.

So Obama has already unleashed the drones and surveillance apparatus to identify targets of attack that will help bring down a regime in northern and eastern Syria—the so-called Islamic State—which did not even exist a year ago. And a regime that is now armed to the teeth with America’s own latest and greatest weaponry as previously supplied to the disintegrated Iraqi army and the Syrian rebels trained by the CIA in Jordan.

Antichrist S&P 666 Obozo 911 Appoints NWO Soros-Backed Wonk to Labor Department 

Obozo The POTUS Clown named Heidi Shierholz to the labor post on Monday. Shierholz has spent the past seven years at the Economic Policy Institute (EcPI), a Soros-backed group and previous beneficiary of the Democracy Alliance, the shadowy group of liberal millionaires and billionaires.

Why Artifice Rules The World: We Have No Choice.

How did we arrive at a systemic dependence on contrivance and artifice to manage problems? We have no choice. Why do we have no choice?

Because any attempt to actually fix dysfunctional systems necessarily steps on the toes of deeply entrenched vested interests that profit from the dysfunctional Status Quo– interests who will devote every resource in their command to water down, co-opt, divert or defeat any reforms that lessen their share of the national income or their political power.

As a result, true reform of hopelessly dysfunctional systems is politically impossible. Since politicians are elected to give everyone more of what they want, politicos have no choice to but to game the dysfunctional systems via perception management and statistical sleight of hand to make them appear to give everyone more of what they want. Meanwhile, the politicos collect personal fortunes from the Elites and insiders benefiting from the dysfunctional Status Quo.

Confidence In Central Planning Saved With Last Second All Time High Ramp

A desperate buying panic into the close smashing S&P futures to VWAP magically enabled the S&P to close at the confidence-inspiring centrally-planned ‘wealth effect’ level of 2000.07!! from the 666 bottom.

Europe’s largest public-sector hedge fund has just hired the world’s largest private-sector hedge fund to “fix things.”

One thing is certain to come out of this: nothing in Europe will actually be fixed, but at least Blackrock’s Christmas bonuses will be the highest ever.


The European debate about how to re-start growth without undermining public finances is not just being heard in France.

Austria’s Finance Minister Michael Spindelegger resigned on Tuesday after drawing fire for his refusal to cut taxes unless they can be financed without new levies.

Swiss will vote on Nov. 30 for gold backed Franc 

If the voters of Switzerland do choose to back their currency with gold I promise you that there will be MUCH more interest in the Swiss franc.

Fed Vice Chairman Warns: Your Bank May Seize Your Money to Recapitalize Itself

Recent comments delivered by Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer suggest that not only are global and domestic economies still struggling, but the U.S. government itself is preparing financial contingency plans in anticipation of another widespread economic event.

Though Fischer doesn’t detail exactly what “bail-inable long term debt” actually is, one only needs to look to Europe, namely Cyprus, to understand what he means.

When the Cypriot banking system collapsed because of an inability to service its debt in 2013, the government forced bank depositors to cover the debts. This led to banks forcibly seizing funds from depositor accounts in order to pay their debts.

According to the Fed Vice Chairman, the U.S. government is now proposing similar rules, following in the footsteps of Europe and Japan, who have already prepared such measures.

The bottom line is that financial, economic and monetary policymakers in the United States are fearful that another crisis, perhaps even worse than what we saw in 2008, is going to be playing out in the very near future. Otherwise, why would they find it necessary to take the drastic step of forcing bank depositors to act as a backstop for their financial institutions?

However, this time around, according to Fischer, the government won’t be bailing out financial institutions in need of cash. Instead, failing banks will turn directly to their unsecured creditors when they need money. And within this context, that means you.

What The Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like 

Stone also points out closing the Gold window, taking US Currency off the Gold standard and Wage and Price Controls among Nixon’s greatest mistakes.

New Book- CIA Plotted to Assassinate Nixon Over Vietnam Troop Withdrawals, Detente

The region holds 30 per cent of the world’s undiscovered natural gas, along with 15 per cent of oil, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.


Published on Aug 27, 2014 Rick gives further revelation about the changes coming to this radio program in the next 60 days. In Part 2, Lutheran Bishop James Heiser discusses the Ukraine-Russia standoff, the threat of a cutoff of gas supplies to Europe this winter, and a possible Perestroika Deception connection..

“Russia is far from being involved in any large-scale conflicts,” he said at the camp on the banks of Lake Seliger. “We don’t want that and don’t plan on it. But naturally, we should always be ready to repel any aggression towards Russia.

“Russia’s partners… should understand it’s best not to mess with us,” said Putin, dressed casually in a grey sweater and light blue jeans.

“Thank God, I think no one is thinking of unleashing a large-scale conflict with Russia. I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers.”

Don’t mess with nuclear Russia, Putin says
Fri, Aug 29 11:48 AM EDT 

The Russian Ruble has collapsed this morning to its weakest against the USDollar on record. The drop – similar in size to the drop when US and Europe unleashed Sanctions 3.0 – has sent USDRUB to 36.89. Russian stocks are down 2.2% this morning – biggest drop in 3 weeks – and Russian bonds are weaker (10Y +20bps back above 5%). We can’t help but think somewhere Shinzo Abe is getting ideas about how to really devalue his nation’s currency to competitiveness…

Ruble at record lows against Dollar…

Russian Ruble Tumbles To Record Low Against Dollar 

In short: Mario Draghi is rejoicing as the time to cut Europe’s GDP forecasts once again is here, which also means more easing from the ECB is now assured, thus making the uber rich even richer, while continuing the evisceration of the global middle class.

In the meantime, one wonders if the US, which recently decided to begin bombing Iraq under the pretext of “humanitarian intervention” which is now long gone but the US bombing campaign persists with one simple purpose: to move the bombs to Syria, terminally cripple the Assad regime and allow the Qatar gas pipeline to finally enter Europe bypassing Gazprom and Ukraine entirely, will also get involved on the side of the east Ukrainians who continue to be caught in the middle of a civil war and are shelled by the Ukraine army on a daily basis. Somehow we doubt it.

And now, we eagerly await the release of even redder lines and even hashier tags by the GOTUS to show that he really means business.

As If Millions Of European Voices Suddenly Cried Out In Terror: US Threatens More Russian Sanctions

Still confused? Then read “90% Of Gazprom Clients Have “De-Dollarized”, Will Transact In Euro & Renminbi” for just how Gazprom set the stage for the day it finally would push the button to skip the dollar entirely. Which it just did.

In conclusion we will merely say what we have said previously, and it touches on what will be the most remarkable aspect of Obama’s legacy, because while the hypocrite “progressive” president who even his own people have accused of being a “brown-faced Clinton” after selling out to Wall Street and totally wrecking US foreign policy abroad, is already the worst president in a century of US history according to public polls, the fitting epitaph will come when the president’s policies put an end to dollar hegemony and end the reserve currency status of the dollar once and for all, thereby starting the rapid, and uncontrolled, collapse of the US empire. To wit:

In retrospect it will be very fitting that the crowning legacy of Obama’s disastrous reign, both domestically and certainly internationally, will be to force the world’s key ascendent superpowers (we certainly don’t envision broke, insolvent Europe among them) to drop the Petrodollar and end the reserve status of the US currency.
As of this moment, both Russia and China have shown not on that it can be done, but it is done. Expect everyone to jump onboard the new superpower axis bandwagon soon enough.

The Nail In The Petrodollar Coffin: Gazprom Begins Accepting Payment For Oil In Ruble, Yuan

“You were the anointed cherub who [g]covers,
And I placed you there.
You were on the holy mountain of God;
You walked in the midst of the stones of fire.

Tyre’s King Overthrown 

15 “You were blameless in your ways
From the day you were created
Until unrighteousness was found in you.

Murder Suspect’s Horns And Tattoo A Concern For Defense Attorney

Two Birds With One Bomb

If a nuclear weapon explodes over Manhattan or Washington D.C., at LEAST a million would die. And, either target would solve a thorny problem for the Illuminati. They would get to start with a new government, if Washington D.C. was taken out. And, if Manhattan was nuked, they could blame the crash of the world financial system on it.

It Must Be Bigger Than 9/11

That gives us a date, but doesn’t really tell us what that attack will be, although he DID mention that missing plane, MH370.
Of course, such an attack would be REALLY tough, but with Saudi Intelligence and the CIA involved… well, almost anything is possible.
But, would flying an airplane into a building do the trick?
I doubt it.
The Nuclear 9/11 Story

Well, Barack Obama said this in March:
I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.
Then, in June, we had Dick Cheney put this out:

The War of 2015 – Part 3 – Nuclear False Flag 


Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

A Vision of a Big War

From the moment you decided to humble yourself to receive understanding, your prayer was heard, and I set out to come to you. But I was waylaid by the angel-prince of the kingdom of Persia and was delayed for a good three weeks. But then Michael, one of the chief angel-princes, intervened to help me. I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia. And now I’m here to help you understand what will eventually happen to your people. The vision has to do with what’s ahead.’

Iranian General Threatens Surprise Attack on Israel

The global village, especially the Muslim street, is now littered with the nation/state chaos of wishful thinking. Iran, Libya, Egypt, the Sudan, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are among the casualties. Intervention in the Ummah, in the name of “stability” or democracy has become a serial farce.

The 666 NWO Team 911 Obozo  Caliphate 

A fresh crop of theo-fascist thugs is now abroad, varieties that make Fatah, Hezb’allah, Hamas, or al Qaeda seem enlightened. The new face of Islam is savage: beheading, crucifixion, slavery, and genocide. Demands are binary: “accept Islam or die.” The mad dogs of Muslim hell are off the choke chain.

Poll: 89 Percent of Palestinians Support Terror Attacks on Israel
Concludes ‘the Palestinian Resistance has increased’

More than 93 percent of those polled opposed the disarmament of Palestinian militant groups, but 88 percent supported a long-term truce, according to additional statistics not included in the English version of the poll but reported by the Palestinian media.

When the Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina took the microphone at the Foreign Correspondence Club in Japan, the global impact of Fukushima radiation became much clearer. Scientist Timothy A. Mousseau presented “Fukushima Catastrophe and its Effects on Wildlife,” before a room of press and correspondents, reporting the real-life damage that Fukushima fallout is having on the planet’s ecosystem. He gave dire news to Japan and compared the damage done by Fukushima to that of Chernobyl.

Twenty-two minutes into the speech, Mousseau spoke on how the radiation is killing off birds. “These next figures are really, really important, and this really was the motivation for speaking today,” he said. “These are the results from four years of data, so starting July 2011, and we just did the last count last month here in Fukushima. What this graph shows very, very strikingly is that the total numbers of birds drops off with radiation in Fukushima in a very consistent pattern.”.

