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42414 Gleaning 6.7 Quake The FiX Is In JpY Red Sky Loves Blue Oyster Cult 666 Tower Of Babylon

” So they used bricks instead of stones, and ·tar [bitumen] instead of mortar. 4 Then they said to each other, “Let’s build a city and a tower for ourselves, whose top will reach high into ·the sky


The Lord came down to see the city and the tower that the ·people [L sons of man] had built. 6 The Lord said, “Now, these people are ·united [L one], all speaking ·the same [L one] language. This is only the beginning of what they will do. ·They will be able to do anything they want [L Nothing they want to do will be impossible for them].

Saudi Arabia is expected to begin work on the Kingdom Tower next week.
The building in Jeddah is expected to cost $1.23 billion and stand 3,280 feet tall, according to the Saudi Gazette.

That’s 568 feet taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Construction is also underway on Sky City in China, projected to be 2,749 feet tall. Sky City is expected to finish before the Kingdom Tower and will, for a very brief period, hold the title of the world’s tallest building.

Why A New Skyscraper In Saudi Arabia Could Mean Doom For The Global Economy

Two years ago, Barclays introduced its Skyscraper Index, which suggests that construction booms, highlighted by record-breaking skyscrapers, coincide with the beginning of economic downturns.

In his 2012 report, Barclays’ Andrew Lawrence and his team wrote that this is because “the world’s tallest buildings are simply the edifice of a broader skyscraper building boom, reflecting a widespread misallocation of capital and an impending economic correction.”

But it isn’t just the world’s tallest building we should be looking at. Lawrence said it’s also important to look at the number of skyscrapers being built and their geographic profile. This is because the tallest buildings “rarely stand alone.”

With this in mind, investors should watch the building booms in China, India, and Saudi Arabia.

Past the towering tridents that survived the World Trade Center collapse, adjacent to a gallery with photographs of the 19 hijackers, a brief film at the soon-to-open National September 11 Memorial Museum will seek to explain to visitors the historical roots of the attacks.

The film, “The Rise of Al Qaeda,” refers to the terrorists as Islamists who viewed their mission as a jihad.

Film at 9/11 Museum Sets Off Clash Over Reference to Islam 

India is set to pay Iran $1.65 billion over the next three months under an interim nuclear deal that eases sanctions on Tehran and gives it access to $4.2 billion in blocked funds, four sources with knowledge of the matter said.

India to pay Iran nearly $2 billion in deal to blunt sanctions bite 

Before the interim deal, countries that imported Iranian oil were required to steadily reduce their purchases to qualify every six months for a waiver from U.S. sanctions.

US reacts to Russia’s growing clout, warming ties to Egypt by unfreezing weapon aid 

American move to unfreeze delivery of 10 advanced Apache helicopters to Egypt comes on heels of Russia’s increasing warming relations with Cairo

Obama Seeks to Confiscate All Apache Helicopters from National Guard – Promises 10 to Egypt

Some military analysts have said that having a well-trained, combat-ready reserve force kept the country from having to re-institute a draft. At times during the post-9/11 conflicts, the guard has made up 50 percent of deployed troops.

“The National Guard right now is the best led and the best trained it has ever been,” said Col. Brian Pierce, commander of the 449th Theater Aviation Brigade, which oversees the 1-130th. “In my opinion, there is no difference between the two organizations now.

“But if we don’t look like them, and we don’t have the same capability as the active-duty component, how are we going to function as that strategic depth and that combat reserve?”

One of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s most important duties is watching his mouth. One ill-considered utterance is enough to sow panic on the financial markets.

Yet despite Draghi’s efforts, the specter of deflation was omnipresent in Washington during the meetings. And it is one that is making central bank heads and government officials nervous across the globe. The IMF in particular is alarmed, with Fund economists warning that there is currently up to a 20 percent risk of a euro zone-wide deflation. IMF head Christine Lagarde has called on European central bankers to “further loosen monetary policy” to address the danger.

Weapon of Last Resort: ECB Considers Possible Deflation Measures

But during a press conference earlier this month, Draghi allowed himself a telling slip.
Speaking to gathered journalists at the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Draghi twice almost uttered a word he has been at pains to avoid.

“Defla…”, Draghi began, before stopping himself and continuing with the term “low inflation.”.

Does The iSplit Mark The Top Of The Market? 

The “v”-shaped recovery in US equity indices is largely being ignored by bonds, JPY, and credit for now as VIX is in charge of the ramping efforts for now… until the last few minutes when it all went a bit pear-shaped…

VIX is broken-er…

The Yen carry trade is when traders borrow for free from Japan and then use that money to buy treasuries which they can book the spread and use them for collateral to lever up and buy more stocks. Typically they will sell Yen and buy USD to buy risk assets. This works fine as long as the USD/Yen stays within a certain range. If something happens and that forces a risk off deleveraging ( think margin calls) then traders are forced to buy Yen in order to pay back the debt. The buying of Yen and selling of dollars causes the Yen strength.

USDJPY is collapsing…

Euphoria over Apple channel-stuffing and non-GAAP magic for Facebook quickly turned into the HFT-liqudity-providers nightmare as rumors of an emergency Putin press conference sent USDJPY tumbling lower (and therefore US equities). Once the rumor passed – and despite all the facts on the escalation – stocks bounced (especially Nasdaq) to close mixed. S&P and Dow unchish, Nasdaq +0.5%, Russell -0.5%. VIX was in charge in general once the ramp was under-way but even that went into crazy mode as algos lost the plot. Credit markets are “deniers” of the exuberance as are long-end Treasuries which rallied another 2bps and near 10-month lows. Gold was monkey-0hammered early but rallied on Putin’s comments and closed unchanged for the week above $1290. Copper rallied and Oil limped higher as the USD flatlined.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry has given Russia a 48-hour ultimatum to explain its military exercises near the nation’s border; or, as foreign minister Andriy Deshschytisa warns “we will now fight with Russia troops.”

Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hr Ultimatum Or “We Will Fight”

It seems the red-line is about to be crossed by both sides… though as long as Putin does not hold an emergency press conference, it seems BTFWWIII is back on.

The RAF scrambled Typhoon fighter jets to investigate Russian long-range bombers north of Scotland.

The quick-reaction fighters took off from RAF Leuchars after unidentified aircraft approached British airspace.

Defence sources said the aircraft were found to be two Russian Tupolev-95 long-range bombers, known to Nato forces as ‘Bears’.

The incident was reported amid continuing tensions between Russia and the Nato alliance in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

Dutch scramble jets after Russian bombers approach

The Dutch defense department says several NATO member countries scrambled jets Wednesday afternoon after a pair of Russian bomber planes approached their airspace over the North Sea.

The Dutch ministry identified the planes as two Russian TU-95 Bears, and said it had launched two F-16s from Volkel air force base to intercept them. The Russian jets were escorted by aircraft from the Netherlands, Britain and Denmark until they departed.

Maj. Wilko Ter Horst said “that’s why we scrambled, that’s why the Danish scrambled and the English scrambled, to ensure to insure they fly out of our air space.”

The ministry statement said such incidents have occurred before, citing one from March 21 and another on Sept. 10 last year.

Exactly Like 7 Years Ago? 2014 Is Turning Out To Be Eerily Similar To 2007

The similarities between 2007 and 2014 continue to pile up. As you are about to see, U.S. home sales fell dramatically throughout 2007 even as the mainstream media, our politicians and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke promised us that everything was going to be just fine and that we definitely were not going to experience a recession. Of course we remember precisely what followed. It was the worst economic crisis since the days of the Great Depression. And you know what they say – if we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Just like seven years ago, the stock market has soared to all-time high after all-time high. Just like seven years ago, the authorities are telling us that there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, just like seven years ago, a housing bubble is imploding and another great economic crisis is rapidly approaching.