Fukushima radiation is affecting the health of the entire global ecosystem, scientist says

The average rate of big earthquakes — those larger than magnitude 7 — has been 10 per year since 1979, the study reports. That rate rose to 12.5 per year starting in 1992, and then jumped to 16.7 per year starting in 2010 — a 65 percent increase compared to the rate since 1979. This increase accelerated in the first three months of 2014 to more than double the average since 1979, the researchers report.

Something is happening that scientists don’t understand, and that is a little scary.

Clearly something is happening.

All over the world seismic activity is on the rise.

That means that the shaking in California (and in much of the rest of the world) may soon get a whole lot worse.

Bárðarbunga volcano erupts – lava flows observed at surface, Iceland.

Major eruption in progress at Tavurvur volcano – Rabaul caldera, Papua New Guinea

The mainstream media has told us over and over again that Ebola “does not spread easily” and that we have nothing to be concerned about in the United States and Europe.

But if that is true, then how in the world have hundreds of doctors and nurses gotten sick?

Ebola Among Health Workers: More Than 240 Sick, More Than 120 Dead

We know that airborne transmission of Ebola occurs from pigs to monkeys in experimental settings. We also know that healthcare workers like Dr. Kent Brantly are contracting Ebola in West Africa despite CDC-level barrier protection measures against physical contact with the bodies and body fluids of Ebola victims, so it only makes sense to conclude that some — possibly many — of these doctors, nurses, and ancillary healthcare workers are being infected via airborne transmission. It makes perfect sense that sick humans, as they vomit, have diarrhea, cough, and expectorate sputum, and as medical procedures are performed on them, have the ability to shed infectious Ebola particles into the air at a similar or higher level compared to Sus scrofa (wild boar) in the pig-to-monkey study.

And Will Obama’s DARPA Brain Chips Also Control The Soldier’s Mind By Erasing ‘Forbidden’ Thoughts And Memories?

Researchers around the world have made all sorts of attempts to achieve this control, but now scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute have succeeded in creating a steady stream of photons emitted one at a time and in a particular direction. The breakthrough has been published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

Breakthrough in light sources for new quantum technology 

Here Are The Best Consumer 3D Printers On The Market

A Queensland farm on the Darling Downs has become the unlikely testing ground of one of the most technologically advanced Google projects that could see autonomous drones deliver anything from chocolate to life-saving medicines and are also able deliver something worse than American made weapons grade anthrax from Ft Detrick as they fly over …like AirEbola NWO 666 911 Drones.

…….……………Sudden Silence………………. Prophetic Antichrist 7 Year Covenant With Many Requested By Israel The 2015 Burry Harbinger Divestment (AKA) BHD PUT

S&P 666 Low to close 2014 -7.5% from here at 1850

buying stocks at record highs pays better than ‘investing’ in Capex or growth.

Treasury Curve Collapse Signals Multiple Expansion Exuberance Is Over

“An agreement has been reached between the two sides and we are awaiting the announcement from Cairo to determine the zero hour for implementation,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in Gaza.

Israel and Hamas Reach Gaza Peace Deal

The Israeli official’s comments came a day after the “New York Times” published an op-ed piece by Israel’s ambassador to the UN calling Qatar the “Club Med for Terrorists.”

Qatar’s ties with US deterring Israel from all-out diplomatic offensive, official says

In the opening statement, Russia’s president said that Moscow is interested in not only maintaining its cooperation with Ukraine, but even expanding it.

Putin, Poroshenko shake hands as Minsk forum to discuss Ukrainian peace plan.

What this unfeeling and cold response to the slaughter of Christians tells us is that Obama is a pretend Christian just the way he is a pretend American. What he is instead is a world class liar. That is because his real agendas are anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish, and obviously and consistently pro America’s third world adversaries to whom he is always apologizing and whom he is always appeasing. Obama lies about his intentions and policies because he couldn’t survive politically if he told the truth,

The Hell That is the Obozo’s White House 

Yes, I know that all of this may sound like something out of a science fiction novel. But there are a whole lot of people out there that are absolutely obsessed with this stuff, and many of them are in very prominent positions around the globe.

In other words, a world stuck in the last phase before complete Keynesian collapse, had no choice but to gamble “all in” with the last and only bluff it had left before admitting the economic system it had labored under, one which has borrowed so extensively from the future to fund the present that there is no future left, has failed.

The only question left was when would the trial balloons for such monetary paradrops start to emerge.

We now know the answer, and it is today.

Moments ago a stunning article appearing in the “Foreign Affaird” publication of the influential and policy-setting Council of Foreign Relations, titled “Print Less but Transfer More: Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People.”

^^^Outright pure evil, lol, not pure gold. Lol, like food, the beast devours the flesh upon the golden altar erected by the power of printing temptation and marking all flesh sealed and condemned with the ”Debt Note” Sirius ”In (g)od We Trust”. At this point the bankers, and their political wings, protected by complete hell bound  fools under their spell, known as government employees/AKA obvious threats, should perish, and they shall. There is no place in Heaven for anyone that accepts the mark of the beast. Lol, give a miner  the mine owner’s gold and the labor of the harvest ends with broken teeth after eating free lunch. Dinner is served for the fowls of the SINTAXERROR.

It Begins: Council On Foreign Relations Proposes That “Central Banks Should Hand/Tempt Consumers 666 Cash Directly” 

As we noted early on, by the time the cash markets opened this morning, the narrative of compliant Kuroda and drug-peddling Draghi had been painted as worth more than a yellowing Yellen’s hawkish comments. And so it was that stocks, despite weak macro data this morning in the US – bad news is great news – surged as cash markets opened and tagged S&P 2,000 for the first time ever. However, once Europe closed, that exuberance faded in stocks. Treasuries rallied (30Y closed -2bps) with the front-end weakening very modestly. USD strength (on notable EUR weakness) sent oil and precious metals modestly lower on the day but Copper had a good day (+0.6%). Today was the lowest S&P futures (non-holiday) trading of the year as the Nasdaq rose for the 9th day in a row.

So to summarize – Bonds Up, Stocks Up, USD Up… But VIX Up, Oil Down

S&P Tags 2,000… on lowest volume day of the year

The question is – now that the public has bought back into the casino… which way do the big boys want the market to go? Remember this…

Fed’s NWO 666 Antichrist Harbinger Mission Accomplished

Russian virologists unfolding lab in Guinea to fight with Ebola fever–critical-update-on-the-hagmann-hagmann-report

Democratic State Representative and candidate for U.S. representative Pat Murphy said Tuesday that if the underage migrants who have come to the U.S. from Central America aren’t given a “pathway for citizenship” they could become terrorists.

^^^Everyone that voted for this evil dipshit, and the ”Vote 2 Party Antichrist 666’ers”, should be hung along with this moron, lol, but that will never happen before the ”U.N.conventional 911 Harbinger Event” provides the NWO 666 Team Obozo The POTUS Clown cause for Antichrist Israel’s prophetic ”covenant with many”. Every Saint paying attention knows this without a shadow of doubt at this point.

666 Antichrist Dem Politician: Grant Illegals Amnesty Or They’ll Become Terrorists

The dramatic strike is shown in the blip below. Amazingly, while dozens were wounded in the strike, no one was killed, Palestinian officials said.

Stunning Footage Of Israeli Strike Leveling 12-Story Gaza Building

For Yazidis, Christians: ‘They Cut Us Like Sheep’ (Video)

Soon you will understand, for good or for bad, that Israel is not a burden on the West. Israel is not stuck here like a bone in a Muslim throat. Getting rid of Israel will solve nothing. I think you may have already understood that. All you need do is listen to radical Islam. It talks; sometimes in English. It is exact; it is accurate.

It declares and reiterates its real objective – to annihilate the West. To annihilate the infidels

Not only in Syria, or Iraq, or the Middle East, but everywhere.

Mid-East Prophecy Update – August 24th, 2014

“In the end, our Arab brothers will go with us,” he added.

Abbas says planning to announce ‘unconventional solution’ to Israeli-Arab conflict.

A PA official in Ramallah said Abbas’s initiative envisages ending Washington’s monopoly over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by inviting involvement from other parties, including the United Nations. The official said the initiative seeks to internationalize the conflict so that Israel would come under heavy pressure to force it to comply with all UN resolutions pertaining to the problem.

The Palestinian daily al-Quds quoted Palestinian sources as saying that Abbas’s new initiative calls for “ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital.”

The revenue streams available to the Islamic State through its control of a vast oil-rich territory and access to local taxes dwarfs the income of other groups.

With its control of seven oil fields and two refineries in northern Iraq, and six out of 10 oil fields in eastern Syria, the terror group is selling crude at between $25 and $60 a barrel, Luay al-Khatteeb, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Doha Center in Qatar, said in a telephone interview. That reflects a discount from world market prices due to the risk faced by middlemen smuggling and brokering the oil. By comparison, Brent crude for October settlement fell 1 cent today to $102.28 a barrel on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange.

Nations such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE are hardly enjoying these dumping rates, but one person who will be truly displeased by a marginal seller who gives as much as a 75% discount will be none other than Vladimir Putin, for whom as is widely known, the stock market may go up and go down, but one thing matters critically: to keep the price of Brent as high as possible. And with ISIS impairing the supply and demand curves, one wonders how long before the Kremlin decides to make a move of some sort..

A few days ago when we commented, somewhat in jest, on the seemingly impressive strategic planning behind the Islamic State jihadists becoming a “commodities trading powerhouse” (when it was revealed that ISIS had sold the grain it had stolen from the Itaqi government back to the government), we described just how well-versed in the ways of the modern world ISIS was: “from quickly taking control of (i.e., robbing) a central bank, to capturing the latest and greatest in US military equipment, to staging an amazing blitz-campaign that has resulted in the creation of a caliphate and captured the bulk of northern Iraq and a third of Syria including all of the former country’s oil fields, to even having glossy year end annual reports, one would almost be forgiven in assuming that some vastly more strategic minds are behind what on paper at least would be a far more disorganized force.”

Now, thanks to Bloomberg we can quantify this particular strategy, and put top-line numbers with the ISIS faces, so to speak: “The Islamic State, which now controls an area of Iraq and Syria larger than the U.K., may be raising more than $2 million dollars a day in revenue from oil sales, extortion, taxes and smuggling, according to U.S. intelligence officials and anti-terrorism finance experts.”

In other words, a well-greased government machine, and not only that but one which has an infinitely greater net worth than the US, because with a net worth of some $2 billion (and rising by $2 million daily), the Islamic State has a “worth” of some $17+ trillion more than the United States, which instead of equity is funded entirely through debt, and ever more debt, thanks to the ongoing devaluation of the world’s reserve currency.

Some more on how ISIS became the world’s first self-contained, and funded, jihadist entity:

^^^EH HUM!!! ”A DOT” or a DASH says he. How interesting. Lol.

But the punchline, and where one can be certain the western banks are involved, is the following:

“It’s not totally clear where they’re storing all this money, but there may be ways to actually go after it,” he said. Whether or not it’s in a bank account, “you’ve got to put it somewhere.”

Uhm, just braintsotmring here, but has anyone thought to check HSBC and JPM’s “private client” services database? Like we said, just a thought: clearly the world’s largest banks would never stoop so low as to fund and launder money for the world’s most barbaric and feared terrorist organizations.

The ISIS’ Top Line: $2 Million In Daily Revenue From “Oil Sales, Extortion, Taxes And Smuggling” 

In a surprising development, it appears that the group known as ISIS (The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) may have actually been trained by the United States government. According to a report published in Reuters, the Syrian rebel group was trained in Jordan over the last two years by US government officials and military experts. If this is true, it would shed a very interesting light on what is the actual agenda of the United States government in a country where they profess to be seeking stability.

Arizona Senator John McCain even paid a visit to the group during training to show his support for the group, and to demonstrate the support of the US government for their cause.

ISIS Trained by US Government

According to the article, it was not known whether those doing the training were direct members of the US government or if they worked for a private firm, but the main focus of the training was on anti-tank weaponry. The report continues to point out that 200 men were trained at the facility and that over 1200 will be added in a plan to prepare to free Syria from the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad. Besides the American trainers, it is reported that French and British advisors were present as well to aid in the training.

According to Jordanian intelligence sources, it is reported that the program is designed to create 10,000 fighters who will exclusively be a part of the ISIS group. ISIS is now responsible for the unrest occurring in Northern Iraq, and it would be quite ironic if the United States was actually responsible for the training that is now being used to destabilize the Iraqi nation.

Iraq pleads for global help in fight against jihadists

The UK Independent is reporting that the United States may already be assisting the Assad regime by providing them with intelligence that allows them to strike at ISIS/ISIL leadership targets:

The US has already covertly assisted the Assad government by passing on intelligence about the exact location of jihadi leaders through the BND, the German intelligence service, a source has told The Independent. This may explain why Syrian aircraft and artillery have been able on occasion to target accurately rebel commanders and headquarters.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Obama has requested in excess of $500 million in covert aid to “moderate” rebels fighting Assad. A request Congress still has to act upon.

One can only say that if Obama had exhibited the same mental agility that is allowing him to provide aid to Assad in his dealings with Iraq and Afghanistan five years ago, the world would be a much safer place.

Bashar al-Assad: NWO 911 Team 666 Obozo’s new ally 

Its capture is a huge blow to President Assad’s regime and will spark concern over the treatment of any survivors.
Militants beheaded Syrian soldiers and impaled their heads on fence posts when they captured similar bases, including the sprawling Division 17 base in Raqqa

Despite government airstrikes to try to beat back the attack, the jihadis quickly quashed the remaining pockets of resistance, killing dozens of soldiers.

‘Some of the Syrian regime troops pulled out and now the Islamic State is in full control of Tabqa,’ said Observatory director Rami Abdurrahman.

‘This makes Raqqa province the first to fully fall out of government hands.’
Another activist group, the Local Coordination Committees, also said the extremist group was in control.
The SANA state news agency confirmed that the government had lost the air base, saying troops ‘are successfully reassembling after evacuating the airport.’

Last month Islamic State fighters overran the sprawling Division 17 military base in Raqqa, killing at least 85 soldiers.
Two weeks later, the extremists seized the nearby Brigade 93 base after days of heavy fighting.

Fighters have swept through a huge tract of northeastern Syria after seizing control of much of northern and western Iraq in June.

From their Syrian stronghold in Raqqa they have declared a self-styled caliphate, a Sunni regime ordering its subjects to operate under an extreme interpretation of Sharia law.

It has opened up three fronts in the fighting in Syria, which is already home to a bloody and long-running civil war between President Assad’s forces and anti-government rebels. Islamist militants have fought soldiers from both sides of the previous conflict making large parts of the country unstable.

Islamic State militants capture key Syrian air base – giving them open road to the sea and massive store of weapons and ammunition

As I see the pieces fall into place, I find myself struggling to express how I really feel. The Illuminati, NWO elites have set us up for destruction and atrocity on a global scale. They are going to launch the greatest false-flag terrorist attack in the history of the world, and then they will send you to war.
It just makes me sick.

How can such evil exist?

I can hardly believe it. But, it does exist, and you only need to look through the history books to find it. And, we are about to see the worst of it brought to life, before our very eyes.

They won’t call it the War of 2015. It might not even start in 2015. It might happen in 2016. In fact, the dread that I feel about what is coming over the next four months might be misplaced. The globalists might have another trick up their sleeve and miraculously push off financial collapse for another year. And, since Satan has some pretty smart people working for him, it might happen. But, there will come a point in which smart people can no longer hold off the inevitable. And, that means that…
…we will go to war..

Bix Weir said, there is just no way that the tens of Quadrillions of dollars in derivative contracts can continue to keep growing without something happening to collapse the system. It just isn’t possible. And, as he’s watched cracks and fissures grow in the system, he can see the collapse coming.
It’s not rocket science. It’s just common sense and a tiny bit of basic math.


But, I see a verification rearing its ugly seven heads, and it comes in the form of this bizarre organization called ISIS. I call it bizarre because they should not have been able to do what they have done – as quickly as they did it.
There is a hidden hand managing the success of ISIS, and that hidden hand is connected to the Saudis, the CIA and the US State Department. They are the ones responsible for the dramatic and illogical success of ISIS, and they are now shaping ISIS to do what they created them to do – take the US to war, again.

So, now they’re ready with their biggest gun of all:


They pumped in training, weapons and billions of dollars, and now they’ve launched the propaganda campaign.
Last week, and over the weekend, we’ve had ‘intelligence’ leaked to the press about how huge a threat ISIS is. We’ve had generals and senators come forward with fear after fear about what ISIS was planning in the US.
And, we opened the doors wide, so that this monster could come in across our southern border.
What they are hoping and planning for is a terrorist attack that will eclipse 9/11.

They want something that will shock the most jaded of us. And, it needs to be big enough that it will overwhelm even the alternative media that has been sounding the alarm over globalist involvement.

They are building up a false threat, and are going to murder tens of thousands of Americans with that false threat. Then, they will use the outrage they caused, to then go on to murder millions of Arabs in the Middle East – because they will direct that outrage at the Arabs. You will want vengeance for what was done, and the globalists will give it to you.
And, it will be wholesale murder. Plain and simple.
For Your Wealth, Rights And Freedoms

They will then destroy Syria and place themselves in the middle of the most productive region in the world, for oil and natural gas. That will allow them to keep the petrodollar going for a while longer. It will keep the financial system limping along for yet another year, or even more. It will steal more of your wealth, rights and freedoms.
And, it could all begin, sometime over the next four months.
I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this
(That’s a link. There’s not much time left.)

The War of 2015 – Part 1 – The Next 9/11

ISIS didn’t just arise out of the earth like some Islamist variation on the fabled Myrmidons: they needed money, weapons, logistics, propaganda facilities, and international connections to reach the relatively high level of organization and lethality they seem to have achieved in such a short period of time. Where did they get these assets?

None of this is any secret: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the rest of the oil-rich Gulf states have been backing them all the way. Prince Bandar al-Sultan, until recently the head of the Kingdom’s intelligence agency – and still the chief of its National Security Council – has been among their biggest backers. Qatar and the Gulf states have also been generous in their support for the Syrian jihadists who were too radical for the US to openly back. Although pressure from Washington – only recently exerted – has reportedly forced them to cut off the aid, ISIS is now an accomplished fact – and how can anyone say that support has entirely evaporated instead of merely going underground?

Washington’s responsibility for the success of ISIS is less direct, but no less damning.

The ‘Sunni Turn’ Against The ‘Shiite Crescent': How The Strategic Stupidity Of Washington (And Its Allies) Created ISIS 

From the very outset of the Obama foreign policy agenda, the intent to reshape the power structure of the Middle East was telegraphed to the world, but few understood the far reaching and world changing implications of this policy. On June 4, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama delivered his “New Beginnings” speech at Cairo University as referenced above. Perhaps the new restructuring of power within the Middle East was discussed at the ranch of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, located outside Riyadh, where he spent the night on his way to Cairo. From that point forward, it became increasingly obvious that the Saudi agenda was pushing America’s foreign, strategic and even military agenda throughout the Middle East. Obama’s bow to the Saudi king was deep, all we saw was his bony posterior protuberance, which is a lesson in political, or globalist perspective.

Obama: A necessary Saudi asset

Obama-Saudi alliance from additional attempts to engage us in a conflict. We were treated to false flag events that included a chemical weapons attack purportedly conducted at the hands of Assad. Other attempts were made to engage us, yet our collective stomachs were full of the bile of this Renegade-in-Chief’s agenda.

As time marched on, we bore witness to the selection and installation of John O. Brennan as head of the CIA, an interesting choice considering his former involvement not just with the CIA, but with Obama and in particular, the Saudis. It is important to note his reported role in the passport office break-in in 2008, and his possible role with the video that supposedly sparked riots throughout the Middle East, leading to the attacks of 9/11/12.

Understanding the ISIS threat 

The administration’s own language also began to toughen. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was asked if IS posed a 9/11-level threat. He responded by saying, “This is beyond anything that we’ve seen. So, we must prepare for everything.” And he added that air strikes against IS in Syria were now being considered.

But wouldn’t even this be hard to square with Obama’s pledge not to deploy combat troops? O’Hanlon told DW, “I think he can be granted license and leeway now that Haider al-Abadi is forming a new government.”
This harks back to the third part of Obama’s TV address on August 7 – “increased support” for a new government to deal with the “counterterrorism challenge.”

Brian Fishman of the nonpartisan New America Foundation doesn’t buy the idea of a limited operation. He argues that defeating IS would require a much larger force and warns against misleading “American people into a war with shifting objectives.”

US’ Iraq strategy: The operation with no name

That party, or rather, parties has been revealed as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, which as the NYT reports, “have secretly teamed up to launch airstrikes against Islamist-allied militias battling for control of Tripoli, Libya, four senior American officials said, in a major escalation between the supporters and opponents of political Islam.”