Posted below is a chart of existing home sales in the United States during 2007. As you can see, existing home sales declined precipitously throughout the year…

If history does repeat, then what we are witnessing right now is a very troubling sign for the months to come. As you can see from this chart, new home sales usually start going down before a recession begins.

And don’t expect these housing numbers to rebound any time soon. The demand for mortgages has dropped through the floor.

It is almost as if we are watching a replay of 2007 all over again, and yet nobody is talking about this.

Everyone wants to believe that this time will be different.

The human capacity for self-delusion is absolutely amazing.

Preparing For A Reset Of The World’s Reserve Currency

However, the IMF and its partners, the central banks around the world, will need at least five more years to prepare the system for such a change. A crisis of confidence around the dollar could occur before the IMF and its partners are ready for a reset operation. If a crisis of confidence occurs, the IMF would have to mount a rescue operation to save worldwide trade, as we saw in early 2009. We had some similar, but smaller, resets following the crisis in Germany after the Weimar hyperinflation in 1923 and, more recently, in Cyprus.

In round numbers, we estimate that for every 0.1 move in USD/CNH above the average EKI (which we have assumed here is 6.20), corporates will lose US$200 million a month. The real pain comes if USD/CNH stays above this level, as these losses will accrue every month until the contract expires. Given contracts are 24 months in tenor, this implies around US$4.8 billion in total losses for every 0.1 above the average EKI.
Deutsche Bank concludes…

Looking forward it’s possible that the PBOC is not attempting to actively engineer a sustained depreciation of the Renminbi but rather is attempting to increase the level of two-way volatility in the market to discourage the carry trade and also excessive capital inflows. In terms of the broad risk going forward the sheer scale of the challenge the PBOC has set out to tackle likely means they will have to move with restraint. This is certainly a story to watch…

The “Real Pain” Is About To Begin As Chinese Currency Slumps To 19-Month Lows

The PBOC’s willingness to a) enter the global currency war (beggar thy neighbor), and b) ‘allow’ the Yuan to weaken and thus crush carry traders and leveraged ‘hedgers’ is about to get serious. The total size of the carry trades and hedges is hard to estimate but Deutsche believes it is around $500bn and as Morgan Stanley notes the ongoing weakness means things can get ugly fast as USDCNY crosses the crucial 6.25 level where losses from hedge products begin to surge. This is a critical level as it pre-dates Fed QE3 and BoJ QQE levels and these are pure levered derivative MtM losses – not a “well they will just rotate to US equities” loss – which means major tightening on credit conditions….

White House Former Chief Of Staff Joins Hedge Fund Launched By Former JPM Prop Traders

“The amount of experience he has is ridiculous,” says former JPM prop trader Galuti, adding “- in a positive way,” as he explains why former Clinton Commerce secretary (and Obama chief of staff) Bill Daley has joined the small Swiss-based hedge fund. The revolving door of favors continues as Daley, who The FT reports will be based in Chicago and oversee US expansion (as well as provide macroeconomic and political advice), joins an ever-growing number of former Obama administration officials to have taken jobs in the financial sector.

As The FT reports, Bill Daley, the former White House chief of staff, is to join the hedge fund Argentière Capital, which was founded last year by leaders of JPMorgan’s disbanded proprietary trading division.


As the Vatican prepares the canonization ceremonies for Pope John Paul XXIII and Pope John Paul II this Sunday, the unspoken issue dividing the Roman Catholic Church and the White House is President Obama’s determination to force faith-based groups to pay for abortions and contraception as part of Obamacare

ope Francis, affirming Catholic doctrine, recently characterized abortion as an “unspeakable crime.”

Obama, nevertheless, is sending to the Vatican a three-person delegation with an activist pro-abortion history to represent the U.S. at the canonizations.

At a Planned Parenthood conference in Washington, D.C., one year ago, President Obama ended his remarks with: “Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you. God bless America,” despite the group’s status as the No. 1 provider of abortions in the U.S.

On April 11, just two weeks after Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, the pope characterized abortion as an “unspeakable crime” in a speech to the Italian pro-life group Moviemento per la Vita, Movement for Life.

Until now, the terrible trail of dead bankers has been only among US and European financial executives. However, as Caixin reports, the increasing pressures on the Chinese banking system appear to have take their first toll. Li Jianhua, director of China’s Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), died this morning due to a “sudden heart attack” – he was less than 49 years old. Li was among the main drafters on new “caveat emptor” market-based rules on China’s shadowy banking system and recently said in an interview that “now is not only a time to control risk, but to transform the trust industry.. if it’s too loose, it’s a big problem.” Li was found by his wife.

Banker Death ‘Epidemic’ Spreads To China

This brings the sad list of senior financial services exectives who have died in the last few months to 13:

“We are willing to pay the price for our calling. We don’t only share the Gospel when things are rosy,” he continued. “It is to be done in every situation. Hunger and want will never discourage us. Swords and guns, even the roar of the devil, will only encourage us to stand first for Christ.”

“If we die, our blood will speak about Christ to our killers,” he said.

“We are seeking the face of God in this situation,” Rev. Pona, whose full name we cannot reveal for security purposes, told Open Doors. “Brethren are being killed all over the state. Thousands of homes have been destroyed. Our churches have not been spared. We are being struck from every direction. Only Christ can deliver us from this trial.”

Nigerian Christians: ‘Our Blood Will Speak about Christ’

A 6.7-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Vancouver Island.

Back in August of last year, we first reported data that not even believed at first, but has since been proven correct using existing home sales data, namely that a whopping 60% of all home purchases are “cash only.” Furthermore, in the eight months since that post, our conclusion has also borne out as absolutely correct:

A Stunning 80% Of All New York, Florida And Nevada Condo Purchases Are “All Cash”

The subsequent tumble in the housing market – both new and existing – confirmed that ther was no “housing recovery” and it was, as we had claimed all along, merely institutional investors bidding up real estate to convert it to rental, and foreign buyers parking illegally obtained cash in US real estate.

However, not even that data could prepare us for what we learned today courtesy of CoreLogic, which narrowed down the range from the broader “housing” segment just to the most appetizing (especially for investors and flippers) condo market. What it found was stunning: not less than 80% of all condos in key markets such as Florida, Nevada And New York are all cash.

Without repeating our conclusion from nearly a year ago, what this simply means is that there is absolutely nothing remotely resembling a housing recovery, and certainly not one where the end buyer has to use the house itself as loan collateral, which would be the vast majority of the population, but instead more than three-quarters of all condo purchases are purely by investors who have already piled up cash using other forms of collateral (and thus aren’t traditional home purchasers but merely flipping-focused investors), and who will flee from this market the second the Fed starts tightening monetary conditions, which in turns will make the next housing crash far worse even than the 2008 housing and credit bubble collapse.

Yesterday, we lowered our trailing stop on 5s30s to 182.3bps. Today, we recommend lowering it once again, to just above yesterday’s high at 178.6bps. While the new 5yr has affected our chart in the near term, it does not alter the larger FLATTENING TREND. Initial downside targets are seen to 170.5bps/167.9bps (swing target and channel base), with medium-term targets seen to long-term retracement support at 143bps.

VICTORIA, British Columbia, April 23, 2014 ( – The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities are ending up in a waste-to-power facility in the United States, providing electricity for residents of Oregon.

Canadian aborted babies incinerated in Oregon waste-to-energy facility to provide electricity

Obama Not Welcome’ – Police turn fire hoses on Filipino anti-Obama demonstrators protesting the presidents visit

42314 Gleaning Jerusalem AKA Sodom And Egypt Awaits It’s Antichrist Covenant With Many But First The Beast Requires More Blood To Seal It

Just today, the world’s 200 richest people made $13.9 billion. In one single day, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index. That’s big bickies, as my friends from down-under might say.

We may quibble over the accuracy to the penny of these net-worth estimates, and their daily changes, but Bloomberg is pretty confident, even concerning assets that are not publicly traded. And in case of doubt, they’re left out, Bloomberg explains in its Methodology. And so here is the crème de la crème:


And so central bankers, with glowing support from the bondholder bailout organ, the IMF, inflated by hook or crook and for over five years the prices of assets that these chosen few were holding, and they gave them free money to acquire every asset insight and drive up values even further. It all worked out wonderfully and like clockwork for over five years, and the numbers of this “wealth effect” are truly impressive as we can see above. The only thing that Bernanke regretted not doing, based on his own admission, was to explain the whole noble construct to the American people.

There is nothing like a wealthy central bank chief admitting that he wants to, one, help governments default gradually on their debts; and two, cut the real wages of those less lucky than he – an honesty the Fed never dared to exhibit when it inflicted waves of QE on American workers.

Read…. Draghi’s Bold Push For Creeping Defaults And Real Wage Cuts (Illustrated With Hilarious Cartoon)

This is how empires collapse: one complicit participant at a time.


The modern interpretation of Romans 13 is pure blasphemy. This scripture has been morphed into a doctrine espousing the “Divine Right of Kings” in which God has somehow chosen a king to ruthlessly rule over a people and it is incumbent upon the people to accept their “God-given fate”, The flock are commanded to “…submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” This false interpretation is nothing but a divine coronation of a ruthless, self-serving government and Christians are expected to capitulate and honor the same kind of thievery, lawlessness and murder which inspired Jesus to expel the moneychangers from the Temple..

Is your church a friend or foe? Is your church is a 501-C-3 tax exempt church? Is your church an agent of the government? If your church leadership does not condemn anything controversial, no matter how antithetical to the word of God, you are not worshiping in a Christian church. If your church is a 501-C-3 tax exempt church, your church leadership has already been taught to educate the flock to follow the will of the government, no matter how heinous the actions of these people may be. Does the following sound like your 501-3-C pastor?

Romans 13 Does Not Equate to the Divine Right of Kings

Another important lesson from this incident is the value of a well-armed citizenry. The Second Amendment was crafted by wise citizens who recognized how quickly an enemy invasion could occur or how our own government could be deceived into thinking it had the right to dominate the people.

Such domination is considerably more difficult when people have arms and can put up significant resistance. This is the reason that brutal dictators like Fidel Castro, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin tried to disarm the populace before imposing governmental control. Such domination could occur in America in the not-too-distant future if we are not vigilant.

When government looks more like foe than friend
Feds who send arms against ranch families betray American values

Reid: ‘Something Will Happen’ To Stop Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy 

Dassault Aviation announced that last month it came a step closer to making science fiction reality when it conducted a formation flight of the nEUROn unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) with a Rafale fighter and a Falcon 7X business jet. The flight off the coast of the south of France took place on March 20, and for almost two hours the nEUROn kept station with the other planes as they flew over the several hundred kilometers out over the Mediterranean. According to Dassault, this was the first time an unmanned combat aircraft achieved formation flight.

Dassault achieves world’s first formation flight of combat drone and manned aircraft 

US Secretary of State John Kerry has blamed the sudden deadlock in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority on Israel’s plans to build additional apartments in Gilo, a southern Jerusalem neighborhood beyond the Green Line. This indicates America’s profound misunderstanding of the situation. With over 40,000 residents, Gilo is to be part of Israel under any agreement. More importantly, the peace negotiations have little chance of succeeding as long as the Palestinians demand the partition of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is not up for grabs

Israel is to start sending call-up papers to all Christian Arabs of military service age, the army said on Tuesday, angering Arab MPs who accused the government of seeking to divide Christians from Muslims. Military service will remain voluntary for Israel’s 130,000 Christian Arabs as it is for its more than 1.3 million Muslim Arabs but only Christians will receive the call-up papers, an army spokesman said.

Israeli army to start calling up Christians 

Do the nations and Israel really believe the lie, that they shall not surely die for having consumed the wine of wrath in the cup of fornication? Does Israel call upon Christians to join it’s army, as with any nation on Earth, as Israel and the nations foundation for their defense rests as the bottomless pit of the Antichrist market Beast now upon this last generation?


The mark of ”debt” is upon Israel’s door, and The Beast is risen upon Israel. The Lion Of Babylon has mounted Israel and Israel has aborted the mercy of our Father in Christ. Death shall not passover Israel and the nations, they are drunk and fallen from the saddle. The seal of mercy is upon the Saints among all nations and Israel, and no Saint stands in defense of The Lost City Of Babylon or any of her daughters.

Judgment shall come upon all nations and tongues, the nations and Israel cry for the prophetic false peace and security now, ”knowing” full and well their offense under their wings and thereby stand as the accuser, marked and sealed unto the great tribulation demanded by their want for mercy.

Groupthink Or Black Swan Rising? Not A Single ‘Economist’ Expects An Economic Downturn

A 100% Consensus

This doesn’t happen very often. Marketwatch reports that Jim Bianco points out in a recent market comment that the 67 economists taking part in a regular Bloomberg survey have a unanimous forecast regarding treasury bond yields: they will be higher 6 months from now. This is a truly striking result, and given the well-known propensity of mainstream economists to guess wrong (their forecasts largely consist of extrapolating the most recent short term trend), it may provide us with a few insights.

In fact, considering that there have been only a handful of instances since 2009 when a majority of the economists surveyed predicted a decline in yields, we can already state that their forecasts regarding treasuries are quite often (though obviously not always) wide of the mark. In fact, so far this year they are already wrong again – and so are fund managers, as they hold their lowest exposure to treasuries in seven years.

This is not the only thing there is complete unanimity about. Not a single economist taking part in a separate survey believes an economic downturn is possible.

Note also that the transition from expansion to contraction is usually quite swift, and never widely expected.


This is an astonishing degree of consensus thinking, but it perfectly mirrors the complacency we see in stock market sentiment and positioning data. The probability that such a unanimous view will turn out to be correct is traditionally extremely low. The economy is likely resting on a much weaker foundation than is generally believed. This is not least the result of massive monetary pumping and deficit spending, both of which tend to severely weaken the economy on a structural level, even though they can create a temporary illusion of ‘growth’.

Those that dawn the uniform, mark of Israel’s offense, and the Antichrist contempt upon the nations shall perish, for they have accepted the mark of the beast and are condemned. Jerusalem is a cursed fig tree who’s leaves shall cry for delivery, Yahshua The Bread Of Life, but first the nations shall be shaken so as to provoke her prophetic want. Israel is the Whore of Babylon and the nations are under foot, but, as The Stone is cut without had, Jerusalem cries for the fire of Elijah to come down, and so it is written; And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.;

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring[a] and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”;

Thou hast multiplied the nation, Thou hast made great its joy, They have joyed before Thee as the joy in harvest, As [men] rejoice in their apportioning spoil. 4 Because the yoke of its burden, And the staff of its shoulder, the rod of its exactor, Thou hast broken as [in] the day of Midian. 5 For every battle of a warrior [is] with rushing, and raiment rolled in blood, And it hath been for burning — fuel of fire.