So now that the “mysterious” owners of the punitive bombing raids has been revealed, the next question is: why? The answer is simple – to keep Islamists in check. And since the US can no longer be relied on to do the bidding of formerly key petrodollar allies, the UAE decided to take the law into its own hands.

The strikes are another high-risk and destabilizing salvo unleashed in a struggle for power that has broken out across the region in the aftermath of the Arab Spring revolts, pitting old-line Arab autocrats against Islamists. Since the military ouster of the Islamist president in Egypt one year ago, the new Egyptian government, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have formed a bloc exerting influence in countries around the region to rollback what they see as a competing threat from Islamists. Arrayed against them are the Islamist movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood, backed by friendly governments in Turkey and Qatar, that sprang forward amid the Arab spring revolts.

US Furious After Source Of “Mystery” Libya Bombing Raids Revealed

Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?

Watching For Christ’s Return Luke 12 

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Today ISIS desecrates churches, slaughters Christians, sells Christian women, destroys Christian images and crosses, and invades Christian areas. Tell me, Obama, how they are different from the Muslims of the past.

Was Zyad bin Haritha, one of the closest companions to Muhammad, misrepresenting Islam when he took Umm, an old woman, and split her body in two by tying her to two moving camels? As the Hadith witnesses.

For those of you who may stupidly believe Obozo, I would like to present true Islam to the president, and illustrate that it is not just of the same violent nature, but in many ways worse than ISIS. 

ALERT: Dr. Jim Garrow & Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney Chilling Updates on Planned Terror Attacks

“I am absolutely certain that someday there will be another mass casualty attack against the United States, except next time they will have far deadlier weapons.”

Cheney: ‘Absolutely Certain There Will Be Another Mass Casualty Attack Against U.S.’ 

Now an international team is declaring a successful brain-to-brain data transfer between a person sitting in India to a receiving person in France.

In short, researchers are admitting that we have crossed a key threshold in jumping from lab rats to human rats subjects, which will bring massive social transformation that is dependent upon the ethics of the scientific establishment and the legislative permissions of government.

Researchers Achieve First Successful Telepathic Transfer 

As for these pastors, repentance is the solution for them as well. I’ve often pointed out to people that the apostle John lists cowards first among those which will have their part in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8). They need to be strong and courageous proclaimers of the Word of God, not editing it, not watering it down and certainly not withholding it from the people. May God grant these men the grace to overcome their cowardice and to proclaim the truth without apology for the glory of God.

We are not dealing with IGNORANT pastors; we are dealing with DELIBERATELY DISOBEDIENT pastors. They are PURPOSELY CHOOSING to remain silent. Will that make any difference to the Christians in the pews who say they want their pastor to take a stand but are willing to overlook his ‘ignorance?’ Probably not. But, at least, we now know what the real issue is, don’t we?”

Yes, we do, but we didn’t need Barna’s study to determine this. It’s in the pages of Scripture. This is nothing new.
However, Baldwin does rightly point out what I have said above and then puts it back on Christians to determine whether they want to support such men. “It is time for Christians to acknowledge that these ministers are not pastors; they are CEOs. They are not Bible teachers; they are performers. They are not shepherds; they are hirelings. It is also time for Christians to be honest with themselves: do they want a pastor who desires to be faithful to the Scriptures, or do they want a pastor who is simply trying to be ‘successful?'”

^^^The proper way to describe the spiritual ”current condition” by the use of the word ”successful” does not separate the author of this article from the prophetic antichrist spirit reality at hand. The ”fact” is ”successful” means ”The prophetic end time Antichrist spirit has been accepted and the pastors and their church members are marked sealed and condemned do to their willful contempt”. This is the reality of the end time generation prophetic want of Babylon and the Antichrist deception now at hand which is the prophetic ”falling away” which is now happening first, just prior, before, the time period of the Antichrist is confirmed by the prophetic ”covenant with many” which the leaders of the nations and Israel were actively working on just before the Hamas rockets and Israeli return fire began to destroy Gaza.

The coming months shall end all doubt as to the time at hand, when the prophetic geopolitical condition is ripe for the false prophetic peace agreement which shall be broken by the Antichrist. The Antichrist is the man, prophetically represented by the number spiritually defined in scripture by the number 666, the man that confirms his name in (writing when he signs?) the prophetic ”covenant with many”. In case you have not been given the simple prophetic revelation, and you are not currently able to discern exactly what is about to happen as a result of whatever soon to occur event allows for the fulfillment of the Antichrist ”peace and security” covenant with many which defines Israel and the nations consider this:

Daniel 8:25 

And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

Israeli institute prepares priests for Jerusalem’s third temple

The third temple will mostly look like the Second Temple, and there’s an organized plan for the Chamber of Hewn Stone, the seat of the Sanhedrin [the ancient high court assembly].

1 Kings 9-11 

“But if you[a] or your descendants turn away from me and do not observe the commands and decrees I have given you[b] and go off to serve other gods and worship them, 7 then I will cut off Israel from the land I have given them and will reject this temple I have consecrated for my Name. Israel will then become a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples. 8 This temple will become a heap of rubble. All[c] who pass by will be appalled and will scoff and say, ‘Why has the Lord done such a thing to this land and to this temple?’ 9 People will answer, ‘Because they have forsaken the Lord their God, who brought their ancestors out of Egypt, and have embraced other gods, worshiping and serving them—that is why the Lord brought all this disaster on them.’”

As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father had been. 5 He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. 6 So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord completely, as David his father had done.

7 On a hill east of Jerusalem, Solomon built a high place for Chemosh the detestable god of Moab, and for Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. 8 He did the same for all his foreign wives, who burned incense and offered sacrifices to their gods.

The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents,[p] 15 not including the revenues from merchants and traders and from all the Arabian kings and the governors of the territories.

Revelation 13

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Magic Squares, 666, and Human Sacrifice?

According to this Masonic enchantment, Osiris (Horus) was rising within a new president in DC as Washington took his role as Osiris of the underworld. This is further simulated and symbolized by the three-story design of the Capitol building. Freemasons point out how the Great Pyramid of Giza was made up of three main chambers to facilitate Pharaoh’s transference to Osiris, just as the temple of Solomon was a three-sectioned tabernacle made up of the ground floor, middle chamber, and Holy of Holies.

While finding the body of Osiris and resurrecting it—either figuratively or literally—is central to the prophetic beliefs of Freemasonry, until Apollo/Osiris return, formal procedures will continue in secret for installing within America’s national leader the divine right of Kingship through the raising of Osiris ceremony. It is very important to note how, when this ritual is carried out in the Temple Room of the Heredom, it unfolds below a vast thirty-six-paneled skylight that forms a stylized Magic 666 Square..

Those who believe the United States was founded on Christianity and visit the Capitol for the first time are often surprised by the stark contrast to historic Christian artwork of the ascension of Jesus Christ compared to the “heaven” George Washington rises into from within the energized Capitol Dome/womb of Isis. It is not occupied by angels, but with devils and pagan deities important to Masonic belief. These include Hermes, Neptune, Venus (Isis), Ceres, Minerva, and Vulcan (Satan) of course, the son of Jupiter and Juno to which human sacrifices are made and about whom Manly Hall said “the seething energies of Lucifer” are brought into the Mason’s hands.[iv]

The symbol of Jupiter/Zeus, the father of Apollo above Washington’s head, reflects the same conviction scripted on America’s Great Seal—that the divine being watching over Washington and the founding of the country was Jupiter/Zeus (Lucifer in the Bible), whose son is coming again to rule the novus ordo seclorum. Even the name “Capitol Hill” for Government Center in Washington originated with this concept. Thomas Jefferson selected it to reflect Capitoline Hill from ancient Rome, where Jupiter (Jove) was the king of the gods. In more recent times, the Congressional Prayer Room was set up next to the Rotunda, where representatives and senators can go to meditate. The centerpiece in this room is a large, stained-glass window with George Washington between the two sides of the Great Seal of the United States. What is striking about this feature is that the order of the seal is inverted against protocol, with the reverse side of the seal, which should be at the bottom, above Washington’s head, and the front of the seal, which should be at the top, under his feet. In this position, Washington is seen on his knees praying beneath the uncapped pyramid and the all-seeing eye of Horus/Osiris/Apollo. I leave the reader to interpret what this clearly is meant to signify.

The English word capitol derives from Capitoline..

English: “Temple of Jupiter Best and Greatest on the Capitoline”) was the most important temple in Ancient Rome, located on the Capitoline Hill.

The presence of the Rothschild/Illuminati (the Zionist Synagogue of Satan) is vividly clear in the design of the Israel Supreme Court Building (that will become Satan’s End Time Supreme Court of Doom) integrated with Solomon/Masonic symbolism, and harkens to Jerusalem (the “City of Seven Hills” or the “Whore of Revelation”, and “MYSTERY BABYLON”) as the future location for sealing the deadly fate of the Jews and Martyrs during the coming Great Tribulation when blood will flow profusely in Jerusalem.


It was common custom in the centuries before Christ for people in the Roman world to refer to the City of Rome itself as the “City of Seven Hills.” The references are numerous and consistent. And indeed, when Romulus and Remus wanted to build a city in the area of the Tibur River (just inland from the coast to afford a greater protection for the city from sea pirates or from the naval warfare of hostile powers), it was divinely selected, in Roman parlance, that the city had to be on “seven hills.” The number “seven” was a universal symbol that signified “completion” or “perfection,” and the ancients who founded Rome wanted people to know that this particular city was destined to have a world influence and fame, and that it was no ordinary city that was being constructed in the 8th century BC. The fact, that Rome was designated “The Seven Hilled City” was significant enough to render it as a sacred and holy city that was designed to have world power and authority. This is one of the reasons the ancient people of the world always respected the City of Rome, whether they were its arch defenders and supporters or its enemies and were alien to its political and religious concepts. Even when the city in the time of the Empire finally grew beyond the strict limits of the “Seven Hills” (and reached out to embrace other hills in the vicinity and even hills on the other side of the Tibur River, such as Vatican Hill), the people for nostalgic reasons still retained the name of the city by its original designation: “the City of Seven Hills.”

But strange as it may seem, the City of Jerusalem as it existed in the time of Christ Jesus was also reckoned to be the “City of Seven Hills.”


And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

Daniel 11:37-39 

Neither shall he regard the [a]God of his fathers, nor the desires [b]of women, nor care for any God: for he shall magnify himself above all.

38 But in his place shall he honor the [c]god Mauzzim, and the god whom his fathers knew not, shall he honor with [d]gold and with silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

39 Thus shall he do in [e]the holds of Mauzzim with a strange god whom he shall acknowledge: he shall increase his glory, and shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain..