6 For a Child hath been born to us, A Son hath been given to us, And the princely power is on his shoulder, And He doth call his name Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Father of Eternity, Prince of Peace. To the increase of the princely power, And of peace, there is no end, On the throne of David, and on his kingdom, To establish it, and to support it, In judgment and in righteousness, Henceforth, even unto the age, The zeal of Jehovah of Hosts doth this. 8 A word hath the Lord sent into Jacob, And it hath fallen in Israel;

and he did cry in might — a great voice, saying, `Fall, fall did Babylon the great, and she became a habitation of demons, and a hold of every unclean spirit, and a hold of every unclean and hateful bird, 3 because of the wine of the wrath of her whoredom have all the nations drunk, and the kings of the earth with her did commit whoredom, and merchants of the earth from the power of her revel were made rich. 4 And I heard another voice out of the heaven, saying, `Come forth out of her, My people, that ye may not partake with her sins, and that ye may not receive of her plagues, 5 because her sins did follow — unto the heaven, and God did remember her unrighteousness. 6 Render to her as also she did render to you, and double to her doubles according to her works; in the cup that she did mingle mingle to her double. 7 `As much as she did glorify herself and did revel, so much torment and sorrow give to her, because in her heart she saith, I sit a queen, and a widow I am not, and sorrow I shall not see; 8 because of this, in one day, shall come her plagues, death, and sorrow, and famine; and in fire she shall be utterly burned, because strong [is] the Lord God who is judging her; 9 and weep over her, and smite themselves for her, shall the kings of the earth, who with her did commit whoredom and did revel, when they may see the smoke of her burning, 10 from afar having stood because of the fear of her torment, saying, Wo, wo, the great city! Babylon, the strong city! because in one hour did come thy judgment.

And when ye may see the abomination of the desolation, that was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (whoever is reading let him understand), then those in Judea, let them flee to the mountains; 15 and he upon the house-top, let him not come down to the house, nor come in to take anything out of his house; 16 and he who is in the field, let him not turn to the things behind, to take up his garment. 17 `And wo to those with child, and to those giving suck, in those days; 18 and pray ye that your flight may not be in winter, 19 for those days shall be tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the creation that God created, till now, and may not be; 20 and if the Lord did not shorten the days, no flesh had been saved; but because of the chosen, whom He did choose to Himself, He did shorten the days..

and having seen a fig-tree afar off having leaves, he came, if perhaps he shall find anything in it, and having come to it, he found nothing except leaves, for it was not a time of figs, 14 and Jesus answering said to it, `No more from thee — to the age — may any eat fruit;’ and his disciples were hearing. 15 And they come to Jerusalem, and Jesus having gone into the temple, began to cast forth those selling and buying in the temple, and the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those selling the doves, he overthrew,.

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; 13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. 31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, —>>>before <<<—the great and terrible day of the Lord come. 32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.

The important part of the story that Lewis misstates is that there is no conspiracy, no illegal activities. All of the strategies used in HFT are not only legal, but they are the result of extensive rule making and public hearings by Congress, the Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA and the major exchanges. So while Lewis is right to say that these strategies “screw” retail customers in a practical sense, the fact is that the activity has been entirely blessed by Congress, regulators and the major exchanges.

In “Flash Boys,” Michael Lewis Misses the Point — Deliberately

For example, when Lewis talks about the fact that Virtu Financial had made money almost every day for five years, the reader is given the impression that the speed of the trading gave Virtu and other HFT shops the advantage. But the reality is that the high frequency trader not only executes before the retail customer, as Lewis describes, but is always first in line. This structural duplicity is programed into the system, but is perfectly kosher under Reg NMS.

Indeed, the real scandal is that all of this has been entirely blessed by the SEC, FINRA and the major exchanges and is described in the voluminous public documentation for permitted order types. But suffice to say, virtually nobody in the Big Media or at most Wall Street firms understand any of this or knows, for example, that there are over 100 different order types allowed by the SEC and FINRA under current law and regulations.

“Flash Boys” is a book written for Hollywood instead of the history books or policy makers. Just as the hyper-popular “Wolf of Wall Street” was not an accurate portrayal of fraudster Tom Prousalis, as his daughter Christina testifies, the story line in “Flash Boys” is more fictional dramatization than fact. The true perpetrators in Michael Lewis’ tale of Wall Street greed and corruption are, in order of complicity, the US Congress, the SEC, FINRA and major exchanges, and last but not least the community of Buy and Sell Side Advisors, who genuinely do not understand how HFT really works. That covers just about everybody.

As illustrator Walt Kelly’s Pogo said famously: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Flash Boys Has Been Dethroned At The Top Of The Amazon Bestseller List By This Book 

Hmmm. What could account for that? Could it be the last broadcast of the “Lawrence Welk Show?” Or the blast off of the Apollo 14 mission to the Moon? Or could it have something to do with the mysterious D.B. Cooper, who bailed out of the plane he hijacked, never to be seen again? A timeline of 1971 offers so many possibilities. But, say, what about the possibility that it was in the middle of 1971, in August, that America closed the gold window at which it was supposed to redeem in specie dollars presented by foreign central banks. That was the default that ended the era of the Bretton Woods monetary system.

That’s the default that opened the age of fiat money. Or the era that President Nixon supposedly summed up in with Milton Friedman’s immortal words, “We’re all Keynesians now.” This is an age that has seen a sharp change in unemployment patterns. Before this date, unemployment was, by today’s standards, low. This was a pattern that held in Europe (these columns wrote about it in “George Soros’ Two Cents”) and in America (“Yellen’s Missing Jobs”). From 1947 to 1971, unemployment in America ran at the average rate of 4.7%; since 1971 the average unemployment rate has averaged 6.4%. Could this have been a factor in the soaring income inequality that also emerged in the age of fiat money?

This is the question the liberals don’t want to discuss, even acknowledge.

he who is believing in him is not judged, but he who is not believing hath been judged already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

19 `And this is the judgment, that the light hath come to the world, and men did love the darkness rather than the light, for their works were evil;

20 for every one who is doing wicked things hateth the light, and doth not come unto the light, that his works may not be detected;

21 but he who is doing the truth doth come to the light, that his works may be manifested, that in God they are having been wrought.’

John 3 

he who from above is coming is above all; he who is from the earth, from the earth he is, and from the earth he speaketh; he who from the heaven is coming is above all.
32 `And what he hath seen and heard this he doth testify, and his testimony none receiveth;
33 he who is receiving his testimony did seal that God is true;
34 for he whom God sent, the sayings of God he speaketh; for not by measure doth God give the Spirit;
35 the Father doth love the Son, and all things hath given into his hand;
36 he who is believing in the Son, hath life age-during; and he who is not believing the Son, shall not see life, but the wrath of God doth remain upon him.’.

Israel’s Air Force Chief Warns of ‘Sudden’ War

shel says the threat of a sudden war erupting on multiple fronts is much more relevant today.

Syria has invested in the “best air defenses it could buy,” Israel’s air force chief said on Wednesday. That could embolden Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to do things he might not have done in the past.

And if the regime collapses tomorrow, those weapons could be dispersed and pointed at Israel, he said, which means a surprise war could take many forms.

Eshel is just one of the latest Israeli military leaders warning of the possibility of a sudden or multi-front war.

Covenant With Many 

But [a]of the times and [b]seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.

2 For ye yourselves know perfectly, that the day of the Lord shall come, even as a thief in the night.

3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety, then shall come upon them sudden destruction, as the travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.

4 [c]But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day shall come on you, as it were a thief.

Despite US court ruling, ‘Jerusalem’ not likely to be on American passports

“But I will send you Elijah the prophet before that great and terrifying day of the ·Lord’s judging [L Lord]. 6 Elijah will ·help parents love [L turn the hearts of fathers/parents to] their children and ·children love [L turn children to] their parents. Otherwise, I will come and ·put a curse on the land [strike the land with a curse/destruction].”

Malachi 4

“The chisel itself was found inside rubble of stone chips that fell from the stonemasons working on the rocks comprising the Western Wall,” he added according to Tazpit’s report Wednesday, adding he believes a worker using the chisel dropped it from a high wall.

The 2,000-Year-Old Artifact Uncovered in Jerusalem — and Here’s What Archaeologists Believe It Was Used For

Obama also assured Japan that tiny isles in the East China Sea at the heart of a territorial row with China are covered by a bilateral security treaty that obligates America to come to Japan’s defense. That is long-stated U.S. policy, but the confirmation by the president is likely to be welcome in Japan.

“The policy of the United States is clear – the Senkaku islands are administered by Japan and therefore fall within the scope of … the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security,” Obama said, using the Japanese name for the islands that are known as the Diaoyu in China, which also claims them.

“And we oppose any unilateral attempts to undermine Japan’s administration of these islands,” he said.

Japanese and Chinese naval vessels and coastguard ships have played cat-and-mouse around the disputed islets since Japan’s government bought the then-privately owned territory in 2012.

 Godzilla 666 POTUS Puke reassures Japan, other allies Of The Beast on The Great Wal Mart Of China ahead of Godzilla 666 visit

The news takes on greater significance in the light of the fact that US President, Barack Obama, will visit South Korea at the end of this week.

Part of the Obama’s Asian Tour, in which he will travel to four Asian nations, the President will arrive in South Korea on Friday

South Korea: North Korea could launch nuclear missile tests ‘at any moment’

New Home Sales collapsed 14.5% month-over-month to its lowest since July 2013. A mere 384k versus 450k expectations is the biggest miss since July. So much for the Spring buying season… This is a 7 standard deviation miss against the smart economists’ estimates! Whocouldanode that when the free-money sponsored fast money leaves the game that real people with real debt and real wages are simply priced out of buying a new home? Supply of unsold new homes jumps to 6 months, its highest since Oct 2011 (as once again the visible hand’s interference has produced yet another mal-investment boom as the ‘if we build it, they will come’ builders face an ugly reality).

New Home Sales Collapse To 8 Month Lows

This is our best attempt at playing clueless propaganda cheerleaders also known as economists:

Q. Why did new home sales crash in all regions except the traditionally coldest, wettest, and snowiest Northeast, where sales rose?

A. Uhm, because it obviously snowed everywhere except in the Northeast.

And there you have it: spin 101 for braindead zombies and vacuum tubes.

Explaining The Horrendous Home Sales Report: It Snowed Everywhere But In The Northeast 

…and I saw Him, knowing I am a friend sitting in the booth, as He also sat. Then the pillar of fire that came after the destructive storm rose upon the city. Even so, the people are not moved. Then, at the exact same time we stood up and shouted ”make straight the way of The Lord”. By the breath of theses words the revelation of Sodom and Egypt was confirmed, and no false move shall it be tolerated of them that are not moved by perfection, but sit dwelling in their own destruction, as they are not  risen in agreement.

…and I saw Him and a scribe that wrote upon the book in his hand while I spoke in reaction, as I watched the the same storm after witnessing it’s report, which was broadcast as news. I began to speak of it’s path, that of the whirlwind and where it should be drawn. Then when I spoke of the city being destroyed, a flash of bright light came and I shouted with care for Him and the scribe as I leaped to the floor where I found myself prostrated. Unharmed, as the Light was still as bright, I looked up with my eyes open and saw the City of Heaven, as a crystal, a mountain come down. Behind The City rose The Overcoming Power And Glory Of The Brightness Of The Father revealed to me upon the exact moment I called upon His name, so as not to be overcome. My eyes are open. I am awake and unharmed because of the revelation and confirmation of His Holy Name.

By the revelation of our Father In Christ, be so moved in agreement. The storm is here now, are you not moved? When you see the pillar of fire shall you remain as you were, unbecoming? Do you not now know, without the shadow of doubt, that as in the days of Noah, what is now upon this generation is now the prophetic strong delusion so moved among the nations and Israel? Are the leaders not now crying for ”peace and security” and declaring the prophetic want of Israel and the nations? I tell you; it is certain and true, the storm is here and the spark that lights the fire is at the door, even as the mark of the beast, confirmed by the covenant with many, now declares the leaders currently brokering the prophetic false peace of the Antichrist, as the want of the nations and Israel is now risen upon the last generation. There is no doubt whatsoever.

The blind evil fools remain seated and are not moved, but to drink the wine from the cup of fornication, knowing the bitterness before this generation is risen. Strong delusion has now come, only tribulation shall draw out the last and consume the lukewarm as a dog unto it’s vomit behind the wall(s) of Babylon. Noah and Cyrus declared the time, and now the time of seven shall be cut in half. Christ has already stood in the Temple, and now this generation shall witness the revelation come upon Israel through tribulation, but first shall the Antichrist shall confirm the false peace bywhich he shall destroy many. What delay is left, but that of the gathering power that shall move the storm so that the latter rain should fall upon the nations come against Israel first? What last drops of blood should fill the cup of fornication? What last press does the wine of wrath require before the madness of the nations is full? Shall it not be, as of old, a greater human slaughter than that offered by Solomon for the sake of Moloch, the (g)od of his bride(s)?

What tribute is required so that the man of sin be revealed unto this generation now seeking the prophetic covenant with many? I have seen the storm destroying the city. I have seen the storm turn into the pillar of fire which has not yet come. What amount of sacrifice is required of the nations and Israel to remain seated by their false desire? Is it not written of Babylon, and those that lament, defining the want sealed upon this last generation before her destruction confirms her hour? What loss shall inspire her defense before Babylon is fallen? Shall not two witnesses come before her and fire fall before her destruction comes? Have no doubt. Watch.

but as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39 and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

43 But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. 44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. 45 Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? 46 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. 47 Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods. 48 But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; 49 and shall begin to smite his fellowservants, and to eat and drink with the drunken; 50 the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, 51 and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Tribulation Plagues and Catastrophes: Have They Arrived? Ebola Virus and Evidence That We Are In the End of This Age! (Videos) 

Netanyahu tells Abbas to choose peace partner: Hamas or Israel.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday over just-revived unity talks with Hamas, saying he had to choose between peace with Israel or its Islamist enemy.

Amplifying Netanyahu’s warning, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Abbas’s signature on a unity accord with Hamas would be tantamount to “signing the termination of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority”.

Hamas, Abbas’s PLO announce reconciliation agreement 

Israel said after the announcement that Abbas had chosen Hamas over peace, and canceled a session of U.S.-brokered talks with the Palestinians that had been scheduled for Wednesday night in Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that Abbas “chose Hamas and not peace. Whoever chooses Hamas does not want peace.”

Israel rejects Abbas conditions for extending talks

The intended target — an Islamic Jihad operative — escaped unscathed, according to the Ynet news site. The site reported that the operative was en route to launch rockets at Israel.

The wounded included a 50-year-old man and his two daughters, according to the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency, which put the injury toll at seven.

The strike came as officials from the Hamas terror group and the Fatah faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization announced a reconciliation deal which would create a new unity government and allow for new elections.

The announcement was met with celebrations on the streets of Gaza, AFP reported.

Israeli officials have slammed the unity deal as pushing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas further from peace efforts.

An Israeli government official said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu phone US Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday night to complain about the deal, saying Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was not interested in peace. Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman earlier said the unity deal could mean the end of peace talks.

Kerry, she said, has not spoken to Abbas since the announcement. Psaki would not say whether the US would be willing to continue to serve as an interlocutor should Hamas join the Palestinian government and thus the negotiations.

The US considers Hamas a terror organization. Israeli reports citing US officials Wednesday indicated the PA could lose US funding should Hamas join without moderating its positions and renouncing non-violence.

POTUS Obozo 666 Antichrist Clowns ‘disappointed’ by Antichrist Palestinian unity move.

Washington and the prostitute media are purveyors of misinformation. Remember, Washington and its media prostitutes told you that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to America. Washington and its media prostitutes told you that Syria’s President Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Washington and its media prostitutes told you that “we are not spying on you.” Remember, the New York Times sat on the first leak from a top NSA official that Americans were being illegally spied upon for one year until George W. Bush was safely reelected.

A government that relies on propaganda cannot be believed about anything. Americans misinformed by a prostitute media are in no position to protect the US Constitution and their liberty. Misinformed, they become tyranny’s allies and their own worst enemy.

Washington’s Corruption and Mendacity Is What Makes America “Exceptional” — Paul Craig Roberts

The Washington-based Institute for Gulf Affairs, quoting sources in Saudi Arabia and the United States, said Abdullah was told he could be dead by the end of 2014.