Cowards in the Pulpit Finally Tell on Themselves

August 23, 2014: Behold

Israel acknowledges there are innocent people on both sides. But Hamas contends that because all Israelis are occupiers and religious infidels, none are innocent. Hence, all are valid targets for attack both from the air above and the ground below.

The world’s problem with Israel 

However – this is a silver lining to The State Department…

“This senseless attack underscores the urgent need for Iraqi leaders from across the political spectrum to take the necessary steps that will help unify the country against all violent extremist groups,” deputy U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement.

So, let’s get this straight – due to the senseless Sunni-Shia attack, amid efforts to bring the two sides politically closer to take on The Islamic State together, the US State Department says the Sunni and Shia shoould move quicker towards partnership?

Obozo’s “Do Nothing Stupid” Foreign Policy Fails Again As ‘New’ Iraqi Government Formation Crumbles

And that’s why Janet Yellen holds stupid and insulting speeches like the one today.

Janet Yellen Is An Insult To Americans 

To tell you that she knows, but she just doesn’t care.

The G-20’s Solution To Systemically Unstable, “Too Big To Fail” Banks: More Debt 

It’s been 6 years since Lehman went bankrupt overnight, stunning bondholders who were forced to reprice Lehman bonds from 80 to 8 (see chart below) in a millisecond, and launching the world’s worst depression since the 1930s, which courtesy of some $10 trillion in central bank liquidity injections, has been split up into several more palatable for public consumptions “recessions”, of which Europe is about to succumb to the third consecutive one even if for the time being the Fed’s has succeeded in if not breaking the business cycle, then certainly delaying the inevitable onset of the next major contraction in the US economy.

Paradoxically, instead of taking advantage of this lull in volatility and relative economic calm, and making the financial system more stable, all so-called regulation has done, is paid lip service to the underlying problems, hoping that should the next crisis appear the Fed will be able to delay it yet again by throwing countless amounts of taxpayer money at the problem. In the meantime, the biggest banks have gotten so big that the failure of one JPM or Deutsche Bank, and their hundreds of trillions in gross notional derivatives, would lead to the biggest financial and economic catastrophe ever witnessed and make 2008 seem like a fond memory of economic euphoria.

So finally, with a 6 year delay, the western world’s “government leaders” have finally decided to do something about a TBTF problem that has never been more acute. According to Reuters, in November said leaders will agree “that the world’s top banks must issue special bonds to increase the amount of capital which can be tapped in a crisis instead of calling on taxpayers to come to the rescue, industry and G20 officials said.” In other words, suddenly the $2.8 trillion in Fed injected excess reserves, split roughly equally between US and European banks, are no longer sufficient, and while regulators are on one hand delaying the implementation of Basel III and its tougher capital rules, on the other they are tacticly admitting that whatever “generous” capital buffer banks have on their books right now will not be sufficient when the next crisis strikes.

Most Americans have no clue about the imminent changes to our currency and monetary system. Here’s how these dramatic changes will directly affect you and your family…

Funny how this happens as the pro-Russian forces appear to be ready to strike a major victory, the US appears to be ready to expand the war in the Middle East, Yemen’s government collapses in the face of Islamist rebels, and China is increasing its military stand against US Pacific forces in its region of influence. Nothing to see here, continue to hit the Wall Street Casino. Nothing could possibly go wrong like 1907, 1929, 1937, 1979, 1987, 1998, 2001, 2007-2008 now could it?


Fleeing Iraqi Christians reveal horror of Islamic State

The Fall

3 Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made.

He said to the woman, “Did God actually say, ‘You[g] shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?” 2 And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden, 3 but God said, ‘You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.’” 4 But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.

Tribulation Knocking! Israel Asks for a 7 year Peace Treaty Which Would Usher in the Antichrist! All Hell About to Break Loose as Blood Moons Rise…

Huge News!! Hidden among a Jerusalem Post report titled: Israel reportedly agrees to extend cease-fire for 24 hours, lies very interesting verbiage that could hold the key for the coming seven year peace treaty prophesied in the Bible…

“He will make a treaty with the people [Israel] for a period of one set of seven [7 years], but after half this time [3.5 years] he will put an end to sacrifices and offerings…”(Daniel 9:27)

Here is the quote from Jerusalem Post:

“Israel insists on demilitarizing the Gaza Strip from rockets and missiles, and the declaration of a cease-fire that would last between five and seven years,” he said. “The Palestinian side has yet to compromise on any of the key questions.”

The brutality of ‘Jihadi John,’ the Islamic State militant who decapitated James Foley

Forensic Expert Says Foley Murder Video “May Have Been Staged”

Hamas executes 18 suspected collaborators with Israel in Gaza

For further confirmation of the conclusions arrived at by my buddy, Steven, read the following article: You Do Realize that the U.S. Funded and Trained ISIS, Right?, published on August 22nd by The Daily Sheeple. It is thoroughly documented and cited with sources in the Pentagon and other official media reports, confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Islamic State is in fact a creation of Western intelligentsia in order to attack and destabilize regional governments and nations for purposes of the control of people groups, natural resources and land power..

U.S. Marine Veteran Sets the Record Straight on the ISIS Disinformation Campaign

Last night it was SecDef Chuck Hagel who warned ISIS was a bigger threat to America than 9/11 and primed the narrative for the next round of defense-spending (and this deficit-boosting, QE-enabling money printing). Today it is Senate Armed Services Committee member Jim Inhofe who told Fox that “we’re in the most dangerous position we’ve ever been in as a nation.” While that seems a little bit of stretch (oh and hasn’t the Senator seen stocks?) he adds – rather ominously, “they’re crazy out there and they’re rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city and people just can’t believe that’s happening.”

More Scaremongery: Inhofe Warns ISIS “Developing A Method To Blow Up A Major US City”

So – to confirm – this is a massive threat that needs a solution, that is Obama’s fault because he cut spending, but we need to cut spending more? Okeydokey then…

Catastrophic Collapse by the End of THIS YEAR

It is easy, for someone at the beginning of a year, to prophesy financial collapse, by the end of that year. A year is a long time, and you will have plenty of time to say that what you really meant was [----]. But, if it is near the end of August… and a finance guy puts his reputation and career on the line, by telling you that a complete financial collapse will come, by the end of that year…

…that is a completely different story.

Bix Weir is just such a ‘finance guy’, and he is telling us that The Powers That Be are going to let the system collapse, before the end of the year – which is just a little over four months away..

Now that Q2 earnings season is over, here is a summary of how all those hundreds of billions in stock buybacks have done.

According to Deutsche Bank, in Q2 EPS, or rather non-GAAP EPS, for S&P 500 stocks rose to $29.50, an impressive increase of 7.9% from the $27.23 a year earlier. This follows a not too shabby 4.4% increase in Q1’s Y/Y increase from $26.76 to $27.95.

The problem, as we showed last quarter in “The Truth About First Quarter S&P 500 Earnings”, is that virtually all of this increase is due to non-GAAP adbacks, in effect nullifying the impact of the major drop in shares outstanding as companies scramble hand over fist to issue debt and buyback their float. In fact, as we showed last quarter, GAAP EPS declined 2.2% Y/Y.

So what about GAAP Q2 EPS: the answer – a nearly meaningless 1.8% increase, or over four times less than the non-GAAP increase.

Behold The Magic Of Accounting In First Half Earnings

Finally, now that we can compile the first half data using the first two quarter data for both 2013 and 2014, we can conclusively state that if it weren’t for the accounting magic behind non-GAAP, which includes such addbacks as tens of billions in litigation costs for the TBTBF utilities, pardon banks, pension addbacks, and not to mention hundreds of billions in restructuring addbacks resulting from the mass termination of hundreds of thousands of workers who miraculously fail to trickle through to the BLS’ own “survey” data, things would hardly be as rosy as portrayed by the sellside. In fact, EPS growth in the first half was either 6.5%… or 0.2%. Depending on whether or not one believes in accounting magic.

The Fed’s Track Record: $389,863 Spent For Every Job Created… AT BEST 

· The US recession allegedly ended in June 2009. At that time, 140,196,000 people were employed in the US and the Fed’s balance sheet was roughly $2 trillion.

· As of July 2014, 146,352,000 Americans were employed and the Fed’s balance sheet was $4.4 trillion.

So, based on our assumptions (that ALL of the Fed’s money went towards the real economy and that the Fed is responsible for every job created since June 2009 when the recession ended), this means the Fed spent $2.4 trillion to create 6,156,000 jobs.

That’s $389,863 spent PER JOB CREATED.

Now, the odds that the 6.1 million jobs created since June 2009 pay anywhere NEAR this amount in salary is next to zero. And bear in mind, our analysis is based on key assumptions ALL of which are in favor of the Fed.

Celente – Email Exposes Scary Economic Collapse In The US

Eric King: “Gerald, you continue to receive firsthand emails and accounts about how bad the economy really is. You recently received the following email from an individual in the furniture business that is really shocking.”

“I read your comments on King World news on the state of the economy. I think you underestimated the severity of the decline we are experiencing. I am the sales manager for very old, well known, furniture company. For the past 15 years we have employed a sales staff of six very experienced sales people. They all earned between $75,000 – $90,000 per year. We saw 30-50 people a day. Now we see 3 people a day, and our TOP sales  person earns less than $30,000. They would all leave if they had a place to go. All of our sales staff has owned homes for over 20 years and all are facing foreclosure. I am sure we will be closed before Christmas.
The economy hasn’t slowed down, it has stopped. I am sure we are very close to a total financial collapse.
We are facing very scary times. The cure for obesity is right around the corner.” (Hunger).

Between March 2011 NWO Obozo 666 to April 2014 NWO Obozo 911 roughly 191,000 were killed in Syrian conflict; last report from July 2013, documented more than 100,000 killed.

“Look at the NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] Section 1021, that gave President Obama the ability to define someone as a terrorist threat and have the military incarcerate them indefinitely without due process,” Binney said in a recent interview with DW while expanding on his testimony about NSA in Germany earlier this year.

“That’s the same as the special order 48 issued in 1933 by the Nazis [the so-called Reichstag Fire Decree]. Read that — it says exactly the same thing.”

Binney said such totalitarianism begins with governments expanding population surveillance and gathering intelligence on people and their various activities, before eventually transitioning to using that power and knowledge against them.

“That’s what’s happening — in terms of newspaper reporters, in terms of crimes,” Binney said. “That’s a direct violation of our constitution.”