“The king has been told by his medical team he may have as little as six months left to live,” the institute said.

Saudi opposition reports King Abdullah has terminal lung cancer 


A festival of ancient Attica at which dolls were swung from trees to commemorate Erigone’s suicide by hanging.

From the Greek word meaning Swing.

When mortal men were first exposed to wine, they became drunk and killed Erigone’s father, Ikarius (Icarius); Erigone was so grief stricken that she hanged herself from a tree.

Russia May Halt Oil Supplies On Ukraine Theft

First it was concerns over whether Ukraine would ‘steal’ gas supplies bound for Europe as it passed through pipelines in the country and now, as bills remain unpaid, a Transneft unit is threatening to halt Ukraine oil products supply due to pipeline theft.

As Bloomberg reports,

57.9k tons of oil products have been lost from theft in Ukraine and “Transneft expresses hope that the Ukrainian authorities can evaluate the risks of the current situation and not allow a negative scenario to develop.”
More boomerangs?

Putin Gets Paid? IMF Agrees $17bn Loan To Ukraine

We await the small-print to see just how much is “allowed” to be spent on paying bills to Russia vs paying off interest on bonds due to Western banks…

Pentagon deploying troops to thwart Russia

The Pentagon is sending about 600 troops to Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, Rear Adm. John Kirby announced Tuesday.

A company-sized contingent of U.S. paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade will arrive in Latvia on Thursday, the U.S. embassy there announced Wednesday. A similar number of soldiers, about 150, are scheduled to land in Poland on Wednesday. Estonia and Latvia will also host American soldiers for joint training missions in the coming days.

U.S. troops will continue to rotate into the region “at least through the end of this year,” according to the embassy.

Secret American base in Libya reportedly seized by jihadists 

The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake claims that a team led by longtime Al-Qaeda affiliate Ibrahim Ali Abu Bakr Tantoush has seized a base 27 kilometers west of Tripoli that was established by the US in the summer of 2012 “in order to hone the skills of Libya’s first Western-trained special operations counter-terrorism fighters.”

Lake says his allegations — published in a report on the Daily Beast’s website on Wednesday this week — stem from local media accounts, Jihadist web forums and US officials. If it proves to be accurate, then a veteran Al-Qaeda member considered by both the US and United Nations to be a supporter of terrorism has taken the helm of a hush-hush base that has been the host of US-led training missions for two years following its refurbishment by American Green Berets.

Whatever its utility, how an on-going X-37B program will play out in China is on the mind of Everett Dolman, professor of military strategy at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.
One early indication is that China has purportedly pushed forward on its own “Shenlong” space plane planning.
“As far as the Shenlong is concerned, I am pretty much in agreement at this point that it is part of a broader ‘fast follower’ program similar to the Soviet Union’s adaptive approach in the Cold War,” Dolman told

Just as the former Soviet Union felt a need to develop its own space shuttle — the remotely piloted Buran that only flew once — Dolman said “the Chinese probably are concerned about a sudden leap in technology or tactics that would give a decisive, if temporary, edge to the U.S. should it be unveiled at a critical moment.”

“By keeping a close watch and matching what appears to be a high-priority technological capability, the fast follower spends less on research and development and can, hopefully, close the technology gap quickly,” Dolman said.
It is a second-best strategy for long-term competition in business, Dolman said, adding that he’s not sure it is even that for potential combat scenarios. “But the People’s Republic of China obviously believes the U.S. is committed to the X-37B and doesn’t want to be left tying its shoes in the gate when the starting-pistol sounds,” he concluded..

US Air Force’s Secretive X-37B Space Plane Nears Day 500 in Orbit

42214 Gleaning NWO 666 PROPHETIC 7 DAYS LABOR PAIN LEFT AND NO IRAN ATTACK PRE-EMPTIVE COVENANT WITH MANY SiGnAl IS NOW LIT As POTUS Obozo The 911 Antichrist Clown Syrian Islamic Al Q Holds A Gun To Christian Child’s Head To Show The Muslim Peace Of Antichrist Islam

At a press conference held today at the Seattle Museum of Flight, three prominent astronauts supporting the B612 Foundation presented a visualization of new data showing the surprising frequency at which the Earth is hit by asteroids. The astronauts were guests of the Seattle Museum for a special series of public events on Earth Day 2014.

New surprising data: 26 multi-kiloton asteroid impacts detected since 2001

Richard Russell – The Dollar Will Crash In A Matter Of Months

Second US Warship Enters Black Sea To “Promote Peace And Stability”

The Obama administration must disclose the legal basis for targeting Americans with drones, a federal appeals court ruled Monday in overturning a lower court decision likened to “Alice in Wonderland.”

Obama ordered to divulge legal basis for killing Americans with drones 

The Alice-in-Wonderland nature of this pronouncement is not lost on me; but after careful and extensive consideration, I find myself stuck in a paradoxical situation in which I cannot solve a problem because of contradictory constraints and rules—a veritable catch-22. I can find no way around the thicket of laws and precedents that effectively allow the Executive Branch of our government to proclaim as perfectly lawful certain actions that seem on their face incompatible with our Constitution and laws while keeping the reasons for their conclusion a secret..

Pew found that 63% of Americans would see personal and commercial drones flying in U.S. airspace as a bad idea. More than half think that Google Glass, implants, or other kinds of heads-up displays that constantly filter information from the world to our senses would be a change for the worse. Only 48% of the population would be interested in riding in a driverless car. Even fewer would be interested in eating lab-grown meat, like the $332,000 in vitro burger supported by Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Most Americans Do Not Want Google-ish Glasses, Drones, Or Lab-Grown Meat

The world’s first geneticallymodified humans have been created, it was revealed last night.
The disclosure that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments in the United States provoked another furious debate about ethics.

So far, two of the babies have been tested and have been found
to contain genes from three ‘parents’.

The world’s first geneticallymodified humans have been created, it was revealed last night.So far, two of the babies have been tested and have been found;XENOGENESIS BEFORE YOUR EYES! to contain genes from three ‘parents’

The fact that the children have inherited the extra genes and incorporated them into their ‘germline’ means that they will, in turn, be able to pass them on to their own offspring.

Altering the human germline – in effect tinkering with the very make-up of our species – is a technique shunned by the vast majority of the world’s scientists.

Antichrist Iran Still Proving The Weakness Of Mohammad By Holding Christian In Islam’s Prison

^^^Muslims are so pathetic and stupid. Their support of Antichrist Sodomite POTUS Obozo 666 proved just how dumb they are, and  every day the idiots keep a Christian Pastor, no less, locked up, to show just how weak and pathetic Islam is, …it’s another day of victory for their so called enemy. Lol, Morons. You would think the suicide dipshits would know just how stupid Islam looks every moment the morons turn their so called Christian enemy into a victor over their pathetic weak Mohammad stupidity. Not surprising though, the wild ass idiots have been captured by the stupidity of Islam for years, and now, that people are free to actually read the truth online etc…, the poor bastard ”(g)od has no Son” fools have at least a prophetic chance to discover how pathetic Islam was. The Islamic dipshits in Iran, keeping a Christian Pastor in Mohammad’s prison proved that point long ago. Unfortunately the Mohammad line of bullshit has the prophetic idiot Sunni Shia war on now and the poor ”(g)od has no Son” bastards are now slaughtering themselves and killing time for discovery, just as the Antichrist Mohammad morons wanted it and Israel and NWO 666 Whores of Babylon are just as fallen and ”oh so too willing to help the great tribulation Antichrist slaughter of humanity. Fools, all of them.

If people were free, and Islam was not the pathetic joke that it obviously is, the Islamic morons would not be frightened by the weakness of Islam and prove their fear of the weak pathetic Islamic lie by imprisoning a Christian guy that is just ”telling people about Christ”. Lol, Christians don’t mind if the idiot muslim morons come to their countries to live and finally have the freedom to learn as individuals without the weak barrel of Mohammad’s idiot gun at their head, or if the dipshits talk about Antichrist Islam, because nobody with half a brain cares about pathetic weak Islam at this point. You know pandering pukes like idiot Obozo 666 don’t care about anything but their own personal version measured equal with the Antichrist muslim morons.

When the dipshits start killing people, to prove the stupidity and weak offer of their idiot’s guide to Hell, the Koran, or blowing themselves up, that’s when the morons end up receiving the image of their own judgment come upon them. The Muslim morons in Iran, that prove how pathetic Islam is every day, by imprisoning Mohammad’s image upon a Christian Pastor, the morons are just confirming the prime example of Islamic Antichrist evil. It doesn’t really get more pathetic than Iran showing the world Islam’s offer, other than when people kill one another to prove they are dumb enough to go beyond even that, like every idiot that ever tried to confirm how stupid and pathetic their Antichrist offer was, is and always shall be until the dipshits perish and prove the fact that not only were they unbecoming but out of order and in contempt of The Defining And The Sustaining Cause and Foundation Of Life Eternal. Our Father in Christ is the risen revelation and The Power And Authority above all the weak pathetic Antichrist idiots that have fallen for the deadly lie of Islam, Anti-Messiah Jews, Hindus etc… atheists  and deceived Christians that continue to drink the strong delusion of Babylon’s want.

MoRon MoRoN MoRoN!

What’s the difference between the Antichrist muslim morons of Iran and Antichrist Obozo 666 the POTUS clown? Obviously nothing, and they are both on the same path.

Skull And Bonehead John Kerry, Obozo The 666 Peace Prize POTUS Whore Blames Antichrist Israel For Land Surrender Failure; Antichrist Terrorists Thank Him & Antichrist US Administration For This Pretext To Attack The Holy Land Of Our Father In Christ

Antichrist Islamists Threaten to Assassinate Europa 666 French Whore President Of Babylon

^^^Once again, proving how stupid muslim morons are. At this point taking out any of the leaders among the nations, including the Islamic ones, it would certainly help the people, for an hour, lol. The idiots couldn’t find a decent real target like say a Jamie Dimon etc…? Morons. These nut balls are about as smart as any Obozo 666 Clown in BDU’s at this point, which is the height  of stupidity humanity has ever known and will ever know.

New Jersey school sued over ‘under God’ in pledge

One of Europe’s top police officers has warned of a sickening online trade in child torture porn.
Rob Wainwright, the director of Europol, said offenders are using the untraceable online currency Bitcoin to pay for depraved ‘shows’, performed live on webcams, which see young children raped and burned.

He said: ‘The level of depravity seems to be descending year on year, frankly, including what seems to be in vogue now, which is live webcam ‘shows’ of toddlers not just being raped but being burnt with cigarettes.

Disturbing new internet child abuse sees toddlers raped and burned live on webcam as paedophiles use Bitcoin to stop being traced, warns police chief

According to Sham Times and other Arabic websites, jihadi social media networks posted the above picture of a child sitting on the ground while surrounded by armed men pointing their rifles at him. The caption appearing with the picture, purportedly posted by a supporter of the Free Syrian Army, is “Our youngest hostage from among the hostile sects of Kessab.”

Kessab is a predominantly Christian Armenian village in Syria near the Turkish border. Earlier it was invaded by jihadis, who terrorized, pillaged churches, and prompted some 2000 residents to flee. Initial reports had stated that about a dozen families remained as hostages.

Since the picture appeared on Arabic social media, many have expressed shock and outrage, condemning the Syrian “rebels,” while others cast doubt on the authenticity of the picture.

Of course, those wondering what the jihadis have to gain from taking such a picture and making it public would do well to remember that these are the same “rebels” who decapitate people and wave their severed and bloodied heads in front of cameras while smiling; these are the same “freedom fighters” who literally eat their victims on camera.

Surely “teasing” an infidel toddler – a subhuman – with their rifles and sharing it with their sadistic comrades via the Internet for a “laugh” should not be too surprising?

‘Our Youngest Hostage’ 

Obamacare is, apparently, so affordable that even people receiving massive discounts on their plans via government subsidization can’t make their payments

Under Obama’s proposal, taxes would rise from 17.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product in 2014 to 19.2 percent in 2024. During the ten years from 2015 to 2024, federal taxation would average 18.7 percent GDP.

America has never been subjected to a ten-year stretch of taxation at that level.

Obozo 666  Calls for Highest Sustained Taxation in U.S. History

Ebola has been modified. Virologist Jens Kuhn at the National Institutes of Health said there may be more varieties out there.. “There might be a lot of variety in these viruses.

Other companies are also marketing microchip implants, and their researchers are working hard to integrate them with GPS technology. When they succeed, the products are forecast to gain a huge international market.

RFID 666 Just Needs One Nuclear Bad Big Apple ObomBaWAY And AProphetic Global ObozoCare Plague

Opponents of the idea are fighting back. “Technology of this kind is easily abusive of personal privacy,” says Lee Tien, of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “If a kid is trackable, do you want others to be able to track your kid? It’s a double-edged sword.”

What Will You Do When You Can No Longer Buy Or Sell Without Submitting To Biometric Identification?

IRS revokes conservative group’s tax-exempt status over anti-911 Don’t Call Clinton 666 statements.

f you read this without saying “umm, what?” read it again… USA Today notes that a report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration shows the IRS handed out $2.8 million in bonuses to employees with disciplinary issues – including more than $1 million to employees who didn’t pay their federal taxes..

WTF Headline Of The Day: Tax-Cheating IRS Staff Got Bonuses

So – if you are a non-government-employee who doesn’t pay your taxes, you get jail and accounts frozen… but if you’re an IRS employee… you get a fucking bonus!!!

With only seven days until the Israeli-Palestinian talks expire, US Secretary of State John Kerry has no plans now to return to the region in a last-minute effort to salvage the negotiations, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Monday.

US says no plans for Skull And Bones Kerry to return for last-minute bid to save Mideast peace talks

US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, meanwhile, said the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority would constitute an “extreme step” that would “obviously have grave implications.”

“We, the United States, have put millions of dollars into this effort. It would obviously have very serious implications for our relationship, including our assistance going forward,” she warned at her daily press briefing in Washington.

“A great deal of effort has gone into building Palestinian institutions, by Palestinians, as well as by the international community,” she said. “It would certainly not be in the interest of the Palestinian people for all of that to be lost.”

Antichrist Netanyahu to Antichrist Palestinians: When you want Antichrist peace, let us know

Russia has “days, not weeks” to abide by an international accord aimed at stemming the crisis in Ukraine, the top U.S. diplomat in Kiev warned Monday as Vice President Joe Biden launched a high-profile show of support for the pro-Western Ukrainian government. Russia in turn accused authorities in Kiev of flagrantly violating the pact and declared their actions would not stand.

US Obozo Biden Jokers: Russia has ‘days, not weeks’ to follow accord

The Obama administration official told reporters that the assistance Biden will announce includes technical expertise to increase production and boost energy efficiency to reduce reliance on oil imports from Russia. The economic help includes advice to make sure international funding is allocated effectively and that all parts of the country are benefiting.

Here Come The Antichrist Homosexual Pride 666 Boots On The Ground: US Troops Heading To Eastern Europe

Of course, it would be peak irony if the next country Russia decides to destabilize is none other than its old “buddy” Afghanistan, which lately appears far more amicable toward the Kremlin than the White House. It certainly would be an additional egg in the face of US foreign policy if Aghaniitan – so critical to the US controlled heroin trade – were to show a return to some of its Taliban roots for which it is so well-known.