NSA Whistle-Blower: Obama’s Authority To Label ‘Terrorists’ Is The Same Rule The Nazis Issued In 1933 

Former National Security Agency crypto-mathematician Bill Binney was blowing the whistle on domestic spying long before Edward Snowden became a household name, and has gone on record describing the agency’s growing powers as increasingly “totalitarian.” Now the 36-year agency veteran is explaining the reason for its expansion — “power, control and money.”.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel talks about the “imminent threat” ISIS poses to the US and the World.. .and pulls no punches in his total fearmongery…”ISIL poses a threat greater than 9/11. ISIL is as sophisticated and well funded as any group we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group.

Chuck Hagel Goes Full Fearmonger: “ISIS Poses Greater Threat Than 9/11, Prepare For Everything” 

They marry ideology with a sophisticated strategic and tactical military prowess and they’re tremendously well-funded. This is way beyond anything we have seen. We must prepare for everything. Get Ready!” Time for some QE-funded deficit-busting war spending.

The Greatest Enslavement Of Christians Is Here, And Its Our Duty To Rescue Them! 

2017 – Is THIS the Beginning?

I believe that we will look back on 2014 in the same way that we looked forward, into it – as a pivotal year. Of course, we said that many times in the past, so you’ll probably want some evidence before agreeing with me. And, you’ll be wanting to know which pivots we are talking about.
Pivots In 2014

I believe that the situation is being set up for a massive crash in the US stock market and the US housing market. I don’t necessarily believe that it will happen this year, but I believe that the stage has been set for it. And, just as I said yesterday, it will be the crash that the elites want, to help them grab what remains of America’s wealth.

This release… I mean, outbreak …of Ebola has concentrated our minds on the possibility of a pandemic. The elites want our minds focused on this, so that they can grab the power that they crave – when it reaches America’s shores. This is a precursor to the declaration of martial law and the final destruction of the US Constitution.

The United States declared war on Russia with its takeover of Ukraine this year, and it marks a determined pivot towards something ominous and catastrophic. This is an ugly and evil sign, and I was shocked to see such an open move by the US State Department and the CIA. I still can hardly believe it.
In January, the Pope launched the most ambitious campaign that anyone has ever seen – to bring all Christianity under the authority of the Catholic Church.

Islamic barbarism has reached a crescendo, and we have done nothing. It took severe arm-twisting to get just a few (and limited) air strikes in support of the Peshmerga, as they rescued the Yazidis and retook the strategically important dam in Mosul. We built up and funded these Islamic thugs, and Islamic barbarity appears to be reaching critical mass.
And then…

…there’s the persecution of Christians.
Christians Persecuted

What we are seeing now is shocking and abominable. Christians are the most persecuted group in the world, and no one says anything about it. The Body of Christ is suffering terribly, and we have turned a deaf ear. And now, the suffering is building momentum for a leap onto the shores of America.
Can you hear the drumbeat of the enemies of Christ on the march?
I can, and I’m hearing it in ways that I’ve never heard it before, in ways that were completely unimaginable twenty, or even ten, years ago.
In fact, when I left the US in 2010, I did not imagine that any of this could be happening now – and, that was just four years ago. And now, look at what is happening:

The Founding Fathers Fought the Revolutionary War to Stop the Type of Militarized Police We Now Have In the U.S.

666 Rep Mike Honda means to outlaw private protective armor against deadly government threat

Race-based hate crimes spike in D.C.; whites most common victims, but underreporting feared 

Where’s the outrage from mainstream media on this shooting? It seems they pick and choose which shootings they televise, why is that? How many more innocent kids need to be gunned down by the police before communities hold these public servants accountable?

Cops Guns Down Unarmed White Boy In Salt Lake City, Mainstream Media Goes Silent (KUTV Video)

“If you think these riots are bad, wait till banks are closed, food stamp cards stop working and there is no longer food and water on the grocery shelves.” – TRUTH FED
The statement above comes with the video below and is as profound as it is accurate, as we look around at rising food prices, new reports showing that 109,631,000 Americans live in households that were on welfare by the fourth quarter of 2012, food prices are hitting “all-time highs,” cities are running out of water with crops failing…. all of which is going to make the riots and civil unrest we have been seeing in Ferguson, Missouri, seem like a walk in the park.

Before getting into the other current events that TRUTH FED discusses below, with the coinciding links provided at his website, let’s look at the aftermath when an 18 year-old unarmed man, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by police after a violent confrontation. Militarized police moved in and didn’t just focus on the violent protesters, looters and rioters, but attacked unarmed protesters, tear gassing them and arresting journalists trying to report on what was happening…… and that was before the National Guard moved in.

The images, videos and news reports are almost surreal as Americans watched martial law and the US police state in all it’s glory…. Now imagine that happening all across the country because Ferguson is nothing compared to what will happen when “people are hungry.”

In the video below TRUTH FED takes a look at what is on the horizon and asks “are you prepared?” After watching, listening, ask yourself that same question.

This Is Only The Beginning! Riots Nothing ‘Compared To When People Are Hungry’ – Looming Disaster 

PD Release ‘Suicide-By-Cop’ Shooting Clip 

Worst. Recovery. Ever. 

Car Repos Soar 70% As Auto Subprime Bubble Pops; “It’s Contained” Promises Fed 

In fact, not only did the poor get poorer, but the first quintile of the US population, or the bottom 20% by net worth, certainly not by representation as it happens to be the most populated, saw a decline in net worth from negative $905 in 2000 to negative $6,029, in other words debt.

The Stunning Charts Showing Just How Much Richer The Rich Have Gotten While The Poor Drown In Debt 

Remember this chart showing that the rich have assets and the poor have debt….

“Worst. Recovery. Ever.” Except For Bankers 

Three quarters of the loans in question came from Countrywide Financial, which Bank of America acquired in 2009, along with Merrill Lynch. In total, between 2004 and 2008, the groups sold more than $965 billion in bad loans.

Bank of America agrees to $17bn fine over mortgage fraud – report 

It’s Game Over Folks! They Want Us All Dead 

The Army documents are very disturbing and show without a doubt that the US government is actively preparing for massive civil unrest from it’s own population and are training men and women in uniform for “sniper response” to be used as crowd control, stating that the US military may be forced to use a “lethal response” to deal with protesters.

The 132-page document, titled U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances (PDF), was written in April 2014 and recently obtained by Public Intelligence.

This makes the US government’s threat against Americans just as real as the ISIS threat!

Watch below as Kemner ties it all together, titling his video “It’s Game over Folks, As I said They Want Us All Dead.”

Pope Francis: I Only Have 2-3 More Years to Live

Pope Francis believes that he still has a maximum of three years left to live, he told reporters Monday, and indicated that he is considering early retirement.

“Another two or three years, and God will take me,” Francis said, speaking to reporters on his way back to the Vatican from South Korea. According to reporters on the plane, the pope was generally in high spirits despite the grim prediction.

The American backed offensive to recapture Iraq’s biggest dam slowed on Monday, as fighters from the Islamic State rigged part of the area with booby traps and remotely triggered bombs.

911 Obozo The Antichrist Muslim Brotherhood And Now Ex-supporter Of ISIS Against Assad POTUS Clown Waves Off Intel Briefing – “Don’t Bother Me With This Sh*t”

ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Foley in Video Message to U.S.


Did you know that a major event just happened in the financial markets that we have not seen since the financial crisis of 2008? If you rely on the mainstream media for your news, you probably didn’t even hear about it. Just prior to the last stock market crash, a massive amount of money was pulled out of junk bonds. Now it is happening again. In fact, as you will read about below, the market for high yield bonds just experienced “a 6-sigma event”. But this is not the only indication that the U.S. economy could be on the verge of very hard times. Retail sales are extremely disappointing, mortgage applications are at a 14 year low and growing geopolitical storms around the world have investors spooked. For a long time now, we have been enjoying a period of relative economic stability even though our underlying economic fundamentals continue to get even worse. Unfortunately, there are now a bunch of signs that this period of relative stability is about to end. The following are 14 reasons why the U.S. economy’s bubble of false prosperity may be about to burst….

#2 The last time that we saw a junk bond rout of this magnitude was back during the financial crash of 2008. In fact, as the Telegraph recently explained, bonds usually crash before stocks do…

The credit market usually leads the equity market during turning points, as happened when credit markets cracked first in 2008.

#9 According to one survey, 76 percent of Americans do not have enough money saved to cover six months of expenses.

#10 Rumblings of a stock market correction have become so loud that even the mainstream media is reporting on it. For example, just check out this CNN headline from earlier this month: “Is a correction near? Wall Street on edge”.

#11 The civil war in Iraq is spiraling out of control, and Barack Obama has just announced that he is going to send 130 troops to the country in a “humanitarian” capacity. Iraq is the 7th largest oil producing nation on the entire planet, and if the flow of oil is disrupted that could have serious consequences.

#12 As a result of the conflict in Ukraine, the United States, Canada and the European Union have slapped sanctions on Russia. In return, Russia has slapped sanctions on them. Will this slowdown in global trade significantly harm the U.S. economy?

#13 The three day cease-fire between Hamas and Israel is about to end, and Hamas officials are saying that they are preparing for a “long battle”. If a resolution is not found soon, we could potentially see a full-blown regional war erupt in the Middle East.

#14 The number of Ebola deaths continues to grow at an exponential rate, and if the virus starts spreading inside the United States it has the potential to pretty much shut down our entire economy.

Meanwhile, things look even more dire in much of the rest of the globe.

For example, the economic slowdown has gotten so bad in some nations over in Europe that they are actually experiencing deflation…

Portugal has crashed into deep deflation and Italy’s inflation rate has fallen to zero as the eurozone flirts with recession, automatically pushing these countries further towards a debt compound spiral.

The slide comes amid signs of a deepening slowdown in the eurozone core, with even Germany flirting with possible recession. Germany’s ZEW index of investor confidence plunged from 27.1 to 8.6 in July, the sharpest fall since June 2012, during the European sovereign debt crisis. “The European Central Bank has to act now,” said Andrew Roberts, credit chief at RBS.

And in Japan, GDP just contracted at a 6.8 percent annual rate during the second quarter…

Japan’s economy suffered its worst contraction since 2011 in the second quarter as consumer spending on big items slumped in the wake of a sales tax rise.

Gross domestic product shrunk by an annualized 6.8% in the three months ended June, Japan’s Cabinet Office said Wednesday. The result was actually better than the 7% contraction expected by economists.

On a quarterly basis, Japan’s GDP dropped by 1.7% as business and housing investment declined. Japan’s economy last suffered a hit of this magnitude after the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster.

There is no way that this bubble of false prosperity was going to last forever. It was never real to begin with. It was just based on a pyramid of debt and false promises. In fact, the condition of the global financial system is now far worse than it was just prior to the financial crisis of 2008.

Sadly, most people do not understand these things. Most people just assume that our leaders have fixed whatever caused the problems last time. And when the next crisis arrives, they will be totally blindsided by it.

MSNBC host Ed Schultz suggested on his show last night that police like those currently occupying Ferguson, Missouri may need military gear in order to deal with the threat posed by “anti-government groups.”

Apparently, Schultz thinks it’s perfectly reasonable for heavily armed police to use armored vehicles and military weapons against someAmericans, so long as their political opinions can be skewed as “anti-government.”

“Did you catch that? If not, allow me to summarize: The police are too militarized and as a result are unfairly and unjustly using their unnecessary power to harm black people. But wait, could they actually need this stuff because of people who don’t trust the police?” writes Caleb Howe.

Schultz’s reference to the DHS report relates to a leaked document from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis which predicted a rise in “anti-government violence over the next year.”

The report notes that a “perceived victory” during the Bunkerville standoff involving Cliven Bundy has emboldened such extremists, who will continue to cite “government overreach and oppression” as an excuse to stage “more violence.”

Schultz’ myopic comments again expose the hypocrisy of the left-right paradigm.

Under What Conditions Can The US Army Engage American Citizens: The Army’s “Civil Disturbances” Primer 

In other words, if and when the time comes to “override” Posse Comitatus, random US citizens may have two options: i) end up in the US version of a Gulag or, worse, ii) be shot.

Welcome to Middle-Income Family American Style

Yesterday the USDA`s annual report laid out another 2% increase in the cost to raise a child in the United States, and this only includes the costs associated with the age of 18, which any modern family realizes doesn`t include college, and the fact that many kids either live at home, or require financial help long after the age of 18.

So just as it has become a modern necessity for many Americans to have both parents working, unlike the 1950s era where one parent could support an entire family, not only do both parents have to work to afford the increased costs of modern living, but most Americans based upon these figures cannot rationally afford to have kids!

Fed doing God`s Work Raising Prices

So the Federal Reserve can think they are doing God`s work by trying to raise inflation in the economy, a measure that we have said under-reports the real inflation in the economy due to constant ‘reporting measure adjustments’ but every year it costs more and more to raise a child these days, regardless of recession or not, real prices never drop in the overall economy..

Cost of Medical Bills for Baby Hit by SWAT Grenade? Over $800,000. County’s Refusal to Pay? Priceless

^^^The Antichrist spirit of the government employees is defined by the fact that their mission in this case (consider the mark of the beast in general is a certain and sure seal of condemnation for all government employees on Earth) is founded upon the sacrifice they have made of this child. The weight of their claim rests above the spirit and intent of the law. The lives of the government employees are valued by the 666 satanic price the public is required to suffer spiritually physically and financially. This case proves, beyond the shadow of doubt, that the government employees are out of order and in contempt of their presumed mission; to serve and protect the public that has currently employed  them above the median public standard, due to the corrupt political stewardship defining the ability to take on public debt for private gain as a result of the same sacrificial standard which places the child upon the alter of Moloch for the sake of sustaining the power and authority of the governing Antichrist spirit. Lol, so obvious to anyone paying attention. This image confirms every debt based market standard face on Earth, as it were an ”accepted Mason”. Lol, Siriusly, George Washington as the ”apotheosis” 666 man become as the god of Sirius whom requires occult human ritual sacrifice upon the altar of the Earth, war and death as the principle for his own power and ”accepted” authority to construct the pyramid tomb timed and measured to his false claim of dominion above man and thereby achieving the goal of ”as the most High”. Lol, and the masonic creed founded upon the lie ”you shall not surely die”. This so called ”knowledge” of good and ”evil” is certainly upon this child’s face, and nobody has to look very hard to discover the facts now.

At this time there is no case for the public to continue funding government employees above the average public income and taking on more debt to do it. Lol, and there certainly is definite cause to use deadly force against any government employee armed with a weapon and charged with the legal authority to blow up children etc… If a SWAT TEAM etc… is making a scene nearby is anyone at this point willing that the government employees should live at the expense of one child? Lol, the Moloch principle has a limited time frame, do to seasonal constraints, lol, better known as ”you can’t get away with marking the public with debt they can never overcome and burn the children in front of the public too. The public is stupid and easily controlled, but, once that season of delusion fear and lukewarm want is over, then the altar fire escapes it’s occult confines and the flames engulf humanity in mass.

The ”Fight Club”/Public Private Partnership Geopolitical Global Borderless Governing Antichrist Spirit is so moved by the flesh, …straight to Hell, but, Saints stand fast and do no harm. The time to divest is at end, and those in the ring of fire shall not escape but burn in Hell for having accepted the principle want of Babylon thinking to escape the judgment to come after providing their very own spirit unto the beast which now calls for all flesh to be consumed in the flames of Babylon’s own judgment. The child’s wounds in this case declare the public face of a county, city, State, Country, Regions and the whole Earth. Everyone is in the ring of fire now.

Biblical historian calls discovery a ‘stepping stone of prophecy’ heralding Christ’s return

Porat calls it the “Kaduri Revival.”

Porat, the founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries, was captivated by Gallups’ story of Israel’s most venerated spiritual leader, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died at the age of 108 in 2006 and left behind a letter with instructions to open it one year after his death.

“This amazing book is leading people to the written word of God. The Holy Spirit is opening their eyes to the truth of salvation available only through Messiah Yeshua (Jesus),” he said.

‘The Holy Spirit is opening their eyes to the truth of salvation’

The Muslim Brotherhood Declares “Turkey Is The Capital Of The Islamic Caliphate” (Prophecy Is Being Fulfilled)

Discerning the Spirit of Antichrist <–Woe

Travelodge is the first national hotel chain to remove Bibles, according to the report. In 2012, one independent hotel replaced Bibles with the best-seller, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

58 Pics That Prove Angelic Activity On Earth – Hidden History

As we detailed previously, Bulgaria had been an enthusiastic supporter of the Russian-backed South Stream gas pipeline project, whose construction has stoked tensions between the West and Moscow as it enabled gas supply to bypass troubled Ukraine (thus squeezing the desparate economy back into Russia’s hands). In early June, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski ordered an initial halt (after Europe offered the nation’s suddenly collapsing banking system a lifeline). This time, Energy Minister Vasil Shtonov has ordered Bulgaria’s Energy Holding to halt any actions in regards of the project as it does not meet the requirements of the European Commission. Of course, we assume this decision (to halt a 2nd time) is entirely independent of NATO’s deployment of 12 F-15s and 180 troops to Bulgaria’s Graf Ignatievo Air Base.

Bulgaria Halts South Stream Pipeline Again As NATO F-15s, Troops Arrive

Chad’s troops have rescued most of the 100 people kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect, following a successful military operation against the sect.

Islamic State militants execute 700 people from Syrian tribe

The UN’s Motivation to Start WW III

The United Nations is ultimately controlled by the global elite. In fact, the origins of the modern UN owes it location and prominence to David Rockefeller who provided both the seed money and the land in New York City for its present location.

The ubiquitous purpose underlying the shenanigans of the global elite is to establish order out of chaos, or more accurately, the New World Order out of manufactured chaos. The best way to build the New World Order is to destroy the old one and the most efficient method of doing that is creating the conditions that will lead to World War III.

The UN Has Laid the Foundation and Location For World War III 

Filament eruption creates canyon of fire, Earth directed CME

A slow-moving, partial-halo CME was observed in SOHO/LASCO C2 and C3 imagery at 18:00 UTC and 19:06 UTC respectively. CME analysis and subsequent WSA-Enlil model output suggested an Earth impact late on August 18. However, further analysis and adjustments for a slower ambient wind speed is expected to indicate a later Earth impact closer to midday on the 19th. (SWPC)

Iran says ‘little chance’ of reaching nuclear deal with West by November

“The chances that we will come to final understandings within the four months remaining are low,” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted as saying on Saturday.

Extremely dangerous M6.2 earthquake struck Iran-Iraq border region

Extremely dangerous earthquake below Murmuri, Ilam province, Iran – felt in Kuwait – at least 240 injured

Geomagnetic storm reached G2 levels, amazing auroras photographed from ISS 

Pentagon’s 1033 Program is Preparing for War Against the Civil Population

Here is what Bobby Dee posted on CNN’s iReport, before it was taken down:

“William W Thompson, PhD, Senior Scientist, National Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities, has stepped forward and admitted the 2004 paper [which found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism] was a fraud.

“Dr. Thompson has admitted the 340% increase [in autism] in boys receiving the MMR vaccine ‘on time’ as opposed to delayed was buried by himself, Dr. DeStefano, Dr. Bhasin, Dr. Yeargin-Allsopp, and Dr. Boyle [all co-authors of the 2004 paper]…”

CNN makes up the news as it goes along and as it receives marching orders from its “reliable sources,” but a citizen with actual news must be stopped.

CNN iReport on CDC whistleblower spreads like wildfire, then censored

America in 2014: Cops murder with impunity, banksters steal with impunity, reporters threatened with jail.

Pulitzer Prize Winner: Obama Is “The Greatest Enemy Of Press Freedom In A Generation”

. . .  They want us to ACCEPT the idea as a fact of existence, for only when we agree to participate in the lie will they then have truly won.

If you don’t understand the concept of “order out of chaos,” then you’ll never understand a thing.

Engineered chaos serves several purposes. It provides distraction and cover for the elites to implement other plans that they would rather not have noticed.

It also provides a scapegoat for the masses, who are now divided against each other. When violent changes are implemented that produce destructive consequences, the people must be placated with an easily identifiable villain. Certain changes globalists wish to make in the way the world functions require the careful exploitation of scapegoats.

For example, the globalists at the IMF have been discussing the establishment of a global basket currency for years to replace the U.S. dollar.

Russia and the East have also, conveniently, been calling for the IMF to replace the dollar with their Special Drawing Rights basket.

And finally, as well as conveniently, the elites in the U.S. government have launched a controlled coup in Ukraine and initiated direct economic confrontation with Russia, thereby giving the East the perfect excuse to dump the U.S. dollar as world reserve and replace it with a basket currency system under the IMF. Despite claims that Vladimir Putin is “anti-globalist,” the Russian is in fact an avid supporter of the IMF, and has stated his goal is to continue Russia’s IMF membership in a larger capacity:

I believe that a third world war is nearly upon us, one that may involve weapons of monetary destruction more so than weapons of mass destruction. Each supposed disintegration of global unity has eventually led to greater centralization, and this is something the skeptics seem to forget. The progression of crises suggests that the next war will lead to total globalization under the dominance of a minority of elitists posing as “wise men” who only wish to bring peace and harmony to the masses. In the meantime, the skeptics will continue to mindlessly debate in the face of all reason that the whole thing was a fluke, an act of random mathematical chance, leading coincidentally to the one thing the establishment rulers crave: total global totalitarian micromanagement..