We leave it to Beijing’s police official to conclude…

“Violent crime and the extreme behavior of some individuals have become real threats to public security and people’s safety…

From now on, Shanghai police can open fire to stop violent crime if faced with situations like the Kunming attack.”
One has to ask, why now? What are officials so afraid of?

Chinese Police Forces To Carry Guns For First Time In Over 60 Years

Following the Kunming massacre disaster (knife attacks on March 1 at a train station in China’s southwestern city of Kunming left 33 people dead and 130 injured) and the recent violent civilian unrest against the Chengguan, The Wall Street Journal reports that over the weekend, more than 1,000 street-patrol officers began carrying 9mm revolvers, Shanghai’s Public Security Bureau said. Several other cities across China were set to begin similar programs. Officials said officers are getting training in the largest cities in Tibet, Xinjiang, Hunan, Sichuan and Yunnan, where Kunming is the capital. This comes over 60 years since Mao Zedong – who famously said “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” – stripped weapons from many police officers shortly after he rose to power in 1949.

Putin On The Iran Antichrist  Ritz Cracker ignores sanctions, cuts deals with Great Wal Mart Antichrist Beijing Dragon

Last year, China became Russia’s largest trade partner while Russia became China’s ninth largest, Rogozin said.

Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula also may prove to be potentially lucrative for Moscow, since it intends to build a deep-water port for further trade with Europe.

The Western sanctions on the bank accounts and travel of 11 prominent Russian and Ukrainian officials has been described by some sources as laughable. Although, there is the threat of sanctioning Putin’s personal accounts, said to be in Swiss banks.

Germany Helped Prep Russia for War, U.S. Sources Say

“It’s unfortunate that German companies were directly supporting and training Russia’s military even during the attacks against Ukraine,” one senior Senate aide told The Daily Beast. “The U.S. government should call on our NATO allies to suspend all military connections with Russia at this point, until the Russians leave Ukraine, including Crimea.”

Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance

Lies have shorter and shorter legs. Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup. The new revelations belie Western discourse and demonstrate that the current interim government of Oleksandr Tourtchynov was imposed by NATO in violation of international law.

Evil In Africa ‘Piles and piles’ of bodies in S. Sudan slaughter 

Massive Volcanic Eruptions Wreaking Havoc On The World:The world is actually cooling, not warming. What’s causing this is the volcanic ash in the air. More volcanic ash in the air than at any time in recorded history

One young girl called her mother and said, “We’re putting on our life vests. They’re telling us to wait and stay put, so we’re waiting…” This young girl still hasn’t been accounted for.

An entire ship full of passengers dutifully followed the instructions set forth by the crew. The ‘experts’ told them what to do.

Yet as it turned out, the ferry quickly became submerged. And following orders cost many their lives. 302 are either dead or missing.

Koo, lamenting the others’ failure to escape said, “We were wearing life jackets. We had time… If people had jumped into the water … they could have been rescued. But we were told not to go out.

302 Reasons To Jump Ship

Just like Sewol, many countries in the West are sinking, and it’s up to you whether you sink with them or jump ship while there’s still time.

You can see the desperation as governments have already begun to freeze assets, impose capital controls, seize private pensions, and tax bank transfers.

They’re using any justification they can conjure to award themselves even more desperate powers to stay afloat.

Regular citizens are being accused of being money launderers and tax evaders, having to prove their innocence in order to keep their own money.

None of this will really make a difference, and none of it will save the ship.

Right now it’s not too late. You can still grab a life vest and escape an obvious conclusion.

Of course, we’re told that doing so is cowardly. The propaganda says that we have some moral obligation to stay on board the ship and obey their ‘authority’.


Another month, another drop in existing home sales, which in March declined once again from 4.60MM units to 4.59MM. While the good news was that this number did beat the consensus estimate of 4.56MM (based on a a range of 4.50MM to 4.85MM from 75 economist surveyed), the bad news was that once again, a near majority of the upside was once again due to investors and other all-cash buyers, who accounted for 50% of all sales. That and that like last time, of course, this was the worst existing home sales number since July 2012..

Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Since July 2012; All-Cash Buyers, Investors Are 50% Of March Transactions

In February, I highlighted the fact that subprime loans were about to make a return in my piece: Subprime Mortgages are Back…This Time Marketed as “Second Chance Purchase Programs.” In that article, I posited that with the “all cash” private equity shops and hedge funds no longer able to make good returns through buying new homes to rent, these investors would need some sucker to sell to in order to realize a return (Blackstone’s purchases have plunged 70% recently). That sucker, as always, will be the retail muppets, and those muppets will be lured in through subprime. This is now starting to happen in earnest.

So a measly 5% downpayment wasn’t good enough. They had to drop it to 3%. Frightening.

The changes also are a recognition by lenders that the business of refinancing old mortgages, which had been a huge profit center for banks, is nearly tapped out. To generate future profits, banks will have to compete for borrowers who may not have perfect credit or large down payments.

Valley National Bank, a community bank based in Wayne, N.J., lowered down-payment requirements to 5% from 25% this month on mortgages for certain buyers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Next month, Arlington Community Federal Credit Union, based in Arlington, Va., will begin accepting 3% down payments on mortgages up to $417,000, down from 5%.
Yes, you read that right, 25% to 5%. Holy HFT BATS man.

I’m sorry, but on what sort of bizarro crackhead planet is putting 3% down toward an asset mean you are “buying it.”

The Truman Show rolls on…

So the housing market is on the eve of another trip through the grinder of falling prices, rising defaults and spreading socio-economic distress on Main Street. Yet because the Fed gets away with ludicrous excuses about the mayhem it causes—such as Greenspan’s pathetic claim that the housing bubble was caused by the propensity of ex-rural serfs in China to save too much when they moved into the factory cities— the debilitating cycle of bubble finance goes on.

As this recent Wall Street Journal story so starkly conveys—policy makers and lenders are so desperate to restart a new round of phony housing finance that the 3% down mortgage is already back, and 10,000 pages of Dodd-Frank regulations have done nothing so stop it:

One such lender is TD Bank, Toronto Dominion’s U.S. unit, which on Friday began accepting down payments as low as 3% through an initiative called “Right Step,” geared toward first-time buyers and low- and moderate-income buyers.
Excess savings by Chinese factory girls, indeed!

In short, the socio-economic mayhem implicit in the graph below is not the end of the line or a one-time nightmare that has subsided and is now working its way out of the system as the Kool-Aid drinkers would have you believe based on the “incoming data” conveyed in the chart. Instead, the serial bubble makers in the Eccles Building have already laid the ground-work for the next up-welling of busted mortgages, home foreclosures and the related wave of disposed families and social distress.

Here Comes The Next Great Rotation: Out Of Stocks And Into Bonds

And so is the government about to pop the student loan bubble by spoiling a good thing – unlimited debt forgiveness – for students and trickling down that credit tightening impact on colleges only to happy to raise tuition costs to reflect the credit-forgiveness-adjusted amount of money on the table?

“Loan forgiveness creates incentives for students to borrow too much to attend college, potentially contributing to rising college prices for everyone,” is a study’s warning over government plans that allow students to rack up big debts and then forgive the unpaid balance after a set period. As WSJ reports, enrollment in student debt forgiveness plans have surged nearly 40% in just six months, to include at least 1.3 million Americans owing around $72 billion. The administration is looking to cap debt eligible for forgiveness, as President Obama’s revamped Pay As You Earn scheme has seen applications soar and is estimated to cost taxpayers $14bn a year. The ‘popularity’ of the student loan bailout plan surged after Obama promoted it in 2012, and now the administration must back-track as costs have massively outpaced government predictions.

Number Of Middle Age Californians Living With Their Parents Soars

Or not. Still, remember to smile, because it will only get worse beofre it gets much worse. Some context: “About half of all Italians between 24 and 35 still live with their parents, compared with 14% in the U.S.” … All coming to America’s “recovery” next.


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