Even today, the false East/West paradigm continues, with America painted as the bumbling  villain and Russia painted as the stalwart and reasonable objector. Yet Russia’s top government officials and our top government officials work closely with and answer to the same international financiers and elites, like the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements, as I outlined in great detail in False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency and Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too.

Even closer to current events, the U.S. has now entered into military operations against ISIS insurgents moving rapidly through Iraq’s northern regions toward Baghdad. However, if ISIS is the enemy, why did the U.S. and our ally, Saudi Arabia, support and train ISIS agents in Syria as well as Iraq?

Is it just irony that our government helped birth ISIS and now the White House is at war with the group? Or is it possible that maybe, just maybe, a greater plan is afoot?

As the sinister Rahm Emanuel famously said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

If a crisis of opportunity does not present itself in the time frame you need, why not ENGINEER a crisis to fit your goals? This is a tactic that has been used by elites for generations, and it is called the Hegelian dialectic.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s work was the very foundation of the collectivist/socialist ideology, and it inspired Karl Marx during his writing of The Communist Manifesto. Hegel was an avid statist who believed that the collective must be ruled and directed by centralized governance and that all individualism should be sacrificed for the greater good.

Hegel wrote that the state “has supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State… for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.”

In his dialectic theory, Hegel conjured a strategy by which the establishment elites could control the masses through deliberately created division.

Just Released–Soon Coming Calamity Directly Linked To Recently Discovered Bible Pattern–and It Is Beyond Frightening! (Stunning Videos)

For more than a week the earth has been rumbling beneath Iceland’s looming Bardarbunga volcano. The almost continuous small earthquakes led the government to activate its National Crisis Coordination Centre this week and block off access to the largely uninhabited region around the Bardarbunga caldera.

Major airlines are making contingency plans for a potential eruption that could throw dust into the atmosphere and disrupt flight paths between North America and Europe.

International aviation chaos followed the 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajokul volcano, when more than 100,000 flights were cancelled.

On the ground, the primary concern for now is the massive Vatnajökull glacier – the largest glacier on the island, under which Bardarbunga lies. ”It would not be possible to evacuate the area in time,” according to an official statement, as an eruption would cause a sudden melt of the glacier.

Mapped: 568 earthquakes in Iceland in a single day

Iceland has issued a red alert to aviation after indications of a possible eruption under the country’s biggest glacier, the Vattnajokull.

The Icelandic Met Office warned that a small eruption had taken place under the Dyngjujokull ice cap.

Seismic activity is continuing at the Bardarbunga volcano, about 30km away.

Iceland volcano: Eruption under ice-cap sparks red alert 

Big Earthquakes, Big Solar Flare | S0 News August 25, 2014 

Massive 7.0 earthquake at intermediate depth in Peru 

A very strong earthquake measuring M6.6 on the Richter scale struck Valparaiso, Chile, on August 23, 2014, at 22:32 UTC (18:32 local time). Both USGS and EMSC report the same magnitude in their preliminary reports. USGS reports depth of 32 km (19.9 miles), EMSC is reporting depth of 40 km.

There are 2 093 658 people living within 100 km radius. This earthquake can have a medium humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

Very strong earthquake M6.4 hit Valparaiso, Chile

A strong and shallow earthquake registered as M6.0 on the Richter scale hit San Francisco Bay Area, California – USA, on August 24, 2014, at 10:20 UTC (03:20 local time). USGS is reporting shallow depth of 10.8 km (6.7 miles)
Epicenter was located 6 km (4 miles) NW of American Canyon, 9 km (6 miles) SSW of Napa, 13 km (8 miles) NNW of Vallejo, 14 km (9 miles) SE of Sonoma, and 82 km (51 miles) WSW of Sacramento, California.
There are 7 688 843 people living within 100 km radius..

Strong and shallow earthquake M6.0 hit San Francisco Bay Area, California 

First a drought, then a plague, now an earthquake: if these three aren’t enough to help boost California’s GDP, then it may be time for Krugman to resign. Oh and prepare for wine prices to become the latest participant in Janet Yellen’s inflationary “noise” parade. The reason – images such as this one showing what happens when a powerful quake hits just miles away from San Francisco’s wine area.

San Francisco Bay Area Hit By Strongest Earthquake In 25 Years; Wine Country Shakes – LIve Webcast

The quake was the largest to hit the Bay area since the Loma Prieto quake in 1989. “It is the strongest quake in a 60-mile (100-km) radius from the epicenter of this quake in several decades,” Baldwin said..

Napa reels from $1BILLION in damage caused by the largest California earthquake in 25 years: Experts warn Bay Area risks DOZENS of powerful aftershocks for another week

Japan GDP growth collapses amid sales tax shock
Today Japan’s public debt is 5X greater relative to the size of its economy and tips the scales at 250% of GDP.
In the interim, of course, Japan succumbed to the Keynesian stimulus disease, betting that after its thundering financial meltdown during the early 1990s it could borrow and print its way back to the prosperity it had known during the period of its post-war economic miracle.

5 Reasons Why Japan Faces Economic Crisis RIGHT NOW!

Birth rate in Japan reaches new low Japan is considering setting aside 1 trillion yen for stimulus measures in fiscal 2015 to help stave off a blow from a consumption tax hike planned for October next year.
Japan’s economic miracle, prices exploded in the late eighties in the frenzy of the bubble economy. Over the following decade, prices collapsed by over 80%

Study Shows How Japan’s Organisms were Affected by Fukushima Radiation

Experts: Fukushima ‘globally enhanced’ cesium-137 levels in air by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude — Radioactive plume that reached Europe “contaminated the land, and as a consequence the whole food chain” — Concentrations greatly underestimated.

They don’t know how to stop the radioactive leaks… we’ll never know how to stop this.


And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

so long.  . . . . .  .  .

Saudi Paper ‘Understands’ Global Call to Kill Jews

An op-ed last Tuesday in a prominent Saudi Arabian newspaper justified statements from international anti-Israel rallies calling for Jews to be killed as an “understandable reaction” to the “barbaric war” Israel is conducting in Gaza.

The piece in the Saudi Gazette, written by UK-based Pakistani journalist Ali Ashraf Khan, was translated and revealed by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). According to Khan, the statement “all Jews should be gassed,” a call for a continuation of the Nazi genocidal machine which was heard at recent pro-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) rallies in the Netherlands, was “understandable.”

Two suspected Ebola patients flee hospital in Saudi Arabia – Nigerian doctor, released and said recovered from Ebola drops dead – virus may have mysterious latent triggers

Two men, displaying suspected symptoms of the Ebola virus, ran away from a rural health center located in the Madinah province of Saudi Arabia on Sunday, a Saudi daily reported. “The two African nationals, who did not have residency permits or any other documentation, came to see the doctor at the health center, complaining of difficulty breathing and bleeding while passing urine,” an official who requested anonymity told Arab News. Medical officials were unable to conduct a thorough examination and confirm that the patients were infected with the Ebola virus as they ran away after being asked to produce their residency permits. The doctor present had instructed the center to take the patients to a hospital with better facilities before the duo took off. The matter was reported to police instantly, the source said.

Ebola virus scare reaches Germany, as woman is tested in Berlin and 600 people are quarantined

Fears Ebola has ‘spread to Congo after 10 people die’ with Ebola-like symptoms

Ebola crisis: Air France crews call for flight cancellations 

August 20 Ebola Spread: California, New Mexico, Germany, Austria, India, Myanmar, and more. Liberia Seals in 75,000 no docs, no food in or out

“Isolation Procedures Put In Place” After Ebola Suspect Dies In Ireland; Ebola-Like Disease Claims 70 In Congo 

Liberian Police Open Fire On Ebola Protesters 

Ebola epidemic jumps to fifth country: Congo declares Ebola outbreak in northern Equateur province

We concluded: “So is the WHO simply trying to prevent the spread of panic and deny that Ebola has now spread to the second largest country in Africa? We will surely find out soon enough, especially if the WHO, too, advises the population “to keep calm and BTFD”…”

Three days later we have the answer and sure enough, as we suspected the WHO was indeed lying.

WHO Lied As Congo Admits To Ebola Outbreak While Ebola-Infected Brit Returns Home 


WHY is Rima, the wicked witch of the west, suddenly touting an “Ebola Cure” of all things???

The missionary from N. Carolina who contracted Ebola and is now in America just happens to be an acquaintance of one of our local parishioners at [...]. Why treat the disease here on American soil, and not isolate it in Liberia? Answer: Because it is an American PATENTED DISEASE – a patent that is held by the CDC in Atlanta.

The CDC needs to track any variant mutations in their patented LAB-CREATED KILLER VIRUS – and so I submit that is likely why they are bringing the victims here to America.

See the patent abstract here:

Keep in mind that the only reason for even applying for a patent is to protect PROFITS!! Who profits in the event of an Ebola outbreak???!! Why, the inventor of course!

The patent clearly states that the “Inventor” is:
The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control.

Ebola is PATENTED and guess who owns it: the CDC.

ISIS Has Ebola In America

numerous biologists and scientists who have met their untimely deaths under suspicious circumstances. And there are many of them who have died, including those who worked with such deadly diseases as anthrax, smallpox and of course, the deadly Ebola virus.


The lengths to which Obama and these termites will go to destroy our nation is expressed by Eliseo Medina, a VP of SEIU and Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, who have taken over the Democrat Party, had this to say:

“If we reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. Can you imagine if we have …even two out of three, if we get 8 million new voters… we will create a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle”.


Talk about extremist ideology—that’s transferring Obama’s extremist ideology to the few honest Republicans left in Congress. Obama’s rejection of his oath of office and the rule of law include his excessive promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood,[14] placing many of them in positions of responsibility within our government, that’s extreme! The socialist Republicans under John Boehner’s leadership, continue affirming Obama and are just as ignoble since they don’t oppose the Socialist Democrats, they pathetically sue the president instead of using House of Representatives control of the nation’s purse strings; they should, instead, defund Obama’s excessively destructive programs.

The Humpty Dumpty’s of the world in their “Newspeak” language and fragile states of mind are gathering together to turn logic and self preservation on its head, their deeply embedded foolishness holding a place of honor in the seat of their pants. So—let’s start cracking some eggs

FEMA Camps Confirmed – Americans Classified As “Hiders, Fighters And Runners”

End Time Shows


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